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Chapter LXX.

Last Time.





"Holy shit! One billion Berries?!" Thane asked looking at the high reward for Jack.

Duke explained Jack went to save Doflamingo and that actually saved them before falling asleep again.

Chopper then reveals that he, Sanji, Nami, Brook, Momonosuke, and Caesar arrived on Zou the day after Jack left. They were all bewildered that Zou was located on an elephant, and Caesar tried convincing them not to enter, but they forced him to carry them up there like a hot air balloon. They went through the destroyed gate, and surveyed the heavily damaged Mokomo Dukedom, with the possibility of invaders putting them on edge.

Sanji left Nami, Brook, and Momonosuke at the gate as he took Chopper and Caesar on ahead. As Sanji, Chopper, and Caesar surveyed the land ahead, Brook, Nami, and Momonosuke pondered about what happened to the country.

And then helped Tristan from being attacked by Sheepshead and Gin-Rummy as Chopper and the others helped to treat the wounded.


S.H.C. Zou.

In Duke Inuarashi's sanatorium, Chopper continues telling his crew about the Curly Hat Pirates' arrival on Zou 10 days ago, saying that he, Sanji, and Caesar Clown departed from Kurau City in order to get away from the gas. They convened inside the nearby forest, and Caesar was glad that his gas weapon, Koro, was a success.

Chopper explained that Caesar also mentioned that the minks likely had less than 48 hours left to live after exposure, angering him and Sanji even more. Sanji ordered Caesar to neutralize Koro while he rescued Nami who screamed and the others, convincing the scientist to do so by threatening to crush his heart. Sanji flew over to Nami, Brook, Monet and Momonosuke, who were being attacked by Sheepshead.

Chopper continued explaining that he and Caesar returned to Kurau City, and Caesar spread a gas called Roko that removed Koro from the air. Not knowing that Tristan was watching them. Nami, Brook, and Momonosuke were shocked to see the destruction when getting to the city, and they entered, not knowing what the minks were like.

Suddenly, Wanda came rushing at them, thinking they were allied with Jack. She clashed with Nami, the weakened Wanda was so intent on avenging her people, she pulled out a lit explosive. However, Tristan came running to them, explaining to Wanda that the Curly Hat Pirates had saved her, and Pedro then arrived, affirming Tristan's statement and putting out the fuse of the explosive.

Wanda grew emotional to hear that they had helpers, and Pedro showed her that the gas had been cleared away. Chopper and Caesar then arrived with medical supplies, with the former being determined to heal all the minks in the short time they had left.

The Straw Hats and the conscious minks mobilized to create an antidote, with Tristan retrieving the mink doctors and citizens hiding in the Rightflank Fortress. Chopper and Caesar started developing the antidote as the mink citizens came to Kurau City, expressing shock at seeing the incapacitated warriors.

Eventually, the antidote was finished and administered to all of the poisoned minks, and the unconscious Inuarashi and Nekomamushi were removed from their crucifixes. As night fell, Sanji brought hot soup for the minks to eat, and Brook played Binks' Sake to the crowd of cured minks.

"You didn't even know who we were!" Wanda said tearfully. "But you saved us without giving up. We'll never forget what you did for us! We'll repay our debt to you someday!" She exclaimed then started licking Nami.

'Thank Kami (God) Jiraiya-tousan (Dad) isn't here.' Naruto thought knowing his pervert of a godfather would enjoy the sight as Franky cried tears of joy at what his crew mates did while he and the others were at Dressrosa.

"I can't believe it was that serious… Now I understand why we were so welcomed." Usopp said as Wanda pushed Nami over.

"Anyway, that Jack guy makes me so mad!" Luffy exclaimed clenching his fist. "I'll kick his butt as well as Kaido's someday.

"But he said there was an obituary..." Brook spoke up reminding Luffy Jack was killed.

"Oh yeah! Damn! Now I can't kick his butt!"

Chopper hopped off the bed and held on to his backpack. "Guys, will you stay here and talk?"

"Are you gonna go somewhere, Chopper?" Usopp asked the reindeer.

"It's night now so I'll go examine Cat Viper, the King of the Night, and the guardians of the Whale forest!"

"I'll take you there with my Warney." Wanda said, stopping licking Nami's face.

"Come to think of it, Wanda, isn't it time for you to sleep too?" Robin asked the dog Mink who turned to her.

"I work as a Kingsbird."

"A Kingsbird?"

"Hai (Yes) an aide to the kings and the only office that is allowed to go back and forth between them regardless whether it's day or night.

"Wow, that's an important job!" Usopp exclaimed as Wanda stood.

"I have to tell him that Duke Dogstrom is okay. He'd probably say it's unnecessary."

"Okay, see you guys later."

"I'll come with you! I wanna see Cat Viper!" Luffy said standing up.

"Master Cat Viper! I like him so much! I'll come with you!" Brook said as he sat.

Soon, every member stated they wanted to go, so Wanda called several alligators to take them all, Olive sitting in Naruto's lap and leaned back against him.

They then left as some of the guards bid them farewell as Carrot helped, being a Kingsbird as well.

"I'm glad the full moon is covered." Wanda remarks.

Luffy then reminds Wanda that Sanji and Caesar Clown were still present on Zou in her story, asking her what happened to them later.

Wanda hesitates, and Brook decides to explain it himself. He tells the Straw Hats that most of the minks were not told about this, and this may be hard for them to hear. He then reveals that Sanji is likely not coming back, which angers Luffy, who pointed to the note Sanji left, which states that he would be back.

