This is a two shot, I got the inspiration from a song I heard in a clothing store a couple of months back and I just couldn't get the idea out of my head. The song is 'Gloria' by Junkie XL feat Datarock.

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You don't know what she saw in you. But apparently there was something, because otherwise she wouldn't have ended up in your bed. Naked and sweaty and wild. She had that thing where she could be sweet and cute in one second, and then the next she had you slammed against the wall, and like an animal ravished you until you could neither walk nor talk.

First time you saw her, she was sweet sixteen. You were driving home from the store when you noticed her. Her hair shone in the sun and reminded you of pure gold. She was beautiful like a butterfly. Prettier than anybody you had ever seen before. She never saw you, you disappeared before she could.

She had been standing on her driveway, bending over a red Harley, when you drove by. Her shorts were red, worn and dirty. You actually didn't see much of her face; you only got a glimpse of it. Still, you couldn't keep your eyes away. She managed to hypnotize you with only her body without even being in touching distance to you. There was just something about her, something fierce, that you instantly liked.

You had never seen her before, so you guess she was new around town. Your village was small and you knew pretty much everyone. It's hard not to notice a newcomer around here.

You didn't have the courage to stop the car that day and walk up to her; you aren't that girl who just starts talking to people you don't know.

It was only later, when you were alone in your bedroom, sitting by your window and smoking a cigarette, that you started thinking about how you should have approached her. You should have put on some lipstick, left your car and confidently marched up to her. You should have asked her to go to the movies with you, or asked her if she liked Breadstix. You would've taken her there. You would have taken her pretty much anywhere to be honest.

You drove by her house three times that week, but you were never lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the girl again. You ignored the nagging words in your head calling you pathetic. You ignored the feeling of desperation and disappointment when you thought about never seeing her again. You're never desperate, nor pathetic.


Second time you saw her, she was all grown up. You were on a break from college and you were home to visit your parents. First, you didn't recognize her. She had matured, in all kinds of ways. Her hair was longer and blonder from the sun, her body was fit. And as your eyes fell down her legs, you knew that she must have been working out a lot. The shirt that barely covered her stomach left you breathless and in the need for more. More to look at, more to touch.

It was more than four years ago you saw her for the first time. When she was standing in her driveway with sun kissed skin and red shorts. Four years is a long time. But she never left your mind. She's always been there in the back of your head, and each time you're finding yourself making out with a girl at college, an image of her is popping up in your head. It's annoying. How she's never able to leave you alone.

You don't understand why she had to make such an impression on you. You didn't even talk to her. You didn't even look at her for more than a minute.

Sometimes you're mad at her for invading your thoughts.

Sometimes you just feel like returning to her house, knock on her door and woo her with purple flowers and dark chocolate. But that would only be creepy.

So you stuck with just thinking about her.

This time, you see her at the beach.

She's playing beach volleyball with some guys. You recognize her immediately. Even though you keep telling yourself that it's impossible. That you shouldn't be able to tell it's her.

It's been four years. You didn't even see her whole face.

You're crazy.

You're so creepy. But the more you look at her, the more sure you get.

Your friends are already putting their stuff down on the beach, spreading their towels onto the warm sand and opening bottles of red wine. You're glad they're not noticing how you've stopped walking. They'd tease you. Make you go up to her and talk. You're not gonna talk to her.

You feel like such a creep.

Your friends want you to get a girlfriend. They say your life style isn't healthy. And that you can't hook up with a new girl every weekend. You tell them they can't drink wine every day, but they won't listen to you. You think they're unhealthy. You're fine.

They don't know about your creepiness. And they won't ever know. You're even too ashamed to admit it to yourself.

It's just something about her. Something that has made you remember her for four years.

And now she's here, right in front of you. Being more glorious than ever.

But you compose yourself as best as you can. You put your towel on the sand. Blaine gives you the bottle and you take a sip from it making him scrunch up his nose. He's too prudish. When he instead gives you a red plastic cup, you ignore him and take one more sip from the bottle.

