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When I came out of the shadows, I found myself sitting in a train compartment that was empty besides my self of course. I sat down with a sigh as I watched the trees race by.

Suddenly, a girl with silky blonde/white hair popped her head into the compartment. She had blue/gray eyes that looked clouded, so she appeared as if she were half asleep. I noticed a necklace of bottle quarts around her neck and her wand tucked behind her ear, much like someone would do with a pencil.

She gave me a dreamy smile "Is it alright if I sit here? Everywhere else is full" she said. I noticed that even her voice also sounded dreamy, but I nodded at her and gave her one of my rare smiles.

She sat down in the seat across from me, pulling out a newspaper titled 'The Quibbler' and turning it upside down. I gave her a weird look, wondering why she was reading it upside down. I shrugged, usually I wouldn't give a Hades what someone was doing, but for some reason she intruidged me, usually when that happened it was because my instincts were screaming 'Run you dumbass! It's a freaking monster that wants to kill you', but this time it was different somehow.

She must have felt my gaze because she folded the newspaper neatly and set it on her lap. The girl gave me a smile

"The names Luna Lovegood" she said holding out her hand.

I hesitantly placed my pale hand in her slightly tan one "Nico Di Angelo" I said softly.

She gave me yet another dreamy smile "A pleasure to make your acquaintance" she said softly, before going back to her newspaper.

Suddenly, I heard voices right outside of the compartment, before it opened to show three people. There were two boys and one girl, all look completely different from each other. The girl had bright, fiery red hair that contracted to her pale skin that was covered with freckles. She was fairly thin, but tall. The first boy had a pudgy face with wide brown eyes. He was a bit on large side, but nothing too noticeable. The last boy was the one who interested me the most, and it wasn't that he looked like a scrawny version of my cousin, Percy Jackson. Based upon the fact I could faintly detect another soul besides his own within him, I guess that this was Harry Potter. When I focused more I could feel it coming from a lightning shaped scar on the center of his forehead. I narrowed my eyes at the blemish, I could sense that the extra soul was very evil. Horcruxes such as this always made me very angry and disgusted whenever I came across one.

I watched quietly as Luna introduced herself, noticing that they hadn't seen me yet. I smirked slightly, deciding to give them a little scare.

"Harry Potter, I presume" I said, watching with barley contained laughter as the three whipped their heads around so fast they probably had whiplash.

I kept my Poker Face on as I stuck out my hand "Nico Di Angelo" I said watching as the raven haired boy slowly took my hand and shook it quickly before letting go.

I smirked inwardly, knowing my hand was as cold as ice. Since I was a son of Hades, my body tempeture was several degrees lower than normal.

"I've never seen you at Hogwarts before" he said.

I waved at him dismissively "I'm an enchange student from America" I told him, watching as he nodded his head in acceptance.

I turned my head to stare out window, completely ignoring the other people in the compartment. 'I might as well get some sleep' I thought before succumbing to the warm darkness.