However, Nami and Brook reply that the situation is far more complicated than what the note suggests, and that it may have been better to tell the story before showing the note.

Brook then tells the story, explaining how when they were being pursued by the Big Mom Pirates, the enemy pirates overheard Luffy's call to the Sunny crew revealing that their destination was Zou. Although Zou was a Phantom Island that could not be found with a Log Pose, one of their Big Mom Pirates was from the island, and so two days ago their ship docked at Zou.

Pekoms contacted Big Mom, telling her to leave the expedition to him as he was a native Zou. Later, Pekoms and Capone Bege made it onto Zou and into the Mokomo Dukedom, where they discovered the destroyed Kurau City. Pekoms flew into a rage upon seeing his hometown destroyed, and looked around for survivors but found none, causing him to scream in anguish.

Later, the Straw Hats saw Pekoms and Bege from a balcony, and Caesar grew afraid and asked for the Straw Hats' continued protection, but Sanji replied that since Luffy defeated Doflamingo, Caesar was no longer of any worth to them as a trump card.

Back in the present, the Straw Hats remark on two Yonko crews being on Zou in such a short time span, and Luffy wonders if Sanji fought Pekoms, as he does not really care due to having declared war on Big Mom.

Brook continues his story, revealing that Sanji and Brook went out with Pekoms and Bege. Sanji was willing to face the two pirates head-on, but stated that if a fight was in order they would have to do it outside of Zou. However, a tearful Pekoms embraced Sanji, shocking the Straw Hats and Bege. Pekoms thanked Sanji for saving his people, and revealed to him that in addition to capturing Caesar, their crew had another mission that would likely tear the Straw Hats apart.

However, out of gratitude, he was willing to purposely fail that mission as long as they got Caesar. Bege reprimanded Pekoms, but the mink silenced the newer member of the crew, saying he would take any punishment Big Mom gave him. Brook explained that caused Bege to grow angry and call Pekoms a coward as he raised his hand toward the kneeling mink's back and shot him as bullets came out of his hand.

Pekoms collapsed as Bege finished shooting him, and a shocked Sanji and Brook noticed two men with machine guns in an opening in the palm of Bege's hand. Bege reflected that Pekoms was cowardly and weak for letting his feelings interfere with business, and told his men to come out. Suddenly, a door opened in Bege's chest, and several miniature gunmen ran out, turning to normal size upon crossing a red barrier around Bege's body.

Brook continued on saying that Bege's men surrounded Sanji and Brook, and Bege revealed that he ate the Shiro Shiro no Mi,(Castle-Castle Fruit,) which allowed his body to become a fortress. He then told them about how he was in the same generation as their captain, and reflected on the trouble Luffy, and Naruto caused him on Sabaody Archipelago when he was forced to fight the Marines due to both of them hitting a World Noble.

Bege stated that he wished to not make a scene here, as he knew about the minks' strength. Sanji replied that he did not want the minks involved either, and he and Brook prepared to fight against the Fire Tank Pirates. However, Bege knew they would do that and called out to his crew member Vito, who brought the captured Nami and Chopper along with him.

Vito informed Bege that Caesar Clown was hiding in a nearby tree. Bege threatened to shoot the scientist with Kairōseki (Sea-Prism Stone.) bullets, which caused him to fall out of the tree. However, Bege revealed that he had no Kairōseki (Sea-Prism Stone.) bullets, but he did have a Kairōseki (Sea-Prism Stone.) staff, which one of his subordinates held onto Caesar.

Brook strummed his guitar as he explained that Bege then ordered the captured Curly Hats to go into his body fortress.

"Oi, (Hey,) what did he mean by his 'castle'?" Luffy asked as he said on Warney's head.

Naruto meanwhile, was sitting in the back of Carrot's Warney and had Olive nipping his ear before she straddled him, and pushed Naruto on his back.

"Weren't you listening?!" Nami chastised Luffy for not paying attention. "Bege is a castle human who ate the Shiro Shiro no Mi.(Castle-Castle Fruit.) Okay?"

"So you guys went into his body?" Thane asked polishing his blade as Zoro was laying down.

"Hai. (Yes.)"

"Really?! How?!" Luffy asked.

"By slicing through his stomach, maybe?" Robin asked as a shadow came over her face.

"Stop it, Robin!"

"Super disgusting..."

"That's not it!" Chopper finished as he, Usopp, and Franky became green.

"An entrance appeared on his chest." Brook said strumming his guitar. "We were in chains so we had no choice but to obey."

He continues his story, explaining that Sanji, sat at a long banquet table before Bege appeared in his fortress, and offered Sanji some wine as he sat at the other end of the table. As Vito lit his cigar, Bege revealed that the Big Mom Pirates' intentions had changed since the two crews fought a week ago, and he tossed Sanji an invitation to Big Mom's Tea Party.

Brook explained that Sanji was confused, but Bege read the contents, revealing that Sanji, as the third son of the Vinsmoke Family, was arranged to marry Pudding of the Charlotte Family. Sanji and his crew mates were appalled, and Sanji's cigarette fell out of his mouth as it gaped open in shock.

Sanji's cigarette fell to the floor and caught on fire, causing an angry Bege to quickly stamp it out. Bege called Sanji ill-bred, and Brook stated that the name Vinsmoke sent chills down his spine. Nami, Brook, and Chopper struggled to process the revelation about Sanji, and Nami recalled how Sanji revealed that he was from the North Blue, though grew up in the East Blue, when they read Liar Noland on Jaya.

