"Sherlock have you ever had a girlfriend?" John asked making a cup of tea.

Sherlock stop playing his violin, "What?"

"A relationship, have you ever been in one?"

Sherlock avoided the question by continuing to play his violin. John rolled his eyes and took a seat on the couch, getting on his laptop and started to punch the keys.

"What are you doing? You certainly aren't blogging."

"Indeed I am."

"We haven't been on a case in weeks, what could you possibly have to blog about?"

"Living with Sherlock Holmes. How he plays the violin every day, drinks his tea without finishing it, or shoots the wall when he's bored." John said still typing.

"You can't be serious." Sherlock put down his violin and rushed over to the couch, "Pinhead? Who uses such vocabulary?"

"Either this or you can tell me about her." John said pulling a picture out of the sofa.

Sherlock snatched the picture out of his hand and examined it.

"Who is she Sherlock? Why is she so special?"

"Her name's Kathy. She an American who lived with her father, she transferred to my school the beginning of my 3rd high school year." He said just looking at the picture, remembering the first day he saw her.


"I'm fine. And what were you doing in my room anyway?!"

"I didn't find it in your room I found it in the couch."

"So that's where I left it." Sherlock muttered to himself.


"You want to know more about her? How she was a big help in my life? Where do you think I got the violin from?" He sighed, "She is the reason I am who I am. Yes, I was born with this extraordinary brain but I didn't know how to use it then."

"And Kathy showed you how."

"In a sense."

"Tell me, from the beginning. It'll be nice to know that you were human once and not always a showoff." John said setting his computer down.

"It all started the first day of school. We went to our classes, told what we would learn, Kathy already made a few friends, and then it came lunch timeā€¦"

-3rd high school year: Lunch-

"Kathy over here." A friend of hers called.

Kathy walked over to the table and set her tray of food down.

"Hey, I'm sitting here. Sherlock do you hear me, that's my seat."

"I don't see your name on in it, Clive. I suggest you go and find another seat." Sherlock said eating his lunch.

Clive then slid his tray off the table and grabbed Sherlock by the shirt, picking him up. Before either of them knew what was going on Kathy step in between them pushing Clive away from Sherlock as Sherlock stumbled avoiding a fall.

"You must be Kathy. The new girl." Clive said looking at Kathy in a disturbing way.

"Yeah, I am."

"Well, this is my school, so run along like a good cheerleader before you get yourself hurt."

Kathy grabbed Clive's arm and twisted it onto his back, pushing him into a tray of food that was on the table behind him. All the kids who were watching were in awe.

"Your school or not, I don't tolerate this kind of behavior, and I am NOT a cheerleader." Kathy said backing off and leaving for her seat.

Sherlock just stood there, he never saw Clive run so fast in his life.

"Here, I'm not all that hungry." Kathy said handing him her sandwich.

"Than-Thank yo-you." Sherlock struggled to say as he took the sandwich.

"Don't worry about it."

When lunch was over everyone was outside for recess, except Sherlock, he went to the library to get some reading done. When he walked into the library he saw Kathy sitting at one of the tables writing. When he got closer he saw that she was writing music notes.

"What do you play?" Sherlock asked taking a seat.

"Violin." She responded without looking up, "Do you play anything?"

"No, I just read." He said realizing that it was a stupid response.

Kathy gave a chuckle, "Are you always like this when you talk to a girl?"

"Only when they save my life."

Kathy gave another chuckle and looked up from her paper, "What's your name?"

"Sherlock. Sherlock Holmes."

"That's a nice name. I'm Kathy."

"Do you have a last name?"

"Just Kathy for now." She said with a smile and then putting her attention back to her sheet music.

-Present Day-

"Did you ever get to learn her last name?" John asked.

"You act as if that was the end of the story." Sherlock replied.

"So you do get to learn her last name."

"In time I did." Sherlock said going to fix him a cup of tea.

"Well, what happened?"

"We went about the rest of our day, and went home."


"John, we need milk." Sherlock said.

"Then go get some. You said you'd get it months ago."

"You get the milk I'll tell you more of the story."

John gave a sigh, then got up and gathered his things.


"And some beans."

"Right." John said walking out the door.

Sherlock grabbed his violin, took his place at the window and started the play a sad tune.