Title: Things That Turn Maura Isles On
Chapter: 4. Kickboxing Class
Fandom: Rizzoli and Isles, Jane/Maura
Rating: Adult
Notes: Needed some unbridled passion to erase the beards from this week's episode. ;) Feedback always appreciated! And thank you to everyone who has left comments - it is, as I said, very very appreciated!

Kickboxing Class

Maura had no idea it would be like this. Sure, she was mildly aroused watching Jane beat up the punching bag that hung in the detective's apartment, and sure, she probably took too much pleasure watching the detective get aggressive with suspects, but this…


See, unlike everyone else in this beginner's class (which Jane had finally convinced Maura to sign up for), Jane was already fairly well versed in the art and use kickboxing. She was also long-time buddies with the instructor. And so, said instructor used the detective frequently throughout class for demonstrations… and at the end for a little light sparring…

And… and good god.

Because though the detective's body may not look like it's a lethal weapon, it would be unwise of anyone to underestimate her abilities. For there was unexpected power and strength, not to mention skill and determination in those arms and legs (and abs) of hers. So incredibly much power and strength and skill and determination.

…So watching Jane kick and elbow and jab her way through kickboxing class…

…Yeah. The class was far more… enjoyable… than Maura had expected it to be.

On the drive home, though, Jane could tell something was wrong. Maura was so quiet, answering with monosyllabic and noncommittal sounds, and she was just staring out the window, almost refusing to look at Jane.

Jane didn't know why. Was it because Maura felt like she hadn't done well in class? Did the doctor just not like kickboxing and didn't want to go to another class and was just trying to figure out how to tell Jane? Jane just didn't know. And try as she may she couldn't get answers from Maura. So by the time they got home, Jane was confused.

Of course, that confusion doubled, even tripled when, the moment the front door closed behind them, Maura pounced.


The shorter women was on Jane immediately, pinning the surprised detective to the door behind them, attacking the detective's lips as her hands went for the zipper on the light hoodie Jane was wearing, yanking it down, struggling to push the now open sweatshirt over and down and off Jane's shoulders as she pressed as much of body as she could against as much as Jane's body as it would cover.

"Mau…wha…oomph…Maur," Jane struggled to even be able to get Maura's name out much less ask what, exactly, was going on and what had all of a sudden possessed the doctor.

But even though Maura heard Jane's attempts and even felt Jane's light pushing on her shoulders, the doctor ignored it. Because all of Jane's questions could wait. Right now, right now Maura needed – NEEDED – Jane.

And she needed her now.

Now now.

So with a quick grab at Jane's waist, she maneuver them away from the door, pivoting them as one and then pushing Jane down the hall, almost tripping over Jane's now discarded hoodie but really not caring, grabbing at the detective's tank top and beginning to lift it up. "Take this off," was all she said.

"Maura?" Jane finally managed to croak out, though she continued to acquiesce to Maura's insistent press forward, stumbling her way backwards down the hallway.

"Take it off!" Maura again ignored Jane's questioning tone, determined and insistent with her desires before capturing Jane in a sloppy but passionate kiss while haphazardly bumping them up against the wall just outside the master bedroom.

Wow. Okay. Well then.

Jane had no idea, no idea at all, what was going on and her brain was still casting about for some explanation.

But her body had no such qualms.

No, her body didn't need an explanation. It knew exactly what was going on and it knew exactly how to react. She could feel herself flush and feel a rush of blood and moisture pool between her legs. She instinctively did as Maura asked, pulling the damp shirt over her head and throwing it onto the floor before grabbing Maura's face in her hands and returning the kiss with her own insistence.

"This, too," Maura breathed out as her hands when to Jane's breasts and hastily but clumsily tried to push the brunette's sports bra up and off this amazing body she so desperately, desperately wanted, had so desperately, desperately wanted since the first time Jane demonstrated a roundhouse two hours ago.

Again, Jane didn't need to be asked twice, with practiced ease the sports bra was lifted off her head and flung across the room just as she felt the backs of her knees bump up against the bed and just as she was on the verge of tumbling over onto that bed. But knowing her girlfriend as she did, one small part of Jane's brain sent up a red flag. "Still sweaty…" she gasp in between kisses as she pushed back slightly against the woman in front of her, "The bedspread…" was all she could get out to express her train of thought.

But even the idea of getting sweat all over the fancy duvet wasn't enough to deter Maura Isles from having Jane Rizzoli.

Not tonight. Not right now. Not by a long shot.

"I'll get it washed," the doctor rasped back while giving a final small nudge forward, toppling the lanky detective onto the bed behind her.

And then the doctor pounced. Again.

Maura climbed onto the bed next to the sprawling detective, latching her lips onto Jane's once again and latching a hand onto one of Jane's breasts, squeezing the flesh, gripping it, tweaking it, drawing a small moan from the woman below. God, she loved playing with Jane's breasts! Such femininity on such an otherwise butch body. And any other night she might have indulged herself and played with them longer.

But it wasn't Jane's breasts she wanted right now.

So with her lips still on Jane's, and with one last firm pinch to Jane's now hardened nipple, Maura's hand wandered lower, over abs quivering and fluttering, the doctor's fingers teasing briefly along the waistband of the detective's short spandex, before sneaking under that waistband to slide lower still.

Jane gasped when Maura's hand made contact.

For the contact wasn't entirely gentle.

