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(Chapter 2)

Six years had passed in the Village of Konoha, and things had calmed down considerably after the first two. During those two years, reconstruction had begun on the village, with many of the remaining Shinobi being sent off to make as much money as possible to fund the reconstruction projects. Thanks in no small part to the Fire Diyamo's generous contribution, the overall construction didn't take as long as it would have normally, and it was something that many of the people living there were grateful for.

But, as with all happenings when a Leader died suddenly, there was very recent political problems that had been, at least for now, been taken care of. With the Yondaime being dead, it was imperative that a new leader be elected, and while many on the Council wanted the Sandaime to take up the mantle, and in Danzo's case, become the Godaime, it was decided that a recently returned Tsunade would become the Hokage for the foreseeable future. But, during the brief amount of time it had taken for these decisions to be made, the Civilian Council had managed to grasp more power over decisions that they had, by all means, no right to even be a part of.

But, that was for later, and our story moves to the Namikaze Estate, and the residents that had lived there for the last six years.

During that time, each of the former Guardian Generals adapted to the situation accordingly to their attitudes and overall attempts at reintegrating in a new world. Mithra had of course helped with educating them on the functions and history of the Shinobi world, and to a bigger extent, the elemental Nations, and while it was similar to their old home, it was way better for several reasons, each one original to the individual.

For Asura, it meant he could finally spend more time his family, even if he was still pissed that his precious daughter had been deflowered, and help train his grandson in the ways of Mantra. Besides, if he ever got restless, the woman the Mithra had introduced them to, Tsunade, had made them all reserve Shinobi, so he could take on missions.

For Yasha, it was because he could finally live in a place where he wasn't being forced to fight. And like Asura, if he ever got restless, he would just request a mission and get his action then.

For Augus, it was because he learned that there were so many strong people in the world that he was just itching to get out there and find them all. But, unlike the others, he didn't want to be put in the reserves list, so he became a full time shinobi, and due to his competitive nature, he was quickly making a name for himself as a very powerful shinobi.

For Durga, she loved how quiet and peaceful the village was, and enjoyed spending time helping her daughter, alongside the others who had been brought back, manage the Namikaze Clan, it's massive fortune, as well as raise the newest member.

Kalrow because there was so much to learn, so he spent most of his time in the library, going over the books there, or spending the day with the Nara Clan, playing shogi.

Deus because he was able to do something and see the results, as he was helping the rebuilding efforts alongside Tsunade. He was able to organize and lead very well, and was working for a position on the Konoha Council as an advisor to Tsunade.

Olga enjoyed this world because she was still considered one of the most beautiful in it. Everywhere she went, men would turn their heads to even catch a glimpse of her beautiful face, or her luscious body.

Wyzenn liked this world for the food. That was it.

And as time went on, they all watched as the young Naruto Namikaze grew into a young child, who acted a lot like his grandfather, but had obvious traits of his mother and father. And while they had no idea what his Mantra type was, they had a feeling that it would be a powerful one, as they had already felt the sheer raw potential he had when he first accessed it. From their predictions, he was going to be a very powerful warrior, and they had all decided to have a hand in his training.

Now, six years after the eventful day that they had arrived here, they were all scattered in the village or outside it, either relaxing or on a mission, as a mischievous child was plotting.

Naruto Namikaze was not like other kids. Well, not in the sense that he played like them. Oh no, he preferred pranks to games, something that made him the bane of nearly every vendor or stall owner who had acted either rude or downright hostile to his family. But tonight was different, and his mother, while enjoying his pranks when they were targeted towards people who were antagonistic to the Namikaze Clan, had forbidden him from pulling any, due to the fact that Kumogakure Shinobi were in the village.

Now, Naruto understood the importance of being on his best behavior for the day, as Durga-Baa-Chan had explained the reason for being a good little boy. But secretly, Naruto wanted nothing more than to get into trouble, then find someone, most likely Obito-Nii, to pin the blame on.

Speaking of the Uchiha for a moment, he had finally managed to defeat Kakashi, proving that he was better than him, and get Rin to finally notice him. And while they weren't getting married anytime soon, she had at least granted him several dates that went off without a hitch.

But back to Naruto.

The young Namikaze was standing beside his mother as the clan heads and heirs all greeted the arriving Raikage and his family. The Raikage was a very tall, muscled man with light blonde hair and a beard, while his skin was a deep brown. He had a gruff personality and voice, and from what little could be seen of his mentality, he was a firm believer of might equals right.

Beside him was what had to be the prettiest girl Naruto had ever seen. She had long, waist length red hair, golden eyes that had a blazing fire in them, and a dark skin tone, just like the Raikage. She was wearing a lavender kimono that had light yellow flowers on it, with traditional tabi socks and sandals, standing somewhere around 3'2". From what Naruto had heard from his mother earlier, her name was Karui Yotsuki, and she was about a month younger than him.

Karui, for her part, blushed at seeing a 3'6" boy around her age standing there. He had very white hair and deep blue eyes that swirled with energy. He was wearing a kimono top that was open, with blue hakama pants that had red flames on them. Underneath were metallic shinguards that covered the tops of his feet, as well as protected his actual shins. Along his arms, up to his shoulders, were two armored pieces that looked like the taller white haired man. Come to think of it, his entire outfit seemed to be based off of the mans.

The Raikage gave the assembled people nods of respect, glancing at each of the clan heirs in disinterest until his eyes fell on the visage of the Namikaze Heir. Rumors had spread of the supposed Guardian General's that lived in Konoha, and how the Namikaze Heir was related to them in some way. Now, Ei had never really believed in rumors, but seeing the power in the young kids eyes, and feeling it in the bodyguards of the Hokage, he easily began to believe them.

