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Derek was a freshman in high school when he felt the first effects. He'd been in chemistry, a class he absolutely hated because the teacher was a complete and udder dick. They'd been talking about some kind of decomposition equations or something equally as boring when Derek began to feel hot. He'd had to excuse himself to bathroom 10 minutes before class got out because the uncomfortableness become too overwhelming. He jerked off a record of 5 times before he'd been able to feel relief. His dad had been the one to pick him up early and that night, Derek learned about Mating Season. His dad told him that because he was a Beta, the season would just make him antsier and more 'rigorous' when it came to private things. I.E Derek was going to get a lot more horny and moody. He learned that it was a defense mechanism for wolves. Aside from being bit by an alpha, the only other way for a werewolf to be made was for two wolves to mate. The Season was a time where the wolf would be more in tune with others and would choose a mate from compatible matches. Occasionally, True Mates would find each other and they knew the minute they smelled that scent, there would be no other that would take its place. The point was to create more wolves because every animal, even humans, had the biological imperative to procreate and continue the species. It'd had been the most awkward conversation he'd ever had, besides the one he had with his mom about his obsession with sweets. It was also one of the last ones he had with his dad.

After the Fire, Laura had taken them both to New York to one of the packs there that knew their family. They were kind but it wasn't Pack. Every time the Season came round, they would lock themselves up because if they didn't, the need to rebuild the pack would be too great and they were scared of what might happen. Throughout that time, being a Beta meant it wasn't as hard on him as it was on Laura, being an alpha. Her urges were so much bigger than his. They never talked about it, at all.

When Derek first became the Alpha, he wished they had so he could be prepared for the overwhelming need to create a pack and pups. Biting the Betas helped but it wasn't the same. They weren't (His) in the way that his nature demanded. If he wasn't prepared for that, he definitely wasn't prepared for how the Season was going to affect him.

Wolf senses grew to heightened levels to the point that they could smell potential mates for miles. Alphas had an even more extended range. He'd been in control enough to send the Betas away after warning them what to expect. Boyd and Erica were already a thing so he wasn't worried. Isaac had been secretive about who he was seeing but assured him the werewolf thing was still under wraps and wouldn't be a problem. He had locked himself in the basement, the only place strong enough to hold him. He suffered through the entire season, training himself to control it even with his senses tormenting him. They gave him teases of a scent that had him straining hard in his jeans. A scent that could rival the darkest of chocolate and the sweet taste of his True Mate was left in his mouth every year. The years went by and he got to the point where he was able to control most of the changes but one thing kept coming back no matter how hard he tried to stop it. The need for his mate and their pups. The need for comfort and companionship and flesh and blood to carry on the lineage of the Hale family. He was the only one left besides Peter and his uncle had no interest in having children. It was always there in his mind every time the Season came.

This year's Season felt different to him, only slightly due to the fact that Stiles was actually here instead of at school. He played it off to being edgy because she was human and he was worried about how all the pheromones would affect her. She may not have been a wolf but even humans had their own pheromones and combine that with Mating ones, well let's just say he was worried.

He'd never admit but he was actually a bit grateful when the incubus came because it gave the pack a reason to burn off some of the excess energy caused by the Season. He could only stand so much of the smell of his Pack's lust. What he would feel angry about until the day he died is when he realized the incubus had set a trap for one of the female pack members and Stiles had been the one to find it. Seeing her under the incubus about to give herself up, Derek had gone Feral without even realizing it. It wouldn't be until everyone was safe at the Hale house and Derek was still shaking, feeling like his Wolf was prowling under his skin, and he swallowed, jerking back at the sweetness in his mouth, that he realized he'd been following the scent of Dark Chocolate across the entire forest.