He only sighs, knowing it's a lost battle.

Quinn tells you to lie down and relax and you quickly counter with, "I am relaxed".

The lift of her eyebrow tells you everything.

You know you're on edge. You feel it in your whole body. But having her, this close to you, being able to both hear and see her… It makes you feel nervous, and like you're seeing an old friend for the first time in years. You can't even be sure it's her, but everything inside you indicates that it is her. Though she has no idea of who you are, or that you more than sometimes, like to imagine how it'd be to kiss her.

Seeing her body twist and bend, when she catches and smashes the ball. It's affecting you.

And it's making your toes tingle.


When her friends leave the beach, you're disappointed. It means she'll leave with them. It means that you can't look at her anymore, that you actually have to focus your gaze somewhere else. Because for the past half an hour, you've been busy letting your eyes follow her every move.

You keep watching as she packs up her stuff. You keep your gaze on her face, watching as her eyebrows twitch when she can't find something. And then her mouth slowly forms into an 'o-shape' when she picks up a phone from underneath a sports bag. Her friends walk past you, only ten meters away from your towel. She trails behind, taking her time drawing patterns with her toes in the sand.

You ravish in this moment as much as you can, because you know that this won't happen again. You won't see her one more time. This was a once in a lifetime experience and you decided to only watch her from a distance. Again.

So when she passes your towel, you look up at her face.

You're not counting on what will happen next.

You weren't expecting it. You just wanted to look at her one last time.

But as you're gazing at her face, her eyes shift. And suddenly they meet yours.

You're stunned. You're breathless. And if you weren't laying down already, your knees would have made sure you were now. Her gaze doesn't waver. She even slows down a bit, and for a moment, you're only looking at each other.

When you search her face, you see that the corner of her lips starts to stretch upwards. You look into her eyes again, and she's smiling at you.

You just keep holding her gaze. You're not sure if you're smiling or not. You have no idea what you're doing. The only thing you know is that her eyes are the deepest blue you've ever seen.


She keeps looking at you, but then she starts to walk away again. The eye contact felt like it was going on forever, even though it was probably only for a split second. But she kept smiling, even as she was walking away. You know that she was smiling, because you were watching her.

As you've been doing a lot.

You seem to be really great at staring. Especially when it comes to her. You've spent approximately 40 minutes of your life looking at this girl.

And you've spent approximately four years, thinking, imagining, and dreaming of things that involve her and her body.

You need to stop being lame. You need to get a life, and perhaps even a girlfriend.

Your friends would be proud.


Third time you see her it's only a couple hours later.

You thought you'd never see her again. You were wrong. You were so wrong.

She's walking in to the bar. You're sitting in a booth with Quinn and Blaine. And Quinn's friend Jim back from High School. You think they're trying to get your attention. But you wouldn't know. You only have one thing on your mind. And that is what is right in front of you. She's moving delicately towards the bar, earning whistles and stares from guys around the smoky bar. They're checking her out like she's their pry and you can't help but send them all daggers. You faintly hear how she orders a tequila and you watch as she bends over the bar, making guys whistle some more. You can see that she likes the attention. She winks at the bartender and trails her fingertips over his knuckles when he hands her the drink. You roll your eyes because everyone in here seems to notice her beauty. That makes everything so much harder and more complicated for you. Even Blaine seems to have a hard time closing his mouth when he sees her.

You stay in the booth for another ten minutes before you officially lose it.

There're just too many people here. And those people are getting on your nerves. You didn't expect to feel this way.

So freaking pissed at people trying to flirt with her. So you stand up, and you decide to finally walk up to her.

"Ey, where're you goin'?"

You shift your head backwards and you see Quinn looking at you like you're being weird. You probably are. But you don't care. As long as people stop being all over her.

"The bar," you state and she nods her head slowly. She's taken a few shots, her eyes are blank and her gaze is wild. Blaine, though, seems sober enough to take care of her. So you leave them at the booth.

