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Summary: Soon after Uther helps his old friend Gaius and his nephew Merlin by moving them into his home he wishes he didn't as not long after Merlin meets his son Arthur their strong pull towards each other is too strong to resist.

Warning: Malexmale. AU. Ygraine alive. Nice Uther.

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Merlin looked around the small flat at all the boxes he and his Uncle, well, Gaius wasn't his Uncle but it is what he always had been to Merlin. He had been living with Gaius since he left school at sixteen three years ago where Gaius had been a scientist at the school.

The school had wanted newer and fresher faces and let Gaius go resulting into him struggling to keep up with the rent. Even though Merlin had gotten himself a part time job it still couldn't cover expenses. Gaius had told Merlin one night that he had rang an old friend of his asking for help.

Gaius came off the phone with a smile on his face promising Merlin everything was to be alright and that his friend Uther and his wife Ygraine were more than happy to take them in, Gaius of course told Uther he couldn't afford to pay him much and Uther knowing Gaius was a proud man offered Gaius certain places where his skills were needed.

He crouched down in front of a large box and wrote on it in marker 'Gaius' books' when a knock sounded at the door. He walked over and opened the door to see two men his age stood there, one was tall wearing faded jeans and a short sleeved top that showed of the size of his arms and the other was same height as Merlin with long wavy dark hair and stubble. "Are you Gaius?" the brunet asked Merlin.

"Do I look like a sixty five year old man?"

"You are Merlin?"


The brunet looked over his shoulder at his friend. "I bet he regrets asking us to come instead of him." he mumbled but Merlin heard.

"Who are you talking about? Who are you?"

"I am Gwaine and this is Percival. We are your Uncle's friend's sons friends."

Merlin frowned whilst trying to work that out. "My Uncles friend Uther you are both friends of Uther's son?"

"Yes." the one called Percival answered. "Arthur, Uther's son was meant to come as well but he is at work all day, we offered to come and help as we know there will be plenty of heavy lifting to do. We bought a van with us, it is downstairs we can load it all up."

"Thank you. Come on in."

By the time Gaius had come home from sorting everything out and tying up any loose ends the flat was empty all apart from a couple of boxes. "Thank you all so much."

"No need to thank us, we are happy to help." Gwaine said, Percival nodding in agreement.

Uther had rang Gaius telling him that he had booked him and Merlin into a nearby hotel for the night before they set off to drive to his tomorrow and hung up the phone before Gaius had the chance to decline.

"Looks like we will be staying at 'The rising sun' for tonight and heading out to Uther and Ygraine's tomorrow."

Merlin nodded and turned to Gwaine and Percival. "Thank you for all your help today."

"It's our pleasure, we will get heading back, we will see you tomorrow to help you unload and then no doubt you will see us a lot as we are always around there with Arthur." Gwaine said as he, along with Percival shook Merlin and Gaius' hands before they both left.

The following day when Gaius and Merlin pulled up outside Uther and Ygraine's house, well, Merlin thought it was a house but it certainly didn't look like one, more like a manor. When Merlin first saw it he wondered how anyone could call this place a house.

"Gaius. Merlin. Welcome to our home. Our home is now yours. We will show you around the main rooms and your rooms and let you wander and see everything else for yourself after you have unpacked." Ygraine said as she hugged Gaius and shook Merlin's hand.

Once Merlin and Gaius had been shown to their rooms which were near each other Uther spoke. "Mine and Ygraine's room is at the bottom of the hall to the left, our son Arthur's is straight facing yours Merlin and even though your rooms each have a private bathroom we have others also one is second door down from yours Merlin and the other is virtually opposite mine and Ygraine's." he explained.

"Dinner is always at six, it is then you shall meet our son and daughter, please feel free to wander around and make yourselves at home." Ygraine smiled as she and Uther walked away leaving Merlin to look around his new room.

Merlin had unfinished packing and wasn't surprised to see it had only just gone noon, he really didn't own that much stuff, he knew Gaius still had loads to unpack but he knew Gaius by now, he would offer to help and Gaius would always say he was better doing it on his own, that way he knew where everything was which would be right where he wanted it to be. That thought in mind, Merlin took Ygraine's advice and began to explore, he opened every door he found unlocked and poked his head inside to check out each room, he had seen a ballroom, a gym, a room that looked like a room at the cinemas a large library a few studies and finally he found the kitchen where he got himself a drink.

Merlin holding the large fridge door open and looking inside of what to have to drink he didn't notice a blond haired man his age walk right past him. The blond in turn not seeing Merlin as he was pulling his top over his head and off as he made his way up to his own room.

Merlin stood up straight, box of fresh orange juice in his hand when he heard the door to the kitchen close. Was someone besides him in here just now? He shook his head and poured himself some juice before placing the box back in the fridge and headed upstairs to his room, stopping by the library on his way.

Twenty minutes later Merlin walked into his room, book in one hand and his juice in the other. He placed his drink down on the table by his bed and laid down on the bed on his side and opened the book up. He had just got halfway down the first page when...

"Who are you and why are you on my bed?" came a voice.

Merlin looked over his shoulder and felt his jaw drop when he saw a blond man his age stood in the doorway which led to the bathroom, a towel around his waist, dripping wet, his hair, though it looked as though it had been rubbed dry there were still parts that were flat on his head that were still wet.

"You must be Arthur." he croaked.

"I must be. And you are?"

