So, it turns out that I have a fetish for Alpha/Omega fics. I never knew this about myself. I also happen to be okay with MPreg, though I don't think that's where this story is going at this point (though it may, just a warning if you're not into that...), so I of course had to write my own Alpha/Omega fic because that's just what you do, right?

I've only read a couple on here so far, so if you have any recommendations, please let me know either in PM or in reviews, I'd love to read anything with this concept.

I have read other books with werewolf packs, and I've taken some ideas about A/B/O dynamics from a few of those, most notably the Parisol Protectorate series where the Betas are awesomely secretarial and organized, so of course I had to make Chuck-stockpile-the-toilet-paper-Shirley himself a Beta, and this story grew from there. But of course, he's a Novak in this story, because that's just how I roll.

It wasn't supposed to happen. The Novak line was comprised solely of Betas, time out of mind. And they were good, too, very good. They prided themselves on how well they ran the wolf packs they were assigned to, and Alphas negotiated high compensation and unheard-of freedom to the Novak Betas. Lucifer and Michael had already finished their apprenticeships and had gone on to run extremely successful packs in Boston and Grand Rapids, respectively. Gabriel and Anna were currently completing their apprenticeships, and there were already five Alphas sniffing around for them.

Castiel was supposed to be no different. And yet here he was, miserable, head buried in his lap as he slumped over himself, unable to stay upright.

It wasn't fair. It wasn't fair and it wasn't right. Male Omegas were as rare as female Alphas, but a female Alpha had found him outside the boy's locker room, cornered him, sniffed him up and down, and forced him into some sort of unnatural Omega heat. It had to be a mistake. She must have tricked him in some way, because he was a Beta. He had to be a Beta. He wanted to be a Beta. He was comfortable with that idea. Hell, he'd even be a Theta! But an Omega? A male Omega?

The door opened and his dad walked in, followed closely by his Alpha.

"Cas…" Chuck whispered, kneeling down and pulling his son close. "Oh, Cas…I'm so sorry this happened to you!"

Castiel put his forehead down on his father's shoulder and breathed in his comforting scent. Chuck smelled earthy, like the forest right after a light rain. Clean and crisp and loamy with hints of pine and oak…it was a good Beta scent. A strong Beta scent. Behind him, Bobby Singer smelled musky and strongly Alpha, all sea brine and bourbon, and Castiel felt a strong pull in his stomach at the smell. He wanted to go to the older man and bury his face in his neck. A sob pulled itself from his gut at that thought.

"Chuck, we need to get your boy home," Bobby said gently.

He was a good Alpha, Castiel reasoned. A very good Alpha. "Yes, Dad, we should go home," Castiel agreed.

Chuck pulled his son off the infirmary cot, where the principal had brought Castiel as soon as the circle of Alphas, Betas and Thetas had surrounded him outside the gym. Thankfully, she had been close by and was able to diffuse the situation before it became dangerous. Omegas were schooled separately from the others because their heats could be distracting, but also because they reached sexual maturity much earlier than their counterparts. No one had doubted that Castiel would be a Beta, so he had never been tested when he reached adolescence. He had just been sent to school with his peers and he had not manifested for all three years of middle school, and for nearly all four years of high school. And then one female Alpha had brought it out in him, ripped his manifestation from him, and it just wasn't fair, damn it all to the seventh level of Hell.

The next few days went by in a blur for Castiel. He was taken to a doctor and examined, one of the worst and most humiliating experiences of his life. He was told that his heat had been incomplete and unnatural and that his true heat was still several weeks away, more than that, he was an extremely late bloomer. His uterus was developed and healthy, however, and then the doctor said, "He'll make a fine Omega, Mr. Novak," and Castiel lost it. He wasn't sure if the noises he was making would be considered "shrieking" or "screaming," but he knew he was loud, and he knew he was destructive. When his human body finished throwing and breaking, he exploded into his wolf form and began destroying even more stuff.

And then someone got a hypodermic into him, and the world went all hazy and soft for a very long time.

When he awoke, Chuck was sitting close by, going over some papers, reading glasses perched at the tip of his nose. Castiel stayed still, not letting on that he was awake, and every so often, Chuck would reach out and pet his head.

"Dad?" Gabriel's voice.

"Hey, Gabe. How you doing?"

"You know I'm just worried about him, Dad."

"I know, son. But don't worry. Bobby is working on something for us. It'll be good. I won't let him…his mate will be a good Alpha. I swear to you."

"Michael…he called earlier, but I didn't want to bother you. He said his Alpha might…"

"No," Chuck interjected. "No, Michael's Alpha is good for what he does, but I won't have my Omega son under him."

Castiel could no longer feign sleep. He began to weep openly. A mate? His father was going to mate him to someone? As an Omega?

