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Chapter LXXVIII.

Last Time.


In the Mirro-World, Carrot tickles Brûlée to force her to guide them to the mirrors in the Whole Cake Chateau. Brûlée cannot take it anymore and relents, revealing that although she does not immediately know which mirror leads where Carrot and Chopper can ask them and they will respond. The duo starts to ask which mirrors lead into the castle, and the mirrors started identifying themselves.

They then ask if any of them have seen any of their comrades, but the mirrors are unable to identify their comrades by name. To identify their comrades, Carrot prepares to draw them, claiming herself to be a good artist.

Prison Library.

In the Prisoner Library, Luffy tries to free himself by spinning around to tear his arms off, despite Nami's constant attempts to stop him. Opera then confronts Nami, revealing that Big Mom ordered him to get Lola's location out of her while it is still nighttime. Nami refuses to sell out Lola, and Opera goes to get a crossbow, telling her that he will shoot her every five seconds until she answers.

Luffy promises to free himself in five seconds, causing Nami to become even more hysterical when suddenly Jinbe enters the library. Opera is confused since Jinbe is not currently allowed in the Chateau, but Jinbe simply apologizes as he hits Opera in the chest. "Gosenmaigawara Seiken! (Five Thousand Brick Fist!)"


Prison Library.

After knocking out Opera, Jinbe then tried breaking the bars, only for nothing to happen. "That's what I expected of Mont-d'Or's book!"

"So I gotta break my arms off!" Luffy yelled out before being kicked in the head by Naruto.

"Stop with that already!"

"There is another way," Jinbe said before looking at them. "Books can be destroyed by fire."

"And what the hell will happen to us?!" Naruto asked the Fishman. "We're in the damn book!"

"You'll be alright if you can get out before being engulfed in flames."

"Oh, sure it's easy for you to say," Naruto said as Jinbe threw a torch in the cell. "Oh, you suck!"

After a moment, the trio jumped out with other creatures who were on fire as Jinbe threw water from a bucket on them and the book. Naruto cracked his neck before seeing Nami was topless from the fire before giving her his green jacket having her put it in and buttoned only one button showing her cleavage and midriff.

After discussing his rebelling against Mom, they then ran out and started fighting any soldiers and pirates that got in their way.

Pedro Vs Tamago.



"Viscount Hiyoko!"

After he is cut in half, a giant yolk flies out of Baron Tamago's body.

"Viscount Hiyoko?" Pedro asked looking back.

To his surprise, Pedro watches as the yolk reforms into a different version of Tamago, who is covered in yellow, possesses a chicken beak and wings, and wields two daggers.

He then attacks Pedro while making clucking noises showing he has better sword skills. He barrages Pedro with rapid attacks that the jaguar mink has trouble keeping up with them. Hiyoko goes so fast that he becomes a whirlwind of motion, and manages to knock Pedro's sword and send it flying a good distance away.

Pedro races to his sword and Hiyoko rapidly pursues him, but Pedro retrieves it in the nick of time and cuts Hiyoko in half, sending the yolk out of his body once again. Hiyoko's crewmates cheer at the impending evolution, revealing that he will turn into Count Niwatori with the power of the Tama Tama no Mi (Egg-Egg Fruit.), which allows him to evolve each time he is destroyed.

They claim Niwatori to be a "true knight" who will surely overpower Pedro. However, Pedro decides to attack him amid the evolution, much to the shock of the Big Mom Pirates. They charge at him, but he pulls out a string of bombs that he promptly lights, sending them fleeing in fear.

"Nice to have so many soldiers here."

"Matte, (Wait,) what are you doing?!"

"It's nice to be the bait," Pedro said lighting a fuse.

"Don't do it!"


Pedro then sets off a massive explosion that sends the pirates and Count Niwatori who now looks like a chicken in pink clothes flying and engulfs himself. "I can't believe Pedro blew himself up." Niwatori panted out as he looked at the smoldering spot Pedro was.


Pedro panted as Chopper in his human form pulled him in. Chopper also has Brûlée tied up in a backpack on his back with Carrot standing behind him. "That was close, Pedro." Chopper panted before Carrot spoke.

"How reckless you are! Pedro, I was so surprised."

Pedro then moved to sit against the wall. "I was even more surprised." He said remembering seeing the duo in a mirror that was by him and that' when he decided to use the bombs and jump in just as they exploded.

Chopper, Carrot, Pedro, and the captive Brûlée then ride on Diesel's cart as they look for their remaining teammates, knowing Luffy and Nami were captured. Carrot shows the mirrors her drawing of her teammates, but to Pedro's shock, they are all drawn as bishōnen. However, the mirrors recognize the drawings and reveal that they have seen Nami with Jinbe, and Chopper is surprised to hear Jinbe's name.

Treasure Room.

"I'm going to take you down to get a copy of the stone!" Brook panted as fire surrounded him and Big Mom.

He then mounts a charge to complete his task. Big Mom has Zeus and Prometheus attack him, but Brook withstands their lightning and fire as he spins past them in a fiery blaze and strikes Big Mom with his sword. However, to his shock, his attack has only pressed Big Mom's skin a little bit without penetrating it.

Big Mom then retaliates by smacking him into the ground, and Brook is left unable to get up. However, as Zeus and Prometheus attack him some more, he unleashes an attack while lying down, which manages to cut Prometheus despite the homie being made of fire. Big Mom then finishes off Brook by smashing him into the wall, and as she captures him, Smoothie hears about Luffy rampaging through the castle as she stands outside the room.

