Neko falls for Alice


A/N: Ok in this chapter we introduce a character from a franchise called universal soldier not the most famous of characters but still my all-time favorite villain and for those who don't know about the movie Alice explains the basic premise, Also the predator makes an appearance and this is not his last and to anyone who is wondering about Carlos assume he is out doing something helpful somewhere else because I couldn't make this story about Niko and Alice work with him in it so sorry.

As the fighting with the strange creature continued the mysterious man with a necklace made out of human ears shot the monster with a M60 machine gun wounding it as Alice, Niko and the others continued to shoot at it. After they almost killed it the predator finally retreated but not before killing several survivors and damaging nearly all the vehicles.

Clair: What the fuck was that thing!

Alice: I don't know but…

Clair: But what?

Alice: It was reminiscent of a creature that slaughtered a group of mercenaries, U.S soldiers, gorillas and civilians in Columbia back in the 80s I know because Umbrella sent me and a bunch of other operatives to find it thinking they might be able to use it as some kind of weapon.

Niko spoke up from behind her.

Niko: And how did that go?

She turned to him.

Alice: out of 300 men and women that they sent to find it only I and 6 others survived including Wesker.

Niko: that sounds real fucking encouraging.

Meanwhile the mystery man they picked up looked at the damage and spoke.

Scott: This fuck fights a lot like the fuck that killed my men and ripped there fucking spines out.

Alice who had not thought much of the drifter now looked at him and realized who he was.

Alice: Sgt. Andrew Scott?

The whole convoy looked in amazement at the fact that Alice actually knew who he was.

Scott: Do you know me?

Alice: Only by reputation you're the last of the unisols.

Niko: The Uni…. What?

Alice: The Unisols they were an old experiment the U.S Army conducted were they tried reanimating the corpses of soldiers who had fallen in combat and not only that but make 5xs stronger, faster, and durable enough to take 2 whole clips to the chest and still get back up. It worked kinda.

Niko: What do you mean kinda?

Alice: They came out with slightly psychotic tendencies and most lacked the ability to feel compaction for other human beings and began to recent the army for bringing them back from the dead just to be there littler errand boys so to say. The Army tried to control them with a serum to make them forget about ever being human and so they would follow orders without question, but they enabitley got free and weren't so happy about the serum.

Scott: In our defiance we were created to be monsters they were just hoping for monsters they could own and luckily that shit those motherfucker were shooting in our necks wasn't strong enough to make all of us there slaves especially a crazy badass like me.

Everyone in the convoy looked at him with a mix of interest and fear.

Back in upstate liberty the Lost brotherhood took off on a helicopter loaded with their bikes and guns.

The helicopter took them past the main mass of undead to a spot where they could fight their way out from there. As the helicopter hovered they jumped out on their bikes and covered them with lead some of the more gutsy bikers like Johnny actually came at them head on smashing them in with bats as they rode past.

Meanwhile at their compound Brucie had managed to pick his shackles and got free and knocked out the guards and stole their guns and snuck out with his wife to the chopper that just landed and shot the pilot with a silenced pistol and took off while a bunch of the bikers fired at the chopper.