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Booth felt her gaze on him before she made her presence known. As a sniper, he was trained to be hyper-aware, but with her, it was instinctual. He always felt her when she was near and in these last few weeks since they had started sleeping together, the sense had become even stronger. It was damn near electric at this point. He kept working, willing to let her make the first move.

"It's hot out here." She finally spoke. He stood up and grabbed a rag for his oil-covered hands before turning around.

"Supposed to hit 95 this afternoon." He mentioned as he wiped his hands clean.

"I brought you a beer." She offered as she held it out to him.

"Thanks." He smiled as he took it from her. He paused as he noticed the once over she was giving him. His old jeans and faded t-shirt wasn't exactly his best look but there was something thrilling in the way she took him in and damn if he wasn't feeling desired.

"So, how's it coming?" She asked. Booth was glad that he hadn't taken a sip of his beer yet because he most certainly would have choked on it. Her question was in sharp contrast to the innocent looking wrap dress she was wearing. He knew from experience that it was a deceiving piece of clothing. On the outside, it looked like something an elementary teacher would wear but one tug on that sash and he had a suspicion that she would be completely naked before him.

"She's feeling feisty." He commented on both the car and the woman standing in his garage. He accepted the cold beer and took a long swig, hoping it would distract his lips from their current craving.

"The car is a she?" Brennan raised her eyebrow as she leaned back against the tool bench. Booth's brain briefly imagined lifting her just a little higher and setting her down on that bench and….

"All cars are female." He replied, his voice giving his thoughts away. He watched as her genius brain filed the fact away for future knowledge while simultaneously picking up the filthy thoughts emanating from him.

"Well, I'm a woman." She stated, as if he needed the reminder in that moment. "Maybe I could help." She walked nonchalantly from her place against the bench but her hips swayed like she was walking on stilettos.

How did she do that?

Brennan placed her hands on the front of the car and peered at the engine, bending over ever so slightly in front of him.

"What seems to be the problem?" She asked.

He knew what she was doing but two could play that game.

"Problems." He corrected as he moved forward, placing his left hand on her hip. She barely glanced down at the action but Booth saw the spark of surprise in her eyes that he was touching her. He took the opportunity to glide the cotton material over her skin innocently.

Yep, she definitely was naked under that dress.

Booth used his free hand to point to the engine as he explained all of the issues he needed to fix. Her sidelong glances to his forearm did not go unnoticed. He couldn't see her face but he could feel the heat radiating between them and he knew that she was trying a bit too hard to play it cool.

"I've tried everything to get her pistons firing. If I could just get her warmed up, I'd have her humming in no time." He promised, his voice rough, but smooth, like fine-grained sandpaper.

"Sounds like a lot of work." She commented softly, her own voice a notch deeper than before. "I hope you like getting your hands dirty."

"The good ones are worth the trouble." He whispered in her hair. "Eventually, she's going to be one hell of a ride." His hand gripped her hip a bit tighter.

"You'll have to take me." Brennan purred as she brushed her backside against Booth's denim-clad erection. "When she's ready, of course. I'm quite adept at driving a stick."

I bet you are, Booth thought as Brennan finally turned around to face him. Her eyes were glazed over with lust and he wanted nothing more than to give in and let her win this little game she was playing. She must have seen the way he was looking at her because she snapped out of her own thoughts.

"Well, you have a lot of work to do. I'll leave you to it." Brennan stated as she turned and began walking away. She only made it a few steps.

"Hey, Bones." He called out to her. She paused and slowly turned around. He crooked his finger and slowly motioned for her to come back to the garage. She must have thought that she had won because she strutted back towards him.

"Yes?" She asked, stopping inches from him. The challenge on his space was not lost on him but he wasn't about to give in.

"If you wanted me to be involved in your dirty mechanic fantasy, all you had to do was ask." He informed her with a smirk.

"What?" She had the decency to look offended by his statement before giving her flimsy excuse. "I think someone else is doing the fantasizing. I was just bringing you a beer." She defended, sticking to her story.

"Oh, really?" He countered, motioning up and down across her outfit as if that was the only proof he needed.

"Really." He watched as her chin jutted forward ever so slightly. She wasn't going to back down.

"Alright." He said, raising his hands and taking a step back. "You just sort of looked like you were imagining my dirty hands smudging grease across your pale back as I took you right here in the garage." He took another sip of his beer as her eyes flashed defiantly. Still, he could tell that he was getting warmer. Brennan had to look away for a moment before making her next move. When she did, she closed the distance between them and pressed her entire body against his.

"Actually, I was thinking that you look exactly the same working out here as you do when you're inside me." She countered. "That thin sheen of sweat covering your body. That focused face concentrating on the task at hand. Engines revving…" She trailed off.

Booth pressed her into the nearest wall but she wasn't surprised by the sudden action. Instead, he felt her stance widen, daring him to take the next step. He glanced down at the sash one last time, his fingers itching to pull the dress open.

"Booth…" She spurred him on as her tongue darted out to wet her lips in anticipation. She reached for his t-shirt but he swatted her hand away.

"No." He scolded. She frowned at being denied access to her favorite part of his body. "You want to play? Then let's play." He said gamely. "That was why you came out here, wasn't it?" She was too busy biting back her lip in frustration to answer. "So what was your plan, Bones?" He insisted before making another move. "I know you had one. What were you expecting me to do?" He asked. "Fall at your feet? Throw you over my shoulder?" She shook her head.

"I wanted to know if we still had it." She relented.

"Had what?" He asked, not following.

"The tension, the banter, like before." Her thoughts were cloudy, more evidence of her sexual frustration.

"Before we were allowed to tear each other's clothes off whenever we felt this way." He finished for her.

"Yes." She answered quickly. He nodded once, finally understanding. He was an experiment.

"And what was your conclusion?" He whispered, mere centimeters from her lips by this point.

"I prefer the sexual release." She confessed.

"Good answer." Booth said as he finally let go and kissed her. She answered hungrily as her hands shoved his t-shirt up and over his head. He fumbled with his fly but her tongue demanded his attention once again. He moaned, unable to resist the taste of her. He must have been able to work on auto-pilot because the next thing he knew, he was slipping inside her warm, wet, center. His hands gripped her hips as he held her against the wall and thrust all the way into her.

"Yes." She moaned her encouragement in his ear. The luscious noise sent vibrations throughout Booth's entire body and he immediately did it again, hoping for the same reaction. "More," she begged. "Harder, faster…" She pressed into him, desperate for release. Her hands tangled in his hair as he kissed her neck and took her just the way she wanted to be taken. From head to toe, he was pulsing with need and there was no control left when she completely shattered around him. Almost simultaneously, his grateful body let go as he buried his face in her neck and emptied himself inside her.

When the buzzing in his head subsided, all he could hear was her soft panting in his ear. Their limp bodies were still entwined but Booth feared what might happen if either one of them moved.

"Mother of God." He finally croaked and he felt her giggle against his chest. "Are you okay?" He asked as she finally put her feet back on the ground.

"Never better." She assured him as he zipped up his pants again. "We clearly had no idea what we were missing before." She grinned. He took a good long look at her happy and relaxed face and he couldn't help but kiss her softly.

"You're one of a kind, Bones." He murmured. She blushed slightly before pulling away from him and straightening herself out. He was certain that she heard what he was really saying, but he wasn't going to say it first. She pulled herself together and turned around to face him once more.

"What are the chances of you going back to work?" She asked him with a new glint in her eye. Booth felt his breath catch in his chest.

"Now? Zero." He told her honestly.

"Good, because we both need a shower and I've got some plumber fantasies I've been dying to try out." She teased as she tugged him back towards the house.