The screen door of the cottage burst open, admitting a tiny five-year-old girl, her thick blonde ponytail flowing behind her as she flew down the porch steps and jumped into Dean's arms. "Daddy!" she screeched at the top of her lungs, clinging to his neck as he turned in a circle, kissing her rosy cheeks and cuddling her close.

"Hey, Ellie baby."

"You were gone for so long!" Elle pouted. "I missed you."

Dean had been gone for exactly twenty three hours, thank you very much, but he imagined that to his youngest daughter, the time was interminable. He had also left his mate home alone (not that Dean believed for a minute that Castiel was ever really very alone with the entire pack within shouting distance) with a set of three-month-old twins that he was incredibly eager to see and hold. "I missed you too, darlin'. Where's your daddy?"

"He's inside. Daddy, Uncle Gabby's making Becky a cake for tomorrow, but it's a surprise."

Dean laughed. "Okay, we don't tell surprises, remember?"

Elle shrugged, her green eyes huge and innocent, and completely incapable of keeping any secrets. Dean turned to the house and cleared the porch steps in only two strides. By the time he got to the top, Castiel was waiting for him, holding the door open, a smile playing at his lips.

"Hello, Dean."

Dean nodded. "Cas." And then he wrapped an arm around his waist and pulled him in for a kiss.

"Oh, that's so gross!" Beckett exclaimed. "In front of Ellie, too! Come on, you're going to corrupt her with your perversion."

Dean turned to his eldest, who was standing by the stairs, arms crossed over her chest, her face stern with reprimand, but her eyes shining with laughter. "I don't recall it hurting you any," Dean grumbled.

Beckett rolled her eyes and took Elle from his arm. "I'm just really good at hiding my angst."

Both Dean and Castiel laughed at this. Beckett just rolled her eyes again and made to go back upstairs with her sister. "Hey, wait! I've been gone for an entire day, where's my hugs and kisses?"

"You were gone for a day, not a week!" Beckett laughed, finally smiling at him. Dean, as always, noted how very much she looked like Castiel-from her dark curls that fell wildly to her waist to her deep cobalt eyes. "Oh, fine!" She set Elle down and stepped into his arms, letting him wrap her up tight without protest. "I missed you."

Dean cradled her head against his shoulder. "I missed you too, Bee." He gave her a kiss and nuzzled her hair, wishing he could keep the years from passing. He wanted to keep her there against his heart forever. As if she knew his thoughts, Beckett leaned up and kissed his cheek. "Oh, go play," he said, pushing her away and giving her butt a slap for good measure. She probably earned that at some point during the day.

She took Elle's hand and started up the stairs. "Love you, Dad," she called saucily over her shoulder, dragging Elle along by her hand.

"Go play!"

Castiel laughed. "She's a chick. She's allowed to have chick flick moments."

Dean huffed and pulled his mate close. "Not with me, she doesn't."

Castiel put his hands on Dean's chest and stopped him from coming closer. "Did you get it?"

"Oh, I got it, sweetheart."

"Did you get the car?" Castiel specified with a roll of his eyes.

"Yes, I got one of the few cars ever made without a back seat," Dean said with a smile, lifting his forefinger into the air. "No backseat, Cas."

"She's your daughter, I'm sure she'll find some way around that little detail."

Dean shook his head. "You won't break my good mood, sweetheart. No backseat equals no car sex. It's as easy as pie."

"Considering that you've never actually made a pie, I'm not quite sure how you can use that expression so glibly." Castiel took his hand and led him to the kitchen. "Now, I need you to do a little work before dinner is ready."

"You need me to do some heavy lifting?" he asked, kissing the back of Castiel's neck. "Show off my manly muscles for you?"

"I need you to wake up Ian and give him a bottle, then do the same with Jack. If you choose to do so shirtless, you know I won't object. It might not be so very nice when they spit up all over your chest, however."

Dean took the bottle of freshly expressed milk from Castiel's hand and pulled him in for another kiss.

"Oh, gross!" a new voice grumbled from behind them. "What if I brought a friend home, Dads?" their son, Casey, groused as he pushed past them and reached for the refrigerator.

"Remember how much better our lives were before pups?" Dean whined, ruffling Casey's short, spiky golden hair.

"Ha ha, Dad, so funny," Casey said in that sarcastic way that ten-year-olds seem to master so well, making you want to both smack and kiss them all at the same time. "When'd you get home, anyhow?"