Brook explained he was surprised to hear this, as the North Blue and the East Blue are separated by the Red Line, which very few people could travel across.

He then continued saying that Caesar then revealed to them that Pudding was Big Mom's daughter, meaning that they would likely become Big Mom's subordinates if Sanji got married, which scared them. Sanji refused to go to the tea party and get married, but Bege replied that the invitation was for him to see, not for him to respond to.

Brook continued saying that Bege then revealed that his body was moving with them inside it, and that he had full control over it. He manipulated the chandeliers and rugs into knives and cannons pointed at Sanji as he caused Nami to sink into the ground, displaying his unlimited power over his fortress. Sanji shouted at him to stop, and Bege did, stating that Big Mom's invitation could not be refused no matter what.

Vito then walked over to Sanji and reiterated his captain's point, saying even the demons of Hell would come to Big Mom's tea parties if they were invited. Vito then whispered something into Sanji's ear which shocked him, and Sanji asked how they knew that, which Bege called a silly question.

Brook continued telling the story explaining that Sanji asked Capone Bege how they knew that. Bege called that a silly question, telling Sanji that Big Mom possesses unfathomable power and influence, allowing her to find out and do anything she wants. Brook continued explaining that Sanji took more puffs from his cigarette as Nami, Chopper, and Brook asked what Vito had told him, and he asked Bege for a pen and paper.

Bege obliged, and Sanji wrote a note on the paper before handing it to Nami. He told his chained crew mates that he never expected to deal with this part of his heritage, and that he needed to go and sort things out by himself. As his crew mates got confused, Sanji asked them if they were ready before hurling them out of Bege's body.

Brook continued on that Nami, Chopper, and him returned to normal size and hit the ground, an appalled Caesar Clown wondered why Sanji did not free him as Sanji started attacking the panicked Fire Tank Pirates. Vito warned his crew mates that they could not harm the Straw Hat, and Sanji kicked one pirate's gun into the air.

Brook explained that Sanji then grabbed the gun and slammed Caesar's head into the floor with his foot, pointing the gun at the scientist. As Caesar writhed in anger and the Fire Tank Pirates took aim, Sanji shouted at them that he knew they could not touch him, as he had figured out that the person who changed the condition of his bounty to "Only Alive" was the same person arranging the wedding.

Thus, the person did not want the Fire Tank Pirates to harm him in any way. Sanji agreed to go to the wedding with the pirates as long as his crew mates were spared, and Bege ordered his men to stand back as he noticed Nekomamushi standing behind his real body.

Bege grew nervous to see the monstrous mink, and Nekomamushi asked about Pekoms' body. Bege claimed that the two of them were crew mates and that Pekoms had been taken out by remnants of Jack's forces. Nami then came and contested his story, which Bege denied as she, Chopper, and Brook looked inside Bege's body to see Sanji.

Sanji turned toward them and promised to come back as Bege closed the openings into his body. The pirate captain then leaped away and manifested tank treads around his legs, allowing him to speed away. Nami raced after him but failed to catch up, and Sanji's note flew off of Nami, coming unfolded as it landed on the ground.

Brook finished the story by explaining that Wanda then arrived to help the Straw Hats, but Nekomamushi stopped her. Brook came to the realization that Sanji would likely not come back as the contents of his note were revealed, which stated that he was going to meet a woman and would be back.

As the Guardians tended to the Straw Hats and removed their chains, Nekomamushi told Wanda to let the Straw Hats keep the details of the incident to themselves, as it was what they wanted. He also had his soldiers transport the injured Pekoms to medical care before leaping into a bush of silver vine.

Back in the present, the Straw Hats process the news as Luffy looked at Sanji's note.




"Then, 'gotta go see a woman' means..." Luffy trailed off looking up. "He's gonna get married?"

"That's not necessarily the case but…" Nami said wrapping her arms around her legs.

"It seems like he was determined." Emiko said petting Kitchi's head.

"Oh, maybe he'll return with his wife." Luffy said as Naruto sat up.

"No, if he does gets married we'll have to serve under Big Mom."


"He did refuse it there. But that's when the trouble started considering who he's dealing with if he couldn't avoid the marriage what do you think he would do?" Brook asked looking at his captain.

"He would leave so we wouldn't serve under Big Mom." Nojiko said as she sat beside her husband.

"When he wrote that note he already made up his mind." Mai said as she held her umbrella.

"Now we know everything. You've been through a lot." Robin said from her spot.

"Big Mom's daughter, huh? He got a pretty troublesome offer of marriage." Franky commented.

"And did you say Vinsmoke? I guess that family is the key. It could be Sanji's father or mother or brother… They once lived in the North Blue and move to the East Blue and now, they're in the New World." Usopp explained sitting behind Carrot.

"Vinsmoke..." Robin trailed off n thought.

"Do you know of them?" Franky asked the archaeologist.

"I think I've heard of them before… I'm sorry. I can't remember." Robin said looking back

"Jiraiya-tousan and Tsunade-kaasan knows about them." Naruto said getting the Crew's attention. "They are the reigning royal family of the Germa Kingdom, as well as the former dynastic conquerors and rulers of North Blue. About 300 years ago, the Vinsmoke Family established and ruled the Jeruma Teikoku, (Germa Empire,) after conquering the entire North Blue with their military might."

