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Memento Mori: Ch. 5 "Perfect Disaster"

3rd Person

The season changed about a week ago… The Gekkoukan winter uniforms were replaced with a summer equivalent, basically the same uniform minus the jacket and with short sleeves. All students were preparing for their exams, which was still a little ways away. Minato and Ryoji's relationship has only grown farther apart as the days fly by. Today was Saturday and the school day just ended, allowing the teenagers to bask in the remainder of the diurnal. Minato met up with his two newest friends at the school gate as they left, it had become a routine over the last week. "Minato-Kun… greetings…" Aigis said with her usual mechanical voice and a blush. Metis waved slightly and nodded as her own form of 'hello'. Unlike most of the schoolgirls that now sported the summer apparel, the twins continued to wear the winter attire. The bluenette nodded and said a quiet 'hey' as he approached. They began their walk home idly chatting about this and that, homework was always an issue.

"Um… Minato-Senpai… w-would you help me with my assignments? I-I don't understand it." The younger twin questioned hesitantly. She had a habit of stuttering and being a little nervous when it came to asking for help, otherwise she was really energetic. The boy in question smiled while confirming and promising to help as best as he could. "Arigatō gozaimasu Senpai!" Metis exclaimed thankfully, the blond stared at her sister with a smile at the girl's politeness. "Oh Senpai; I almost forgot… This guy asked me on a date… I was hoping you and Onēchan would go with me?"

They stopped in their tracks and turned to the red-eyed girl in questioning. "You want us to go with you so it's like a double date?" Minato asked in mild confusion, the youngest nodded to confirm her unusual statement. The two in question turned to each other, looking for a reaction but neither got one. "I guess it would be alright, right Aigis-Chan?"

The crystal eyed girl nodded, a slight blush covered her cheeks as she smiled at the sole boy. The elder sister's heart was soaring, she was on cloud nine; her crush had just agreed to go on a date with her. Aigis sent her raven-haired sister a look, the expression itself was almost blank, just a small smile, but with closer inspection and years of experience you could tell her eyes shined with intense delight.

They continued their voyage back to the dorms, passing the Port Island Theater and Paulownia Mall on their stroll to the train station. The station's intercom blared loudly, interrupting the idle chatter by announcing the train had arrived. The next stop being the Iwatodai Station, the trio boarded with ease since few rode the train at this time of day and waited to depart Tatsumi Port Island. 'Minato-Sama… I foresee your next trial will transpire before the descent of the coming full moon.' Orpheus confided within the young Persona-users mind. The mythical musician had a habit of giving valuable information wrapped in riddles and twisted words. However important it was, a second thought concerning it wasn't made and the day continued its course. Tomorrow, Sunday after class became the declared date for the intriguing engagement.

The hours passed by without much excitement, the twins left for their shared room to discuss the events of the following day. Minato spent a few hours in the company of Junpei, playing games and listening to the countless thoughts that the younger male wished to voice. The blue-haired boy abandoned his companion and left for his room the moment Ryoji waltzed through the door. The air was tense and the dorm was quiet, sleep was hard to find that night.

Sunday came sooner than most were willing to acknowledge. The young Persona-user was awake at the early hours of the day. Loud barking and a depressed whine of a dog lead Minato into the commons area of the dorm. The couches were empty, the TV was on and Koromaru sat in front of the door, scratching dejectedly. "Do you need a walk Koro-Chan?" The dog barked thankfully at the question and proceeded to run circles around the boy. The human gave a small smile at the shiba's antics, "alright, calm down." The small dog escaped out the door the second it was opened. His winged collar swayed with the wind giving it the appearance of flapping wings as he ran down the sidewalk to Naganaki Shrine. The unnaturally quiet boy chased after the little pup to be sure he didn't lose him.

The shrine was empty today, it was too early for Akinari to be out-and-about and Maiko had special school classes on Sundays. The bluenette took a seat on one of the swings as he watched the canine frolic joyously. The petite white pooch eventually made his way over to his assumed owner. "I envy you sometimes Koro-Chan," he tilted his furry head, questioning the words spoken. "Your life seems so much easier… You don't seem to worry about things like relationships."