You lean against the bar and order a Tequila. Because you couldn't think of anything else. This girl is seriously taking up way too much space in your head and you can't even control it.

You don't really have a plan. You weren't thinking any longer than walking up to the bar, take her away from all these guys and make her yours.

Though your confidence starts to waver and you feel like maybe, it isn't that easy. So you drink your tequila. And listen as she continues to flirt with people who try desperately to make her laugh. It's pathetic.

But then you scoff. Because you're even more pathetic. You've dreamt about a girl for four years and now she's here. Not even three meters away, and you just stand there, sipping your drink.

You're the pathetic one. They are actually trying.

So you swallow the little you have left in your glass, and then you stumble in the direction of blond hair and blue eyes.

You come to a stop right next to her, and your vision is a bit blurry, but you see her clearly.

You're just about to knock on her shoulder to get her attention, when she turns around.

Your breath hitches and you suddenly feel like you're not going to be able to talk like you kind of planned to do.

She makes it easy for you though. She says, "Hi", and your heart flutters at the words spoken towards you. It was only a 'hi', but for you, it was so much more.

"Hey," you respond. She smiles at you and you feel so awkward. You didn't plan on what to say to her. You just know that you won't tell her how you saw her four years ago and that you can't stop thinking about her.

"I was waiting on you to come up to me."

You snap your eyes up to her face. She's still smiling at you, almost as if she thinks you're cute.

You open your mouth, but nothing comes out.

You swallow hard and take a deep breath.

"You were waiting?"

She giggles.

She freaking giggles at you and you would be so embarrassed if it weren't for the fact that she was actually waiting for you to come and talk to her.

"I saw you at the beach. I would have stayed and talked, but we were in a hurry."

Your mouth feels dry again. It wasn't only you who felt it. She must have felt some connection when your eyes met too.

"I saw you four years ago," you blurt out.

And you want to punch yourself so hard because sometimes you're just so smooth.

She giggles again. Oh, that giggle.

"Are you drunk?" She smiles at you and you don't know if it's the alcohol or some confidence that you randomly regained but you wink at her.

"On you, yeah."

She snorts, but continues to smile. She's looking at you like she's trying to figure you out.

You allow her. You allow her to see you, search you. You want her to find whatever she's looking for.

You usually don't do that. You usually shut down and push them away. But there's something about her that makes you so desperate. Desperate for her to see you, and appreciate and like you.

You're so lame.

But when she lowers her voice and leans closer to your face, whispering "I like you," you forgive yourself for being so pathetic.


She buys your next drinks. When she asks you what you'd like and you quickly blurt, "Tequila," she smiles at you again. Like she's trying to figure you out. But like she's amused by your words, like she thinks you're cute but a little weird.

You like that look. You like that smile. You think you actually like everything about her. As long as it's directed towards you.

"Cheers," she says as you clinks your glasses together.

You wink at her, again, before you take a sip.

You see how her face flushes. And you feel proud of yourself for making her blush. Even though it was only a wink.

She asks you what people you were on the beach with, and you tell her they were your friends.

"So, no boyfriend? Girlfriend?" She's smiling at you a bit timidly.

Your heart flutters. "No," you say, confidently. She grins, but hides it behind the rim of the glass. "What about you?"

"Single," she says and you nod your head.

"Good," you say and she giggles again.

"And why is that so good?"

"Uh…" you gulp. Maybe you're not on the same page here. Maybe she's not thinking of this the same way you are. "I just, thought, maybe…" You trail off, not knowing what to say.

Maybe she's entirely straight. And she was just looking for a friend in you. You're a little disappointed. But you'd still be anything for her. Even if it's just a friend.

"Hey, relax, I was kidding." She smiles and you breathe a sigh of relief.

"Oh," you say and she just keeps smiling.


You buy her the next drink. And somehow, the longer you talk to each other, the closer you get. You don't know if it's the loud music that makes her lean into your ear every time she has to tell you something, or just because she likes being close to you.

