A/N: Well, it's been a long time since I've done any writing, but I believe that my skills have improved enough for me to try again. I've decided to actually plan out a story this time. I'm going to follow the basic idea set out by Red in Tooth and Claw, an excellent story, by inserting a Halo character into the BSG storyline. However, I'm using an as of yet undisclosed character that as far as I know hasn't been used before in any Halo fic.



"Don't you dare slow down!" the warthog raced across the battered bridge, chain gun spitting death in copious amounts. A pelican broke through cloud cover above, swinging round whilst descending.

"Sarge, evac's here, we've almost made it!" A plasma grenade arched through the air, landing firmly in front of the warthog, inertia carrying it, the 'hog had no way to stop in time and was flipped by the force of the explosion. From underneath, three figures dragged themselves out from underneath the mass of wreckage, the strong alloys of the vehicle protecting them from the worst of the superheated gas.

"You ok?"

"I will be, as soon as I'm off this planet"

"Come on, get to the pelican, I'll cover you"

The trio ran for all their worth, leaping over debris and craters, the welcoming form of the drop ship growing bigger with each step, forty metres, thirty metres. The imposing silhouette of a sanghelli rose from behind a partly demolished wall, needler in hand, it fired. The glowing purple projectile leap forwards, propelled by the ancient technology, lancing forward, through air, dust, flesh. The third figure fell backwards, a shard protruding from its chest, penetrating through armour; the shields already pushed past their limit by enemy fire and the fateful grenade.

"Chief!" a flurry of activity as the marines from the warthog and the pelican released streams of lead, cutting down the nearest covenant forces with a vengeance. They surged forward, intent on rescuing their downed comrade. Wounded, maybe mortally so, but Spartans were made of sterner stuff than to be taken out by a single shot, it rolled over, M6D magnum in hand, firing accurate shot after shot, taking out target after target.

"Go, leave me!" the Spartan yelled to its comrades, watching as the pelican took shot after shot from fuel rod cannons, it's armour degrading and being melted away with increasing speed, it wouldn't be long before the plating failed and the hull was exposed to the destructive forces being thrown against it. The Spartan kept firing till its pistol clicked empty, its magazine expended. Helplessly, it watched as a sanghelli fired; the streak of fluorescent green streaking towards one of the engine pods. The armour, charred beyond any use whatsoever, gave way with no resistance; the explosion destroyed the engine, igniting the fuel lines. The pelican exploded fragments of metal landing all over.

"No" whispered the Spartan, finally succumbing to the injuries that would have killed a normal human, rolled onto her back, taking one last look at the starry skies, polluted by the ash from a burnt world. Slowly, resigned, its eyes closed, fading into unconsciousness.

"My installation, destroyed in this conflict, what now, what now?"

A silver orb with a glowing blue 'eye' hovered over the devastation, strangely detached from the suffering and bloodshed that had baptised the land mere hours before, floating over the Spartans body, still talking and humming to itself.

"Oh, how surprising, it appears this Reclaimer still lives, quite remarkable given the injuries received. Especially given this combat skin only qualifies as a class six or less. Well, I suppose I should do what I can, the mass transit system is still operational, there is a suitable facility."

The Spartan's body was encased in an energy field, putting it into temporary stasis, as the Monitor drifted away, the Spartan being dragged along. Soon, Monitor and Spartan entered a cave, continuing inwards and deeper as the rock gradually stopped covering the walls till the tunnel was composed entirely of a reflective grey metal covered in angular designs. A doorway at the end opened to allow the Monitor passage into the Forerunner facility. A frame rose from the ground, projecting an energy field inside till eventually a miniscule slipspace portal materialised between the two sides of the frame. Unlike the thunderous ripping of space-time that occurred when human Shaw-Fujikawa drives opened rifts in the fabric of existence, the portal was gentle, held open, still and tranquil, made so by the finesse and mastery of slipspace that the Forerunners possessed.

Both the Monitor and Spartan entered the portal, and Harvest was finally evacuated.

"I cannot return this Reclaimer to her people, it is outside of my parameters, still, I can preserve her life, heal and repair her, put her into stasis till the mantle is taken up by the Reclaimers. Yes, that is what I shall do"

With its mind made up, the Spartan was levitated into a waiting stasis pod, the door closing over the red MJOLNIR and the still flawless golden visor. The fusion reactor in the advanced power armour shut down, the HUD powering down as the Forerunner technology froze the super soldier in time. Like the Arthurian legend, the mortally wounded warrior, put to sleep, to awaken when needed again. Its task complete, the Monitor floated away, returning through the slipspace portal, to repair his installation and continue his vigil. The lights turned off; the room once again fell into darkness, its brief stint of life after a hundred thousand years of inactivity ending as quickly as it had started.

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