Disclaimer: I do not own anything Hetalia-related. It is all the work of Hidekaz Himaruya and further anime adaptations. I know the fan made character (as in, the drawing), tends to be male. I also know there are at least a few Hetalia Puerto Rico stories floating around. I've read one: "A Place Called Home" by Hetalia-Otaku. You can be 100% sure mine is different, as it is slightly more political and more in character (I guess!). I hope you get to enjoy both and the others as well.

Hetalia PR: Micro-chapter One

A little more than five hundred years ago, a strong, beautiful island emerged. She was young and cute on the outside, but on the inside, she possessed a millenary wisdom unlike any other. Her name was Borikén, and though she was but small, she was fierce. Borikén knew how to keep things to herself and deal with the quarreling tribes at her house. Some of them settled in, while others just died out. Borikén, with her Taíno tribe, led a relatively quiet, comfortable life. Then it was suddenly 1492, and things began to change.

Borikén grew worried. Discoveries, explorations, subtle and not so subtle invasions took place on neighboring islands. Soon enough, Borikén knew those strange countries brought death with them. She began to train, shooing everyone who would come near her. Then, on November 1493, Borikén met Spain.

"Such a quaint, colorful island, Columbus!" shouted Spain with glee, stretching out of his armor for the first time in weeks. "And who is the pretty lady?" Spain inquired, his matador eyes scanning the surroundings.

"Borikén" replied the girl. To some, Spain might have been charming, tall, and handsome, but to her… he was just weird. "I would rather hope for you to leave… whoever you are." On her pretty, sun-kissed features, Spain immediately saw he was unwelcome, but flashed her the best smile he could.

"I'm noble Spain, my dear. It is written in the stars: this dashing conquistador will marry you!"

"What?!" exclaimed Borikén, confused, but seething. Spain went on, ignoring the girl… and everyone else accompanying him. "Yes! We're going to be married! Tomorrow, in fact! You'll learn my language, my religion, my traditions… you'll have your own fort right upon the bay. I can see it, tourists will love it! Remember though, it's all mine now."

While Borikén stood there, her eyes turned to slits and invoking the rest of her tribe, Columbus wanted to chip in: "How about we call her San Juan Bautista?"

"But I'm a girl, you idiots!" shouted Borikén. Spain liked the idea, but only halfheartedly. He was a practical man, so he decided the name had a ring to it and it would be good for the time being.

And thus Borikén reluctantly married Spain. To her fortune—or dismay, we may never know—Spain changed his wife's name and she became Puerto Rico.

It may and it may not continue.