Because you know that she likes your caramel skin, she keeps touching your arm and the visible skin between your shorts and the end of your shirt, but you're not complaining. And each time she looks down your shirt, when she thinks you're not looking at her, your stomach flips in the most pleasant way. She leans in closer and you can feel her hot breath at the shell of your ear. For a split second, you think that she was gracing her lips against your skin, but you could've been dreaming. You stand still, your hand gripping the glass on the bar counter. You can't move when she's this close to you.

"You smell nice." You think you're fainting but you're not sure. You grip the glass tighter, closing your eyes harder. You hold your breath, just waiting on being woken up from this unrealistic dream. She's still close to you, and when you open your eyes again, she's smirking at you. "Would you like to go somewhere more private?"

Your breath hitches and you heart starts racing and the next thing you know, she's naked in your bed.


Her lips feel like magic. You don't know how else to describe them. She's kissing every part of your body, dragging her lips along your dark skin.

You feel her back arch into you body. Her hips roll against yours, making you pant against her lips. Her fingers are long and slender and when they start to move inside you, your jaw drops and your hips buck upwards. She licks at your skin, tasting you in the most pleasant way. You touch her back, your nails digging into her shoulder blades, urging her to move faster. She picks up the pace and your head flies back, resting against the pillows. Your skin flares, your shallow breathes get more desperate. Her lips make your stomach do flips. She whimpers when you move your hips faster. And she kisses your face. Her lips move from your cheek, to your jaw line, to your plump lips. You feel light headed like this could be a dream. Like this doesn't happen. What you're feeling, how she's making you feel. It never happens. Not to you.

Her blond hair is wild and it tickles your skin when she moves. You braid your fingers through it, making her kiss you harder and faster. Her tongue licks at yours, tasting you in a delicate way.

You've dreamt, and imagined this moment for so long. And all your fantasies could never make the reality justice.

There's a moan tumbling from her lips that hits your ear. Pleasure curses through your body. Stars appear and you hold her close, biting into her collarbone. She moves with you, her fingers buried deep inside you. You clench around her, making her breathes deep and fast. You arch you back and squeeze your eyes shut as you stumble over the edge.

She holds you close and you feel hot and wet in her embrace. You heart is still racing and your breaths are still quick.

You feel warm and wet lips on your neck. It tingles and you curl your toes. Her lips are so soft. And so delicious.

When you open your eyes, she's hovering above you. Her eyes are dark but still so blue and her lips are red and puffs of air are leaving her mouth. You drink her in. Her scent of sweet strawberries and vanilla, the blueness of her eyes, the wild look and the tousled hair.

Your heart starts beating faster and you try to calm it before she notices but it's too late. She's feeling it against her own chest. She smiles at you. It's genuine and sweet, and you smile back.


When you wake up the next day with white sheets covering only half of your naked body, you frown.

But then everything comes crashing back. And in the course of only a few seconds, you feel everything you felt last night come back, at once.

Your heart is racing, your lips are tingling, and your whole body is squirming. You feel warm and wet and the memory of her lips on you is making your head dizzy with pleasure.

But then you open your eyes, and you look to your left.

There's no one there. She's not here. She left you.

There's suddenly a coldness spreading through your body, starting at your heart.

You've waited four years, and when you finally get her, she leaves.

You shuffle out of bed, because there's still that lingering feeling of hope, that maybe she just went to the bathroom, or to the kitchen.

And then there's the feeling of panic. That if she actually went to the kitchen, that she encountered your parents. They told you they'd be gone last night but they'd surely be back now. The clock is one in the afternoon.

You sprint out of bed but you don't come longer than to the door.

There's a note on the floor, right by the door. You frown but then sleepily bend down and pick it up. You unfold the piece of paper and start to read.

There's a 'Call me' written with a squiggly handwriting, and below that is a phone number.

There's no name, or anything else.

But you instantly smile. Because she didn't entirely leave you.


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