Same old, same old… just good hot & sweaty Thorin Oakenshield shagging… what can I say, I'm addicted

Contains a few special prompts from a good friend of mine: you know you are you sister hope you enjoys it.

I apologize in advance for the ending, I **suck** at it hehe… maybe the more I wrote the better I'll get who knows…

- I have no shame and I regret nothing, excepts, not owning Thorin Oakenshield -

« Oh for Durin's sake! Get a grip! »

Thorin slammed the door to his bedroom loudly, leaning against it, eyes closed, desperate, an unbearable ache deep in his chest.

« What is wrong with me? That woman will drive me crazy… »

As Thorin started to pace the room, flashes of you invaded his mind, torturing him to no end. His painful hard-on was straining against his pants, an undeniable reminder of the effect you had over him… He could still see you so clearly… You were about to leave for a day of riding in the fields… you were wearing pants… he'd never seen you wearing pants before… the way the fabric was clinging to your thighs… to your ass…

Thorin's cock twitched in his pants again… « Shit… »

He walked toward the mirror in his room to have a face to face with himself…

« I won't be able to deny myself much longer, this strain… it's excruciating… chuckling to himself … One tough dwarf you are Thorin Oakenshield! Brought to your knees by the mere sight of that godforsaken woman… »

« If only I could get my hands on her… just once… the filthy things I would do to her… », letting his forehead rest on the glass surface, shutting his eyes, he was surrounded by you again…

Thorin started to rub his hard-on through his pants, moaning softly at the sensation deciding unconsciously to give in to all his deepest, darkest desires…. Voicing them out loud, as if you were there, standing right before him…

« It would have to be in one of the fields… the fields were you go out riding all alone for

hours… I would follow you from a distance and I would wait for you to take a break, unstraddling your horse in a meadow somewhere… Then I would sneak up on you, quietly, as not to startle you... »

Thorin walked toward his bed, removing his pants and underwear, sitting comfortably with his legs spread wide… he started caressing his inner thighs, softly grazing his balls, his breath hissing between his teeth at the contact, taking his sweet sweet time touching himself while he continued to narrate his perfect fantasy of you.

« I would come up behind you, one hand grabbing you by the throat, the other one encircling your waist and I would pull you against me. You'd be startled by my approach, but you would soon recognize my voice whispering in your ear and my possessive hands on your body…. I would grind my hard-on into your ass with no shame, letting you know right away what my intentions are… and you would comply… all to willingly…»

« Mmmmmm Gods yes… I would be forceful and passionate with you because I know, I feel this is how you want me to be… it could not be any other way between us… »

« I would spin you around and push you up against a tree, pressing my whole body into yours, making you feel my need for you and I would claim your mouth fiercely… ohhh yes… kissing you passionately, exploring every inch of your mouth with my tongue, my teeth grazing your lips, bruising them… I'd kiss you until you were out of breath, until you were blind by lust… and I would shove my hand right down your pants and I would start to rub you just there …»

With these words, Thorin wraps a hand tightly around his throbbing cock and starts to stroke himself with a slow rhythm….

« Mmmmm yeah…. You'd be already so wet for me, aching for me, aching for my cock to be buried deep inside of you, dripping on my fingers, making me fucking mad with desire and I'd be unable to restrain myself any longer… I would force you down to your knees before me, I would undo my pants rapidly, freeing my thick cock for you to see and grabbing a fistful of your hair, I would order you to suck me, pulling you head toward my dick… »

A shiver runs through Thorin when he imagines commanding you to suck him and he starts to pump his shaft faster…

« Mahal your mouth would be soooo soft and so hot around me… you'd lick my length lavishly taking your time but still so eager to take all of me inside your sweet mouth, hollowing your cheeks, devouring me and I would push forward into you, pressing your head to me… I would look down at your perfect face, your mouth taking in all of my length… seeing every inch of me disappearing slowly into your mouth… shit I can almost feel it… you look so fucking sexy with your lips swollen and stretched over my heavy cock… you would bring your hands up to tease my balls, keen to please me… »

and Thorin mirrors his words, using his other hand to fondle with his balls and he's now stroking himself furiously, bucking his hips up into his hand, moaning between his words, his breath coming in short gasps now….