Like much of Maura's actions since they had walked in the door minutes earlier, this touch was needy, in was possessed, and it was possessive.

And Jane wasn't complaining.

Maura was so rarely the aggressor.

The detective felt Maura's fingers slide roughly over the apex of her legs to the opening between them, dipping into almost as much heat and moisture as the doctor knew must be between her own legs.

Maura's lips left Jane's then but only to reattach themselves near Jane's collarbone as the doctor scooted her smaller form slightly downwards for a better angle. An angle she took advantage of, pulling two fingers together and pushing them into Jane as deep and as fully as the tight confines of Jane's shorts would allow.

Jane's mind still struggled with confusion even as her body arched and she gasped out at the intrusion and did so again when she felt those two fingers curl inside her and drag along the top wall of her sex. And then she arched differently and pushed her hips forward and tightened her ass when Maura's fingers pulled free but only to then land and rub heavily atop her clit.

"Ahh, Maur!" was about as articulate as Jane could get as the doctor's fingers hit the proverbial gas pedal and began a rather fevered pattern and pace over Jane's clit. Jane knew she should protest as she felt the strong suction on her neck, right at her pulse point, knew she should protest because it was absolutely going to leave a mark, one that would absolutely be visible to everyone at work tomorrow, but when it came right down to it, she couldn't bring herself to say anything more than "God, yes, yes there, right there, fuck, yes, Maura!" as she felt the doctor's fingers dip into her body a second time for more moisture before once again resuming their quick and relentless task, driving Jane's body higher and higher and inexorably and inevitably higher.

As for Maura, she was being driven just as inexorably higher, albeit in a slightly different way. Because holy shit this was a heady experience. All that power, all that prowess, all those sinewy muscles with their unlikely but undeniable strength, those limbs and core that packed such a punch, everything that had been on such crystal clear display in class – on display in a way Maura had maybe understood on some level but had never really seen quite so clearly – well, right now, right now it was all Maura's.

Yes, this body – this amazing body below her – one that had been so honed and trained and was so fucking capable and So. Fucking. Sexy – was quite literally at Maura's fingertips.

For in this moment, it was Maura, not Jane who possessed and controlled that strength and that power, those muscles, this body. It was Maura who could make it jump, who could make it contract, who could make it squirm, who could make it sweat, who could make it lash out in either anger or protectiveness or love or lust.

It was Maura and Maura alone in this moment who could make it beg or give it relief.

Yes, definitely a heady experience.

And with that thought Maura's body moved even faster against Jane's, head buried in Jane's shoulder, hand buried in Jane's pants, rocking to an ancient rhythm, oblivious to everything except the smell and taste and sounds of this woman in her bed. "God I love your body," Maura whispered before nipping at Jane's neck again, "God I love you," she whispered again before resuming the suction of her lips and redoubling the effort of her fingers.

And it didn't take long, of course it didn't take long before Jane succumbed to the power of Maura's fingers and Maura's words, pleasure slamming into her and lifting her hips off the bed and tearing a cry from her mouth, Maura, yes, fuck, yes yes yes yes.

Both of them were breathing hard by the time it was over. What the encounter had lacked in length it had more than made up for in intensity.

Jane was aware first of Maura's hand running through her hair, then of the light kiss Maura placed on one of her closed eyelids.

She managed to crack that eyelid open and look up at her lover, who was biting her lip but still smiling back down at her.

Jane chuckled deep in her throat and found the strength to lift a hand up, slipping it behind Maura's neck and pulling the lighter haired woman down for a less fevered but no less emotion-filled kiss than the ones they had shared earlier. When she let Maura back up, she looked into the doctor's eyes and spoke. "So…" Jane drew out the word a bit, "You, uh, enjoyed kickboxing class tonight?" Jane was not really successful in keeping a straight face as she asked the question that had an obvious answer.

Maura smiled one of those most adorable half-embarrassed half-not-at-all-embarrassed smiles of hers and replied, "Maybe a little bit."

Jane raised an eyebrow knowingly, "You're breaking out in hives, Dr. Isles," she teased.

Maura's mouth broke into a wider grin, "Okay, maybe I enjoyed it more than a little bit."

"Mhm," Jane hummed back. After a moment of smiling at each other Jane sobered slightly before asking, believing she knew the answer but wanting to be sure, "So… when you refused to look at me in the car, it wasn't because you were mad at me for anything then?"

This time Maura's smile was pretty much full-on-embarrassed as she averted her eyes, "No," she responded, "I, um," she paused and cleared her throat then returned her eyes to Jane's, "I didn't look at you because I was afraid that if I did I'd do to you in the car what I just did to you here."

Jane laughed and pulled the doctor down for a kiss, knowing no better way to respond, knowing she wanted to ask what exactly about the class had gotten Maura's engine going so much, but also knowing that discussion could and would wait.

And she was right. For while the kiss was lighthearted and tender at first, it quickly grew to be much more and much deeper, both of their hands quickly tangling in the other's hair, both of their bodies quickly responding to the other.

When they pulled back, breathing elevated, lips swollen anew, Jane's arousal jumping again, Maura's having never really ebbed, they looked into each other's eyes. Jane reached up to cup the side of Maura's face in her hand. "I love you, too, you know," the detective whispered a response to Maura's early statement.

Maura swallowed hard and nodded.

No further words were needed.

Just another smile. Another kiss. The shedding of the rest of their clothes.

And a big bill from the dry cleaners for that duvet.