Of course he was. He had to be mated. It was their way. If he wasn't mated, he would be vulnerable to all sorts of trouble, particularly from Lone Alphas. Omegas who weren't mated were the lowest of the low, streetwalkers and sex slaves, selling themselves for any amount of money and drugs, dying unnaturally young and alone.

"Oh, Cassie," Gabriel said, slipping onto the bed with him and spooning up behind him. "It's okay, baby bro. It's okay, man." Gabriel nosed his hair affectionately, tightening his hold. "We're going to take good care of you, don't worry."

Castiel cried harder. He didn't want to be taken care of. He was raised to take care of his Alpha, to settle accounts and take inventory and order toilet paper for the whole pack and make sure that everyone ate and took their vitamins and got their exercise and…and…it was all for nothing. All that upbringing for nothing. Because he was going to be mated to someone, an Alpha or a Beta, and his job would be taking care of his pups and raising them to be something special. He would be nothing in the pack. He would have no say, no voice. If he was lucky, his Alpha would be kind to him and want a relationship. If he was unlucky, he would only see his Alpha during mating times, but no matter what, his role in the pack would be next to nothing. He would be replaceable. Even the most juvenile Theta was considered irreplaceable in a pack. Omegas could own no property, had no vote, no place in society.

In essence, Castiel had gone from being a functioning member of society to little better than a concubine.

Two weeks later, Castiel was feeling marginally better. He was still slightly depressed, but he had a rather optimistic disposition by nature, so he found himself in better headspace. Gabriel and Anna had been particularly helpful to him during this time, promising him that many Alphas had progressive views of Omegas and that their father would undoubtedly find someone like that for him.

And just when he felt like he might be okay, Chuck came home with Bobby Singer and gave him the "good news" that they had negotiated a place for him in a pack, and Castiel was sent into a tailspin again. Absurdly, however, he found that he couldn't give way to his feelings in front of Bobby. The Omega in him responded to the Alpha's wishes that Castiel remain calm, and so he did, and that bothered Castiel as much as anything else.

"Look, pup, I know this is upsetting for you," the Alpha said, sitting close to the Omega and putting a strong, reassuring hand on his shoulder. "You were supposed to be something else, and now you've got the rug pulled out from underneath you. You don't know who you're supposed to be any more, but the sooner you are accepted somewhere, the sooner you can start settling into your role in our society."

Castiel didn't want to get settled into his role in society. He wanted to be a Beta. That was the role he knew. Bobby must have known this in some way, but he didn't chastise Castiel for it.

"We found a good place for you," Chuck said. "Winchester pack. Dean, the eldest son and an Alpha is ready for a mate, and John, the supreme Alpha, is anxious to align our families."

Castiel remembered Dean Winchester. He had been friends with Michael when Michael was in school. Dean once hit him with a football, and then he never saw him again. Castiel always figured Michael had told Dean not to come back because all the kids tended to be protective of each other. Of course, it seemed odd that Michael would do that, since he was laughing when it happened.

"Alpha John is coming by in a few minutes to meet you, Castiel," Bobby continued. "I want you to show him what a good, strong pup you are. Can you do that for me?"

Castiel nodded. He couldn't not agree, not when an Alpha was asking something of him, curse his Omega nature. Why had this never happened before? Why had he gone through life like a Beta, only to be blindsided by a female Alpha; an anomaly just like himself. Neither of them should have been there, neither of them should exist, and yet they did.

He was pulled out of his shock by the doorbell. Gabriel answered and showed John Winchester into the study. Castiel stood immediately as John approached, his eyes downcast, not looking at the Alpha as he introduced himself to Chuck and exchanged pleasantries with Bobby. John approached the Omega, and Castiel leaned his head to the side, exposing his neck by hooking his finger into his collar and pulling, eyes still averted. John took the invitation and placed his hands on the pup's hips, pulling him close and sniffing up his neck.

"He smells good, Chuck. Not in full heat yet, eh?"

"Ah, no," Chuck agreed. "He's not ready to mate yet."

"Don't worry, we won't do anything he's not ready for, not ever."

Castiel supposed he would have to get used to people talking around him and about him like he wasn't there. Omegas are to be seen and not heard, after all.

John brought his hands up to Castiel's cheeks and turned his head this way and that, studying him. Castiel continued to keep his eyes averted. "He's beautiful, Chuck. Really beautiful."

"Yeah," Chuck agreed, his discomfort evident in his voice. "Um…yeah..."

John chuckled and released Castiel's face. "Look at me, Castiel."

Castiel was surprised at being directly addressed, but he could not disobey an order from an Alpha. He lifted his eyes to John's lips, which were smiling tightly.

