Takes place two years after the avengers. I have placed the new iron man 3 movie as part of this time line so if you have not seen iron man 3 there will be mentions and spoilers. I have also skipped Thor 2 as its not out yet and have made my own what happened from what I seen in the trailer and just put my own warp on it.

Also this story is meant to cover a wide range of characters. I am trying to get into a little bit of everyone. I am trying to have 1 to 3 pov's each chapter but I'll try to stick with the fewer. They will be marked by (name). I do hope I can write this in a way that's understandable and not too spaced out between people. I will do my best to make it flow smoothly.

Chapter 1

Thor grinned as he entered SHEILD's main facility. A tall office like building with lots of windows. Jane was next to him. Jane did much of her work here on the lower levels and had an office of her own on the upper office levels. Since the attack on Asgard himself and Jane had become closer then ever. She had been very open to learning more about his realm. And though Odin, his father, was not pleased by his choice in a woman he did not discourage Thor. He wanted Thor to be happy and Thor was grateful to his father for putting aside his own feelings on the matter.

"Good morning." Natasha Romanov greeted Thor and Jane. Thor had been doing small things for SHIELD lately. Since New York many humans with strange abilities had been showing up and not all of them were nice. When Thor had time to visit Earth he always gave up a few days to help out on the harder to handle 'Specials'. "How's your brother?" That was Natasha's way of asking if Loki was still behaving.

Since the dark elf incident Loki had proven to have redeemed himself and Thor somewhat had his brother back. Loki was no longer a prisoner. "He is still well behaved Natasha." Thor said. It had taken him some time to get used to calling everyone on earth by their first names. "I tell him often that many ask about his well being and he refuses to believe it." Thor grinned he knew Loki was right. None of the humans cared about his overall well being. They only cared that he wasn't a threat to them.

"He's a smart man." She replied also grinning. "How goes the research?" She asked Jane.

"Easier with Thor around." Jane replied. Since her visit to Asgard she had a better knowledge of her sciences and when Thor would visit she could grill him with many questions and he was always more then willing to answer them all. He was also becoming very good with their language, innuendos and slang talk.

"Excellent." Natasha waved them off as she cut down a different hallway and they entered the elevator.

"Hold up." A soft voice called out. Jane held the doors back and in jogged a shorter woman. "Thanks." She said sweetly smiling and pressing the number 4.

"You're welcome." Jane replied riding the elevator up and the girl got off at four and waved goodbye to them with a smile. The noise of laughter, shouting and talk on that floor was cut off as the doors closed. Thor smiled. Everyone was so pleasant today.

"That was the Children's ward." Jane told him. "SHIELD's found a lot of children with abilities to do many things. I've never gone there myself."

"We once thought humans incapable of having such abilities as the ones I've recently encountered. Like everything we were wrong. Or perhaps it's only in recent years it began." Thor was unsure which was true. He had spoken of it to his father and he was also not sure. Odin was also interesting in learning more. Learning how these people might progress. How powerful they could become. So far none had been able to even scratch Thor but every encounter Thor had was different and he felt the potential in some.

Thor wanted Loki to return to earth. To help sort out those who had extreme potential. To help hone them, train them. Loki was a master of magic and Thor felt no other would be better suited to the task. But alas Loki did not want any part of it and Directory Fury was not keen on the idea of allowing Loki back on earth ever.

"It is nice to see SHEILD helping these people. I imagine not all of them are able to control their abilities nor are some even aware of what they can really do." Thor said as Jane settled behind her desk.

"I agree. I think SHIELD is headed in the right direction." Jane fired up her computer and pulled up her latest notes on her newest tests. "So once more. Is the rainbow bridge considered purely magic? I mean could it be synthesized?"

"It would depend. Harnessing the energy that creates magic is not the same as how you developed your electricity. It's an energy that comes from inside living things. Most humans are unable to tap into it simply because their bodies can't handle the energy needed. Humans have died trying." Thor explain. "My brother would be better at explaining this." He added.

