Author's Note: I've been working on this fanfiction for a long time and at first, I thought it was great, but then it took a down side to it because I was running out of ideas. I just wanted to publish it anyway because I didn't want it to be wasted effort. K, I hope you enjoy! \^0^/ Review so I can continue writing x3

Warnings: Lemon/Rape scene

*ring ring ring ring*

Rukia quickly darted to her cell phone after hearing the persistent chimes. No one would ever call unless there is an emergency: it must have been a hollow, a troublesome one, indeed. With her and everyone—Renji, Toshiro, Rangiku, Ikkaku, and, Yumichika—being in the human world to confront the arrancars, she chose to stay with Ichigo and complete the soul reaper duties with one another.

"Come on, Ichigo! Are you listening to me, or not?!"

"Hold on! Just wait a moment, sheesh!"

The orange-haired teen just arrived out of the steamy shower with droplets of sweat mixed with the heat of his skin crawling down his smooth, tan skin. The teen barely had anytime to dress, but he would not stay bare, even in the scorching summer heat. There was already a hollow roaming which was so frustrating—there was never a time to catch a break. He quickly slipped on his shirt, barely having time to dry his soaked, bleached hair. On the other hand, Rukia thought it wasn't any longer before someone got seriously injured. She tried hard to keep her cool in the heat wave while waiting for the—as she thought—sluggish boy, but her impatience was getting the best of her: she rummaged in her pockets for the magical glove and yanked at Ichigo's hair until his soul came out.

"You bitch…" he mumbled under his breath.

"What's that?" Rukia replied in a sarcastic tone as she clung on to his hair with her tight balled-up fists.

"Hey…just hurry up already!"

"Hmph, fine, but I'll get you back later."

Swiftly, the two scurried towards the scene of the disturbing clatters the hollow was assembling at the eventful train station.

"Damn! Can't the fucker calm down?"

Rukia rolled her eyes.

'Dude, it's a hollow!'

They hustled through the trees as they spotted the reckless hollow. Without the approval of Rukia, Ichigo went charging in towards so-called danger.

"Wait! Stop it, Ichigo!"

He simply ignored her as if she were a ghost. He released his shikai form of his zanpakuto, Zangetsu, and swiftly slashed the hollow from its blind spot—the back. Rukia froze completely as she stood aghast at his actions; she never thought he'd be able to defeat the hollow in one strike with someone who has such strong willed incompetence.

"Wow, Ichigo. I'm impressed."

"What the hell are you impressed about? I could do better, you know," countered the teen with a hint of condescension.


"Don't mock me, ya brat!"

"Who's a brat, huh?!"

Instead of enduring the meaningless quarrel, Rukia abruptly punched him in the face incredibly hard using much of her full-strength that he plopped down on the ground head first, knocking him completely unconscious. A mischievous chuckle came out her lips before abandoning him at the train station.


Rukia already went home to Ichigo's closet and sat thinking about him.

'He looked really cool today. I just can't get over that.'

A few hours passed and the dusk was looming over the skies. Still no Ichigo.

"Must've knocked him out too hard."

She snickered as she put on a smirk and sighed.

'He looks so much like Kaien! Except the orange hair…brings back old memories…'

With that, she slowly closed her eyelids and rested soundly until Ichigo returned. A few, short moments later, she heard something pounding through the window. Immediately, her eyes shot out widely: she was frightened at first, so she stayed put, being on her defensive side.

'Wait, could that be Ichigo?'

"I-Ichigo? Is that you?"

The footsteps crept closer to the closet. She couldn't take the suspense anymore, so she roughly slid the closet door open. It was him, but he looked strange. His pupils were surrounded by a thick black, not the usual white. His profile stood directly across from her, not moving a single inch, as if he were trying to find something. He didn't just look strange, but he was acting that way too.

'Wait, is this Ichigo? Was he possessed or some sort of act?'

"Um, are you alright, Ichigo?"

She would forever regret those last words she spoke.