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Summary: Soon after Uther helps his old friend Gaius and his nephew Merlin by moving them into his home he wishes he didn't as not long after Merlin meets his son Arthur their strong pull towards each other is too strong to resist.

Warning: Malexmale. AU. Ygraine alive. Nice Uther.

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The next day Arthur walked into a coffee shop with his mates. He looked around; it had a long counter with muffins and mini packets of biscuits on it next to a price list. There were so many tables and chairs along with a sofa and a long table in front of it. "What is this place?" Arthur asked.

"Me and Percival come here a lot." Gwaine answered. "You never been?"

"No I don't do coffee shops much. I often get my coffee from one of them mobile canteens on the street, you know, them that sell food as well."

"Really? "Percival asked.

"Yeah. Well it is on the way to work and there is no queue."

"I think you will like this cafe." Gwaine said as he sat at one of the tables with Percival. "We will both have a cappuccino please."

"Hang on why am I paying?"

"You have more money on you. Oh and it is always service with a smile so don't forget to tip."

"Bloody tip." Arthur mumbled as he made his way over to the counter. On the counter there was a small bell with a note. 'Please press bell for service.' Arthur pressed the bell and seconds later a man popped up with a smile on his face.

"Hello handsome what can I get you?"


"The one and only."

"You didn't say you worked here."

"You didn't ask. So, what can I get you handsome?"


"Something that is on the board and not on our minds."

"Sex with me is on your mind?"

"Since I first laid eyes on you. Always."

Arthur smirked. "Three cappuccinos please."

Merlin told Arthur how much and Arthur handed over a ten pound note, their hands lingering until someone behind Arthur cleared their throat.

Merlin sighed and took the money and went to hand Arthur his change but the blond shook his head and closed his hand over the money. "Tip." he said.

Merlin smiled. "We get to keep our own tips. Thank you. I will bring your drinks over."

Arthur smiled and nodded as he moved back over to the table where Gwaine and Percival sat.

"Where are our drinks? Did you just go there and flirt with Merlin?" Gwaine asked.

"No he said he will bring them over."

"They don't normally do that here. Did you tip?" Percival asked.

"Yes." Arthur smiled.

"Here you guys go. Hope you enjoy." Merlin smiled and placed the cups down on the table before leaning into Arthur, "I gave you extra cream." Merlin winked.

Arthur smiled and moved his arm out and ran his hand up the back of Merlin's leg. "Thank you. Is service with a smile all you do?"

"You'll just have to wait and see, I might be able to add to the menu."

"Care to show me a little preview? I'm a very impatient man when it comes to wanting you."

Merlin leaned in so his warm breath was on Arthur's ear, "It involves you me outback getting steamy, and I may even let you suck me off."

Percival choked on his drink whilst Gwaine laughed whilst clapping Percival on the back. "Can I watch?" he asked.

"Sorry mate, I don't do show and tell." Merlin smirked.

"Only I get to see Merlin naked." Arthur growled.

"Well half naked, we'll save completely naked for when we're at home." Merlin winked at Arthur.

"I don't care if you are fully clothed with just your cock hanging out Merlin. No one sees you but me."

"What about listening?" Gwaine asked.

Merlin laughed.

"Well it didn't work out so well for Uther. Poor guy had to learn the hard way just how dirty his son is." Gwaine murmured before looking up. "Didn't Morgana tell you both?"

"No Gwaine, you leave it. Let them find out on their own." Percival warned his boyfriend who merely nodded and began to drink.

Arthur frowned and decided to ignore Gwaine, probably another one of Gwaine's wind up games. He looked up at Merlin. "What time do you finish?"

Merlin looked away from Gwaine and down at Arthur. "I'm having my break right now." Merlin smirked. "Back to work in oh twenty minutes, I think that's long enough for you to get on your knees." Merlin winked.

"Me to get on mine? More like you on yours. Is there someplace we can go?"

Merlin raised his eyebrow. "There may be."

"Well let's go."

Merlin led Arthur to the back exit; he knew it was closed off so no one would see them.

"So you getting on your knees?" Merlin asked smirking.

"Who sucked you this morning? Me. Now it is your turn."

"I'll get on my knees if you tell me why you acted like that back there."

"Like what?"

"Like you don't bottom."

"I do bottom for you Merlin. Did you hear me say the actual words 'I don't bottom' in there?"

"No but you acted like you would never, I'm just saying your friends wouldn't mind, hell if you were sucking me off I'm sure Gwaine would still want to watch."

Arthur looked at Merlin a few seconds before walking over to the exit door, he opened it up and saw Gwaine and Percival still sat at their table. "Hey guys?"

"Yeah?" Gwaine asked.

"I bottom sometimes and love it." he closed the door to a now silent coffee shop and walked back over to Merlin. "There." he said. "Now not only do my mates know but a half full coffee shop."

Merlin smiled. "I think I could easily fall in love with you Pendragon if you're not careful."

"You too Emrys. Well?"

Merlin smirked and dropped to his knees.

Arthur let his head drop back and fingers run through Merlin's short hair as his cock was freed from his jeans and stroked a before he felt it surrounded by wetness as the brunet took him in his mouth. "Yes Merlin." he groaned.

That evening at home they were all sat at the table, all the food laid out before them. Arthur turned to Ygraine. "Why are we waiting?"

"Your father is due home any minute. He rang ten minutes ago to say he was just leaving."

"Is father okay? He hardly looked at me this morning have I upset him."

"Yeah, he didn't say anything to me this morning." Merlin added.