"About five minutes ago. Where's my hug?" Casey just gave Dean a look in response. Dean rubbed the back of his neck and tried a different tactic. "Wanna help me feed your brothers?"

Casey grabbed a bottle of chocolate milk from the fridge and closed the door with his foot. "Oh, sure, why not?" said the poor, put-upon pup, and yet he always helped with the whelps when he was asked, and sometimes even when he wasn't asked. Dean had even caught him on the floor a few times, helping Ian and Jack-Jack learn to play during Tummy Time. Casey always tried to write it off as helping keep his parents from being completely incompetent, but they always noticed he was right there. It was like an unspoken agreement that none of them would ever comment on it. Castiel handed Casey a baby bottle before he ruffled his hair and gave his temple a kiss. "O-ookay, Dad," Casey griped, shrugging him off. But he was smiling.

"You just had to go and give me a son who's exactly like you," Castiel growled as Casey turned to go upstairs.

"Oh, come on, sweetheart. He's awesome, but he's not that awesome."

"He's pretty awesome," Castiel said, leaning up for an uninterrupted kiss, now that they knew all of their children were safely upstairs somewhere.

"Yeah, he's all right," Dean conceded, pulling Cas back against him. "Love you." He kissed his lips, soft, full of promise and maybe just a little tongue.

"He's perfect, and so are you. Now go feed our young."

Dean took two bottles up to the nursery. It was the same room they had used for Beckett all those years ago, only now there were two cribs sitting side by side. Casey was leaning over one, petting the dark, wild mess on Jack's head with a soft, practiced touch. Jack slept through the entire thing, his snores filling the room. Dean set the bottles near the glider before scooping Jack up and breathing in his newborn scent. There was just something about that smell, all baby powder, sweet sweat, milk, and the somehow-not-completely-disgusting lingering scent of stale urine. How did babies do it? And then there was the feel of them in your hands, all squishy and insubstantial under the soft swaddling.

"Hey, Jack-Jack," Dean whispered, ghosting his lips over the tiny little forehead. "Case, go sit down."

Casey sat in the glider, holding his arms out for the whelp which Dean handed over gently. Casey knew how to give a bottle like nobody's business. He held the nipple against Jack's plump lips, sliding it back and forth ever so slightly until the slowly-waking whelp turned to it and latched on, grunting as he worked the bottle. Satisfied that both his sons were fine, Dean turned his attention to Ian, repeating the process of scoop, sniff, kiss before settling himself by Casey's feet. Eventually, Beckett and Elle joined them, and before long the twins were fully awake, changed, and happily playing on the floor, more interested in their own feet than in the toys that Elle and Casey were trying to temp them with. Dean was on the floor lotus-style, and Beckett was kneeling behind him, her arms wrapped around his neck. There really was no place like home.

Dean pulled Castiel into the garage and proudly showed him the '67 Corvette chassis he'd driven nine hours to pick up. Benny had come with him for fun and companionship making the drive slightly longer, but much more enjoyable.

"So…this is it," Castiel said, his demeanor reminding Dean of the first time Cas had ever seen the Cadillac.

"We're going to fix it up," Dean promised. "Remember your car?"

Castiel smiled. "How can I forget? It was the first gift you gave me."

The Corvette chassis wasn't nearly as banged up as the Cadillac had been, but Dean was sure Castiel didn't really know that.

Castiel walked around the car, touching it now and then, looking inside at the rotting floorboards and the frayed cover on the steering wheel.

"I don't know, Dean."

"It's just the body, babe. I'll put the engine in and paint it—"

"No, I'm sure you can fix this car up. I mean I don't know about her not being able to have sex in here. It has bucket seats, sure, that's one point against, and there's no backseat as you've pointed out. But I think with a little creativity and finesse…I think we could figure out how to do it."

Dean raised an eyebrow. "Oh, you think so?"

Castiel jumped up to sit on the side of the car. "Come here, let me show you."

Dean grinned his wolfish smile and went to Castiel, pressing between his legs, pulling his hips close. With five pups in the house, finding alone time was just not possible. Even at night when they were all supposed to be sleeping, one of them would inevitably be awake, roaming the halls, raiding the fridge, making covert phone calls in the den, or wailing for milk and/or a new diaper. They had learned to be creative.

Of course, being creative and being over forty meant that Dean wasn't going to stand and thrust against his daughter's future car.

So they moved things to the back of the Cadillac.