"66 days later, they were dethroned, yet they continue to rule over the ocean-going Germa Kingdom, and still possess the authority and privileges of royalty, they're powerful enough to directly influence the bounty system, by both increasing bounties and changing their conditions of capture."

"If he's leaving for good then he should've said 'Thank you for everything.'" Zoro said getting everyone's attention. "And 'I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble.'"

"That's not the point!" Chopper yelled.

"No it is, If Sanji really didn't want to come back he would have said bye, attacked us, or said we're not meeting again. Nami left, Robin left, Usopp left and that's what they said or did. He wants to come back but also doesn't want us to be burdened with trying to get him out of this and get the attention of Big Mom. Well more so then what Luffy did back in Fishman Island." Naruto said as Olive squeezed his hand.

"We're on an unstoppable train right now. Remember what Caesar said? The biggest customer of SMILEs the artificial Akuma no Mi, (Devil Fruits,) is Kaido." Zoro explained, hands behind his head. "We pissed Doflamingo off by destroying the lab on Punk Hazard, we destroyed the SMILE factory in Dressrosa, and the man who's gonna go nuts next is… Yonko (Emperor) Kaido!" Zoro explained opening his eye. "He's not some distant threat anymore."

"We already had a fight with his subordinates, the Beast Pirates. Jack who ruined this country, and others will come after us in a matter of time! We're allying with Tra-guy for upcoming battles. I don't know why but it seems like Kin'emon and the others are targeted by Kaido too. We'll face the Yonko (Emperor) Kaido soon!" Zoro continued.

"How stupid can he be to get involved with another Yonko, (Emperor,) Big Mom now?! That twirly-eyebrowed fool!"

"You boorish son of a gun! Those things are unrelated!" Nami yelled at Zoro while unintentionally chocking Brook as she pushed him out of the way.


"First of all, how can he get wrapped up in such a thing as marriage?! It's such a small deal!" Zoro continued ignoring Nami.

"Nani (What) did you say?!"

"Calm down!" Naruto yelled getting his wife to look at him.


"But nothing, right now, Sanji is still a member of our crew unless Luffy says otherwise so his problem is our problem that we now have to deal with too."

"Then lets go ask him!" Luffy yelled out getting his to ask about his motivations. His crew mates are appalled at the idea of invading a Yonko's (Emperor's) territory, but Brook states that the Big Mom Pirates left behind someone who could help them. He then focuses back on the present, intent on continuing the journey to Nekomamushi.

Brook tuned his guitar as she spoke. "That person, Pekoms-san feels indebted to us because we saved his people, the Minks. That's why he tried to go against Big Mom's order and let us get away. But that only brought tragedy upon him. But now, to find where Sanji-san has gone, the only thing we can do is ask him since he is a member of the Big Mom's pirates."

"Okay! I'll get Sanji's whereabouts out of Lion Viper!" Luffy yelled out. "We won't get any answers unless we talk to Sanji himself!"

"Chopper. This guy Pekoms, will he be able to talk?" Usopp asked Chopper who rode on Franky's head.

"I hope he comes around." Chopper said before his, and Carrot's ears perked up hearing a buzzing sound.

Naruto quickly got up, and pulled out his guns as a swarm of large wasps flew towards them.

Nojiko pulled hers out and she shot at them as Naruto did the same while Carrot and Wanda had the Crocodiles run faster.

Wanda and Carrot reveal that the insects are bloodsuckers known as Sutchies, and they can easily kill humans due to their lack of fur. Wanda reveals that the Sutchies are also capable of feeding on and weakening Zunisha, and the Sutchies bite into the steed Luffy's group is riding on, causing it to fall to the ground.

The Straw Hats recover and battle the Sutchies, and Franky uses his Nipple Light to lure the Sutchies to him. Wanda prepares to help exterminate the Sutchies as one of them bites into Luffy, although the pirate manages to repel it by covering his arms in Busō-shoku no Haki (Armament Haki.) The Straw Hats and Wanda all unleash powerful attacks on the Sutchies, sending the remainder of the swarm falling to the ground.

"Arigato. (Thanks.)" Wanda said as they continued as Brook sung.

Let's go and meet Master Cat Viper.

Let's go and meet Master Cat Viper.

Let's go and meet Master Cat Viper.

Let's go and meet Master Cat Viper.

Let's go and meet Master Cat Viper~~~~~~~.

Let's go and meet Master Cat Viper.

Let's go and meet Master Cat Viper.

"That it? You're just repeating the same phrase over and over." Luffy commented from his spot.

"Yes because this song is called 'Let's Go and Meet Master Cat Viper.'" Brook replied.

"No kidding!"

"Is it just repeating the same line throughout the song?" Robin asked looking over her shoulder.

"No, it'll get a little more complex from here." Brook replied before continuing.

Cat Viper, Cat Viper.

Cat Viper, Let's go and meet the Master.

Master Cat Viper gets lonely easily.

When I think of him like that it makes my heart twinge.

When he is bathed in the moonlight his face looks innocent.

He gazes up at it with his sparkling eyes~~~~~.

But he tries to act tough under the sun.

He does his best and lives his life on his own.

"I like that song. Is master Cat Viper really like that?" Robin asked Brook.

"Not at all."

"He's not?!" Usopp yelled at the skeleton.

"It's just a song inspired by him. Memorize it." Brook said as he continued singing.

A little while later, they came up to a large house.

"It's the Guardians' dwelling." Wanda said as they saw multiple broken walls and trees around it along with multiple smaller houses.

"Damn this place is wrecked." Thane said looking around as Tate looked around.

