Okay, guys, so I haven't been uploading anything lately because I have been majorly swamped with school stuff and I've recently been going through a hard time personally. This is really a light fic so sorry about making the note kinda sad but it could save someone one life. If you know anyone whose been dealing with Anxiety, Depression or suicidal thoughts or attempts, please see that they get help. I'm not ashamed to admit that I am currently taking medicine for my depression. If you notice any of these signs or they have talked you about it, make sure you see that they get some kind of support or help. You can always talk to me if you're dealing with stuff. I may not have the words you wan to Hear but I am dealing with this also so just know you're not alone. :)


I feel like this is horribly written but my muses demands it. So have some most likely horribly written het!smut while I work on a longer story involving fem!Stiles and a date with Greenburg which has a longer horribly written smut scene in it. :)) also I warn for slight dub-con because of the whole mating season thing and the issue with the goo. See notes at bottom for full warning. This was written on my phone so I'm sorry for any mistakes I've made. I'm currently without laptop . :(

All she'd wanted was a damn bowl of cereal, okay?

Stiles groaned as her stomach rumbled, reminding her of why she had come into the Hale kitchen. She dug through the cabinets, feeling the shirt she'd stolen from Derek's laundry ride up right under her butt and a welcome breeze filtered through the room. (Maybe this damn heat wave was finally going to break) she thought, pulling the shirt down a bit. It had lasted close to two days and Stiles was now at the point that she barely put anything on besides what was comfortable and cool. Besides, all her clothes including her bra and underwear were ripped up and covered in goo from the latest monster of the week and were currently in the process of being washed. So Stiles was going al natural underneath the shirt. She was no prude but everyone else was taking other pack members home and were on dates. Derek and her were the only ones here and he wasn't do back for at least a few hours, while he secured the perimeters of the Hale Territory so that helped. She found the box of Coco puffs that she had hidden in the pantry along with a sprig of wolvesbane to mask the scent. Sue her, she liked drinking the chocolate milk afterward and when the Pack smelled it they went crazy looking for it so she hid it now and poured herself a bowl. She ate slowly, still tired from the encounter a few nights before. She complained a lot about being made to run away but her calves were amazing so there was that and she wasn't really complaining because apparently it was Mating Season for most supernaturals and the monster had been trying to take her as a mate. Which had actually been flattering at the time until she realized that it meant he was going to literally sex her to death. yeah, no. She leaned against the counter island, bending slightly into it. She spreaded her legs just a bit to get comfortable, humming to herself as she ate. She never heard the door creak until she felt a hand on the back of her neck, gently squeezing. Derek had huge hands so it was pretty easy to realize it was him, even if she still flinched. She was still getting used to the affectionate touches Pack shared. Don't get her wrong, she loved hugs and the scentings that everyone gave each other but it took a lot to get used to people touching her when before she really only touched her dad, Scott and Scott's mom.

"Hey Sourwolf, how was the run?" She asked, turning to smile at him. As she did, the sleeve to the shirt slid down her arm and hooked on her bent elbow, thankfully keeping her boob covered but baring her strapless shoulder to his gaze.

His eyes immediately zeroed in on her neck and she felt her face start burning, realizing too late that the only thing she was wearing was his too big shirt and he could probably smell that it was his.

(Please don't ask me if-)

"Is that my shirt?" He asked, voice slightly gritty and low.

"Uh," she began to say but stopped when his eyes flicked back up to hers and she saw the red in them. She gulped, dropping the spoon into the bowl causing a loud clink. Derek snapped his attention to the sound and it seemed to only intensify his eyes and he looked back at her.

"Eat. You're probably still weak from the MOFTW." He squeezed her neck a little bit firmer and grabbed the spoon, getting a spoonful of the cereal and holding it up to her lips. She couldn't help but chuckle at hearing Derek say the abbreviation then his actions registered. She had retorts about how she could feed herself but she could see the red flakes in his eyes and wisely choose to remain quiet as he fed her. As slightly demeaning as it was, it was also kind of nice to let Derek feed her.

When the cereal was gone, Derek picked up the bowl and moved so that it felt like he was hugging her from behind as he held it up to her lips.

"That's right." He said encouragingly into her ear as she drank it. "Drink it all up."

Stiles shivered at the sensations on her ear, which had always been sensitive but now were even more so. Heat waves always made her like that and usually, she and a trusty 'friend' took care of it but she had spent the last few days at the Hale house, yesterday and today recovering, which now that she thought about it she was feeling way more sensitive than normal but anyway, and there was no way she was doing that in a house full of werewolves. Okay, she had done it but it was only once and everyone else had been asleep. Actually now that she was thinking about it, the Alpha was putting out more heat which was making her hotter and him being snuggled against her like this combined with thoughts of her 'friend' had her stomach clenching and a wave of icy heat prickled in her belly. Derek noticed the tremors and a rumble began in his chest.

