Adrenaline flowed through Dio's veins as he ran into the brush. He ignored the sharp twigs scraping his face and arms. "Aya!" He screamed again. 'No, please just give me a little bit more time,' he thought. Dio reached into his pocket and produced a jar the size of your spacebar. He whispered, "In hoc dolium iacet animas purus corde. Mitte eis mecum." A small flash concealed the spell.

Dio let oxygen fill his lungs as he reached a small patch; the tall trees let no light shine through. "Ah, ah, ah!" He heard the doctor say. Dio turned his head and there stood Aya and her father resting the knife against her neck. "One more step and she comes with me… now that, as I see, you have the souls," he paused for emphasis, "Then, again. I'll just take my little Aya with me anyway. Why wait!"

"Wait! …just one second," Dio yelled before the Doctor plunged the knife into her. Dio thought of her smile, her laugh… how he came to love someone who's the daughter of a murderer. He couldn't bare to see such a beautiful girl be wasted. "What could you possibly want, boy!" The Doctor said waving the knife carelessly in the air. "Take me instead of Aya." Mr. Dravis looked at Dio, puzzled. "… and what do you have to give me?"

Dio held up the jar. The doctor laughed, "I small jar of worthless souls? So foolish. What do I need with those puny mortals?" "No… no. The jar," Dio looked down. 'It'll be worth it, right?' "It's a glass ja-" he squinted at the item in Dio's hand. "That's not possible," he released Aya, throwing her out of his way like a child throwing his old toy to the side for the new one. Dio winced as her hands broke her fall, 'I-I'm sorry, Aya.' The doctor's eyes were locked on the jar.

"It is," Dio tried to keep his attention. "After a millennia of search and sacrifices this jar, the Collector, was relinquished to me when…" he swallowed, "W-when I died." He pulled it out of the madman's grasp. "Why in the world would it be given to you?! A device that can harvest even the most powerful of souls of the universe…" Dravis stared at it in awe. Dio shrugged, "I honestly don't have that answer, destiny perhaps?" The doctor laughed and gripped the knife, "Destiny?! As if it were real. Maybe you're right boy. Maybe it's my destiny to have the item for me to protect."

Dio looked down at the jar. Several white lights flew around like fireflies. "W-what are you doing?" the doctor looked suddenly alarmed.

Dio looked up to them and whispered, "Ego, Dio Youngman-"

"No, you wouldn't dare," Dravis growled.

Dio continued regardless, "-advoca in reliquias vos, qui iacent in coactor. Afferte Destruxisti omnes qui resistunt Tuum ad inferos se."

The doctor screamed at this point, "It will destroy yo-".

Dio grasped the jar and as he felt the energy being withdrawn from him, "Ad suam consumunt, aeternitatem in capit mortis!"

His vision flashed white.

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