The Crew then looked up at the large whale shaped tree. The Guardians cheer for the oncoming Straw Hats. Luffy is greeted by Roddy and Blackback, who apologize to him for attacking him earlier, saying they sometimes get too zealous against intruders.


"I'm glad to see you!"

Naruto then looked up to see a male Jaguar mink.

He has spotted fur, white ears, and long, wavy blonde hair covering his left eye. He also has a torn left ear. And is smoking a cigarette. He's wearing a cape, green button shirt and black pants with a belt and sword on his back.

This is Pedro of the Treetops captain of the Guardians.

"Our saviors and their friends! Arigato! (Thank you!) Sorry for my subordinates' action in the forest." He then leaps down from the tree.

"The Heart Pirates are waiting for you-gara guys back there."

"We can see them later,. We wanna see Cat Viper and Lion Viper the ion first." Luffy said as they all got down.


Upon hearing Luffy mention Pekoms, Pedro nuzzles up to Luffy and whispers in his ear.

"Pekoms is recovering in the back of the main building, but the details of the attempt on his life have not been made public to the other minks. Sanji is a nice guy I hope we can help in any way."

Suddenly a female reindeer mink arrives.

She is average height with brown eyes and long, blonde hair. She wears a green cloak draped around her back, a long, white laced dress that reveals her cleavage and long legs, and long, pink boots with high heels.

This is Milky a member of the Guardians.

"Let me lead the way Dr. Chopper." She said kneeling down and nuzzled Chopper's cheek having Chopper become smitten with her.

Naruto smiled seeing the young reindeer act like Sanji.

However before anyone could speak, Milky reveals that Cat Viper i is currently taking a bath, shocking Chopper.

Inside the main building, Chopper, Brook, Naruto, Robin, Olive and Usopp went inside the room Cat Viper is in and saw him taking a bath while eating lasagna and singing.

Cat Viper is a large, yellow feline mink with sharp teeth, claws, and a very thick striped tail. He has wild, bushy blonde hair resembling a lion's mane running around his neck and down his back, and there is a scar running from the left side of his forehead down to his cheek.

"Oi! (Hey!) Cat Viper! You shouldn't be taking a bath! Your wound's gonna reopen! And you should eat light meals!" Chopper yelled at the ruler of the night. "And why are you using your left hand?!" He asked seeing a spoon wrapped on his missing left hand.

"Oh, Chopper!" Cat Viper said. "No problem. No problem. I'm a freedom-loving man!"

"You have to listen to your doctor!"

Cat Viper then stood and walked to the edge of the large tub before seeing the Straw Hats.

"So you-gara people are the Straw Hats!" He said before latching onto the four and squeezed them. "You saved me! Arigato! (Thank you!) I'll repay my debt to you someday! I may not look it but I have a strong sense of obligation and compassion!"

"Oh, a ball."

"Hai! (Yes!) A ball!"

In the middle of the embrace, Nekomamushi spots a bouncing ball, causing him to leap after it and reopen his wounds.

"Itai! (Ouch!)"

He is then sent to bed, and Chopper prepares to administer an injection to him. Fearing the pain of a needle, Nekomamushi has Robin waved the fox tail in front of him, distracting him enough for Chopper to give him the shot.

Other Side Of The House.

Meanwhile, Luffy, Nami, Nojiko, Wanda, Carrot, and Pedro meet with Pekoms, Zoro, Thane, and Emiko stayed outside with Tate and Kitchi so they wouldn't be any trouble.

Pekoms reveals that he survived by absorbing many of Bege's bullets with his Akuma no Mi. (Devil Fruit) the Kame Kame no Mi (Turtle Turtle Fruit). He apologizes for not being able to keep Sanji out of captivity, and Luffy asks him who is arranging the wedding. Pekoms replies that it is Big Mom and Sanji's father, the patriarch of the Vinsmoke Family. The father is an infamous man in the Underworld, and leads an army known as Germa 66. Nami is shocked to hear this, thinking Germa 66 is a mythical army, but Pekoms affirms its reality, stating that Sanji comes from a family of killers.

"Sanji is from a family of assassins'?!" Nojiko asked as Pekoms nodded.

"I don't know what you're talking about and I don't care!" Luffy said crossing his arms.

"Grr! I'm sure you don't!" Pekoms replied looking at the Straw Hat captain.

"What we wanna know is if he's coming back or not! He can get married if he wants! But we don't wanna become Big Mom's subordinates because of it!" Luffy yelled as Pekoms looked to him. "So if they get married become my subordinates!"

"It doesn't work that way Luffy! Big Mom is a Yonko (Emperor.) she wouldn't become your subordinate just because you want her to." Nojiko said pinching the bridge of her nose.

Pekoms is so shocked by that, he hit his head as he flew back then fell off the bed. After getting back in bed, Pekoms reveals that Sanji has no choice about attending the wedding, as anyone who refuses Tea Party invitations will receive a gruesome present: the decapitated head of someone close to them.

And that Big Mom could easily give Sanji the head of one of his crew mates, or one of his fellow cooks from Baratie, or even someone from the Kamabakka Kingdom, as her status as a Yonko allows her enough power to do anything she wants.

Nami notes that this may have been what Vito whispered to Sanji two days ago, and Pekoms reveals to Luffy that the marriage will not force the Straw Hats to serve Big Mom, as the Yonko is only interested in Sanji's family. However, Pekoms explains that the marriage will mean Sanji will no longer be part of the Straw Hats, which causes an angry Luffy to throttle him by his shirt collar.