"Are you getting sick?" He purred setting the bowl down and moving his hand over her arm then up to her bared shoulder as if checking her temperature. " I can check if you let me."

"Uh," Stiles stuttered, trembling just a fraction more at the touches. "I guess?"

"Relax." He said moving the hand on her shoulder down to rest on the crease of her elbow. She felt him get close enough for her to tell he was shirtless and just as she was about to comment, he tilted her head a tiny bit baring her neck. She let out a small gasp as she felt his lips against her neck. Which would have been a shock anyway, because okay she was her and he was him and her and him did not go together and yeah, she was attracted to him but it was one sided, but what really shocked her is how sensitive her body was because of the heat and that Derek had found one of the only spots on her body that made her light up like a Christmas tree.

"D-Derek!" She tried to yelp but it came out as a moan as she clutched at the table in front of her. He growled against her neck then spun her around to face him. They couldn't tell who moved first but in the next few seconds, Derek was devouring her mouth and caging her in. Her eyes shuttered closed and her hands flew up to his hair as she pulled him closer, offering more of her mouth. Derek rumbled approvingly, hooking his hands under her knees and hoisted her up to sit on the cool metal counter. She shivered as her body reacted to the cold, in one particular area more so than any other.

Derek broke the kiss and when he looked down, she saw his eyes flash red at the sight in front of him. Stiles flushed nervously. No one knew about her newest jewelry except her and her close friend at uni who gave it to her. Hey, it was her body okay? She could do whatever she wanted with it. His eyes flicked back up to her face and she felt herself grow warmer at the hunger in his eyes.

"Stiles." He rumbled as she felt claws prick slightly at her thighs and then moaned out his name.


He was moving before she could even finish and the last syllable of his name cracked when she felt him start to suck on one of her piercings through his shirt, a growl low in his throat.

She let out an 'eep' not used to the feeling but pulled him closer anyway, hands fisting in his hair. She'd only had them a few months and while she'd had offers at uni, she had turned them all down because she was almost done with the semester and wanted to focus on her classes.

Soon though, the taste of metal through cotton apparently wasn't enough for the Alpha and Derek pulled back and smirked when Stiles let out a protest despite trying to bite it back, hands falling to her side.

"Don't worry, baby. I'll give you what you want." He grinned wolfishly.

Stiles shivered, a small noise escaping from her mouth and the grin got bigger. He leaned forward and nuzzled at her ear, slowly dragging the tip of one claw up her thigh until it reached the bottom of the shirt, slowly changing back to normal human fingers as the other one slipped into the spaces in her hand.

"You're bare under here,"He said, nosing at the pocket of skin behind her ear causing her to shiver again. "There's nothing but my shirt and scent covering you right now."

Stiles gasped, hips unconsciously jerking up. Derek smiled against her ear.

"You smell like me, Stiles." He said dragging his fingers over the top of her mound, staring her straight in the eyes as she heaved in breaths. "Like me and arousal. Do you know what kind of an invitation that is to a wolf, especially during this time?"

Stiles gulped at the intent in the Wolf's eyes. "I-I..."

Derek chuckled darkly. "I knew you took my shirt. Could smell it last night. Mating seasons do strange things to wolves. Our senses are heightened and our adrenaline skyrockets. That's why I had the betas running last night to blow off the steam and get all that energy out. I checked on everyone last night to make sure they weren't going to hurt themselves or their partners."

Stiles let out a small whimper at the subtle message of those words. Screw it, even she could see the pack was made of attractive people and she didn't discriminate. Derek smiled again and slowly drifted pulled the hand that was holding hers up until he was able to kiss her wrist.

" Everybody but one. You were already in bed when we got back and you were deep asleep so I made sure you were last. I could smell all the pheromones from the betas and I was already feeling the effects of that when I got to our hallway and then I knew you weren't asleep."

Stiles felt a cool breeze goes across her body so she had to look down, breaking eye contact with the Alpha who began to give kitten licks to her fingers. During Derek's speech, he'd somehow gotten the shirt off without her noticing.

"When that incubus came," He said after taking a finger into his mouth and licking at it, eyes glowing an angry red at the mention of the beast. " He wanted you to come willingly to him so he used the goo to lure you in." A growl rose in his chest and Stiles could feel it against her hand. "I could smell you across the woods being pleasured by someone else." He bit out, eyes flashing with something Stiles had only seen in other relationships. Jealousy. "I could smell him putting his hands on you and trying to take you away from me. I tore him apart for even thinking about taking what was mine!"