"Uther had a bad night, didn't get much sleep, he kept me up tossing and turning. He is just tired. That's all." Ygraine said smiling at her son and Merlin.

"Did he try hot chocolate? It always works for me." Merlin replied.

"He didn't. But this was more something that was playing on his mind. He has a lot to do at work."

"I'm home, sorry I'm late love." Uther said walking into the kitchen and kissing Ygraine on the cheek.

"Hello love. Feeling better?"

"Some." Uther muttered taking his seat.

"Father have I or Merlin done anything to upset you? Have I made some mistake at work?"

"No no, you're great Arthur. Your work is perfect. As always."

"Mother said it was because you were tired but I'm sorry I don't believe it. I saw you at work today and you have been laughing and joking. I walk in sight and you make a hasty retreat."

"That's because I had work to do son, I do run company. I was just catching up with an old friend while on my rounds, you'll understand one day when you take over from me. It's important to get to know your employees."

"Uther just tell the poor boy the truth or I will." Ygraine said

"I'm telling him the truth love, it is important, helps to keep their loyalty." Uther replied. "Has anyone seen my paper? I never got to read it this morning."

Ygraine stood up from the table and looked at her husband. "You tell them both or I will."

Arthur looked from his mother to his father. What Gwaine murmured in the coffee shop, his eyes widened as he looked at his father. "When you left me yesterday to apologise to Merlin did you come back?"

"I was forced to, I just wanted to read my paper, not have to listen to ... nothing I heard nothing."

"Uther..." Ygraine warned.

"What love, I told them see. He knows. Now how about my paper?"

"You said you heard nothing. Yet you told me you heard him say sorry. Which is it?"

"You know bloody well which one it is woman, you're like dog with a bone, drop it. I do not wish to talk about our sons ... you know what any longer." Uther got up from his chair and stormed out of the room.

"Merlin if father heard me say sorry he also heard..."

"Poor guy, you were pretty loud."

"Me? What about you with your 'scream for me Arthur'." Arthur asked, both them seeming to forget that Morgana was smirking whilst watching, Ygraine started to put her dinner out and Gaius was looking anywhere but Arthur and Merlin.

"Yes but if you hadn't been rude he wouldn't heard." Merlin replied.

"If you would have opened the door like I asked you to in the first place he would have heard me apologise and not come back and hear more than he bargained for."

"Um boys?" Ygraine asked.

"So you wanted me to open the door and flash your father?"

"You could have stripped after I was in the room, after I apologised."

"Boys!" Ygraine yelled. "You are not alone in this argument, might I suggest you eat and then take it elsewhere or take it elsewhere now and eat later."

Arthur blushed a little and started to pile food onto his plate.

"Sorry Ygraine." Merlin smiled.

"That's alright dears. I am not as embarrassed as much as poor Gaius here." she said, patting the old man on the shoulder.

"I am alright Ygraine. I actually prefer this Merlin. It's a whole new side of him. He used to be so shy and quiet until we moved here."

"What can I say; Arthur brings it out in me." Merlin laughed.

"I am just glad you are happy my boy. I know your parents will be happy to know you have found someone who makes you happy when they get back." Gaius said, making Merlin smile as they all continued to eat.

Arthur had just finished getting dressed for bed when he heard his door open, turning he found Merlin standing there smiling at him.

"Hey, shouldn't you be in your room?" Arthur asked.

"We didn't finish our talk." Merlin replied.

"I know. Merlin I'm sorry for blaming you. We were both to blame." Arthur walked over to Merlin and smiled as he put his arms around him. "I just don't get what it is with you that has me wanting to touch you all the time."

Merlin laughed. "Arthur I was never like this before, what are you doing to me?"

"Me either, sure I have been out with others before but after seeing them once I wasn't itching to see them, watch them, touch them or kiss them again."

"Or bottom, don't forget one. You never did tell me why I was so special?"

Arthur sighed. Here it comes. He thought. "Merlin I have only been with one man and that is you."

"But you suck cock like a pro, I mean you don't act like you have no idea what you're doing, no wait that came out wrong." Merlin sighed. "What I mean to say is you don't come across as never having been with a man before."

"I just did to you what I would love to have done to me." Arthur kissed him and started to suck on Merlin's neck, pulling away after a few minutes, smiling at the red mark on the brunet's neck. "Come to bed with me and have some hot make up sex?"

"Aw our first fight." Merlin laughed. "Arthur, I've only been with two guys and one of them was you, but I swore the next time I slept with anyone it would be because I was feeling a hell of a lot more than lust, Arthur I promised myself that the next guy I took to bed, would be the guy I loved."

"The next guy was me Merlin. You fell in love with me after three days?"

"It was more like love at first sight." Merlin smiled.

"What can I say? I am very lovable. I love you too Merlin."

Merlin smiled and threw his arms around Arthur's neck and kissed him passionately.

Uther sighed as he slowly made his way to Arthur's room, Ygraine was right, he needed to apologise to his son and Merlin. He reached Arthur's door and saw the light shining out from the gap at the bottom, Arthur was still awake. He opened the door and froze when he saw his son in his boxer briefs and t-shirt, Merlin in the same, lips locked in a passionate kiss as they were tugging at each other's tops, neither of them aware the door had just opened and that they now had an audience. Uther quickly and quietly closed the door again and shook his head. "I give up."

Ygraine looked up when Uther entered their room. "Well?"

"They were 'busy' if you know what I mean. I will apologise in the morning."

Merlin pulled away from Arthur when breath was needed. "Was someone in here just now?" he panted.

"Who cares." Arthur answered, pulling the man he loves closer to him to kiss him passionately once more.

The end.

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