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Chapter 104 (Epilogue)

(2 year later)

Who would have thought that SHIELD would have a daycare, aside from the children's ward that is. This was a room filled with toys and fun things to do while SHIELD agents went about their day. The idea had been Amelia's as she now had two small children and both herself and Bruce worked for the company. Derrick was now four and Darla was two. She was happy when she had a girl. One of each. She was content with that as was Bruce. She now had a shining ring on her finger as two month ago he'd asked her to marry him. Derrick turned out to have special powers. By the time he was three he was exploding things with his mind. It started with his birthday cake.

Natasha's child Clay was now four as well and spent his days also in the daycare playing with Amelia's kids. They were all friends. Clay still had dreams but they were not as frequent but Natasha still noted each and everyone. Steve came around to play with the kids often. He had free motion to travel between his new home in Mechanova and Earth. Seraphina always at his side. No kids planned but there was a rumour he was slowly cracking her on marriage. Seraphina and Natasha were still close friends often getting drunk together at parties. Dory, now six was a volunteer in the children's ward next to Amelia. She was learning how to help other kids and she seemed to enjoy it. She was becoming more open with her voice as well the more time she spent around everyone. With her red curls she looked like Natasha even though they held no family relation. Clay also had red hair.

No one thought Tony Stark would have a kid but Pepper was five months pregnant with their first and he couldn't be happier. Amelia was waiting today for the rest of the children to arrive at daycare so she could say hello. Natasha had just dropped off hers and went to work. Whenever Natasha had a private mission she would hand over her kids to Amelia to take care of until she returned if Clint was also not available. They tried their best to be around though.

Finally Amelia smiled as she saw Cephera walk in toting her one year old twins and a very large belly. Loki had wasted no time getting her pregnant again. Loki was not with her today. No doubt he was in Asgard with Thor. He went back and forth often. "Good morning." Amelia said taking the boy twin from her. He was smaller then his sister and quieter.

"Good morning." Cephera said cheerily.

"How is everything?" She asked bringing the kid in to playmat meant for the smaller children. There was always three woman in the daycare to watch the kids while they all worked. Cephera handed her daughter over as she couldn't bend down easily.

"Alls good, this pregnancy is treating me much better then my last." She said laughing. She'd been huge on her first one but given they were twins that came as no surprise.

"The kids will be happy to see you." Amelia said. It had been a few months since Cephera last came there. She visited when she could always trying to be consistent.

"At least someone will." She laughed. Amelia gave her a quizzical look. "Oh I arrived yesterday evening at Tony's and seeing as he's a upcoming daddy I made him babysit my twins. Feed them, change them, cleaned when they puked." Amelia started laughing as the mental image assaulted her mind.

"Is he second guessing fatherhood?" She said knowing it was too late for that.

"No. He was just cursing Loki for getting me pregnant ever. He still swears to this day he will never be ok with me and Loki as a couple. He says it's just not right." Cephera laughed.

"He's happy for you." Amelia said knowing she didn't need to but she wanted to say it anyway. "That's just Tony being Tony." Cephera nodded and waved goodbye to her twins before heading to the elevator.

"How is the rehabilitation going?" Cephera asked. She asked it every time she came and Amelia knew who she meant.

"Better then we thought." She said smiling a reassuring smile.

(The Collector)

He sat down wiping his brow of sweat with a once clean towel. His training was rigorous today but he enjoyed it. Training kept his mind off things. Damian John Carol was a different man now. He remembered nothing of his last 28 years and he was ok with that. He'd been given a folder one day after waking up in a small infirmary room. A man in a long black trench coat he now knew as Director Fury had given it to him.

"I'm sure you're wondering quite a few things right about now." He had said sitting in the only chair in the room. Damian had tried to remember how he had gotten there but could not. "I'm Director Nick Fury and that folder holds the answers to who you are." He said but stopped him from opening it. "I can't explain everything now but I want you to know that there is nothing good in that folder worth remembering. Your old life is over but we here at SHIELD are offering you a new one. A chance to make a difference in the world. A good difference." Damian had stared at the man feeling conflicted. On one hand whatever was in the folder was tempting to look at and on the other he was slightly afraid. The tone in the Directors voice made it sound very daunting.

And so Damian had not opened the folder. He had been given a room inside the facility and clothes. He had been explained to just what SHIELD was and what they were trying to do. Damian realized there were something's he knew about himself. His power being one. He was told that a special woman in the compound had made him forget his past and after attaining his real name and background had chosen only certain things to allow him to know. He was surprised they had told him this. At first he felt violated and that had been the night he opened the folder for the first time.

