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Chapter LXXX.

Last Time.

Bege frowned knowing that Katakuri was able to master Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki) to a state where he can see slightly into the future instead of just being able to know where an attack was coming.

"Tell Mama it was my call," Katakuri said flipping a bean in the air like a coin. "This is what you're gonna say. 'I see. Alright then."

'He'll be the biggest pain in the ass at the party.' Bege thought to himself. 'His bounty is over a billion. He's a monster!' He then sighed before repeating the words to Katakuri. "I see… Alright then."

"50… No, 100 raiders… Are coming!"

"Nani? (What?)"


A group of men rushes onto the scene. Cursing Jigra for not waiting for them, they begin to attack, and Katakuri foresees the Fire Tank Pirates being overwhelmed by them as the organ dealers withstand their volleys of bullets. Once this happens, Katakuri shoots one of the organ dealers with a jellybean as two men appeared.

The organ traders look forward to harvesting the Big Mom Pirates' organs, and one of them wraps chains around Oven, but Oven heats his body and melts the chains as he hits one of the dealers with a hot fist and melts the weapons of everyone nearby. Fearing the brothers' power, the organ dealers begin to escape, but Daifuku scoffs as he summons a massive genie-like figure that deals a massive blow powerful enough to take them out, and the organ dealers are left in awe, calling the brothers 'monsters'.

Seducing Woods.

Luffy chases after several animals with his net. He initially loses sight of them, but two monkeys fall out of a tree when their branch breaks, and Luffy excitedly moves to capture them.

Meanwhile, the tea party guests brace for Big Mom's arrival, and she steps into the venue, eagerly ready for the festivities. However, both she and Sanji know the malice that is about to take place.

Inside Bege, Naruto was talking to Nami in another room. "Did you mean what you said to Bege?" She asked him having Naruto smile as he clipped his holsters on.

"Of course." He replied before pulling her into a kiss and groped her ass having her dress ride up flashing back panties.


Whole Cake Chateau.

Inside the building, Sanji now in a white suit and jacket practiced his vows with Puddling who is in a white wedding dress.

Outside, Bege was watching the door before Luffy shot out of his body forcing Bege to push him back in. Luffy then ran around checking each of the exits he had before being knocked out by Nami who was pushing her dress down. Vito then calls out from atop the venue wall, remarking in the excitement that Morgans is talking to Judge.

He then reveals that Katakuri, Smoothie, Perospero, Compote, Daifuku, and Oven of the Charlotte Family are all in attendance, noting their strength and remarking that they will not be good enemies to have. The gate homie nearby is taken aback to hear that, and Bege tells Vito and Gotti to go check downstairs.

Inside the Whole Cake Chateau, two of the Fire Tank Pirates are disguised as cooks and report to Bege that the cooks are enjoying a banquet after having made the wedding cake. With all passages and signals to the wedding venue closed off, the Fire Tank Pirates go off to complete their next task. However, they are stopped by a drunk cook, who notes that he does not recognize them. However, the cook is struck down by Gotti as he and Vito arrive.

Inside the wedding venue, some Chess Soldiers carry the portrait of Mother Carmel, a woman who's dressed like a nun with a cigarette in hand, and place it on the table in front of Big Mom. She is joyful to see it, but no one else knows who Carmel is. When one person asks how she is related to Big Mom, Big Mom shouts at him to not intrude on her memories as she releases her Haoshoku Haki and knocks him out.

Her guests then present her with gifts that they acquired from exotic locations, and Morgans asks about the report of her acquiring a great undersea treasure. Big Mom confirms this, revealing the Tamatebako from Fish-Man Island, which she plans to open during the feast after Pudding's wedding.

Outside, Bege's men return to him with their mission completed, and Bege tells Caesar to come out of his body with the mirror. Caesar does so, and Bege briefs him on his role, telling him that he will be flying the mirror into the venue once they assassinate Big Mom so they can escape. At this point, the gate homie realizes that the Fire Tank Pirates are plotting something, but her face is then immediately sliced off by Gotti.