"Yeah well the last time I went with you to Asgard and I paid a visit to your brother he silenced me with a spell and pretty much just told me to get lost." Jane said irritated at the memory.

"He just needs time to adjust. Things have been changing drastically on both Asgard and Midgard. Life is not how it once was and nether is my brother. He went through things, dealt with things he will not speak of but he has memories of those things and it has left scars in his mind. He trusts no one." Thor picked up for Loki quickly. He knew Loki was not this mad man everyone thought him to be.

"Yeah I remember you trying to explain his train of thought once." She scrolled down on her screen and adjusted a few notes. "I know you really wish good things for Loki but what if he doesn't want good things to happen?" Jane asked looking up at Thor. He had just started her Newtons Cradle.

"I don't think he knows what he wants right now." Thor looked up and her and sighed. "I wish only to help him."

"There is only so much someone can do for someone who doesn't know what they want." Jane stood and kissed Thor sweetly.


Natasha entered the training room located on the lower level. There was five lower levels and the training facilities was on the first. The lower you got the more security clearance you needed. Clint was sparring with two other agents trying to get his agility up. He was great with long ran shooting were bows were concerned but close combat he could use some practice in. "I got this." Natasha said waving off the other two.

"You're in trouble now Barton." One said and chuckled as he wiped his brow of sweat and grabbed his water bottle. Both men left as Natasha pulled off her coat and threw it aside. They were alone. Things had changed for the two of them. Since New York things had happened between them that should never have happened and the two of them were having trouble getting back to their friendship.

Having the possibility of losing him caused a strange tension between them. Before they knew it a calm night at home hanging out and watching movies turned into a night tangled in her bed sheets. Natasha had once thought of what it might be like wrapped in his arms beneath the sheets but their friendship had meant too much to her to attempt it. Waking that morning she had told him that it could happen again and he agreed.

But not a month later they ended up in bed again swearing it would be one last time. The same thing they said to each other every time it has happened since. But recently was the last in Natasha's mind when she thought she was pregnant. Clint had been a little too happy about it but Natasha was not. She didn't want kids. Her spy life was too complicated. She had too much of a reputation to take such a risk. Finding out she wasn't was the best day of her life.

She stepped in front of Clint now in a readied stance. The scare had happened almost three months ago and lately they had been trying to get back to just being friends. Clint watched her carefully. He knew all to well her agility skills. She would not hesitate to kick his ass and leave him limping from the room. He darted forward snapping his arm out to strike her side but she spun after catching that arm and making it so he stumbled passed her. She was now behind him and dropped down to swipe her leg out to kick his out from under him. He however managed to jump her leg and caught it between his ankles instead.

"That's a new one." She said easily pulling free and rolling up to her feet once more.

"I haven't shown you all my tricks Nat." He smiled. God how she loved his smile.

"Bring it on." She told him laughing a little. He was the one to strike first again. This time he swung with one hand but was ready for her roll. Or would have been if she had rolled. No this time she grabbed him by the wrist and vaulted over him to pin that arm behind his back painfully.

"Ahhh. Shit." He growled but he wasn't frustrated. "Do I need to learn gymnastics too?" He said amused.

"Couldn't hurt." She replied letting him go. He shook the arm that she had pinned a moment to get the feeling back.

"Hey." Steve Rogers said as he walked inside the rather large gym area. This room was huge. On one end was a full gym complete with boxing ring and where Natasha was were mats for just freehand. The room far down the hall led into a large round room where weapons practice was done. Steve was there for the gym like he was everyday.

"Morning Steve." Natasha greeted and Clint gave him a wave still trying to stretch out his arm. "Do you ever miss a day at the gym?" She asked as he dropped his bag to a bench.

"No ma'am." He replied with a confident smile.

"Maybe you should train with Steve." She said to Clint. He sighed and flopped down onto the mat.

"I could use a partner." Steve offered not realizing Natasha was making a jab at Clint for not being able to keep up with her. Natasha could only smile and offer Clint a hand to help him back up. He took it and allowed her to pull him to his feet.