His real name was indeed Damian Carol and what he found inside that folder was nothing short of disgusting and horrifying. He couldn't believe he'd been that man. Abused as a child. Neglected. In and out of trouble with the law and then further on into his teen years and finally his adult years. He had thrown the folder across the room not willing to believe it but somewhere deep inside he knew it to be true and he hated himself. He had shut himself away for days after and realized why they had wiped his memories clean. He finally came to terms to some degree. Not remembering helped a lot. He now spent his days training to become a top notch SHIELD agent.

He went to the shower room where he was alone. He looked in the mirror to stare at the man staring back. His sandy blond hair sticking to his forehead from the sweat and his brown eyes looking tired. He knew from the folder he had been looking like someone else these last few years but he had since burned the folder and hadn't read anything in detail past his earlier adulthood. At this point he no longer cared. He'd been given a second chance at a new life and he had embraced it. He wasn't a killer any longer. At least not the way he had been. He was grateful to SHIELD. They could have thrown him in jail but they hadn't.

Damian turned on the shower. People around the place still looked at him funny but he knew why. It would take a long time to gain their trust even if he was a changed man mentally and apparently physically. He looked to his body now. He was thin but was beginning to bulk up with his hard core training. Maybe if he was lucky he could get a date someday. Damian turned on the water and shoved all thoughts of his past aside. He was looking forward to his future whatever it had in store.

(Four years later)


"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" Everyone yelled in unison as Tony's personal fireworks show lit the skies of New York. Every year since the war ended Tony held a party for all his dearest friends and their loved ones. For some of them the years went by seeming to hardly change while others felt the years on their bodies. Having a large group of mortals mixed with immortals was harder as the years passed. One day death would separate them but a pact was made that those left behind would watch over and guide the children of the future left behind by the ones they loved.

Tony knew he could count on Cephera to watch over Howard, Tony's boy. He named him after his father when he realized his father did the best he could for Tony. He didn't see it growing up but now as a father he saw it. His boy would be going to school next year and of course Tony wanted to see great things from him. Starting him at a very early age at building electronics and how to use and code computers. Pepper didn't mind. It was Tony's way of spending time with him after all.

Everyone led peaceful lives nowadays. Clint and Natasha no longer did field work as they wanted some of their younger years to be mostly with their kids. They only ever settled for two. Bruce and Amelia had married two years ago and also settled for just the two kids. Tony was happy with the one and Pepper seemed glad to have gotten the one at all. Seraphina and Steve still had no children but he had managed to get her to say yes to getting married the last New Years party although she did also say something about in another fifty or so years. Cephera was another story. It felt like every time he saw her she was pregnant.

She had her eldest twins and then their daughter and then another set of twins. Looking at her now she looked to be slightly bumpy in the middle once more though she hadn't announced another pregnancy but Tony had a feeling by the end of the night she might. Loki really needed to slow down. She wasn't a baby machine but Tony couldn't say she hated it. She loved being a mother and truthfully they did right raising the kids even if their father was a man Tony still didn't like or approve of.

Thor finally had a kid as well. A girl who would be two in three months time. It seemed like everything was falling into its rightful place and even Tony felt content with things just the way they were. There was nothing that happened anymore that seemed bad since the war. Sure they had enemies pop up but for the most part life was quiet.

Tony placed a kiss on Pepper's lips and looked up at the show above. He had outdone himself this time with the fireworks. Down a couple of floors the kids were probably all crowed in the windows watching as they couldn't be up on the rooftop deck with all the drunk adults. They had Happy watching over them which was a full time job but one he was glad to take on. Happy didn't have kids and personally didn't want them but he liked watching these ones. Rascals he called all of them especially when they all got together. It would be interesting to see them all once they hit their teens. At least Tony was looking forward to that. They had such a diverse bunch of kids it would be a nice change to see them all grow up together and always have someone who understood the other. They would never be alone like others who were different.

Tony was grateful for all he had and every moment he had to spend it with everyone he'd become so close to. Never in a 1000 years would he have thought that after Loki tried to take over New York would the future look like this. In the end the battle against the collector and Thanos had been what really brought them all together so solidly and without Loki none of that would have happened. As much as Tony hated it he had something to be grateful for toward the god of mischief but he would never tell him. He had a big enough ego as it was but silently he thanked him. Looking around at the faces of his friends he thanked his lucky stars Loki showed up on earth and was an ass and tried to dominant them all.

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