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I was having a perfectly good afternoon until my dad summoned me. Frankly I wasn't really that surprised. Since the ending of the Titan War my dad had warmed up to me considerably, meaning he cared about me enough to go bat-shit crazy if I were to die. The only reason this happened is because after a remark that Bianca, my dead sister, that would have done better at the task he was giving me for the billionth time, I snapped. I don't exactly remember what I said, but I know a gave him an ear full. After I had finally calmed down, I realized what I'd done I immediately thought I was going to die. To my shock my father had just laughed, saying I'd finally grown a back bone.

Anyway, after my father summoned me, I quickly shadow traveled to my father's throne room. He sat in his throne, in his twelve-foot tall form, siting completely still.

I bowed, getting down on one knee, he may have been my father but I still had to be formal. "You called, Father" I said, staring at him expectantly.

He gave a nod of his head "Yes, my son. I have a very important task for you. Do you remember what I told you of Tom Riddle?" he asked, a tone of steely anger in his voice as he spoke of that cursed man's name.

My eyes hardened to a solid black in anger. My father had spoken of Tom Riddle, a man who had cheated both my father and Thanatos. Apparently, he was some maniac dark wizard form Hecate's pet world that had gone rogue. My father and I hated him with a burning passion of a thousand Hell Fires. He was far weaker than an average demigod, so we had left the wizarding world to take care of him. But as things we're escalated, he's probably decided to do something.

I nodded my head "Yes, Father. Tell me what you what want me to do" I said, my eye shining with excitement.

My father nodded his head approvingly "I need you to attend one of the wizarding schools of Britain to gather information on him and the whereabouts of his seven Horcruxes. There is a prophesy in progress, but you can give it a push along by helping Harry Potter to get the job done. It would also be nice if you could get rid of Albus Dumbledore for me also, he's getting far too annoying" said my father seriously.

I nodded again. Even if Harry didn't manage to do it, I would try to help him best I could. And Dumbledore would be a piece of cake, but I wasn't a wizard

I raised my eyebrow at my father in question "How do I pose as a wizard, if I don't have any magic" I asked curiously.

Father nodded expectantly "Hecate has agreed to bless you temporarily" he said. Just on cue, a woman appeared by my father's throne.

She had the standard godly beauty with full red lips and curly brown locks that went down her back in ringlets. I noticed that anything near her turned into different objects. A group of butterflies by her head would change into different flying insects and then back again. Some flowers by her feet would bloom, turn brown, then die over and over again.

Hecate wore a standard Greek dress, with white taking up most of it and the gold outlining it on the sides, cuffs and neck line. The godess and smiled at me. "Well I might as well get this started" she said cheerily. I raised my eyebrow at her. Most gods and goddesses were pretty formal, and I'd never seen one that was so bubbly and cheery before. 'There's always a black sheep somewhere you least expect it' I thought to my self, shrugging. I would of asked, but most of the kids in Hecate cabin were very temperamental, and I didn't intend to find out if it was inherited.

She pulled out what I assumed was a wand and stood closer to me until she was within an arms difference away, before taking her wand and tapping me on the head with it.

A warm feeling spread from the top of my head to the tip of my toes, and information on all the course material from the 1st-4th years. Hecate gave Father a nod "He now has my blessing,however due to his demigod status, he will be more powerful than most of the instructors at the school." she turned to me "You will be joining in with the fifth year class" she told me, before showing her true form and transporting away.

My father gave a nod to himself before snapping his fingers. A black trunk appeared beside his throne "This trunk has all the things you will need. Shadow travel to the train heading to Scotland, just feel out someone with two souls" he said.

A black wand appeared in his hand "I have hand crafted this wand to work only for you. It's made from the Poplar trees in the Fields of Asphold,with a core of a piece of my hair. Be cautious, god hair wands are extremely powerful" he told me. As I took my wand from his hand, a warm feeling spread through originating from my wand as it accepted my new magic me. "Now go, and do me proud"he said waving his hands at me. I reached out to the nearest shadow, wrapping it around myself before I disappeared.