"That's totally unacceptable! Sanji's my friend!"

"But he's Vinsmoke's son first! Don't get mad at me! Grr!"

Luffy then threw Pekoms on the floor as he stood on the bed. "I know Sanji will refuse such a marriage!"

"In the face of Mama and the vicious Vinsmoke Family?" Pekoms asked as he stared at the ceiling. "Well, I wonder if he can manage to stay alive after he refuses."

"What do you mean?!" Luffy asked as he stretched his arms and pulled Pekoms up. "Oi! (Hey!) Lion Viper! What are you gonna do now?!"

"I'll go back to Mama after I get well. He thinks he killed me, that son of a gun Bege! But he can't get away with it!" Pekoms replied getting Luffy to nod.

"Then, take me with you!"


"Nami, I'm going to go by myself."

"Nani? (What?)"

"Like the others said, if we all go it'd seem like we want a war. We don't have time for that. I'll go by myself! If I go with him, maybe I can sneak into the tea party and ruin the wedding." Luffy finished before Pekoms yelled out.

"Screw you! Are you asking me to harbor an enemy?!"

"Oh, sounds like fun!" Carrot sai bringing up a hand to her mouth.

"Carrot, this is serious!" Wanda scolded Carrot, crossing her arms under her bust.

"Okay, it's a deal!"

"O-Oi! (H-Hey!)" Pekoms yelled out as Luffy lets him go and falls.

Luffy then ran out to get Chopper. Only to stop to talk to the three waiting outside as the others with Milky walked over before Luffy called for Chopper to help Pekoms, Brook was ganged up on by the canine minks, and a dressed Cat Viper walked up.

"Oh! You-gara are Straw Hat Luffy, aren't you?! I couldn't wait to meet you!

"Nani?! (What?!)" Why did you follow us?! Get rest!" Chopper yelled out after he stopped when hearing the ruler of the night walking up.

"I just got better!" Cat Viper yelled out with a smile on his face.

"No, you didn't!"

"He's huge! Is that Cat Viper?! He's a cat monster!" Luffy exclaimed seeing Cat Viper.

Cat Viper then sped towards Luffy singing then jumped on him. "A Garchu of Arigato! (Thanks!)"

Emiko, Kitchi and Tate jumped out of the way as Cat Viper crashed into Luffy, Zoro and Thane, breaking the bench and wall, knocking himself out and opening up a wound.

"Cat Viper's spouting blood!"

"Oi! (Hey!) what the hell's you problem, cat monster!?/ Oi! (Hey!) what are you doing, cat monster!?" Zoro and Thane yelled out together as Chopper dashed to Cat Viper.

Luffy started bouncing on him getting Chopper to yell as Law and the Heart Pirates walked up from the woods.

"Nani (What) is going on?" Law asked as Chopper turned to Milky.

"I'm outta blood! Get me some more!"

"Okay, Dr. Chopper." She replied getting Chopper to gush at her as Zoro and Thane pulled their weapons out, intend on attacking Cat Viper.

"Oi! (Hey!) Tra-guy! Are those your friends?" Luffy asked as the 20 members of the Heart Pirates happily greet Luffy, but Law pulls him aside to talk, disappointing his crew mates.

Luffy and Law go inside, where Luffy reveals Sanji's situation and his intention to enter Big Mom's territory, and he asks Law to hold off on their mission against Kaido.

"That's not my call! It's only a matter of time before Kaido comes after us!" Law replies. "I thought we could hide out here for awhile but they know how to get to Zou. Even if we are the target, what will happen to this country if it is attacked by the Beasts Pirates again?!"

Suddenly, the Guardians appear, crying tears of happiness in appreciation for Law's concern for them.


They throw a party for the two pirate crews, and everyone feasts as Cat Viper unveils the main dish, lasagna.

As the party rages on, Luffy wonders if he has forgotten something, but cannot remember anything and continues partying.

Meanwhile, Kin'emon, Kanjuro, and Bariete ride a creature up Zunisha's leg, and as the pirates and Guardians fall asleep after the party, Robin, Franky, and Brook sit down at the entrance to the Mokomo Dukedom. They are intent on preventing Kin'emon and Kanjuro from getting in, as they believe that the minks will not take kindly to allies of Raizo, who caused Jack to destroy the country.

"Why don't we take turns?" Robin suggests taking turns through the night, but Franky and Brook decide against it, and they all keep watch together.


The next morning, Robin, Franky and Brook are all sound asleep as Kin'emon, Kanjuro, and Bariete reach Zunisha's back on a rotund tiger named Torasaburo. The samurai celebrate as Kanjuro turns Torasaburo back into a drawing again. They then turn to Bariete to ask him for information, revealing they are comrades of Raizo.

This causes Bariete to panic and run from them in tears, intent on alerting the other minks to the presence of samurai.

Later, the three Straw Hats woke up, and saw the tiger drawing before running into the forest intent on stopping Kin'emon and Kanjuurou before hearing a bell.


With the other, Naruto woke up with Olive sleeping on him, and saw her cleavage before getting up with the others as the Minks were running to the entrance shouting about samurai's

"Shit! Everyone get up! Kin'emon and Kanjuurou are here!" Naruto yelled before a shadow went over him.

Looking p, he saw Monet flying around looking for something before looking to see Mai waking up. "Monet was here?"

"Hai, (Yeah,) we had her watch Momonosuke or face angry Minks by revealing she was also responsible for the gas."