Minato trailed off as he readjusted his gaze to the bright blue sky. Koromaru whined softly as he rubbed against the boys' leg, 'I think he is trying to tell you not to worry so much… It will all turn out fine.' Orpheus' melodic voice was soft and gentle in his mind, like an older sibling. The boy smiled as he continued to pet the red eyed dog. "Maybe we should be heading back… don't you think, Koro-Chan?" The shiba ecstatically hopped to his furry paws and made his way to the stairs, taking care to wait for his new master to follow.

It was nearing noon before they returned to the dorms, the cool morning breeze had risen to a nice temperature that wasn't too hot or too cold. The student apartment was quiet lively when they returned; the twins were dressed nicely and ready to go. Yukari and Fuuka were gathering information about the double date from the girls. Ken, happy to find Koromaru, was playing with the small dog. Mitsuru quietly conversed with Akihiko and Shinjiro while shooting worrisome glances at the blue-haired boy. Junpei was grinning from ear-to-ear as he wrapped an arm around the elder Persona-user's shoulders. "So, I hear you got yourself a date with Ai-Chan. I think I'm going to tag along and make sure you behave yourself."

The wild card frowned slightly at his friend, accusing thoughts flashing in his psyche. "You just want to hang out with the twins and get free food…" his glare intensified. "I'm not paying for you food." The younger boy flinched at the intensity of the glare. He feigned a look of innocence to the 'unjust' accusation. It may have been true but the dark-haired boy didn't like that his quiet friend saw through his plan so easily. Their interrogation was interrupted by the opening of the main door. All color drained from Junpei's face and Minato's scowl strengthened tenfold when, not only Ryoji waltzed through the door but also exclaimed he was here to pick up Metis for their date. "I'll pay for your food for a month Junpei… as long as you join us. I need someone to watch and make sure I don't do something I'll regret later." A hesitant and nervous nod was his only response.

The walk to the designated places was filled with tension and unease. The movie had been awkward since the twins wanted something romantic, after all, it was a date. Junpei was usually placed between the two girls to create more distance between the ex-lovers. They decided to stop at the Changall Café for a combination of lunch and dinner. The females settled for tea and a few ongiri while the third wheel got a cup of coffee. Minato, in love with the idea of desert food, ordered a chocolate-strawberry shake. Ryoji ended up purchasing a glass of sugary coffee and some pocky. Every so often you could catch the scarfed boy staring sadly at the elder girls date or shooting the youngest male pained looks when he caught the others eye. The bluenette would, for the most part, ignore the incarnation of death or if he did acknowledge his existence, would settle into a heated glare of fierce proportions. "Um… so, I heard you're from overseas Ryoji-San?"

The quiet voice of Metis eased the overbearing tension in the room ever-so-slightly. All eyes had turned to her in slight wonder before initially understanding the question; she flushed a deep crimson and hid her eyes beneath her black hair. Ryoji grinned nervously at her inquire, "Uh yeah… I was born here in Japan but my parents were transferred to Sweden for most of my life. My mother decided to travel back here with my younger brother and me." The only awakened Persona-user's gaze had changed from a scowl to one of newfound interest. The blue eyed boy rarely talked about his life prior to Gekkoukan.

"I didn't know you lived in Sweden."

Everyone's stare shifted to the unusually quiet male whose silver eyes were watching the eldest with curiosity. Said elder male's smile brightened at the statement, his eyes held a glimmer of hope of being reunited with his other half as he beamed fondly at the slightly younger male. "Yeah, I grew up there. It's not as great as it is here in Japan but I don't regret ever living there." Minato smiled lightly at the new information, his now normal glare dissolved with the knowledge of Sweden. With a small smile still on his lips, he continued to devour his shake. The sad part about scarfing ice-cream is for most, eating too quickly and entering a "brain freeze" which is what the bluenette unintentionally did. The boy grasped his head tightly and excused himself to the restroom. The worried eyes of the group followed until he was out of sight. Junpei was quick to start up a new conversation, which Metis found absolutely fascinating. Aigis, who had been quiet for the most part, would occasionally shoot worried glances towards the direction Minato had disappeared. There was a halt in conversation when the raven-haired male abruptly stood. "Um… I'm going to go check on Minato-Kun."

Junpei shrugged, appearing to not care but internally worried about his friend's well-being. As Ryoji left the small group, he jumped back into his chat with the youngest twin. The blond however, watched the other male leave with a dark glare and suspicion in her crystal eyes.

