The Teen Titans Discover Alcohol...and Its Consequences

Important Author Note: I in no way condone underage drinking whatsoever! Its against the law and I'm writing this story for fun and its to read for fun, only. Underage drinking is illegal and I don't condone it.

Also, now that my computer is fixed (*sings and dances with glee*) my harddrive had to be nuked so I did lose a few files, but I do plan on updating all my incomplete stories, so rest assured, any fics that your awaiting an update on will be done, now that I have my computer up and running again. I don't have Microsoft Word Processor anymore so I must use the notepad, so the format of the fics and chapter might look a little strange as I have to use the Wordpad to type everything, but things like paragraphs seperation and whatnot should be okay. I did a test run of a document and it looks mostly okay.

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The Teen Titans were feeling kind of bored one day. There hadn't been any crime to solve or murderous villians to face.

"We should have a party," said Starfire.

"Hey, thats a good idea," replied Beast Boy.

"Meh, lets not," said Raven, from behind a book.

Cyborg was playing Skyrim on the Xbox and was killing a dragon. "We should have a little one, just for us five."

"Sounds cool," said Robin. "Someone should run to the store though..."

"I will!" chimed in Starfire. "I shall go and get the snacks and pop of soda!"

"Cool," said Robin.

Starfire flew to town. Beast Boy headed kitchen to start making some things from the food they did have in the fridge. Cyborg moved the furniture with Robins help and Raven used her powers to string some streamers and sparkly decorations from the ceiling, since Beast Boy said the room needed some party pizzazz. Robin pushed a button on the wall and some sections of the carpet moved into the floor and a dancefloor arose, complete with a disco ball. Cyborg turned the stereo on.

Starfire returned with several bags of food and also liquor.

"Why did you get this stuff?" said Robin. "We can't drink this."

"The cashier said I looked to be having a party from the food I bought, and I said I was, and she said I should go to the new liquor store that opened up, called Tanked, Alcohol and More." Starfire shrugged. "So I did."

"How?" asked Raven.

"I flew there."

"No, I mean how did you get alcohol?" asked Raven. "Without a license? Were the TEEN Titans, as in, not twenty one and not old enough to drink."

"Well, the cashier seemed a bit blind, kept mumbling about finding his glasses, and he was quite eager to hurry and ring me up," replied Starfire.

"It can't hurt," said Beast Boy.

"No way!" said Robin. "We can't set this kind of example! We need-"

"Aw, lighten up, dude," said Beast Boy. "It's a party! Come one, we won't drink that much!"

"Chicken!" said Cyborg.

Robin made a face. "Fine, but not too much, okay?"

"To the blender!" Beast Boy grabbed several bottles of booze and drink mixes and ran to the kitchen, Starfire shouting she wanted a Margerita.

Soon, Beast Boy had made several Margerita and daiquires, plus simple juices and booze mixed. Starfire made Raven try a Mango Daiquire.

"It's quite good actually," said Raven, finally trying it. There was even real fruit slices in it.

They started eating snacks that had been prepped and dancing on the floor.

Several drinks in, Robin finally decided they should stop.

"Shaddup," slurred Cyborg. "Have another whiskey shot."

"Sh-shadding up," said Robin, accepting the shot.

They started getting quite wild, dancing and yelling about. Starfire and Raven had a shake your booty contest. It was a tie until Cyborg decided to a flip coin to choose who got his vote. Raven won.

"How much have-have YOU dranken?" Beast Boy asked Raven, considering she had only complained a little at the thought of shaking her booty for the boys.

"Uh..." Raven blinked and tried to think. The Emoticons in her head where shaking there heads and saying, "No more!" "Five? I dunno, gimme another screwdriver to drink."

Beast Boy mixed one up.

The night started to get a little hazy for some of them. Beast Boy wasn't sure, but he thought that at some point he was running around buck naked and swinging from the light fixture. Starfire started grinding up on Robin during a song she liked, much to Robins delight, and Raven started shaking her ass for Beast Boy.

"Yeah, make it bounce!" shouted Beast Boy.

They played drinking games, quarters and Beer Pong. Robin got his ass kicked in Beer Pong and Beast Boy and Raven were neck and neck in quarters and they taught Starfire to play.

Starfire had her digital camera and she had been taking pictures all night long: The group dancing on the floor, Cyborg and Beast Boy in a dance competition, Robin and Starfire dancing together, Beast Boy doing a body shot off Raven, Cyborg spinning on his head, Beastboy and Raven hugging and smiling for the camera, Beast Boy running around naked...

Starfire and Robin started making out and stumbled off to Robins room, giggling and carrying a whiskey bottle. Raven and Beast Boy started kissing on the couch (luckily Beast Boy had his clothes back on).

"I ain't got no one," sniffled Cyborg. "Guess I'll head to my room for a wank..." He moped off.

The next morning, Starfire awoke in Robins room, thirsty as heck and hungry. Robin was still asleep, his cape tangled around him. Starfire went into the living room and Raven and Beast Boy were asleep under her cape on the couch, snuggled against each other. Starfire made herself a couple of PB&J sandwiches and ate them. She drank several glasses of water and felt much better already, her body able to process booze faster, despite that she had drank way more than anybody else.

She decided to make breakfast and soon the smell of eggs filled the air. Raven moaned and found herself snuggled against Beast Boy.

"Ugh, my head hurts." She sat up.

"Did we do it?" asked Beast Boy blearily.

"NO!" snapped Raven. "I wasn't that drunk. Gimme my cape back!"

"Darn, still a virgin," muttered Beast Boy while Raven snatched her cape and wrapped it around herself.

Cyborg and Robin stumbled out.

"Man, I need some water," said Cyborg. "My head hurts. Ugh, those eggs smell disgusting!"

"We should never do that again," said Robin. "Were lucky nobody called and that there was no emergency."

Actually there had, a lady had had her car stolen, but everybody had been too drunk and never heard the communicators go off. Ooops.

Starfire came in, cheery and back to her normal self.

"I believe you are all over of hung?" asked Starfire.

"Hung over," mumbled Raven. "Don't talk so loud, my head hurts."

"I guess I metabolize the booze better?" asked Starfire.

"We can't drink like that anymore," said Robin.

"Starfire peer pressured us!" said Beast Boy. Starfire stuck her tongue out.

Raven spotted the camera on the floor and picked it up, flipping through the photos. "Wow, there's Beast Boy nude, swinging from the light fixture."

"Gimme that! I have to delete those!" said Beast Boy, reaching for it, realizing he actually had ran around naked. Raven held it away from him, thinking what good blackmail material she had.

"It looks like you have gangrene of the bobbly bits," snickered Raven.

"Gimme! Gimme! Not fair!"

Starfire had left the room had came back in with a platter of eggs and some scary creation from her home planet. "I made eggs and squid with salsa and this here is a breakfast speciality with octopuss and garlic-"

Cyborg ran to the bathroom to hurl.