Knowing that Big Mom would not react kindly to more events threatening the wedding tomorrow and that she might take it out on them, Smoothie orders her subordinates to bar off the entrance to the fourth level from all the levels below and to deal with the problem without telling Big Mom.

Inside the room, Brook is stripped, and the Chess Soldiers do not find any stolen objects in his clothes. This lightens Big Mom's mood around Brook as she coddles him as her new pet, and she commends him for overpowering her Chess Soldiers. However, she reveals that he was unable to overpower her special homies, Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoleon because they were made with pieces of her soul.

She is relieved that he was not trying to steal the Poneglyphs, revealing that Gol D. Roger managed to sneak in and read them with his ability to hear the Voice of All Things, allowing him to reach Laugh Tale. She planned to become the next Pirate King, as she now had a key to be able to hear the Voice of All Things as well.

Pudding then enters the room, having Big Mom ask her if she has awakened her third eye's ability yet. The exasperated Pudding states that it may be impossible due to her being a half-breed, and Big Mom says that the third eye is just an ugly feature on her if it cannot be useful. Brook is surprised to hear of Pudding's third eye, and the two of them spot and recognize each other.

Pudding, surprised that Brook got here, asks Big Mom if they can talk privately in her quarters.

Later, Big Mom was playing with Brook in a pink dress and talked to Pudding about the assassination of the Vinsmoke family by shooting Sanji when he sees her third eye after lifting the veil. And then surprise attack Judge and his sons and daughter.

Straw Hats And Jinbe.

As Luffy fought a group, the others ran off ahead avoiding groups or have Naruto shoot them with his revolvers. "We must get out of this castle!" Jinbe yelled as they ran with Naruto picking Nami up after shooting two soldiers.

As they got to a hall full of mirrors, Nami attacks a group of soldiers with lightning and hit Chopper who had jumped out to help. They then jumped into a mirror with Carrot in it and went over a plan on finding and helping Luffy and Sanji. They began asking the mirrors for information about Luffy, Sanji, and Brook's whereabouts, but they are initially unsuccessful.

They then take notice of a very large mirror up ahead, and Brûlée gets excited about it. Pedro forces Diesel to pull their cart faster, even though Diesel cannot move fast due to the number of people he is pulling. The group reaches the mirror and spots Brook on the other side, but they then realize in shock that he is being held by a sleeping Big Mom.

They try to call out to Brook without waking up Big Mom but are unsuccessful, and Brûlée and Diesel call out to Big Mom, forcing the Sanji Retrieval Team to bind and gag them. While she sleeps, Big Mom notices a fly and unsuccessfully tries to smash it. After the fly passes by again, Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoleon wake up and obliterate it, and the Sanji Retrieval Team is struck with fear by the amount of force they used.

The team prepares to venture into the room to rescue Brook regardless, and Jinbe gets a skeleton from an execution room to stand in for Brook while Pedro collects seaweed from a kitchen to serve as the fake Brook's afro. After putting Brûlée into the mirror to make it a portal, Chopper makes the first attempt to go in and replace Brook with the dummy.

He almost trips but manages to right himself. He then gets the urge to sneeze, and manages to quell it, but not for long as he sneezes. Big Mom then raises her hand to smash him, forcing him to run back into the Mirro-World. Carrot then goes in with the dummy and jumps up to Big Mom's bed. However, Big Mom's snot bubble reaches to Brook when she exhales, and so Carrot waits for her to inhale before she goes to Brook.

She is unable to wake Brook up before Big Mom's snot bubble reaches her, and leaps onto the floor below. This partially wakes Zeus up, and Carrot attempts to imitate a stuffed bunny. it works, having Zeus go back to sleep, and Carrot heads back to the bed. However, she kicks a pebble into another rock, and Zeus thinks that the fly is back and goes into attack mode. Carrot runs back into the Mirro-World as the cloud homie attacks, and Pedro decides to try himself.

He sneaks up to Big Mom's bed, and as he goes up to Brook, he notices Big Mom moving, but it is just her tossing and turning. Big Mom turns onto him before he can act, forcing him to run back into Mirro-World. Big Mom's tossing and turning cause Brook to fall off the bed, and Naruto runs straight to Brook.

He picks Brook up waking the musician, but Brook screams after seeing his dummy, which wakes Big Mom up. Thinking the fly is still there, Big Mom grabs Prometheus and throws it onto the ground where Naruto and Brook are. However, Jinbe runs into the room and grabs them both, bringing them into the Mirro-World right as Prometheus hits the floor and explodes.

Big Mom and her special homies fall back asleep, and the Sanji Retrieval Team celebrates their success in retrieving Brook.


Luffy, meanwhile, continues looking around through the third floor when he is suddenly pulled into the infirmary by Reiju, who locks the door to prevent his pursuers from getting in. Luffy tells Reiju that he needs to warn Sanji about Pudding's deception, but Reiju reveals that Sanji found out about it just a little while ago.

She also explains that she told him to flee the island, but he is concerned about the threat of Zeff and the Baratie being held hostage. Luffy proclaims that he will go to defend the Baratie if they are in trouble, and with his hunger strike for Sanji on his mind and knowing that he did everything to help his cook, Luffy leaves the Chateau by jumping out the window.

He lands on top of someone's house and destroys it. He struggles to move due to his hunger as he heads back to the spot where he promised to wait for Sanji, but Luffy is confronted by Chess soldiers along the way. He continues fighting his way back to the spot before being attacked once he got there before seeing Sanji running towards him holding a basket.

To Be Continued.

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