Minato's original intention had been to use the restroom while waiting for his brain to 'unfreeze'. He ended up splashing cold water on his blushing face to cool down after his momentarily lustful thoughts about the incarnation of death. "What on Earth in wrong with me?" he whispered slightly to himself to which Orpheus remarked he was in love. The statement was true in every regard, however, he didn't want to admit it to the outside world.

The men's room door opened behind him, he raised his gaze to the mirror to glance at the newcomer, "Minato?" His eyes widened in shock and he rapidly spun around to face his new company. Ryoji hesitantly stepped closer to the bluenette, a look of nervousness plastered clearly on his visage. "Minato I… I'm sorry…" He trailed off slowly, words abnormally soft as he lowered his gaze to the tiled floor. The younger tentatively took a few steps toward the scarfed male. "I didn't… I…" A sigh escaped his lips, "I love you Minato… I want you back… Please?"

The discussion between Metis and Junpei had steadily grew from idle chatter to a deep conversation, "really?! I never knew that." The younger twin exclaimed in wonder. The male nodded before continuing his extravagant explanation. Aigis half listened, half watched for the wild card to return from the bathroom. The crystal-eyed girl was growing increasingly suspicious of the two males absence, her temper and overprotective nature was flaring. She sighed in defeat; there was no way for her to know what was taking them so long. A combination of Aigis's newfound agitation and the wild movement of the only male left in the group resulted in coffee being spilled on the unaware blond girl. "Onēchan, are you alright?! I'm sorry!"

The elder girl waved her off with annoyance. "It's fine Metis…" She trailed off; her mind had formed a solution to her worries. All she had to do was simply mistake the men's room for the girls and her doubts would be satiated. "I'm going to go and try washing this off." A sneaky smile covered her lips, she didn't think she was being notorious or evil; she just wanted to make sure Minato was alright.

Minato's eyes widened as soon as those words left the raven-haired boys male's lips. He froze, his mind went blank and his body refused to move. Ryoji gazed at him with desperation; his voice cracked and fell into pitiful pleading. "Minato, I love you. I can't stand not having you by my side; I can't stand not being able to be close to you. Please… Please, give me a second chance." Liquid trails started to run down his reddened cheeks, threatening to escape from silver eyes as well. The bluenette blinked to halt his emerging tears; he stayed in his place by the sink because he didn't know what to do.

'Minato-Sama… Just go for it.' When Orpheus gave him that mental push, it caused a chain reaction. The other-self dropped all tension, all the anger and everything that his mind had created to keep him from the bringer of death. It was entirely cliché and cheesy but Minato didn't care as he dashed into the blue-eyed boys embrace. The elder male, despite his surprise, eagerly secured his arms around the bluenette's waist while the Persona-user latched onto his scarf lustfully. Ryoji tentatively grasped the younger boy's cheek and brought their lips closer together until there was no more space between them. It had started simple, sweet, and chaste but evolved into a deep and passionate kiss. The sound of the restroom door opening didn't bother them in the least, in fact, they didn't even notice.

"I-I'm sorry! I thought this was…" the near robotic voice that could only belong to Aigis snapped the two males from their blissfully unaware state. Their lips separated but they stayed wrapped in each other's arms for lack of realizing what was happening around them. "What is going on?" Anger boiled inside the blond girl, the blue-eyed male quickly tried to explain through his cloudy mind. "You are dangerous!" she all but shouted, she raised her hands to point at them. That in itself wasn't troubling, but upon closer inspection, one could see the gun-like chambers built into her figure tips. The elder twin very nearly eradicated the boys in her anger; thankfully, the restroom door was pushed open again. A gray-haired, gray-eyed young male stood in the doorway, blinking at the sight before him. The boys sprung apart and Aigis dropped her hands, the tall, slender male blinked again and casually walked to one of the many bathroom sinks. His voice was smooth and his words very blunt.

"Relationship problems?"

To Be Continued in Chapter Six:

"Surreal Reality"

... Please don't kill me for making Ryoji from Sweden... I needed him to be from somewhere for this to make any sense at all (even in my head) and he never mentions stuff like this in the game. I was originally going to use France but... A friend said she'd throw something at me if I did that... I don't know why though...? I think France sounds like a nice place... Oh well, Sweden is just as good, hope you agree.