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Chapter One: Exploration

"It's like a jungle"

"I think the term you are looking for is rainforest, captain"

"Alright, alright, but wow, usually we just get a dusty plain and some ruins, this is new"

"Quite, which is why we should be careful, captain"

Whether it was a rainforest or a jungle, the growth around them shone with emerald plates of leaves and tall exotic flowers that curled and bloomed with shocking colours. The trees were tall and blocked out the sun, letting small spatters of light rain down creating stained glass patterns on the ground.

Spock, Kirk, Chekov and several other crew members dressed in the classic crimson were treading lightly through the beautiful yet unpredictable undergrowth.

"I vonder vhy we have not seen any animals yet, captain" Chekov suddenly piped up, he was walking a few metres away, taking his time to inspect every little detail with his wide green eyes.

Some of the guards just rolled their eyes at his naïve question but Spock narrowed his eyes slightly and cocked his head to the side.

"This is a valid point; these conditions are perfect for an animalistic species, similar to what you have on Earth, captain"

Kirk just smiled.

"I don't know, maybe they are shy?"

"That seems highly unrealistic, captain"

The captain didn't say anything to that and just urged the crew to carry on. The heat was not intense but he had a feeling something wasn't right, like something was going to happen that would result in a negative end. They continued trekking for some time, finding many species of incredible plantation and herbs with the potential to range from any use from medication to poison; even so there were still no animals.

"Beam us up Scotty, we will check out another section of the planet tomorrow, there is nothing here, send some of the crew to collect some plant species though take some tests and so on"

Kirk spoke into the small communicator that clicked open with a beep.

"Right you are captain, beaming you up"

There was a moment of still silence before swift golden lines wrapped themselves around all the members and soon they were facing the inside of the transporter room once more. Kirk, Spock and Chekov headed back to the bridge, Kirk and Spock submersed in conversation that consisted of the captain chuckling every now and again and Spock nodding sometimes. Chekov wandered behind, there was something nagging in the back of his mind, like he had forgotten something important. It distracted him enough that he nearly walked into the elevator doors.

"You alright there, Chekov?" Kirk inquired with a good natured smile.

"I am fine, thank you, captain" the Russian replied with a nervous grin.

His chest was beginning to burn rather uncomfortably and a headache was slowly throbbing through his temples. Maybe it was worth a quick trip to the sickbay.

"Captain on the bridge" Sulu rang out as they found themselves in the main control room.

Chekov darted to his typical position at the helm and sighed, maybe he just needed to sit down, it was pretty humid down on the planet and it had been a while since he had left the ship. He was just unused to all the sudden movement. The soft hum of the doors was heard and Doctor McCoy stepped out with that traditional look on his face that said "People better co-operate or I am done with everybody" nevertheless he went straight over to his favourite patient.

"The guards that went down with you are fine, but I just need to check over you and Spock" he told the captain in his low southern drawl, eyes lowered as he unpacked his monitoring equipment.

"I'm fine, Bones" Kirk tried but he had the small device fluttering about his head and body anyway and he rolled his eyes with a sigh.

"Yeah, yeah, you can get back to being captain in a minute"

The monitoring told the doctor that all was well with Kirk and he moved onto Spock.

"Captain, if I may suggest, I recall seeing something akin to old ruins or evidence of a lost civilisation on the north east section of the planet, perhaps we could run a report on the findings there tomorrow?"

McCoy clicked his equipment off.

"You are both fine, did anyone else go down with you?"

"Yeah, Chekov"

McCoy left to go sweep a check-up on the younger man. Kirk turned to Spock.

"Sure, sounds good, run through some satellite images of a decent place to beam down, somewhere where we might find something Mr Spock"

"Yes Captain"

Chekov jumped when McCoy spoke from behind him.

"Just checking you didn't catch anything down on that jungle planet now, don't worry" he claimed, focusing on the indicator as he held it over the Russian.

"No problem, Doctor" Chekov replied, coughing and repeating himself when his voice was too quiet and coarse the first time round.

The doctor raised an eyebrow at this but carried on.

"Find much down there?" he added as he tried to keep the kid's attention away from the suddenly reacting monitor, his eyes narrowing in confusion.

"Da, it vas beautiful really, like a rainforest, it had some fascinating plant forms - some may even be of assistance in your vork! But for some reason zere vere no animals, Mr Spock said it should have had some animalistic life forms but for some reason zere vere no…Doctor, is everything alright?" The boy stopped his enthusiastic ramble to face McCoy with concern.

McCoy glanced up and decided the boy's eyes were far too bright.

"Yeah, just, how have you felt since you came back up to the ship, kid?"

Chekov would never admit it out loud but the southern accent that spoke so soft and warm made a heated feeling hit his gut and he took a moment to respond.

"Fine, doctor"

He didn't want to worry anyone with the fact he might feel a little tired. It was no big deal, a wash and a rest, a meal perhaps would straighten him out.

"If you say so" McCoy looked up at the Russian one last time and smiled quickly before turning round and heading back through the doors.

The doctor had such a nice smile, it was caring and witty. Chekov couldn't help but smile back. Facing the helm once more, he contemplated over being called a kid. Was that all he really was, even now? He had turned twenty around a month ago but he was still the youngest member on the main bridge. He was so deep in his thoughts, Chekov didn't realise Sulu was calling him.