Beckett's birthday was beautiful. Her friends came and were thankfully scared off by the family and the pack. Beckett didn't seem to appreciate it as much as Dean did, but he figured they could be there for her sixteenth birthday. The fifteenth belonged to the family.

Still, he had to act like he was upset on her behalf. "Sorry your friends left, Busy Bee," he murmured against her forehead as he kissed her.

"It's okay, Daddy." Well, she learned to have the Winchester Brave Face no matter the circumstance. It was a good thing, too, since Lucifer and Balthazar gave her a taser for her birthday.

"You know I'm an Alpha, right?" She snarked at Lucifer, brandishing the taser. "I could probably beat the crap out of you if I wanted with my bare hands."

Lucifer pulled her into a hug which she returned, smiling despite the taser she had pointed at his neck. Dean took a picture, then encouraged her to do another one with Balthazar. She refused when it came to Gabriel, though.

When it came time to reveal the car, Dean was nervous. What if she didn't like it? What if she didn't want to fix up an old car with him? What if she was serious about wanting a (perish the thought) VW Beetle?

"Dean, you look like you're going to faint," Cas said. "Relax, she'll love it. She gets to spend time alone with you without the other kids interrupting? And she gets a car out of it in the end?"

"But what if she doesn't want to spend all that alone time with me?" Dean worried.

Castiel gave him a look that clearly said he was nuts for thinking that, but Dean was still a little nervous.

Beckett came up to them with Jack on her hip, smiling happily. "This is great, dads. Thanks for everything."

Castiel rubbed her arm. "And we are sorry your friends left," he said. "You can go out with them tonight. Uncle Lu promised to drive you girls to wherever you want to go."

Beckett's smile faltered. "Uncle Lu promised? Oh…"

Dean would have marked Castiel all over again for the smirk he gave him.

"We have one more gift for you first, though," John said, taking Jack from her.

Beckett looked genuinely surprised. "Oh? But you guys already gave me so much…I mean, I have a taser, a gift certificate to a self-defense class…"

Dean laughed. "Yeah, your uncles. So overprotective!"

"Yeah, not like us," Castiel said, waving to Gabriel and Sam. "We're letting you go out without us tonight."

"With Uncle Lucifer," Beckett reminded them. But she was smiling. "Okay, what's this last gift?"

Dean took her hand and led her to the garage.

Beckett laughed. "Come on, you didn't get me a car."

"How come not?" Casey demanded loudly.

"It's why not, and lower your voice," Castiel said.

John opened the door and led them to the Corvette chassis. Beckett went very quiet and walked up to the ruined hulk. She reached out her hands and touched the sides and the doors, trailing her fingers over the hood.

"She hates it," Dean whispered.

"Shhh," Castiel whispered back. "Give her a minute."

Beckett left the car and came up to Dean. "Dad, you bought me broken car?"

He started sweating. "Well, I thought we could fix it up for your sixteenth birthday."

"You want to fix it up together?" Oh gods, she hated it.

"Yeah, I thought I could teach you how to take care of it…if you wanted?"

Her smile was incandescent. "Oh, Daddy!" She threw herself into his arms and started jumping up and down at the same time. "Oh my gosh, I can't believe it! And a Corvette convertible! Oh my gosh, I need to call Jenny and Brittany! Daddy, you're the best!" She kissed his cheek, grabbed her phone and went to call her friends.

"You realize you just took the most beautiful girl in the world and made her mobile, don't you?" Lucifer said.

"Yeah," Dean smiled. "But there's no backseat, the front seats are bucket, and there's a gearshift in the middle so leaning over to give a blow job is impossible."

Lucifer looked back at the car. "Huh. You're a goddamned genius, Dean."

Gabriel narrowed his eyes. "Wait, how do you know about the blow job thing?"

Dean winked and pulled Castiel to his side.

"I think we should have given Cassie the taser," Gabriel told Lucifer. "Then we wouldn't even be in this predicament."

Dean smiled and pulled Castiel close. "Give Beckett back? I don't think so." He took Jack from his dad and kissed him. "I wouldn't give any of them up."

Beckett squealed into her phone. "It's a Corvette! A Ccorvette!"

Okay, he'd give that up. But not anything else. Never.

So, I've already written the first one-shot. It's very Casey-centric, and I'm working on the Balcifer mating scene, but I'm thinking...who wants to see uncles Lucifer and Balthazar take a group of teenage girls to the movies? 'Cause I know I do.