Stiles had been hurt when they had gotten her from the incubus (Damn, did he regret the day he ever set foot in Beacon Hills. The only reason Derek hadn't killed him was because Stiles needed immediate attention) so Derek offered a guest room for everyone, despite knowing he'd have to deal with smells he'd rather not. If it so happened that Stiles ended up in the one down the hall from him, he wasn't complaining. The realization that his Mate had been under his nose the whole time had left him reeling and he knew he was just torturing himself but he couldn't help but want Stiles to be close to him so he could drown in her scent. (Derek had asked Peter why he couldn't smell it on Stiles before but Peter had given him some cryptic story which the Alpha had managed to decipher as it being a way for the Mates to be able to learn more about each other and fall in love before the Mating happened.)

Just like with his first Season, he was the first one to feel the effects of the goo the incubus had sprayed everywhere. He quickly noticed how fast the pack was affected and made them go on runs before he felt safe enough to let them go in their way, which was about two days. Just because they were all adults now didn't mean he didn't feel responsible for them.

He'd seen the last of them off and had returned to the house only to find Stiles in the kitchen in nothing but his shirt. He couldn't resist touching her if only in a way she would take as affectionate. He hadn't lied when he said he smelled her taking the shirt. He hadn't said anything because even though he wasn't going to tell that her scent drove him into a feral state and she really shouldn't mess his instincts, a part of him wanted her to carry his scent. He had smelt the Chocolate again in last night, wrapped up in his scent and had to dig his claw into his legs to stop himself from taking her then. It was for her sake that he was restraining himself. She still had college to finish and Derek knew if he gave in to his urges, there'd be no way that Stiles could ever have a normal life and honestly, he could smell arousal on her every time she was with him but he really couldn't take the chance that it was just lust on her part. He had already made that mistake once. He resigned himself to being tortured by her smell when he could feel his mouth being filled with the taste of the sweetest Dark chocolate he'd ever had and he heard his name being moaned out in a breathy and gasping voice. Yeah, Derek hadn't slept last night at all.

When she had turned to smile at him and the sleeve had slipped down on her shoulder, the blood pounded in his ears and he couldn't help but tease her about it because if he couldn't laugh it off, there was no way Stiles would still be human. When she reacted by dropping a spoon into her food, he reacted in the way a mate would and made sure she ate and drank even if it wasn't nutritious like it should be. He caught whiffs of Chocolate and his eyes went red. Then, when the chocolate got stronger he went a little crazy and so much for his Iron control.

Oh, god but Stiles' mouth tasted amazing and when he felt metal through a shirt against his chest, he really lost it and the next thing he remembered was the satisfying taste of her loose above him and inside of his mouth. She'd pulled him up for a kiss and licked herself out of his mouth. That drove him wild and he couldn't help but rub against her if to only feel her once before he had to pull away to stop himself.

Stiles had always found ways to keep him irritated and begrudgingly amused when she was around him but even she surprised him sometimes.

"It's Mating Season right?"

He breathed heavy against her lips, screwing his eyes shut as he felt a whine rise in his throat. Oh god, she knows about that.

He nodded. He felt her laugh then she wrapped her legs around his waist and leaned up into his ear.

"I want them to have your eyes."

He jerked back, his wolf howling in severe displeasure, in shock at hearing her say those words. His eyes dipped down to her flat stomach and imagined it round his pups. Derek began shaking. Hope was a thing he'd forgotten how to feel.

"You-you'd-?" There was no way he was going to be able to finish the thought without taking her right there and then.

Her smile and laugh shook his whole world. The Wolf purred its pleasure. It was going to have pups and Stiles was going to be their mother! He growled happily kissing her again and hoisted her up, revealing in the feel of her skin as he carried her up the stairs. They made it halfway up the stairs when Stiles hands found their place on his back near his tattoo where her human nails scratched at him. He growled and couldn't help but stop and fall to his knees there on the staircase, bracing her against them as he dived her neck, making her gasp. She gasped and dug in her nails deeper.


Derek snapped his eyes up boring them into hers and rested his forehead against hers, moving in for a deep kiss. He licked at the seam of her lips and she parted easily for him. Their tongues touched and teased at the other, playing for dominance but even though stiles put up a good fight, he quickly took control, the alpha in him rising at her playfulness.

