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Summer was nearing its end, and Draco Malfoy was lounging outside by the river that ran in the grounds of his home, Malfoy Manor. It was his favourite place, secluded by trees, and the thick bushes and wild flowers that graced the place with its sweet scent.

It was where he used to go when Voldemort and his Death Eaters had invaded his home and claimed it theirs. It was where he went to feel calm. Now, the war was over, and the Manor was his, just him, his mother and the house elves. He liked it that way, with his father in Azkaban; he felt peace had finally settled over him and the Manor alike. That was, until recently.

He was lying in the grass, transfiguring unsuspecting pigeons that were perching on trees into owls. He felt it did them a favour. Everyone much preferred owls to pigeons. He heaved a sigh and closed his eyes, dropping his wand next to him. Why was he feeling this way? There was a word to perfectly explain what he felt and yet he could not pinpoint it. He felt lost, hollow, like a piece of him missing. Mourning for something he had never had in the first place. An utter and deep despair.


That was the word that evaded him constantly. He felt incomplete, and he did not know what to do. It had started a few weeks ago, though he did not know it, an exact month after his 18th birthday.

He stood; brushing grass he had pulled from the ground in frustration from his clothes, and picked up his broom and wand from the ground.

He decided he would fly around a bit to clear his head before the trip to Diagon Alley he would be making later, in order to buy the books required for the year. All the Seventh Years were allowed to return in September due to recent events to properly complete their education, and Draco had decided to take the school up on the offer.

Not only that, but he had been offered position as Head Boy. In his mind, he definitely did not deserve it, but he figured it was a chance to prove he was responsible, and that he had changed his views and ways, and accepted, despite the guilt that weighed on him after he sent the acceptance letter off, and held the badge in his hand.

He was in the air, thinking, and had not realised how long he had been away from the Manor itself. He had woken early, at around five in the morning and found himself spending little over six hours outside. He only realised how long he'd been out when he saw his mother, Narcissa, come outside, and was calling him down to the ground.

Once his feet were firmly on the ground, he walked up to his mother, whose eyebrows were knitted with worry. Her lips were pursed and she regarded her son with a look of curious concern. Draco frowned quizzically at his mother.

"Draco I think it's time we talked about a few things." She said cryptically. Draco frowned.

"And what would these things be regarding, mother?" he asked. Narcissa frown deepened.

"Your wellbeing, and your heritage," she replied. The latter made Draco scowl. More pureblood supremacy bollocks? He thought that had vanished the day Lucius has been sentenced to Azkaban.

"I think it's best that you come inside and sat down for this, Draco, it's a lot to take in." Said Narcissa as she turned on her heel and made her way through the glass doors back inside. Draco followed, apprehension and curiosity building up inside him.

Narcissa led him to a sitting room, and when Draco entered, she gestured for him to sit in the armchair across from the one she was residing in.

Draco hesitantly sat down, regarding his mother with a curious and questioning look, one eyebrow raised. Narcissa heaved a great sigh before she spoke.

"Draco, I know about how you've been feeling recently." She stated bluntly, and Draco frowned.

"Mother what do you mean?" Narcissa looked slightly pained and impatient.

"You know what I mean, Draco, it's been bothering you for a few weeks has it not? That emptiness. You know you can't deny it, you feel like a part of you is missing. Not to mention the pains you've been experiencing at night." Draco was stunned, his mouth hanging open slightly, his eyebrows furrowed in disbelief.

"How on earth can you know about all this?" he whispered, astonished.

"Because, Draco, I went through the exact same thing. You're not one hundred percent wizard, Draco,"

"What's that supposed to mean?" He snapped. Narcissa sighed.

"Draco you're... I don't know how to put this lightly, but... you're part Veela." Draco froze. Shock reverberated through him, keeping him perfectly still, rooted to his seat. Narcissa stared at him, concern etched upon her aristocratic features.

It was a few minutes spent in tense silence before Draco whispered "How?" Narcissa hung her head.

"My mother, your grandmother, along with your grandfather's dormant Veela blood, it made us part Veela. A month after the eighteenth birthday, the Veela blood starts to dominate that of the wizard blood. That's what causes your pains at night. That will pass in about a week. It only lasts a month. Your senses will heighten, especially that of smell. This it to help you find your mate,"

Draco cut her off, fear stabbing through him "Wait a second, my mate? What on earth is that meant to mean?" Narcissa raised her eyebrows at her son, amused.

"She is why you are feeling so lost, Draco, because you are not with her. Bonding needs to take place before your nineteenth birthday, or else you will die. She is your perfect match, as chosen for you by your Veela blood. You'll probably have met her before. The telltale signs will be there when you find her, I don't know how to explain it, but you'll just know."

Draco was silent for a bit, and Narcissa did not continue, waiting for his response.

"Was father your mate?" he murmured. Narcissa wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"Oh heavens, no, but unfortunately pureblood traditions had me betrothed to the man from a young age, and I could not get out of the arrangement," Narcissa lowered her head, looking guilty "I'm not proud, but I did what I had to survive... I had an ongoing affair with my real mate, had I not, I would've gone crazy, or died. That's what happens when a Veela is apart from their mate for a long time. My sisters married their mates, and one ended up cast out, disowned, because of it. Our mother did not care about the Veela mate bond; her prejudices were just too deeply rooted,"

Narcissa looked up at her son after the explanation. Draco was processing everything, churning all this new and astounding information around in his mind, letting it all sink in. He composed himself from his shell-shocked state and sat up, regarding his mother with a poorly executed aloof expression.

"Is there anything else I'll need to know?" he asked, willing his voice not to shake. Narcissa looked at her son pityingly and nodded, seeing right through his mask of nonchalance.

"Before you turn nineteen you will need to bond with your mate. This comes in three steps, the acceptance, the marking and the bonding. The acceptance is when the mate accepts they are yours and accepts that you are to bond with them; this is so the bonding and marking cannot be forced because without acceptance, the whole thing is void. The marking is when you bite your mate, injecting them with venom. This is you showing to the world that your mate is yours and yours alone, along with strengthening the bond and their body ready for the bonding. After the marking you will be able to feel what your mate is feeling and vice versa. The bonding is, well... intercourse. I needn't go into details, but because you're part Veela, the ordeal is a lot more... animalistic, should I say. That's why your venom is used to strengthen your mate's body beforehand."

Narcissa explained this quickly but still making sure Draco was paying attention. He absorbed every ounce of information, nodding every now and then like an obedient student, listening intently to what his mother was telling him. He took a deep breath and ran his hand through his white blonde hair.

"Is that all?" he asked weakly. This was a lot to take in, and in such a short space of time. It was like a bomb had landed.

"Mostly, just know that you'll become very, very possessive and protective of your mate. After acceptance, you will know when she is in danger, and even before that you will get angry when another male makes an advance on your mate. You must learn to control that anger, you will perceive a friendly hug between friends as a man trying to take your mate for themselves, you'll need to control and overcome it. The endgame is worth everything though, Draco, I promise you. You'll feel a love like no other, and when you're with your mate it is the best feeling in the world." Narcissa smiled reassuringly at him, hoping he wasn't too upset.

Draco wasn't upset, he was numb. He nodded to and thanked his mother before he stood up and left, his mind elsewhere, his body took control and led him to his room to collapse on his bed.

A Veela? Was this God's way of fucking with him for his previous beliefs about "pure" and "dirty" blood? Because it seemed he was not so "pure" after all. Fuck. And he had to find a mate and convince her to bond with him in little less than a year. What if his mate rejected him, and he died? Draco groaned and sat up, head in hands. He just prayed his mate wasn't someone like Millicent Bulstrode.

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