Hello all! Now obviously this isn't an actual chapter but I decided answer a few questions and concerns I've gotten after I posted the last chapter and rather than sending out several pm's I decided to answer them all at once. Plus I figure multiple people might have some of the same concerns. So let's begin!


TakashiKomuro: Since there will be yuri can you put a warning please because I really don't like yuri but I do like your story?

Answer: I can definitely do that.

Banditdk19: Good story, mate! However while I like the theme, to me it doesn't look like Naruto will ever be in a position where he could extract his revenge. If even a lowly guy like Kazaki has knowledge of Dark Element, then that means there are plenty of overpowered people in that mysterious organisation and Naruto is too weak at the moment. He may become strong in 10 years or so but that's just too long, he will be exposed long before that. Actually, now that you let Kazaki escape, it means that Naruto is already exposed to Giroba on his first day in Konoha... You would think he would be more cautious on his first day in Konoha... Anyway, that's your story, I hope it will be updated regularly because I have a feeling it could be a long story.

Answer: The kind of storyline I'm planning will definitely make this a long story with plenty of powerful individuals Naruto has to confront. His current level of strength at the moment isn't enough so he will get stronger later on. Regarding Kazuki I have plans for him in this first story arc so I couldn't kill him off just yet. As far as updating my story regularly I can't guarantee that since I have other things going on in my life.

Darth Xion: Interesting… Also if Kazuki can use darkness element does that mean more prominent ninja like Kages & villians (Madara) could use it? Conversely is there a holy(light) element techniques? Also will Naruto(Sasaki) reveal his darkness skills to Konoha?

Answer: I haven't decided who can use the darkness element from the main cannon manga or if anyone will other than Naruto can. The characters that will be using it for the most part will be characters I made up and of those almost all, if not all, will have some form of connection to the Ninth Order. Regarding your second question, yes there will be a light element and techniques though I haven't fully decided who will use it yet. To answer your last question, Naruto will reveal some of his abilities but certainly not all.

ShadowBloodedge9396: Very nice. I'm guessing it won't be much longer before you reveal how you plan on getting Kushina to break off from Minato and be with her own son.
Poor Anko. If this weren't a Necromancer Demon Naruto fic I'd be...upset at her death to put it mildly, but since Naruto has taken pity on her and is gonna revive her...yeah, nuff said. Question is, was Kazuki really killing her just cus he could, or was she a victim of this Ninth Order like Naruto was? That's all for now. Ja ne!

Answer: lol, this is interesting. I intentionally downplayed the reasons behind Anko's death in chapter two so I could surprise people in chapter three by revealing her death was ordered by the Ninth Order. But it seems you figured it out so all I can say is that I tip my hat to you. Congratz!

ClaudBloodbane: what happened to Yukina?

Answer: Wow, I keep getting this question a lot. Honestly I never expected for everyone to like her this much but I'm glad you guys do. Yes, she is most assuredly coming back just not yet. She still has important roles to play in the story but eventually she'll come back to be at Naruto's side again rather than being elsewhere. I just haven't gotten there in the story is all.

Thorndsword: I was interested until you gave the darkness power to Kazuki. It takes away from the uniqueness of it. When everyone is special, no one is.

Trinel: Thanks for the update, it's good to know you're continuing the story. It was a great chapter, however, there were a few things that were explained this chapter that made it not that cool. The first chapter had Naruto be so unique! And everything was so original, too, it was a great change of pace of the usual generic stuff that most authors write. But then with this chapter, it turns out that Naruto isn't unique, he, might, be the only necromancer, but there's other darkness users, and there's likely to be others that are more or less equals to Naruto but from the other elements. And it followed with Naruto coming back to Konoha, to become a Ninja. When it would've been interesting to see Naruto do something other than become involve that way. I really, really, hope that you're not using that to bring back the story to a pseudo canon storyline. It's likely that Anko will be involved in some way, maybe even as his team leader, so there's something to hold on to till the next chapter. I also wanted to see Kazuki die. Letting someone survive with knowing what he can do, can't be a good thing. And you left Yukina behind! Damn it! Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter! PS. Since it's a harem, and Kushina is in it, I'm also crossing my fingers for Kasumi to be in it, too.

Answer: I'm going to tackle both your two concerns since they are so similar. First I'm going to address the fact that I gave the darkness element to Kazuki which you both seem opposed to. You both seemed to think that because other people in my story can use the darkness element then that must mean Naruto doesn't have anything that makes him unique. I disagree; Naruto's uniqueness comes through the fact that he is the only necromancer left in existence. Also it is highly unrealistic that out of the entire world/different dimensions that there would be only one person capable of using the darkness element.

Now on to Trinel's concern about Naruto becoming a ninja. Naruto's return to Konoha is purely about getting revenge on Giroba and the Ninth Order. Just like using an alias, he's becoming a ninja as a cover to hide his real intentions. Plus it's tactically a good idea to learn how your enemy fights and right now he has no idea who's a part of the ninth order or working for them. For all he knows half the village could be serving the organization in secret. Regarding your concern with whether or not this story will follow the cannon storyline in the manga the answer is mostly a yes. I will dip in and out of the cannon story so some of the events in the manga will happen though I may change certain things. As far a Yunkina being left behind, I answered that with ClaudBloodbane's question and she will eventually be coming back. As far a Kazuki getting away is concerned I still have plans for his character in this story arc. Will Kasumi be in the harem? Yes she'll be in the harem.

I hope I didn't sound like I was preaching at the both of you but I felt you guys deserved a thorough answer to the questions and concerns you have. If either of you don't like the way the story is going I'm not going to be offended if you stop reading. I honestly don't care about how many people follow my story I just do this in my spare time for fun.


See you all next time when chapter 3 is up.