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"Um," you grip the phone tighter and take a deep breath. "Hey."

There's silence for a while and it's long enough for you to be hesitant and regretful about your decision to call this number.

"Hi," the voice then says and you feel the corners of your mouth twitch because her voice reminds you of how amazing she felt on top of you. You clear your throat:

"It's…" you realize she doesn't know your name. You didn't entirely think this through. Why don't you ever think things through? You squeeze your eyes shut, willing yourself to get a grip. "You left me your number," you hold your breath. "On the floor."

You can hear how she's breathing and you picture her holding the phone really close to her mouth. "Oh!" you hear as she releases a breath and you think she knows who she's talking to now. "Hi."

You smile, "Hey."

There's silence again and you wonder if you should say something more or if she's the one who should say something. You were the one who called but she left her number after all…

"So…" she draws out and you bite your lip.

"So…" You didn't intend for this to be so awkward. Somehow you thought that this would be easy. She would be her flirty self and you would be your usual badass self and you'd offer her to come over again or something. Something other than awkward silence. Sometimes your confidence decides to leap out of your body and this is one of those moments.

Suddenly she speaks up, "You wanna do something?"

You gulp, "Sure."

"Meet me in ten? At The Bean?"

You nod your head because that sounds great. When she says 'Hello?' you realize you haven't verbally answered her and she can't see how you're frantically nodding through the phone.

"Yes." You nod your head some more, because, why not? "Yes, that sounds great. See you!"

And then you hang up, because apparently, the conversation ended there.

Sometimes you seriously question your social skills.

You rush to get ready. Because she said ten minutes and it takes you at least seven minutes to get to The Bean. You didn't think about telling her that, since your head stops working when it's really needed.


You run up to the café with sweating hands while trying to lock your car over your shoulder. When you hear the usual 'beep' that comes after locking, you keep sprinting towards the entrance.

You're fifteen minutes late because you couldn't decide on what clothes to wear. You're embarrassed and when you see her sitting at one of the tables, you keep sprinting towards her.

"I am so sorry!"

You're panting and you have to place your hand on the table to steady yourself. When you don't hear anything in response, you lift your head, slowly, expecting a scowl or anything but what you really see.

She's smiling.

Like you're not fifteen minutes late and like she hasn't already finished her coffee a long time ago.

"Thought it was weird that you accepted to meet me in ten minutes. I've been here the entire afternoon but you don't live that close, right?"

"Uh," you stare at her, "No."

She keeps smiling and you keep melting. Her smile makes you weak and you can't really understand why she's being so happy. If you were her, you would have been pissed.

She tells you to sit down so you do. You keep looking around nervously and you find a napkin beside you that you pick up. You need to have something to do with your sweating hands.

You don't know why you're nervous but you think it might have something to do with the fact that she's staring at you from across the table. You clear your throat numerous times and you try to come up with stuff to talk about but your brain is blank. Your brain is usually not this blank. You're starting to get a little scared that it's lost its competence forever, but you think this is only something that happens in company with this girl in front of you.

After a while, you can't really take the silence anymore. And more importantly, you can't take the way she keeps staring at you.

"What's your name?" you blurt, "I mean, so I know what name to put next to your number in my phone."

You could have said something cooler, but you're proud of yourself for uttering words at all.

"It's Brittany."

"Okay, cool." You bob your head up and down, fidgeting with the napkin in your hands.

"And you're Santana, right?"

You frown. You're pretty sure you didn't tell her your name yesterday. "Yeah, how did you know?"

Brittany shrugs, still not breaking her gaze away from your face.

"There was a diploma from a swim contest on your wall, so I just assumed." You keep staring at her like you still don't get it. "I mean I wasn't creeping through your stuff or anything, it was just hanging there. And I was searching for some paper and a pen so I could write you that note. I wasn't prying. You have really cool sheets by the way. I've always wanted to get Spiderman sheets. Do you remember where you bought them?"

You stare at all for a while longer, trying to get her words to make sense in your head.

"Uh, no. I think I got them for Christmas or something."

"Oh, okay. Cool."

You bob your head up and down again, probably looking like a retarded zombie. It's quiet again so you open your mouth, and you keep talking.

"I don't really use them anymore. I got those, like, years ago. I mean, that was my room in my parent's house that you were in. I've moved out. I go to collage now. I usually don't sleep with Spiderman." You suck your lips into your mouth. "Sheets. Spiderman sheets," you say as an afterthought.

Brittany smiles at you, resting her chin in the palm of her hand on the table.

"I don't usually sleep with Spiderman either. He's a little too cocky for my taste."

You clear your throat, "Right."

"So, you wanna go on a date with me, or what?"

Your eyes widen and your jaw drops open. She's not very shy.

"So… This isn't a date?"