"Say it again." He pulled away and pushed his nose right back into her neck, savaging it with his teeth. His instincts were begging him to bite her, to take her and make her his completely.

"D-Derek." Stiles stuttered, moving her hands up to pull at his hair. "D-Don't-"

He full out whined, the wolf not letting him stop it, but his human side was going to respect her wish to remain human. Not all Mates were wolves after all.

"No intent." He promised, biting gently at her neck, contrasting to the rougher way before and made her gasp. "Tell me." He insisted, tone taking on a slight pleading tone.

"Derek," She said moving her hands to cup his face and moved his head up to meet her eyes. There was a fierce look in her eyes that made him remember another strong-willed brunette who always got her way. "Give me your pups."

Derek growled deeply, stealing another kiss from her lips before kissing his way down her collarbone and down to the soft skin on the swell of her breast. He peppered a few kisses there while his hand came up and caught her piercing between his fingers.

"These will have to come off when the pups come," He said tugging on the metal to make her groan. "They're going to be too full of milk for it to be comfortable but in the future," He grinned pressing another kiss right above it and looked up at her with burning eyes, before taking her entire nipple into his mouth. Her moan was music to his ears. He rumbled in his chest making her gasp which made it all that much sweeter. "I'm going to enjoy laying you out and playing with these until you come from that alone."

He reached and pinched her other nipple making her choke out his name. Her hands gently cradled his face as he continued to suck at her, switching between the two hardened peaks. He heard a small noise of distress and pulled away, making sure she was okay.

"Stairs, back." She said, pulling futilely at his face to get him to go back to her breast. "'M fine. Don't stop."

He growled at himself. His mate needed something better than a romp on the stairs. He gathered her up in his arms, carrying her like a bride over a new threshold, and took the stairs two at a time.

"Deserve a bed." He said nuzzling at her hair. "Deserve everything."

"Derek." She whined, burying her face in his neck.

He tensed at first, expecting his instincts to flinch away from the touch, but they just seemed to encourage it. She was truly his mate and mates had equality, they told him. She nipped her way up her neck, him shuddering, to his jaw, which clenched, and then settled on his earlobe. She bit gently at it making his dick even harder and the ever-present rumble in his throat grow even deeper.

"Wanna taste you." She said moving her hands up his chest and settling with one on his shoulder and one in his hair, tugging on the dark strands.

Derek copied her whine and suddenly, Stiles was on her feet in front of him and pushing him into hallway wall. His back hit with a thud but Sties caught his breath of surprise with her mouth. She trailed her hands down his chest as her tongue swiped across his lips before, biting a quick kiss into them. She looked down as her hands snagged on the waistband of his jeans and bit her lip, before sealing her mouth over one of his nipples.

He grunted, hand coming up to rest in her hair. She bit her way across his chest to his other nipple then returned to the middle of his chest, scraping her teeth down lightly, making his muscles twitch. His stomach tensed as she passed over his abs but the sting of pain kept memories from another women at bay. She fumbled with his belt, hands shaking with her anticipation, before he growled and sliced the leather with his claws. She gave a small groan and more Chocolate coated his nose as she pulled at his pants frantically until he could feel his dick spring free. She moaned loudly and dived down.

"Stiles!" Derek gasped out, claws embedding themselves into the wall so as to not hurt her. She hummed around his dick and he jerked into her mouth. She reached up with one of her dainty long fingered hands and fitted it around him where her mouth and tongue didn't fit, playing there softly. He jerked his head back and it hit the wall, seemingly awakening his wolf again.

Taketaketake it screamed at him and he could feel it straining at his control. He clutched harder at the wall, growling down at her with flashing red eyes.


She looked up at him with wide eyes. Oh god, the vision she made lips wrapped around him. He growled even more, fighting down his wolf.

"Stiles, run!" He snarled out, with a tilt of his head in the direction of his bedroom. She groaned and stumbled back and took off even as Derek's hips thrusted forward to follow the wet heat of her mouth. He panted, screwing his eyes shut as he waited for the door to his room click and he jerked it back when he heard her mutter.

