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Vandal Hearts II ~ Heavenly Gate ~


In the Holy Year of 986, Lagore, the King of Natra was assassinated by his wife. Queen Mother Agatha and her lover, Cardinal Ladorak. Having installed the new infant Prince Franz as the new king, Queen Mother Agatha appointed Cardinal Ladorak as the Premier. Together, they assumed control with an iron fist, eliminating all those in opposition.

Ladorak's oppressive rule was enforced by an elite troupe of knights. Using torture, deception, assassination, and informants, the knights ruthlessly crushed all opponents.

* * * * * * * *

The Sun was beginning to die down..to disappear from the skies and soon let the moon take it's place instead. Not one bird filled the orange- red sky for the smell of burning wood and the thick, heavy smoke bellowing from below seemed to threaten the environ and it's natural habitants. The small town of Gardeu, a town just outside the border of the Kingdom of Natra, would soon cease to exist. It was just a matter of hours before the flames engulfed it.

The middle aged Lieutenant was getting quite used to burning down villages and soon began to amuse him. But this time it was different.this town was much more populated than the other small villages the Ladorak Knights had ravaged. This time, it would be different.this time they had been ordered by the Cardinal himself and had taken second in command of the mission. A mission which up to this point still did not quite understand but yet felt obliged to enforce it.

"Spare no one! The old, the young, it does not matter! Kill them all! " said the lieutenant as he glared at the group of loyal knights standing before him. With that, the knights quickly dispersed into the small houses and alleys, killing it's residents and anybody that was left in the town. Some of the knights would have proudly opposed the manslaughter but knew they would face Marshall laws from the church if they dared disobey their Premier but there were those that did it for pleasure.

The young woman felt like she had ran for eternity, past the flames, past the corpses of relatives and friends lying wounded and dead on the ground. She ran, crying, bloody and beaten and never looked back once when she soon she felt herself looking at a dark metal suit of armor which seemed like it would had never rusted, even in the heaviest of rains. It was one of them. She knew it. She was certain of it. Without giving it a second thought she started running back to where she came from only to see that another clad of armor was waiting for her. This time there was no escape for her as she saw one bloody gauntlet grab her neck and felt another one reach around her petite waist, and dragged her into the dark, cold alley where no one would hear her screams.if anybody else was still alive that is.and saw that the blouse her boyfriend had bought her was being torn like it had no meaning. There was now another dark figure in the alley, laughing..and was staring at the stupid girl in front of him while his companion grabbed one of her small breast roughly and started to laugh as well.

The man could taste the blood in his mouth, and could feel his head pulsating. 'Godamnit, I've only been Mayor for less than a year,' he thought to himself, 'Only a year!' "Ma-make them stop.The people.are innocent.!" he managed to say despite the large amount of blood in his throat. "I've told you everything you wanted know!"

Jacob looked on as the man in front of him was trying to plead. In some cases he might have considered letting the man live but he had his orders. Some cases."If you must kill, then kill me!" said the feeble man in front of him. The Commander smiled. "Humph.that's so very true," Jacob said as he had already put his hand around the handle of his blade. "That was my very intention!" With that said, he quickly pulled out his sword and drove the tip of the shiny metal deep into the Mayor's right shoulder and slowly pulled it back out ready to deliver the blow that would soon end the ordeal.

The pain was intense. Unbearable. "Look, we are merely setting an example of this village. Nothing personal really." The young commander said in a soft tone that would make anybody believe that he was your best friend. "It harbored a fugitive who dared to harm the Cardinal, so it must burn."

The Commander continued, "It does not matter one bit if the villagers have nothing to do with you."

"You devil.Has God forsaken us?" said the mayor while his eyes stared at the small puddle of crimson liquid on the floor. 'Most likely my own,' he thought to himself.

"Fool.." Commander Jacob said as he swung his shiny blade and ended the life of yet another victim. 'What a Pity,' he thought, things could have been quite different.'

Author's Note: Quite a long intro huh? My bad. Well this my first fanfiction ever and I'm not really that experienced so cut me some slack. Anywayz.I decided to start writing a fanfiction about the game Vandal Hearts 2 because the storyline in the game is one of the best that I've seen in a while and I also noticed that not ONE person has done a story on a Vandal Hearts game but yet I see stories for Minesweeper and Pong.?Ok..well I'll try to make this story as good as I can and try to update as often as I can IF I get SOME good reviews. If I get flames and other stuff, I'll just quit. Well.maybe not. ~BongoMonkeys~