She purses her lips, "Well… it could be, if you want it to be."

"I think I want it to be."

Brittany nods her head. "Okay, cool."

Brittany stares at you for a while before she says: "Do you wanna order anything?"

Right. Yes. Order.

You order a coffee and Brittany makes a disgusted face when you tell her you like it black. Brittany orders another coffee and when the waitress gives it to her, she pours milk up to the brim and then she empties the container of sugar into her cup. It was your turn to make a disgusted face. She just laughed.


"Wait, so you would choose owning a cat over getting free cake for a year?"


"All the cake you want? For a whole year?"

"A cat is way better, Santana."

You look at her sceptically and she looks back at you amusedly.

The remaining coffee in your cup is cold and forgotten. You're leaning your elbows on the table as you're discussing cats and cakes and you've lost yourself in her eyes. About half an hour ago a waitress came over to your table and asked if you wanted to order dinner. Apparently it was already time for that. You declined though, you had to go home soon, you promised to eat with your parents tonight.

But then Brittany told you how pretty your nose is and you instantly forgot about parents and dinner plans.

"You obviously haven't eaten my mom's chocolate cake if you're choosing cat over cake."

You cross your arms over your chest because this subject is close to your heart. Brittany snorts but the nods her head.

"No, obviously I haven't." She smiles a lopsided smile and you crack a grin. "Maybe I get to taste it some time?" she picks up the spoon and stirs in her nonexistent coffee as she rubs her neck subtly with her other hand. You keep smiling because her cheeks flush and you've never seen anything cuter.

You bite your lip, "Yeah, maybe."


She takes you out to the movies a week later. You've been texting nonstop since that coffee date, it's mostly just innocent texts like what you're doing and how annoying your parents can be. But sometimes she sends you texts that describe, pretty thoroughly, what she would like to do to you when you meet again. Those texts make you both excited and nervous. You sit next to her in the theatre now and she keeps stroking your thigh the whole time. You have a hard time focusing on what Tom Cruise is talking about and it doesn't make it any easier when she leans in closer and tilts her head.

Her lips make contact with the skin on your neck and your eyes roll to the back of your head. She places open mouthed kisses to your jaw line and right under your ear. When the credits roll and you proceed to get out of the theatre, you feel that familiar stickiness in your panties.

She drives you home on her motorcycle and you hold on tight. Only because you might fall off. And die. Not because her body is warm and you like holding her.

You follow her up to her porch and she waves her arm in front of the door. "This is me," she says as she lets out a sigh and you look into her eyes. You're standing close to each other and you keep your hands in the pockets of your green fake–military jacket.

She doesn't say anything, and neither do you. You just keep looking at each other, and when she takes a step closer to you, you bite the corner of your lip. She's so close you could just lean in and your lips would meet. Her eyes travel across your face and then they stay on your lips and your breath hitches in your throat. You poke your tongue out and wet your lips as she keeps staring and then she leans in closer. You take one of your hands out of the pocket and tug at her jacket. She leans her forehead against yours and you tilt your head, feeling her breath against your lips. You breathe in shakily through your mouth. Even though you've kissed her before, you're so thrilled and excited to feel them again. To taste her cherry ChapStick and get those tingles.

Suddenly you feel them brush against you. You hear how she gasps as your lips meet. She pulls back and then takes your bottom lip in between hers and you grip her jacket tighter. Your eyes flutter close and your stomach flutters. You tilt your head and massage her lips with your, holding her closer. You feel a hand on your neck and you need to press your eyelids together so you won't make any embarrassing sounds.

When she opens her mouth and slowly lets her warm and wet tongue touch your upper lip, you shudder with pleasure.

You open your mouth wider and then your tongues collide and you whisper "Brittany…" in between shaky breathes. She braids her fingers through your hair and you kiss her deeper.

And you make out until someone clears their throat behind you.

When you whip your head around you find a guy standing in her driveway, looking all kinds of amused. You weren't prepared for that, so you quickly pull yourself away from Brittany and take a step back.

"Saam," Brittany whines next to you and you scratch your neck while nervously looking down onto the ground.

The guy just chuckles as he makes his way past you and unlocks the front door.


It turns out that it's Brittany's older brother. He has dirty blond hair and sun kissed skin and Brittany looks like him a lot. His name is Sam and his nice.

He invites you in and you look at Brittany, expecting her to tell her brother that he doesn't have to invite you in. But when Brittany only looks at you with pleading eyes and a small smile, you sheepishly follow them through the door.

Brittany's brother gives you a glass of wine and as you take a sip, he asks you about your life. You tell him that you're staying with your parents at the moment and he asks you, "How long will you stay here?"

You take a sip of your wine. "Over summer. I'll go back to collage in a couple of weeks."

"Cool, where do you go to collage?"

"New Jersey."

