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Neko falls for Alice

A/N This story takes place 10 years after Resident Evil Apocalypse and includes Characters from the RE film series and Grand theft auto Game series mostly from number 4 but I may add some from the other games assume the revenge path is taken and Roman is still alive But Kate is dead and assume Johnny figured out Neko killed Jim on Rays orders and is out get him and has reformed the lost Bikers also for you resident evil fans assume Clare and her convoy met Alice before Re extinction.

Disclaimer I don't own any of the characters you may recognize .


10 years after the outbreak in Raccoon city The T-virus has spread like a fire in a coal mine for of lighter fluid and has destroyed nearly all of Human civilization using the chaos gangs took to the streets to secure weapons and supplies The Umbrella corporation has taken what is left of the world and continued there experiments with the deadly virus and has started capturing women to be raped and/or artificially impregnated so the corporation will have future population generation under it control and or more test subjects.

In one of umbrellas underground labs Neko Balic The ex hit man and leader of the resistents has just escaped after a failed attempt of freeing his girl friend Carmen his daughter and other women and children and as a last ditch effort ran out in the undead wasteland to escape the Umbrella guards.

Niko: Shit why wont these helicopters fuck off.

Niko fires an RPG destroying a Helicopter but there are 2 mare full of rockets and troops Niko loses them in then builing but they land and send out a trained death squad Neko tries to hide but a zombie leaps at him and Neko shoots him with his pistol but the troops here it and come after him not the first time Neko had to go toe to toe with a death squad even before the appocolypes so he fires his assault rifle taking out multiple troops and when he's out pulls out a shot gun and takes out 1 or 2 per shell but the undead here the camotion and take out the remaining troops from behind and Neko pulled out dual pistols and unloaded dual magazines in there heads and then pulled out a .357 revolver and took out 6 of the basterds and then a desert eagle and then a 45 but they kept on coming and Neko had to use his pull out his knife to fend off the inevitable.

Just the shots rang out killing the zombies and then A beautiful bad ass girl with a katana in one hand and a hatchet in the other the a spin kick in a zombies face then tore the rest apart Neko was in shock of the women's speed and skill and just then she said.

Alice: you Neko balic.

Neko shook his head his knife ready one of his hand guns reloaded in the chaos.

Alice: Good me and my friends want to help you takeout Umbrella.

Neko: how do I know your not an agent of Umbrellas or another of Rays hitman.

Alice: because I want to destroy Umbella to and your old fiend Ray Bulgary has been sealing slaves to Umbrella so I'd like to kill him to.

To be continued….

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