"Aw, fuck it!" She turned in the door way and faced him.

They stared at each other for a few seconds before they were both moving. They met somewhere in the middle of the hall with Stiles jumping into his arms, legs coming up to tangle at his waist. Their mouths fused again and Derek drank in the taste of her, stumbling his way to the room. He kicked the door open, no doubt, breaking the lock but he wasn't really in the mood to care. It slammed shut as Derek pressed her into it, Stiles letting out a puff of air. They ravaged at each other lips, him tasting trace of himself in her mouth. Derek groaned against her and Stiles made her own noise.

"Derek, Bed."

Derek's knees hit the bed and they both went down, lips never breaking apart as Stiles' legs splayed over his thighs. Their hands met and interlocked as Derek nosed around her ear, where there was a pocket of her scent. He took a deep breath of her and looked her dead in the eye as they burned red.

"Mine." He growled, instincts surging up again as he teased her wet lips by gripping his dick and lightly dragging it against her.

Stiles moaned and arched into him, rubbing against him, seemingly almost trying to pull him in. "Yours! Take me! Take what's yours." She demanded, pulling at his hand.

He growled even deeper and lined himself up with her core. He looked up at her and she nodded smiling. He leaned forward and kissed her smile as he pushed himself inside her. Her lips parted in pleasure and she moaned into his mouth. He pulled back and rested his forehead against her neck, panting as he let her adjust to him. She felt so good, it was nearly killing him not to give into his wolf.

"Derek!" She breathed, arching her head up to steal another kiss. When the kiss broke, she looked him straight in the eyes and nodded.

Derek screwed his eyes shut again and whined, not being able to stop the thrust of his hips. She whimpered squeezing his hand as he began to slowly move. The animal in him wanted to rut, to take, to claim her but Stiles was his clarity that could shine through the wolf's insanity, she deserved to be worshipped. Stiles began to moan and he could feel her fingers start starting to spasm against his. He let go of her hand to get a good grip on her hips.

"G-go deeper." She groaned out, arching up again which put her breasts in his face.

He mirrored her groan opening his eyes as he took a nipple into his mouth, sucking it and stared up at her face. She was flushed, hair in disarray. She looked completely debauched and it was because of him. He rumbled smugly and did as she asked, rolling his hips and changing the direction of his thrusts which made her groan again. She looked at his face, eyes begging for more right before he let her push him so he was reclining on his elbows. She began riding him, moving up and down. Derek groaned throwing his head back and exposing his neck. Stiles leaned forward putting her hands right near his and pressed her lips against his throat, sucking a hickey into his skin. Derek knew it would fade before tomorrow but he couldn't stop the thrill that went through him at the motion. She began to move, rolling her hips almost exactly the way he had. She smirked at him when he realized what she was doing. He smirked, rumbling before moving quickly and grabbing her as if he was hugging her and pulled her all the way down on his dick.

"Oh God, Derek!" She shrieked when he brushed against the spot that made her inner walls contract. Her hands flew back up to his shoulders and she raked them down his back, pushing back against him. Derek rumbled when her fingers found the nape of his neck and tugged at the shorts hairs there and began to go deeper with every thrust. Her nails dug in harder until he could actually smell blood welling up. As soon as the scent hit the wolf, he couldn't help the snarl that ripped from his throat and he bared his teeth as his canines lengthened in his gums. He could feel himself shifting into his Beta state and tried to force it back but a soft hand on his face had him jerking.

Stiles stared up at him with red cheeks and a smile and shook her head. "I want everything Derek. Give it to me."

The wolf howled within him and although its instincts took over, Derek still wrestled some control from it. Stiles wanted his knot and she was going to get it but he had to make sure he wouldn't hurt her. He moved an arm to her back and flipped them over so that Stiles was underneath him on all fours and he was on his knees.

"Stiles," He choked out as he slid back into her welcoming wetness and began to thrust again. Every time he pulled back, she started whimpering so he pushed back in, going further and further until the only thing she could feel was hit knot trying to get into her.