Tsunade, for her part, nodded respectfully to the Raikage. "Welcome, Raikage-Sama. We are honored to have you and your daughter here with us."

Ei returned the nod as he sat in the chair beside the busty blonde. "And it's a pleasure to be here, Tsunade-Hime. I was quite happy to hear of the proposed alliance between our villages."

"Well then, shall we begin?" Tsunade said.

(Three Days Later)

It had been living hell for Tsunade, these last three days. It all began with the attempted abduction of newborn Hinata Hyuuga and six year old Naruto Namikaze, which had been thwarted by the boy himself during the abduction.

The next three days had become a political nightmare for her, as he advisers were trying to get her to declare war on Kumo, and potentially start the Fourth Great Shinobi War, but she had been adamant about solving things peacefully. The Raikage had tried to shift blame, but thanks to the many witnesses to the destruction of the incident, he was unable to do so.

Instead, he was forced to give Konoha his own daughter, and to the Namikaze family, if only to prevent her from being executed immediately by the Hyuuga Clan.

She rubbed her forehead as she read the official report on the incident, before she pulled out the one sent by Kalrow as the Unofficial Report, before reading it.

As she read, the more her eyes widened at what was written on the page. Naruto, the sweet, kind, compassionate little boy, who always helped as best he could, had such a destructive Mantra? How was that even possible? And there was also the fact he had TWO kinds in him. Shit, this couldn't get into Danzo's hands, or Sarutobi's either. If either of the two conniving old men found out about this, then they would do everything they could to get him as their personal weapons. This kind of destruction was only suited for full out battle and war, and had to be trained and used carefully.

The Mantra type Naruto had was...

(Namikaze Estate- At the moment)

"...War and Death Mantra?" Mithra questioned of Kalrow after his inspection of Naruto, who had been asleep for the last few days, still exhausted from activating his Mantra for the first time. The Old Demigod had been just as shocked as her, but had forced himself to continue on.

"Yes. It is unlike anything I've ever seen. While we normally only have one Mantra Core inside of us, it seems he was born with two, and each one feeds off of the other." Kalrow explained as best he could.

"What do you mean by that?" Deus asked, incredibly curious as to how this was possible. Such a find was nearly impossible, but lo and behold, it was right there. To have TWO types of Mantra was astounding.

"Well, from what I can tell, his War Mantra gets stronger and stronger the more he battles and experiences fights, giving him permanent power boosts that would otherwise leave us after a battle was over. His other kind, the Death Mantra, feeds off of the negative emotions around him, absorbing them and cleansing them to a purified form, which is converted to Mantra. The stronger the emotion, such as Hate and Sorrow, the more it absorbs. It also feeds off of his War Mantra, which acts the same way it does, only off of Wrath and Bravery instead. Basically, if you would, the more he battles and lives, the ever more powerful he will become. But, it seems to be based off of Asura's Mantra as well, and I am assuming that it will have many similarities, including his different forms."

Silence was all that met his statements as they all tried to wrap their heads around what happened. It was Yasha who asked a new question on a new topic. "What is the news concerning Kumo?"

Deus chuckled as he replied. "They tried to turn it on us, demanding that the ones responsible for killing their shinobi be killed and sent to them. Tsunade turned them down and managed to get the Yotsuki Clan give the Namikaze Clan their Heiress as payment, while the Hyuuga got financial compensation."

Kalrow nodded as he smirked a bit. "I was there for the negotiations, and believe me, they were intense. The Raikage almost attacked Tsunade when she denied him Yasha and the Hyuuga, but was very, very displeased when she asked for the girl, Karui, to be given to us. I believe that she should arrive here sometime today, if I'm not mistaken, and I'm not."

They finished speaking and sat in silence, but before long, the door was forced open by Augus as he dragged his not-so-willing sidekick Obito with him, into the house. He had a grin on his face as he walked, while Obito moaned in pain as he was dragged. "Hahaha! That was a good spar, but we'll make you stronger yet, kid!"

"Oh dear God, I can taste my spleen."

"Hahaha! Just means you got a good workout today!"


"I am not cleaning that up."

"Oh shit! That was my spleen I was tasting! Blurgh!"


(Later that day)

Karui shuffled in a scared manner as the ANBU, the man named Yasha, and the Hokage lead her to the new place she would be staying, her eyes wide with fear as they did. From what the man, Yasha, had said, she would become a member of the Leaf today, and would be expected to serve it as a loyal member until she died.

Those thoughts scared her, and she had been nearly inconsolable during the Council meeting pertaining to her future here, but the Hokage had stated that she was to live peacefully in the village, and was not to be hurt or attacked in any way. Fortunately, she had been offered a place to stay by a kind woman named Rin, and a rather goofy looking man named Obito. She was left with them and shown to her room, which was nice, she had to admit.

Maybe, just maybe, this wouldn't be entirely bad. After all, the Clan that was supposed to get her as a slave, the Namikaze Clan, had denied her, saying she should just live in the village, while the Hokage was being very nice to her.

But, as she was left outside to enter the apartment complex, she felt the glares on her back, and nearly burst into tears.

(Unknown Location)

A shadowed figure sat alone and glared at the latest report from his spies in Konoha, and how it had finally achieved 'peace' with Kumo. A preposterous idea! If his plans were to go any further, then he needed to build hate and mistrust between the villages.

But, what caught his attention, was the fact that a Little girl from Kumo, the Raikage's daughter no less, was given to Konoha as repayment. If he did things right and with caution, then maybe he would be able to use this.

Looking up, a lone Sharingan glared off into the distance.

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