"Hey, Pavel, you okay?"

"I'm fine!" he snapped. He immediately regretted his actions and turned to his colleague with anxious eyes. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so cold" he added.

Sulu had leant back a little bit; nodded cautiously and eventually let a peaceful smile rest on his face.

"So what was the planet like?"

Chekov was becoming bored of this question now but answered with his bright nature.

"It vas great, so beautiful and ze plants vere gorgeous, but zere vere no animals"

"No animals? And here I was expecting some great, carnivorous beast to come rampaging through the jungle" Sulu laughed.

Chekov hadn't realised it before, but…Sulu had a very annoying laugh. For some odd reason it sent frustration running hot through the younger man's blood. Why? Chekov couldn't say. He liked Sulu, they were close friends... he didn't want to cause a fuss and he turned away from the young Asian man back to the helm, focusing on the inanimate controls.

Bones had returned back to the sickbay where he was doing some tests with the reactions he got from the monitor whilst checking the young Russian. His heart rate was up like crazy and his temperature and blood pressure was unusually high.

"Probably not used to heading away from the ship" he muttered to himself and got up from his desk.

Chekov had always been an enigma to him, how could the kid be so damn enthusiastic and cheerful all the time. The ship could be collapsing yet the height of his tone wouldn't lower the slightest. It was kind of cute. No. no, no, screw that, it was annoying; he was just a too-smart, too-young kid with too-bright eyes.

Even so it might be worth checking on him tomorrow, so to know the symptoms hadn't increased.

"Bones, we seem to have a bit of a problem" a familiar voice rang out and the dark haired man faced his friend as he came in with Spock; no surprise there, and then Chekov. Sulu stood nervously behind the three.

"What's going on, Jim?" the doctor inquired to the captain who was sporting a fresh cut on his cheek.

"Something's up with Chekov, I asked him what he thought of the planet we went to explore earlier and he stood up and…hit me" The captain was naturally ashamed with the last part.

"The captain and I believe it has something to do with the conditions of the planet, we would like you to run a check-up on Mr. Chekov"

"Don't tell me how to do my job, you pointy-eared hobgoblin. Get him to the sick bed"

Chekov looked wild, he looked irritated that he had been dragged her and angry at the two men who now dragged him over to the crisp white bed. But there was a sense of guilt and confusion in his eyes that made McCoy narrow his eyebrows.

"Why are you here, Sulu?" he turned to the helmsman.

"Just wanted to check he would be alright, doctor" the man gulped and nodded anxiously.

"Well check on him later, I need to run some tests, it would be best if you all left"

They nodded and Spock shot him a meaningful glare on the way out. Of course, McCoy better not do anything to the Vulcan's favourite science student.

"So kid, still feeling alright?"

"No doctor, I…I don't know vhat's wrong with me, I feel really restless and hot"

McCoy didn't actually expect a response and raised an eyebrow as he collected some equipment from the counter.

"Alright then, well just sit still, you're like a cat on a hot tin roof"

McCoy leant over the boy to check his temperature, hooking him up to the balanced screen above. Too many of the beams were in the red and the doctor took in a deep breath.

"Sorry Kid, but I think you will be staying here tomorrow, can't have you go back down to the planet if you've caught something" he said aloud. Then turned and muttered under his breath. "I better warn Kirk about going as well"

"D-Doctor, I feel sick" Chekov gasped; his face flushing scarlet and eyes drooping, a misty cloud shielding over his sunlit green eyes.

"Lie down, Chekov" McCoy sounded stern and the Russian just about managed to control his body carefully enough to lie down without hurting himself.

"I'm going to take your shirt off, prevent you overheating" the doctor claimed. "Nurse!" he added urgently as he cautiously removed the clean yellow clothing revealing the typical, skin tight black top beneath. A young blonde woman in a simple blue dress ran in and was instructed by McCoy to collect some medication supplies, she ran off obediently and McCoy turned to Chekov.

"Your temperature has gone down a bit, can you get your undershirt off?"

Chekov took in a rasped breath and his head lolled to the side weakly.

"Goddammit" the doctor growled and slipped the ebony material from his body, relieved when the monitor readings started to balance out more. The nurse returned and McCoy took a blood test followed by several injections that would hopefully return Chekov to his natural state of mind. It worked and Chekov's eyes obtained their natural glow.

"You're alright; you scared me there, Kid"

"Что-V-Vhat happened?" he groaned and brought a hand to his head.

"How is he doctor?" the nurse inquired, approaching the bed. Only to reel away and hold her hands up defensively when the Russian snarled at her, leaning up and over the bed to glare.

"Whoa, calm down there!" the doctor pulled him back and Chekov swiftly got to his knees and leant into the doctor.

"I'm sorry" he whispered and McCoy froze. The kid was warm...warm and stupidly soft. Who went through this much and still had silky skin? It was young with fine muscle and the dark eyed man gulped.

"C-Come on, what are you doing?"

The odd purr that was elicited from his throat was the final straw. McCoy pulled the Russian from him and stepped back. "I really don't think it is a good idea that the others go back down to that planet" he sighed.

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