"Do it Derek." She whined and demanded at the same time. "Give me your fucking knot! Want your babies!"

Finally, the Wolf wouldn't be kept back anymore and he let out a roar, pushing until his Knot popped in and began to swell.

"You'll get my knot!" The Wolf snarled snapping his hips into her, making her shudder and clench around him until all he could smell and taste was Chocolate. He howled as pleasure crashed over him, wringing the first wave of seed from him. She gasped out his name and he grinned wolfishly.

"You like that, don't you? Like having my knot inside of you, filling you up nice and tight. Making you full, full of my babies. You're going to be big." He ran a hand over Mate's stomach, confused at finding a difference in her soft skin under her rib. He smelt faint ink but the Wolf didn't find it relevant at the moment. "Fat with my babies. Not just one either, going to keep getting you pregnant until we have a whole new pack. Strong Mate, Strong Pups, Strong Pack."

"Derek! Fuck." Mate cried out clawing at the sheets in front of her. He growled happily, filling with smug masculine pride pleased to be giving her pleasure then frowned when Mate smelled of pain and salty tears. He had hurt Mate. He whined, leaning forward to lick away her tears, before nuzzling apologies into the side of her face.

"I-I'm Okay." Mate said, comforting him. She still smelled of pain so he whined again, licking at whatever skin he could reach to soothe her.

"It's just bigger than I dreamed about." She giggled nervously.

He couldn't help how his chest swelled at her comment. Mate had dreamed about taking his knot, baring his pups. Make Mate Happy. He thought as he circled her chest with one arm, taking care that the sweet places where his pups would suckle were massaged as he pulled her body back into his. He sealed his teeth into her neck, comforting when she stiffened. Mate did not want to be Wolf. It hurt him not to turn her so they could run under the moonlight together but he would respect Mate's wish. He pressed down hard enough for the mark to scar, licking away the blood so it would heal faster. His other hand slid down and rubbed Mate's pleasure spot. He played there before moving his fingers to where they were joined and taking away Mate's pain. The pain made the Wolf cringe but there's was nothing he wouldn't do for Mate. The Wolf rumbled it pleasure at being able to claim its mate and slowly let Derek take back over.

"Stiles. Oh fuck. You feel so good." He let out in a shocked breath, so filled with pleasure at feeling her tight around him that he jerked within her, spurting out more cum.

She let out a weak chuckle, which morphed into a moan. One of her hands came up to rest over his on her chest. "I thought that that was my line."

He huffed a laugh into his mark on her neck and moved his hips a bit as the Knot reached it full weight, causing her to let out a shudder.

He smirked "Dreams, huh?"

Stiles blushed and it covered her entire body, making Derek want to taste and he did so, kissing her nape.

"Well, considering I was 16 when we met, yeah."

Derek froze then groaned, twitching within her. "You've-You've been-"

"I thought you knew." She whined, moving her free hand down to feel where they were connected. "Everyone knew. Thought you weren't interested. Every time I was around you I acted like an idiot. Missed you so much at college. Wanted you."

It was Derek turn to whine when she twisted her head and bit and licked at his chin. His dick twitched again, racking him up another notch and he fell, pulling them both down so they were on their side. They slowly slid against each other, revealing in the feel of bare skin rubbing against each other. Derek pressed kisses everywhere he could reach and his hands settled on her hips, setting a gentle rhythm that pleased both of them. Their combined orgasm was like breaking apart into millions of shards then sewing themselves up so the pieces fit perfectly.

He trailed his hand along her side where he'd noticed the scar. He saw a beautiful Ivy vine inked over it and ran appreciative fingers over it, liking the way Stiles shivered at his touch.

"I thought you had a thing about needles."

She snorted. "I do but I wanted it." She laid her hand over his, where it had settled on her tattoo and stroked the skin there.

"What does it mean?" He asked bringing her hand up and kissed her palm.

She smiled at him, pressing a sweet kiss to his lips. "It started because of my first nameā€¦"