« I'd be so blunt with you… telling you how you make me feel, telling you everything I want you to do to you…. And you would love it… you want me to talk dirty to you, don't you…. »

« Fuck yeah….That's it… suck it hard, milk it… it's soooo sinfully good… oh Gods…. I would start to thrust faster into your mouth all the way to the back of your throat and you would swallow around me…. Oh fuck…. And I would be so close, so very close to coming… »

« But then I would push you away and see the look of deception on your face… you would stay on your knees but move forward to take me again, so incredibly horny, you would stick you tongue out to lick at the precum on my dick… I would take my painful cock in my hand and I'd start to fist myself viciously, thrusting my hips forward, masturbating right in your face, clenching my teeth trying to muffle the obscene sounds that would come out of me but I wouldn't be able to… »

Thorin's so close now, his thrusts are becoming erratic, his eyes are screwed shut and he's trying with all his might to hold back but it feels so good to palm himself like this… it makes it so much more real to say out loud what he's been feeling for months now…

« Shit I can't… I've been wanting to fuck you for so long… you've been driving me completely crazy… You're so beautiful, so hot I just want to ravage you, fuck you senseless until you scream my name… You make me soooo fucking hard, I'm gonna… shit…. I'm gonna…. come all over you… And…. Fuck yes… so good…"

"I'd stroke myself…. Faster and faster…. And then I'm coming… I'm coming so fucking hard it's mind-shattering, my lungs are burning and I'm screaming your name while my hot cum spurts all over your mouth, your face... Fuck… so hot! Your tongue is sticking out to gather as much of my seed as you can and I'm looking down at you… my cum all over you, dripping from your chin and falling atop your breasts and you're still desperate for more, moaning my name, licking your lips wantonly, begging me to take you…, pressing your hand between your thighs, rubbing hard and I feel like I'm loosing myself… »

« Shit! », Thorin rapidly wraps his fingers very tightly around the base of his cock, preventing him from coming… He wants to explode right now but he also wants this to last… he want's to describe everything he would do to you… He needs this otherwise he'll loose his mind…

« But one round with you would never be enough to satisfy me… and I wouldn't leave you unattended my sweet… After emptying my load on you, I wouldn't waste a second before laying you on the grass, ripping at your clothes, needing so urgently to feel your warm body… you'd be dizzy with need at that point… But I would force you to tell me what you want… »

« Listen to yourself moaning my sweet… your mouth still slick with my cum, licking your lips uncontrollably… what is it that you want? Tell me… tell me what you need… Beg me for it… Beg me to fill you up, to stretch you wide… »

Imagining you begging to be fucked by him is too much so Thorin starts to stroke himself again…

« Do you want me to fuck you, hard and fast until you forget your own name? Is that want you want? Oh fuck yes…. I can almost hear you… imploring me to take you, bucking your hips up at me with no restrain, wild with lust and I would grab you by the hips to keep you still, spreading your legs wide…. Oh by the Gods… your folds would be wet and glistening, your insatiable desire for me so apparent it would get me hard again instantly… »

« I would lower my head to your juicy folds, licking at your perfect cunt as if my life depended on it… you would start to moan and writhe, riding my tongue and my face, my beard rough against your delicate skin, increasing your pleasure…. Mmmmm yes you taste soooo good, so sweet and your smell is intoxicating… my head is spinning from devouring you… »

Thorin's hand starts to jerk on his cock…. He's unable to hold back anymore…

« Shit… I can't wait any longer… it's too much… » and shutting his eyes tightly, stroking his shaft faster, he lets his fantasy unfold…

« I would order you to get on all fours, whispering in your hear that I'm about to fuck my seed deep into you… I can see you, right before me, pushing your ass up at me greedily and turning your head to witness my rock hard cock ram into your hotness… I would waste no time, spreading your ass cheek wide, slowly rubbing the swollen and still sticky head of my cock up and down your entrance, teasing you, making your whimper, a slave to my every desire, and I would stare at the look of utter bliss that comes over your features as I push my thick hard dick sloooowly between your folds, your heat engulfing me making me believe I'm on the verge of dying, and I would give you one-long-deep-thrust until I bottom up in you… my balls hitting your ass with an obscene sound… »

« Gods yes… that's it… I'm gonna give it to you until you scream my name… Mmmmm Ma-hal… You're so tight, so very warm… it feels like your sucking me in deeper into you and the sounds you make…. Fuck…. The filth that comes out of your mouth as I hammer into you mercilessly… the more powerful I pound into you, the louder you scream and it's sooo fucking sexy, I feel myself getting stiffer still, I'm out of breath, I'll surely pass out soon but I can't stop… it's perfect… raw, primal grass-clawing fucking….My cock like a piston plunging so deep into you I can feel your womb… Fuck…. Yes, yesssss Gods I love this, I love this more than I should…. Yesss so, so good…. You're holding me so tight, clenching around me… I reach for your hair, grabbing a handful of it and I pull on it, hard… tilting your head backwards and you reward me with a loud groan and I let go of your hip to reach over and press hard on your clit and it doesn't take long before you're screaming my name at the top of your lungs and it's the most erotic thing I've ever heard in my life… I feel… I feel so…. »

But Thorin can't manage to find the right words because he only needs to pull a few more time on his hard on, his eyes screwed shut and he's spilling all over his hands, his hips jerking up violently as a powerful orgasm reeks through his body, your name a desperate cry of need on his shaking lips…. But his lust is too profound, too primal… instead of falling limp, is manhood is still throbbing in his hand, still warm and rigid…