The bearer of the third ring waited in the Chapel, standing by the Elvis impersonator/Minister. Esme instantly knew the newcomer's identity, for the features smiling at her weren't the ones of a stranger—she was immediately reminded of a dear lost brother. To any other person their guest's presence in the chapel would have been deemed unseemly, but to Esme it was simply perfect, for in some twisted and inexplicable way it made her feel closer to Edward. Gazing at her groom, she silently conveyed all of her gratitude for his thoughtfulness.

The Masen whore, the Platt's mistress, Edward's mother was the only attendant to the wedding that had the society papers writhing in large fortunes, one old name, a southern belle, an hermit, a society dragon united … how? Why? Everybody wanted to know, they all wanted to see … However, the happy couple had no plans to indulge anyone's curiosity. They planned to live as they pleased and f … Well, with little to no regard to anyone's opinion.

And that's how they lived, happily united and completely wrapped around each other. Of course, there were days when Esme could have happily wrung Carlisle's neck. For his part, Carlisle had this recurrent fantasy where Esme, for whatever reason, lost the ability to talk … Oh, to live in a world without a nagging female. But in the end, they always kissed and made up.

Carlisle's team was very aware of the nights their boss spent reconciling with his lady.

He always sang "Coming Around Again" on those days. All day long.

Had Carlisle and Esme been aware of the staff's chuckles and whispers, they'd been terribly embarrassed. As it was, they were happily ignorant of everything, but each other.

Just as it should be.

Just as it was until they took their very last breath.

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