"Okay then."

A shocked Nami tries to wake Luffy up, but struggles to do so.


Meanwhile, Kin'emon and Kanjuro walk through the forest and hear the bell, and they wonder if it is welcoming them.

Suddenly, they hear a rustling in the bushes, and Momonosuke emerges, happily reuniting with his father and Kanjuro. He reveals that no one was around when he woke up, and so he went looking for people.

Nearby, the Straw Hats run through the woods, and a half-asleep Luffy wonders why they are running right now. Nami reveals that the samurai have entered Zou, and Luffy gets excited at the prospect of another party to welcome them, but Nami states that the minks have a score to settle due to the samurai's comrade causing the Mokomo Dukedom's destruction.

The Musketeers and Guardians race into Kurau City, and Pedro leaps up a tall building in order to see the entire city.

"Pedro! Can you see anything?!"

As Pedro looked around, he sees Duke walking nearby and tries to warn Cat Viper, but the ruler cannot hear him.

Duke appears at the intersection directly behind Cat Viper, and one of the Guardians sees him in shock, but they try their best to prevent the two rulers from seeing each other. However, when Sicilian enters the intersection, he sees Cat Viper and gasps, causing the two rulers to turn around and see each other.

The two rulers approach each other despite their underlings trying to stop them, and a short distance away stand the samurai, who have reached Kurau City and wonder what is going on.

The Straw Hats then reach the city and tackle the samurai, hiding them behind a piece of rubble. They tell the samurai to go back to the Thousand Sunny, as the samurai's presence would just add fuel to the fire.

"How many years has it been, cat monster? You've become even more monstrous." Duke said to Cat Viper.

"What about you-gara? You've lost one of your legs."

Duke remembers Jack torturing him for Raizo's whereabouts, but the dog mink had continued denying any knowledge of the ninja, causing Jack to cut at and eventually sever his lower left leg.

"You-gara got your hand chopped off. You can't fight anymore."

Cat Viper then remembers around that time, some of the Beasts Pirates tried to get information out of him by threatening his fallen comrades, but he called them cowards and pulled on the chains binding him to the crucifix, challenging the shocked pirates to give him all their attacks.

The two rulers state that they would have been fine with each other's death, and decide to fight to the death right now despite their underlings' pleas.

As Duke's sword clashes with Cat Viper's spear, Kin'emon suddenly breaks Usopp's grasp on him and heads out into the open in order to stop the fighting. Momonosuke and Kanjuro then emerge despite the Straw Hats grabbing onto them, and the minks are surprised to see the samurai as they approach the trio.

"People from the country Zou! I'm a retainer of the Kozuki Clan from the Land of Wano, named Kin'emon! I'm here to look for my comrade named Raizo who is a warrior from the same country! Has he been here?!"

The Straw Hats cry in fear and wonder if they need to fight to get out of this, but all of the minks suddenly sit down.

"Raizo-dono is… Safe!" The rulers said in tears.

The Straw Hats are bewildered by this, and Usopp confronts the minks in disbelief about them risking all their lives to protect Raizo. However, Cat Viper reveals that they have been friends with the Kozuki Family for a long time, and would do anything to keep their allies safe; this revelation moves the Straw Hats to tears.


Somewhere at sea, the fleet of the Beasts Pirates is sailing.

"That's bullshit! I'm not dead!"

Inside the damaged but still functional Mammoth, a recovering Jack sits below deck and reads the newspaper article about his supposed death.

"To slow..."

"Huh? Jack-sama?"

"Go faster!"

Jack shreds the newspaper and orders his men to make the ship move faster.

"Hai! (Yes!) Sir!"

They picked up speed as a dark cloud formed over them.


Back on Zou, in order to verify his claim of being a retainer of the Kozuki Family, Kin'emon removes his kimono, revealing the crest of the family on his back.

The crest of the Kozuki Family depicts some sort of bird with a glowing orb in its chest and spread wings. Around the bird figure, there is a circle with four sprout-like symbols coming from it at each ordinal direction.

Behind him, the Straw Hats ponder in shock about this sudden turn of events, but understand why the samurai kept their allegiance a secret from them.

"It is surprising to see you two alive and well here!" Kin'emon said puling his kimono back on.

"Death would've been a relief to us. But we thought if we trust the words from that day and wait here..." Duke said before bin interrupted by Cat Viper.

"Hai, (Yeah,) then we would get to see you-gara guys one day!"

"Oi, (Hey,) cat monster!"

"What do you want, dog?"

"I was talking to Kin'emon! Don't interrupt as you please!" Duke yelled before the two rulers got in each other face and argued.

Monet dropped down beside Naruto who glanced at her. "I'm surprised you didn't get captured as well."

"I was lucky and stayed to watch Momonosuke."

"Arigato (Thanks) for that."

"Least I could do." She replied as Momonosuke shouts at them to stop, expressing disappointment at the two's enmity and saying it would make his father sad.

Duke and Cat Viper then bow down to Momonosuke, and the Straw Hats are confused, as Kin'emon reveals that Momonosuke is actually not his son, and instead is Kozuki Momonosuke, the son and heir of the daimyo of Kuri, Kozuki Oden. Kin'emon apologizes for lying to the Straw Hats, as he and Momonosuke had pretended to be father and son in order to protect themselves.

The Straw Hats' bewilderment just keeps growing, and Momonosuke approaches the Straw Hats to apologize to them himself.