"It's okay, pup. You can look at me."

Castiel briefly joined eyes with the Alpha, but then looked back down at the safety of his lips again.

"Tell me about yourself, Castiel. What were your favorite subjects at school?"

John sat down on the sofa and indicated that he wanted Castiel to sit with him, so the Omega settled himself at his feet like a good pup.

"I, uh, enjoyed history, sir. And chemistry."

John placed his hand on Castiel's head to show his approval. "That's good. Did you have many friends? Before?"

"Yes, sir."

"I expect your manifestation sent you a bit off-center. Your family hasn't thrown anything but Betas for generations and generations. I'm a bit flabbergasted, to tell you the truth, but I would really like it if you came to be with my family. Would you like that?"

No, Castiel would not like that, but he couldn't say that. So he said nothing.

"It's all right, Castiel," John said. "You can tell me the truth. You don't want to live with my pack?"

Castiel shook his head. "No, sir."

Bobby cursed under his breath and Chuck sighed.

"Maybe we're pushing this on him too soon," Gabriel started, but Chuck stopped him with a hand movement.

"You're eighteen, pup?" John asked, tilting Castiel's face to his. Castiel kept his eyes down. John sighed. "Look at me when I talk to you, Castiel."

Castiel complied.

"Now answer me. You're eighteen?"

"Yes, sir."

"As an Omega, you should be reaching sexual maturity within the year. Do you know what happens to Omegas who aren't mated?"

Castiel nodded. "Yes, sir."

"Do you want that?"

Castiel felt tears welling up. "No, sir. I just—" he stopped himself.

John Winchester leaned forward. "Tell me, pup. You just what?"

Castiel licked his lips and looked away, then remembered that John wanted him to look at him, so he returned his eyes to John's. "I just…want to be with my family, sir. My brothers, my sister."

John nodded. "Your dad?"

Castiel swallowed hard and nodded. "Yes, sir."

"Even if you were a Beta, you'd still have to leave them. You know that."

Castiel nodded. "I know, sir."

"So you're just scared, that's all."

"I suppose so, sir." But for Castiel, "scared" was too weak a word. "Absolutely terrified" was more like it.

"Well, then maybe I can help you with that. You see, my current Beta is getting on and needs to start retiring. You know my other son, Sam, is supposed to be Dean's Beta, but he's not quite ready to step up yet. I was thinking that if Gabriel was ready, maybe he could come with you and fill in, teach Sam, and maybe stay on. How does that sound?"

Castiel couldn't believe he was still being addressed, and his opinion was being solicited. "I, uh…that would be fine, sir. I would appreciate that."

John looked up at Chuck. "What do you think, Beta? Is Gabriel ready to finish his apprenticeship?"

Chuck looked literally blown away. "I uh…yeah. I mean, he's been trained for this all his life. He's just reached his twenty-fifth year, so I'd say he's good to go."

John smiled. "And Gabriel? What do you think?"

"I'd love to help out Cassie's pack, any way I can, sir."

John ran his fingers through Castiel's hair with affection. "See, Castiel? This won't be so bad."

Castiel felt that the Alpha required a response, so he managed a smile. "Thank you, sir. Alpha."

Yes, he may as well start calling him that. And the smile that John gave him let him know that he said the right thing.

Gabriel and Castiel left Bobby, Chuck and John to draw up the contracts. Gabriel started talking about packing, but Castiel just moved to his room, tears now flowing freely down his face.

"Hey, hey, Cassie," Gabriel started, following his younger brother into the bedroom. "Hey, don't cry, puppy…"

Castiel couldn't help himself. His father was negotiating his mating to a pack Alpha. Mating! This was so humiliating! To be sniffed over and looked over and talked about like he wasn't there! Maybe if he had been raised to be an Omega all his life, but he had been raised to be a Beta! Someone with thoughts and feelings and opinions, and he had them! But around the Alphas, all of those things flew out the window and all he could do was stand there and look at his shoes!

And Dean Winchester! The boy who threw a football at him and then left while his brother laughed. Castiel started to cry harder. What if he didn't let him wear clothes? Some Alphas didn't let their Omegas wear clothes. What if he passed him around to other Alphas? What if he made him wear a collar or…or…

"You're going to hurt yourself, baby bro," Gabriel said, tucking him into bed and spooning behind him, stroking his hair lightly. "It's going to be okay. Sam Winchester is a good kid. He's in your class, isn't he? You know he's a good guy, you did a project with him in biology last semester, didn't you? And Dean will be the same way."

As long as there weren't any footballs around.

I swear to Chuck, John is not being a creeper here. It's just their way. Sort of like how dogs sniff each others...uhm...packages when they first meet. I'm not a huge fan of Abusive!John, so that won't happen here.