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Seras Victoria a full vampire and his little police girl. Alucard had started falling for Seras Victoria starting when he turned her into a vampire, he did not believe love existed at that time. For an ancient vampire such as himself he had been quite naive with a thought like that. The problem is his master Sir Integra Hellsing ordered him not to touch the vampire Seras Victoria inappropriately, or to kiss or otherwise have an intimate relationship with her other that as Sire and Childe. This usually wouldn't have been a problem because she was his Childe and there has never been true vampire love between a Sire and Childe since Ancient times when the Egyptians built the pyramids. But alas here he was sitting in his huge throne like chair in the Hellsing basement, drinking blood by the litters trying to drown his fillings (the frustration of his masters orders not the love for his Childe) to get lost in blood he thought was truly an awesome thing. He heard footsteps approaching his door. Then a loud knock as someone beat on his door louder than humanly possible. He knew it was Seras Victoria.

Seras Victoria approached her masters door and knocked waiting for permission to enter. She knew he was in there and thought he would ignore her when she finally heard '' You may enter police girl.'' She smiled and entered the room. She had known she had feelings for her master since he saved her when she first met Alexander Anderson and her feelings grew with every passing day. She entered the room and walked over to her masters throne chair and kneeled to her master respectfully. He growled at her and said '' Seras Victoria my dear Childe you have no need to bow or kneel before me youngling. You come from my blood and will one day be my equal.'' Seras Victoria then stood before her master and blushed her cheeks becoming a light red color. She said, '' M-Master, thank you master.'' He looked at her and smiled with lust and pleasure showing in his eyes at his innocent little police girl. He said, '' So to what do I owe the pleasure of this latest visit Seras Victoria?'' Seras said, '' Master would you care to come and drink with me and have a fun night out?'' Alucard looked at Seras while obvious forcibly composing himself, while deciding to see how far his police girl will take things and if she would say her intentions out loud. Meanwhile Seras's head was spinning and she forced herself to follow through with this ludicrous plan of a date with her master. Her sexy master who didn't love her. She felt a little depressed as she fought the thought of her master only having feelings for his master. He replied, '' Seras Victoria are you asking me out on a date? Seras's blush turned from a light red to a deep scarlet red that was almost the color of her beautiful eyes. She replied, '' Well if you put it like that master, yes like a casual date since you know * she starts playing with her index fingers and blushes further * w-we don't really know each other very well.'' Alucard's sadness showed through his forced composure and he replied , '' I would love to go on a casual date with you since it's not really a date.'' Seras couldn't help noticing that he started to cry ever so slightly as he said casual and then as quickly as it happened it was gone. Seras said, '' what is wrong master? You know you don't have to go with me if you don't want to. I didn't expect you to say yes anyways because I know you only have feelings for Her.'' This statement pissed Alucard off to his very core of his heart , his master would pay for her negligence of her servants. At the moment before Alucard thought about his masters order Seras got the bright idea to carefully slip into her masters mind. She didn't think it would work on the ancient vampire but she was wrong. She slipped through her masters shields like her hand goes through water. What she found there she would never forget. Seras went into her masters mind because he was spontaneously twitching his seals on his gloves were glowing a deep red and he had many different emotions going through his mind all at once and showing on his face. Alucard then felt his Childe slip into his mind and did nothing to stop it. He thought of how much he loved her and how he wanted her as his mate and how his master had done the cruelest thing ever with that double edged order. Seras quickly withdrew and started crying as she ran up to her master and hugged him. He sat there in her embrace as he waited for the pain of his seals to come and they did not. He thought maybe his master changed her mind he was wrong he tried to hug Seras back. His seals flashed read as he broke his masters orders and screamed as pain ran through him. He was rolling on the floor screaming for what felt like hours finally Seras managed to calm him and make him feel better. She knew she wanted this man and no other for eternity. He would be her mate. The thought of Integra causing this much pain to both of them was repulsing she knew Sir Integra was truly a nice person so she decided that they would have to talk to Sir Integra. This would have to happen after the sun rose to catch Sir Integra in a good mood.

Sir Integra knew her servant Alucard had tried to break her orders. He was going to pay for this she thought as she heard a knock on her door. She yelled ENTER! Quite to her surprise it was Seras Victoria and Alucard, they both walked into Sir Integra's office and sat down in the chairs opposite her desk, they were going to be here awhile. Sir Integra frowned as they sat down this must be about that she thought. She was glad tho that she had put temporary seals on Seras to control her if things got out of hand. ''So what do you want. '' , Sir Integra says. Seras replies, '' Sir Integra I ask nay beg of you, Please relinquish that order from Alucard.'' Sir Integra couldn't help but look pleased at Seras's approach to the problem, but she could not allow this to happen. No Seras I will not relinquish that command. Seras got fairly pissed when she said this, How could Sir Integra be so mean and cruel? Seras tries to explain what Integra was doing and what Alucard and Seras wanted by saying, '' Sir Integra you know that when vampires take a mate it is eternal right? Once the bond is made it can never be broken and we both want this bond. Your order hurts and prevents us from doing what is in the nature of our entire race. Mates can not be thrown out like trash and there can only be a single mate for the vampire. We truly love each other and want this why are you hurting us so? What did we do to you for you to be so cruel to us? This statement pissed Integra off to no ends. I order you to shut the fuck up vampire Seras Victoria and never approach this subject again!

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