"Whatever!" Luffy replied picking his nose.

"Nani (What) do you mean by that?! Bow down, Luffy!"

Luffy just grabbed him by the face. "No way! Why should we have to change our behavior just because you're an important person?! Baka! (Idiot!)"

They then started fighting creating a dust cloud as the others stared. Duke and Cat Viper reluctantly decide to make a truce, and they clasp hands. This causes the minks to rejoice at Zou becoming reunited, at least for now.

Duke and Cat Viper take the Straw Hats, Law, and the samurai to see Raizo. They travel up a path on the Whale Tree, and Luffy, Chopper, Usopp, and Franky are excited at the chance to see a real ninja. Momonosuke tells Kin'emon that he is still not feeling well, saying that he hears a voice calling out to him from within; Kin'emon replies that Oden had the same ability.

As the male Straw Hats grow more excited to see Raizo and imagine him as a stereotypical ninja, they reach a hidden entrance in the back of the Whale Tree. The Straw Hats run down to see the ninja, and they hear Raizo cry out from inside. As Duke and Cat Viper come down to the cave, a tearful Raizo asks what happened, as he noticed that the minks giving him food were all injured.

The Straw Hats then arrive and see someone chained to a red Poneglyph.

He is very large, and about as tall as Kin'emon. His body is very disproportional, having a very large head with the rest of his body being relatively small in comparison. His hair is styled into six antennae, with three at each side of his head, a small spike on the middle, and a widow's peak. He has bolt-shaped eyebrows and large sideburns.

He also has a crescent moon-shaped scar on his forehead. He's wearing a dark-colored Ninja shozoku robe.

This is Raizo of the Mist, a ninja from Wano Country, a comrade of Kin'emon and Kanjuro, and a retainer of the Kozuki Family.

"I suddenly think ninjas are less cool now." Naruto said looking at Raizo as the female members yell out that he's ugly.

Raizo sighed and agreed as the Kunoichis of Wano refuse to look at him. Naruto looked to his left as Franky, Luffy, Usopp and Chopper were on the ground, looking like one of Persona's ghosts hit them as Mai floated down and latched on his back and Olive grabbed his hand.

The others caught up to them and Raizo then sees Kin'emon, Kanjuro, and Momonosuke coming down the stairs. The four Wano Country natives happily reunite, and Raizo is released from his chains by his comrades. Robin, Nami, and Brook then reach the bottom of the stairs, and they look in awe at the Kozuki Family crest on the wall and the giant red Poneglyph in the center.

"We know you-gara, Nico Robin. I heard the Ohara people can read those letters." Duke said as Robin looked at the red Poneglyph.

"So you two know about Ohara." Robin stated looking to the rulers of Zou who stayed quiet

Robin recalls studying the Poneglyphs on Ohara before its destruction before feeling a hand grab hers, pulling her out of her thoughts. She looked to see Naruto holding her hand and squeezed. She looked down at their intertwined fingers and smiled at her ring before looking back.

"Why is this Poneglyph red?" She asked as she notes that this Poneglyph's red color is much different from every other Poneglyph she has read, which were all blue.

"This Poneglyph has a different purpose." Duke replied looking at the stone. "Can you read it?"

"Hai, (Yes,) may I?"

Duke nodded as Robin walked over with a smile and started to read it.

Meanwhile, Raizo is perturbed by Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper for staring at him intently, and the three Straw Hats tell him to perform various ninja arts and act like a stereotypical ninja. Raizo is confused as to why they want to see that, and Franky replies that all men love ninjas.

Raizo is smitten by this praise, and Franky, Zoro, and Law join in on asking him to perform ninja arts, but he plainly tells them that ninja do not act like the pirates have imagined and they do not perform their skills for show. (1.)

This causes the Straw Hats to sulk in disappointment, and Raizo is eventually moved, causing him to use Enton no Jutsu (Smoke Escape Technique.) and disappear before reappearing behind Usopp. Raizo then uses Bunshin no Jutsu (Clone Technique.) to make clones of himself, and Kawarimi no Jutsu (Clone Technique.) to escape from Luffy's grasp.

He runs on the ceiling and uses his Hana Shuriken to form the kanji for shinobi on the wall, and he concludes his performance, causing the male Straw Hats to be in glee and awe.

Afterwards, the male Straw Hats and the samurai take Raizo outside, where they see the destroyed Kurau City from atop the Whale Tree. Raizo and the samurai burst into tears for the destroyed city, with Raizo remembering it as a bustling town before the attack. Raizo curses the minks for taking rash actions to protect him, and vows to avenge them as best he can.

Cat Viper then appears and calls the pirates and samurai back in, revealing that the red Poneglyph has been translated.

Inside the Whale Tree, Nami notes that the text Robin translated is nautical coordinates that she can pinpoint the location of on a chart. Duke reveals that this is a Rōdo Pōnegurifu (Road Poneglyph) which will guide people to the end of the Grand Line.

Cat Viper explained that the Whale Forest is considered sacred and is heavily protected for this very reason

The Straw Hats assume that this means the Rōdo Pōnegurifu (Road Poneglyph) leads them to Raftel.

"No, there are 4 Rōdo Pōnegurifu. (Road Poneglyph.) Each of them reveal the coordinates of an island, and when all four of these islands are found, one can connect them on a map and finally locate Raftel and find the Wan Pīsu (One Piece.)"

The Straw Hats become extremely excited to hear about something relating to their final goal.

"The last island, Raftel!"

To Be Continued.

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