"Oh really?" Sam looks surprised. "Brittany will start collage there when summer's over."

You look to Brittany and she's smiling shyly at you. You clear your throat and smile back.

"Cool," you say and Brittany smiles wider.


"Your brother's cool," you say as you flop down onto Brittany's bed later that night.

She's standing across the room, her back against you, fidgeting with some CDs. "Yeah," she agrees as soft music starts to play from the stereo. She walks over to you and you move a little so she can sit down beside you.

"He's pretty goofy, but really sweet."

"My brother's mostly just annoying," you say. It's true. But he's only fifteen so maybe he'll get better when he gets a little older.

Brittany giggles and you turn your head so that you can look at her face. She's so pretty. You can't really understand how someone can be so pretty. A lot of people are hot or sexy, but Brittany's different. She's beautiful, like you've never seen anyone else be, ever before.

Brittany smiles mischievously, "Do you want to make out again?"

You snort, because you adore her straightforwardness. It's refreshing. You know that if it was anyone else, you would be creeped out by the bluntness. But there's something about her that just makes it work.

You nod your head. "Sure. Now?"

"Yeah, I've kind of wanted to kiss you again ever since Sam interrupted us before."

You bite your lip to hide your smile. "Yeah, me too," you say and she smiles too.

So you pull her closer by her shirt and then your lips crash together.


You wanna come over tonight? Nobody's home…;)

After getting that text from Brittany a couple of minutes ago, you quickly shut your computer and threw yourself into your car.

Now you're standing outside her house again and you still can't really believe that you're here. This only happened in your fantasy, and now it's your reality. You thought you'd never ever talk to her. She would always be that really hot girl in the driveway that you developed a hopeless and lame crush on. She was like a famous person you're constantly wanting but never getting.

And now you're here. Knocking on her door. Because she invited you here.

Suddenly the door swings open and she's smiling brightly at you before she envelopes you in a hug.

"Hey Santana!"

"Hi." You kiss her on the cheek because you feel brave. Her eyes glisten and you feel yourself melting under her gaze again. She always does that. It's like she's the sun and you're a chocolate bar that that turns into mush when she shines. (Which is always).

She's cooked dinner. There's pizza and candlelight and you feel how your chest swells with warmth.

She looks so proud when she says that she cooked it herself so when you see the pizza cardboard container on the kitchen counter, you decide not to say anything.

Instead you sit down and when she pours you wine, you decide to tell her something you've been thinking about a lot lately. Something you feel like she should know. Even though you'll be embarrassed.

"You know… I think I saw you before." You start off slowly because you don't want to scare her off this fast into your relationship.

She takes a big bite of her pizza, before she answers. "When?"

You take a big gulp from your wine glass.

"Back when I went to high school here…"

She stops eating and you meet her gaze.


"You were in your driveway. With a motorbike."

She stares at you with her pizza slice midair. She doesn't bring it to her lips; instead she puts it down onto the plate again.

"At this house?"


She looks at you like she's trying to figure out how that occurred. "Oh," she says again and you suck your lips into your mouth.

"You were bending over your motorbike and I drove by with my car." You purse your lips, "I remember how I thought you were super pretty."

Well, that was an understatement.

She bites her lip and you try to hide your blush by looking down onto your plate.

But just because you can't shut up when you're uncomfortable, you keep talking.

"I saw you for just a minute. You kind of… I mean, like. I've thought about you a lot. You were really beautiful and I couldn't really get the image of you out of my mind. It was like four years ago, but I kept thinking about you."

You take in a deep breath through your nose and then you dare to look up at her face.

She's wearing a crooked smile and your cheeks heat up. You shake your head, "That sounded so creepy, I'm sorry." You shake your head at yourself, you're such a creep.

Her face breaks into a full grin now and she laughs airily.

"Actually, that's pretty cute."

You breathe out a laugh and she smiles wider.

"You should've have stopped your car. I would've definitely taken you on a ride with my bike." She winks and you die.


When you're sitting in her sofa a while later, with wine glasses and candles, she can't keep her hands to herself. And you're not complaining. You haven't done anything more than making out ever since the first night you met. And it's been like two weeks since you touched her like that. You didn't think you'd say this ever, but, you're kind of craving her.

So when she pulls you up from the couch and leads you to the bedroom, you follow willingly.

It starts out slowly. You're kissing on her bed, there are hands wandering underneath shirts but still kind of innocent.

It's when you hear a muffled moan next to your ear that you can't take it slowly anymore.

Soon your hips thrust upwards and your hands find her boobs. She quickly follows and soon the kissing gets rougher.