"Y-yours!?" She choked out, really breathing hard now and staring at him with wide eyes. She'd never believed he would ever say that to her.

"Mine!" He snarled, pulling her close enough that she could feel the bulge in his rough blue jeans against her core. She let out a moan and he seemed to draw in his wolf.

He pressed a kiss against her palm, staring back into her eyes. "That goo made us all even more susceptible to the urges of Mating Season, even you. I could smell your scent for the last few days, tickling at my nose, begging me to come and take you but I held back. Last night, I could smell you, Stiles." If it was even possible, his eyes got darker and more intense. "I could smell how you had these" He gave a soft squeeze to her hand before licking across her fingers, broadly. "Pretty little fingers buried deep inside of yourself."

Stiles couldn't help the shaking going through her body and Derek pulled her even close, bringing their clasped hands together against her hip.

"I was being good, Stiles. I was going to let you choose how you wanted to deal with it. I backed away from the door and was nearly to my room when you came." His nostrils flared and he got a faraway look in his eyes. "You smelled, so ripe for the taking but I controlled myself until you said a name." His eyes focused on hers. "Do you remember who you called, Stiles?"

For once, Stiles stayed silent as her body flushed with heat and she could only nod her head.

"Who did you call, Stiles?" He insisted as he brought their hands lower until they brushed sensitive lips. She jerked, whimpering, trying to push up for more. Derek growled.

"Derek!" She gasped out and he smiled, pressing against her clit with both of their hands.

"Yes, just like that." He slowly began to let go her hand, as he guided two of her fingers into her opening. "I was so close to tearing down your door and making you scream my name. So close, Stiles, to making you Mine!"

Stiles moaned, fingers slipping in and out at his tone. Derek groaned.

"Fuck! You smell so good." He growled before dropping to his knees which left him at eye level with her core. Before Stiles could prepare herself( she wasn't a virgin anymore but nobody had ever gone down on her like this), Derek's tongue was sliding along her fingers and licking her juices clean. She couldn't help the reflexive "oh my god" that fell from her lips and her hand flew down to fist in his hair which made him rumble against her. She let out a gasp. She definitely never had that feeling before. Too caught up in pleasure, she forgot about the fingers that were inside her until Derek nudged against them and she moved them up to her clit.

He pulled away, hungry look in his eyes and hair in wild disarray. "Make yourself come." He growled. "I wanna taste you, loose and limp for me."

Stiles let out a moan opening her legs wider so Derek could go deeper with his tongue and it gave her better angles. Derek was like a dog with a bone (ha! dog pun. Shut up Stiles. You're getting the best orgasm of your life) and was determined to suck out every last drop of her which just set Stiles off. She worked her clit, alternating between the broad strokes of Derek's tongue and soon she could feel the familiar burn in her stomach.

"D-Derek." She panted looking down into his eyes as he continued to core her. "I'm gonna-" she whined as he pulled away.

"Do it!" He said, alpha power coming through his voice before returning to his work.

Stiles moaned closing her eyes and letting herself fall in to the bliss that was his tongue and then she tipped back into white oblivion.

She was panting as she came down, hips still twitching as Derek continued to lick up her juices until she was clean and oversensitive. As he said, she was loose and limp as she laid there regaining back her senses. He pulled away face shiny with cum he missed and stiles let out a weak moan, reaching for him. Their mouths met and she licked the taste of herself out of his mouth as he slowly rutted against her thigh through the jeans. He was still hard and it seemed like he was getting bigger.

A slow grin spread across her face as she looked at him.

"It's mating season, right?"

He panted against her lips and nodded, low whine rising his throat. She smiled even wider and leaned up, whispering in his ear. His eyes shot open wide and be pulled back looking at her in shock, eyes darting to her stomach them back at her eyes.


She smiled and nodded, laughing into his mouth when he growled sweeping her into a kiss and carried her off to his den where it was nice and cool but she had an alpha werewolf to warm her up.

Okay, so its kinda of dub-con just because of the whole squickyness with mating seasons and the goo thing. I realize that incubus don't use any kind of stuff like that but for the sake of the story, they do because I need some reason for Stiles to be naked and wearing Derek's shirt. Also, the goo doesn't exactly work like sex pollen. It's more like it just makes Stiles more horny and makes her feel like she's hotter under the collar but in complete control of herself. So is Derek. The Mating Season just makes his urges more intense to mate eand causes his senses to elevate.:)

Also, I may possible write a second chapter, including the knotting and pregnancy hints that i make, to this but for now it's just a one-shot!

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