Merlin managed to take his eyes from the muscular chest and look into eyes that were as blue as his own. He snapped the book shut and jumped off the bed and picked his drink up. "In the wrong room, sorry." he said and hurried out before Arthur had chance to reply.

Arthur hurried over to his door and opened it in time to see which door the brunet had gone behind. He remembered his father telling him an old friend of his and his nephew was to be moving in with them, he had even sent Gwaine and Percival to help them load up all they had, seeing who would have greeted him Arthur was now kicking himself for not going. So that was Merlin. Arthur smiled and closed his bedroom door once more.

Arthur quickly dried and slipped on the jeans he knew hugged his arse perfectly and leaving the room topless as he made his way over to the room he saw Merlin enter, he raised his hand, about to knock when he heard a faint moan, quietly opening the door Arthur let himself inside.

He looked on the bed and saw the book Merlin had lying open, his drink on the table beside the bed. He moved further into the room to look around and when he heard another moan followed by "Come on" Arthur's head turned towards the bathroom which door was closed except the tiniest gap, smile on his face Arthur moved closer.

Arthur opened the door and smiled when he saw Merlin with his back to him, his jeans and boxer briefs around his thighs, his top so far up showing Arthur his arse, he had one arm up, his hand pressed against the wall his right hand in front of him, getting faster, his head dropped, he smiled when he heard the brunet whisper his name.

He slowly walked up to Merlin and reached out, letting his arms go around the thinner man, smiling when he jumped a little. "Moaning my name?" he whispered into Merlin's ear. "You want me Merlin?" he asked as his hand moved further down and holding Merlin's right hand that was still stroking his cock.

"Oh yes." Merlin breathed, letting his head drop back onto Arthur's shoulder. "Please..."

"Look how hard you are." Arthur whispered into Merlin's ear as he kissed the lobe. "Just from seeing me in a towel." licking the shell of the brunet ear. "Moan for me Merlin, tell me how much you want me, want this." he said as he removed Merlin's hand from his own cock and took over, he lifted his left hand up, his fingers trailing up the brunets neck and to his mouth. "Suck."

Merlin took the fingers into his mouth and started to suck as Arthur said.

Once Arthur felt his fingers were wet enough he moved them down to the back of Merlin, "part your cheeks." he ordered, once Merlin did what he was told, Arthur, using one finger, toyed a little with Merlin's puckered hole, smirking when Merlin pushed back. "Patience..."

"Please..." Merlin turned his head and captured Arthur's lips with his, moaning into his mouth when he felt Arthur's finger breach his entrance.

Arthur slipped his tongue into Merlin's mouth as he added a second finger, his fingers getting faster, fucking Merlin as his hand on the brunet's cock quickened its pace. Arthur pulled back and looked Merlin in the eyes. "Come Merlin." he said as he dropped his head and attached his lips to that pale and slender neck.

When Merlin felt teeth nip him followed by a hot tongue licking his neck he came, shooting his come over Arthur's hand and in the sink. Arthur pulled his fingers out and dropped to his knees and turned Merlin around and began to lick Merlin's cock, cleaning the come of the softening length and his hand.

"Yummy." he said, looking up at Merlin as he pulled his boxer briefs and jeans back up and fastened them as he stood up. "Well I know you like me well enough to wank with thoughts about me seconds after we meet, I know you love being fucked with fingers, I would love to know if you like my cock more. I would also love to know you more."

"And I you." Merlin panted as he slowly got his breath back.

"There is something about you Merlin. Can't quite put my finger on it." Arthur smirked and kissed Merlin once again letting the brunet taste himself. "See you at dinner." he said before leaving.

That night Merlin walked into the dining room and saw Uther sat at the head of the table, Ygraine the other end facing him, Gaius sat on Uther's right, Morgana sat on his left facing Gaius, Arthur between Morgana and his mum leaving Merlin to sit in the only empty seat; the one facing a smirking Arthur.

"Ah Merlin there you are." Ygraine said, smiling when Merlin smiled back as he sat down. "This is our daughter Morgana."

Merlin smiled and reached across the table to shake her hand.

"And our son Arthur."

Arthur reached over and took Merlin's hand in his shaking it and keeping hold of it when their hands stilled. "We've met." Arthur said, watching Merlin, both of them missing the smirk Ygraine and Morgana sent each other.

It was half way through the meal and Merlin had had enough, not of the food, he couldn't get enough of the food. It was Arthur, if he wasn't playing footsie with him under the table he made to reach for the same things Merlin did, making sure their hands touched, smiling when Merlin would apologise and draw his hand back. Now it was his turn.

Merlin let his foot slowly make its way up Arthur's leg, smiling when he felt Arthur part his legs. He looked across the table at Arthur who narrowed his eyes slightly as if daring him to do more... Merlin did dare.

He pushed his foot further up and let it rest against Arthur's clothed cock, he waited until the blond had chewed his food and was about to swallow when he pressed hard with his foot making Arthur lean forwards and choke, Morgana hitting him on the back.

"Thank you Morgana." he said after taking a drink of his water.

"Go down wrong hole son?" Uther asked.

"Something like that." he answered, not taking his eyes off Merlin who looked down at his food with a small smile on his face.

After the meal Merlin had excused himself and thanked Ygraine and Uther for the food before leaving the room and heading to the library, obvious that he was being followed.

He walked into the library and over to the corner where he got his previous book from and reached up on tiptoe to reach a book and froze when he breathed in. He could smell aftershave, the same aftershave he got lost in when he came earlier... Arthur was close by.

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