She's rocking into to you with her hips and the bed is making noises when she moves but you can't think about anything else than how she's making you feel. You're breathing so hard and the bed keeps hitting the wall. You know the neighbours will probably hear. But you can't even bother. You grip her shirt and you pull her down so she's lying flush against you. Her boobs press against yours. Your body is throbbing so hard and it feels like your heart has fallen down between your legs. The moisture there is making your hips buck up into hers and you moan when she breathes against your cheek. She keeps thrusting her hips and you don't think you can take it any longer. She's making your head dizzy and everything is so warm.

You're not even naked and she still manages to push you over the edge. You breathe hard against her neck as she strokes your hair to calm you down.

"You're pretty amazing," you tell her and she kisses you as to tell you 'you too'.


It's a week later that you're sitting in your room with her and you're smoking by the window.

"You should stop that. You'll die and I don't want you to die."

You snort. Because you won't die. It's only cigarettes.

"Seriously," she says and you quickly realize that she's now standing next to you. "You should quit."

She's staring at your eyes and you suddenly feel how the cigarette is taken away from your hand. Before you have time to protest she's putting out your cig and then throws it out the window.

"Brittany! What the hell!"

"And the others too. Throw them away."

She keeps glaring at you, "I won't kiss you anymore if you don't quit."

After a few seconds of a staring competition, you sigh and roll your eyes. As you're handing over your package of cigarettes to her, she smiles at you.

"Good girl." She says and you glare at her.

"I've been smoking since I was fifteen, Brittany. I can't just stop."

"I'll help you," she says softly. "Plus, if you've been smoking for that long, it's definitely time to stop now."

She sits down next to you on the window sill and you look at her as she keeps smiling at you. She always smiles. She always stays positive, whatever happens. You admire that, even though you're the complete opposite.

"You know…" she says suddenly, while patting your knee. "When we started talking at that bar, I kinda knew you'd be my soulmate."

Your heart swells and you can't help the big smile that takes over your whole face. That's another thing, she always makes you smile. Doesn't matter how sad or pissed you are, she always makes you happy.

"I realized that four years ago," you joke. Though it's not really a joke. She laughs but you know that she knows that you're kind of serious.

You clear your throat, before looking into her eyes.

"I thought, maybe, as we'll go to collage in the same state, we could you know, live together, be roommates… We'll save money… and shit." You take a deep breath, "You in?"

You try not to display just how nervous you are to hear her answer. You don't want to come off as too desperate to keep her near you when summer's over and you don't want her to think you're moving forward too fast.

"You're asking me to move in with you?" Brittany asks as she tilts her head to the side.

You purse your lips, "Yeah, kinda."

You see how a smile starts playing at her lips, but then she puts on a straight face. "Yeah. Okay."

It doesn't take long though, until her face splits in half and she's smiling the biggest smile you've ever seen on any human being before.


One day you drive to New Jersey to fill in some paperwork for the apartment you're going to share before you're moving back there. You also need to go to your collage to sign off your dorm room. Brittany offered to drive her bike but you insisted you'd take your car. You admit you kind of like the feeling of riding on that thing, but you just don't want to be afraid of dying all the way to New Jersey.

So you drive the car with Brittany in the passenger seat. She's been dancing to Beyoncé the whole ride so far. It's distracting enough to have a Brittany dancing next to you when you're supposed to be driving and looking at the road. But the distraction reaches a point when she turns in her seat and reaches her hand out to twine a lock of your dark hair between her fingers.

"You have pretty hair," she says and you gulp. "And I really like your boobs too."

You grip the wheel tighter. "Oh god."

"It's true," she says as she lets go of your hair and trips her fingertips down your arm.


"You don't think your boobs are good?"

"Uh, they're okay, I guess…"

Brittany chuckles. "No, they're more than okay. They're like... Marvellous." She stares down your shirt and the temperature in your cheeks rises. "I could stare at them all day."

"Brittany!" you hiss.


"Stop staring at my boobs."

"Do you want me to touch them instead?"

You can't help the warm shiver that runs down your back and the tingle at the back of your knees.

"Yes. But no. Not now. You're distracting me, stop it."

She giggles and you roll your eyes.

"I'm supposed to be driving," you say and she sighs.

"Okay, but… Can we please have sex in the back seat of your car when we arrive in New Jersey?"

Your foot hits the break pedal at the red light and you compose yourself by taking a deep breath before you grip the wheel tighter. "Sure."

"I love you."

You hit the break again even though the light just turned green. "What?" You feel your throat close up and you can hear how your heart starts beating faster in your chest.

"I said: I love you." Brittany smiles softly at you and you stare at her some more as your heart is about to leap out from behind your ribs.

A car is honking its horn behind you but you keep staring at Brittany as she keeps smiling softly at you. She waits patiently as your mind keeps reeling.

Then you breathe out a laugh and you feel how your heart starts beating heavier but calmer, when you answer her:

"I love you too, silly."

*** THE END ***

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