Rated Mature for blood, violence and strong language. Chapter 1 of ?

It was never the journey over to Vriska's house that bothered Karkat. He used this time to think about what he was going to do to her once he arrived. No, it was always the strange feeling of emptiness that came with his departure. Every week was the same. He would arrive, he would put her in her place (or she would put him in his), and they would curse and bite and hate until he had to leave.

To them, it was more than a simple Kismesissitude. It was therapeutic. Vriska and Karkat were consistently ornery, and they needed a healthy way to relieve stress and make themselves feel better. A kismesis was a fantastic way to go, and offered them the release that they needed.

Karkat had brought his backpack of supplies for tonight. A long rope, a blindfold, a gag if he needed it (probably to shut her the fuck up) and a bucket. He found himself smirking; he included a few knives as well. He couldn't say he hated their time together. He could say, however, that he hated her. He hated Vriska more than anyone he's ever hated.

Their relationship was secretive. None of their friends knew about it, at Vriska's request. Karkat had agreed, at least until it was time to reveal it. In the meantime, he had business to attend to.

He eventually made it to her hive, and she kept it unlocked for him. It was dark outside, perhaps even on the verge of raining. The wind was picking up, giving Karkat a slight chill. He opened the door to Vriska's hive and entered, having been here enough times to know exactly where her room was located.

He pushed open the door and there she was, seated at the foot of her bed, expecting him. She smiled innocently, tilting her head to the side as if all was right with the world.

"You took long enough," she said. "You better not keep me waiting next time."

Karkat said nothing and simply closed Vriska's bedroom door behind him, locking it. They were trapped inside, and it was time.

He took off his backpack and threw it near Vriska's bed, walking angrily towards her and grabbing her by the throat. Karkat pushed her down onto her bed, growling through his gritted teeth. He squeezed hard, making Vriska squeak suddenly and try to gasp for air. With his other hand, he pushed her hard, down into the bed.

"Shut the fuck up. I brought things with me this time," was all he said simply. And then with a smile, he unclenched his fingers slightly, letting her breath. Hot air rushed into Vriska's lungs.

"Welcome home... asshole," she spat. Karkat moved his fingers from her throat and kissed her hard. He kissed her violently. He kissed her passionately, and she returned it. She dug her nails into his neck, pinching him hard enough to leave marks.

Karkat climbed up onto the bed completely, pinning Vriska down and continuing the kiss. His hand slithered up her shirt, squeezing her breast hard. She moaned into the kiss, opening her mouth more for him, and he pushed his tongue hard against the inside of her mouth.

Vriska squirmed under him, her robotic and synthetic arm squeezing his leg hard. It was likely to leave a bruise. Her moaning turned to growling. Pleasurable growling of want and need.

Karkat pulled away from the kiss, letting a trail of saliva form between their lips, which slowly broke apart.

"I'm home," he said after a pant. He looked her up and down. "You could have dressed up better."

She rolled her eyes. "This is fine. This is the shirt I want you to fuck up." It was her Scorpio shirt. The one she always wore when she was hanging out with Karkat and their friends. He loved the way it hugged her body, the way it still showed her curves. It was simple.

Karkat grabbed her by the collar of her shirt, yanking her up to him. She gasped softly. She loved how violent he could get.

He was close enough to almost touch noses with her when he said. "You fucking disgust me."

He spat in her face and she wiped it away. Bring it on.

"I hate everything about you," he said. "Your stupid fucking face, your horns, the way you think you're better than everyone else, the way you flirt around..."

He almost lost his train of thought, but yanked her collar again to prove his point. "Tell me you're worthless."

Vriska laughed. "You'd love that, wouldn't you? Just because it's your turn to dominate~"

Her expression turned dark. "Don't be a little bitch."

Karkat simply got up and went into his backpack, fetching a serrated knife. Let the games begin.

He climbed over Vriska, dragging the cold blade across her forehead, but not cutting her. Not yet. He simply wanted her to know how it felt on her skin. She shuddered.

"Not there. They'll notice," said Vriska, referring to their friends. Losing his patience, Karkat slapped her across the face, knocking her glasses askew. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out at him, and very slowly, Karkat dragged the serrated edge of the knife against her tongue, cutting it. Blue blood began to flow from the middle of her tongue, and she pulled him in for another kiss, and this time, she took control.

She pulled away, teasing him with a kiss on the nose. "We're not using the bucket until I say," she said. Karkat nodded. Vriska swiped the knife from him and slashed at his shoulder, drawing his cherry red blood from the cut. He sucked in air through his clenched teeth, feeling the burn.

She exposed her tongue, now blue with her blood, and let some droplets of blood drip onto the bed sheets. "Pants off. Stand up. Right the fuck now," she demanded.