'Captain Steve Rogers report to the main floor lobby.' A voice called over the intercom system. Steve had been in the midst of unzipping his gym bag and then proceeded to zip it back up and slung it back over his shoulder.

"Another time." He said to Clint apologetically. Clint waved him off.


Steve arrived up in the lobby to see Agent Coulson waiting for him. "What can I help with Sir?" He asked politely. He joined Coulson as he began walking through the main doors and Steve followed.

"We've had a tip about an eight year old who has been doing some strange things lately. Nothing too dangerous but his parents are freaking out. I thought maybe meeting a hero would calm the kid, get him to come in to be observed." Coulson told him.

"I'm no hero sir. Just doing my duty." Steve corrected. It was true. Steve enjoyed helping others. He didn't do it for the pay. "What's the kids name?" He asked. This was not the first time he helped round up some special children to be brought back to the facility.

"Jordan Renalds."

"And what's he been doing?" Steve got into Coulson's vehicle.

"Levitating small objects. The biggest thing he levitated has been a toddles plastic Playskool chair. Fury is interested in seeing if he can do anything bigger or heavier." Steve nodded. He was glad to help out. He visited the children's floor often to check on everyone he talked into coming in and to meet those he hadn't yet met. SHIELD was doing some good in the world and Steve was glad to be part of it.

"Levitation." Steve said thinking about it a moment. It was amazing how many people in the world were able to do things most people only dreamt of doing. When Steve woke up the world was already strange enough and now all this. Never in a millions years would he have guessed he would live to see any of these things. Sure he himself was an odd man out but he was, as Stark once put it, a laboratory experiment.

He wouldn't take back the decision to take the serum. He would do it in every lifetime if given the chance. All his hopes and dreams sat on helping save lives and helping his country. When he woke the war was over but there was still lives to save and places to protect. For Steve SHIELD was now his calling.

Steve looked to the man driving. The same serious yet determined look on his face as he sped across the freeway. Meeting Coulson for the first time was awkward. Being idolized by a man in such a 'fanboy' way was odd. Steve had become used to Phil Coulson and his odd excitement to work with Steve. Sometimes Steve was under the impression Coulson asked him to go with him on these runs just to be seen with him. He never question his motive out loud though. Steve was just happy to help.

Arriving at the home of Jordan Renalds Steve stepped out of the car to observe the scene unfolding in front of him. A middle aged woman came outside with a young boy holding a blue superman backpack. His blond hair neatly combed back and his chocolate brown eyes red from crying. His mother looked concerned and eager.

"Mrs. Renalds, Agent Phil Coulson we spoke on the phone." Coulson extended his hand which she looked at a moment before shaking. She looked frightened.

"Mom I don't want to go." Jordan said in a small timid voice tugging as his mothers jeans. She bent down to her son and Steve was happy to see she wasn't like some parents who wiped their hands clean of their children all together or abandoned them.

"It's just for a little while. These people are going to make you better." She told him reassuringly.

"There'll be other kids there." Steve offered crouching to be on the kids level. "Lots of em needing help just like you." The kid looked to Steve hard. He was scanning him over as if trying to uncover any lies behind his words.

"I don't want to go." He said again this time with a little more spunk.

"You have to." His mother nudged him. "Sweetie you can't keep doing these things. People are starting to talk. It scares people." She told him truthfully.

"I'm not bad. I'm a super hero." Jordan replied looking up to his mother.

"Hey." Steve said getting back the kids attention. "Even super heroes need to learn to control there super secret powers. You don't want everyone knowing your secret do you?" This caught Jordan's attention.

"I guess not. Do I get a disguise?" Steve smiled.

"How about we get you back to the building first and talk disguises later." Steve offered. Jordan pondered his words a moment.

"Deal." He gave a curt nod and hugged his mother.

"I love you." She told him.

"Mom, not in front of strangers." He groaned.