Bege then goes inside his body to check on the Straw Hats, only to find everyone except Jinbe sleeping. Jinbe says that they have gone a while without sleep, and promises to wake them up ten minutes before the wedding starts. With everything ready, Bege has his subordinates enter his body and goes into the venue, saying that there is no turning back now.

Back in Sanji and Pudding's room, Sanji attempts to make conversation with Pudding, trying to act nervous about the upcoming affair. Pudding answers sweetly, making him love-struck and causing him to struggle to remember her true nature. He asks if Pudding does not want to be kissed on the mouth, and Pudding says that she does, which causes him to get a nosebleed that makes him rocket around the room and stains his suit in blood.

Pudding acts concerned but is really extremely appalled and angered by Sanji's display of foolishness. Sanji is treated, and he and Pudding prepare to be brought out to the wedding venue, with Pudding gleefully anticipating her planned assassination.

In the wedding venue, the Charlotte Family talks with the Vinsmoke Family about the imminent union between their two families, and Big Mom and Judge make a toast. Bege talks with Perospero, and they talk about preparing for the upcoming event. Inside Bege's body, everyone except Luffy is awake and ready to go as Sanji and Pudding arrive on a teacup carried by Zeus.

Glitter and confetti float through the air as the wedding guests celebrate, and Sanji acts very love-struck, which causes Bege to think he is just acting well. With the bride and groom nearing the altar, the clock strikes twelve.

Inside, Jinbe tries to wake Luffy up by punching him multiple times to no avail. With barely any time left until the ceremony and the gunshot, Nami says that since Luffy was running around before he fell asleep, he will need meat to wake him up, and some Fire Tank Pirates rush to get some.

Outside in the wedding venue, the chef and his cooks begin to sing

The chef is a short and rotund, elderly man. He has a beak-like nose, big lips, and a large mustache shaped like a clover on each end. He's wearing a pink button-down shirt with a light apron under it, as well as dark pink pants, a yellow scarf, and a very large hat with a big feather attached to it. He also has a stopwatch on his left hip.

This is 'Gourmet Knight' Streusen.

Marriage. Marriage.

Marriage. Marriage.


Streusen sang holding up a sword.

Tough love… I've been in… Bitter love…

(I've been in…)

Fell in love, fell in deep, got hurt…

His cooks then started to sing holding cooking utensils.

And I've reached the aisle

Streusen then started again as they all danced in a circle.

Even if rain falls down on me

Even if spears rain down on me

Don't ever let that hand go.

Head chef!

Head chef!

He then stabbed the ground with his sword.

Here comes the congratulatory…

Wedding Cake!

They all finished standing at attention, as the ground broke break and the massive wedding cake rose. Big Mom compliments Streusen on the cake, and Sanji and Pudding are brought to the altar on top of it. As they draw closer to it, Pudding embraces Sanji and feigns nervous excitement while Sanji is lustfully ecstatic, although internally Pudding expresses her contempt with Sanji and is eager to murder him while Sanji keeps his mind on Pudding's true intentions.

The two of them reach the altar and stand in front of the priest, and Big Mom excitedly anticipates the imminent assassination of the Vinsmokes. Yonji wishing he could have married Pudding before Niji reminds him that doing so would enslave him to the Charlotte Family. Reiju looks around at the powerful Big Mom Pirates surrounding them and anticipates her family's death, having no desire for salvation but hoping that Sanji can escape.

Inside Bege's body, Luffy is given a lot of meat and gorges on it before Jinbe pulls him away. "I can't wait anymore!"

"OI! (HEY!)"

Outside, after the priest recites the vows, he calls for Pudding's veil to be lifted so she and Sanji can perform the kiss of oath and seal their marriage. Sanji lifts the veil, and anticipation is high as Pudding readies her gun and shows Sanji her third eye. Sanji is shocked, but before Pudding can shoot him, he spoke. "What a beautiful eye!"

This stuns Pudding, who begins to break down as she remembers her painful childhood where other children bullied her for it. Even Big Mom had openly remarked on its ugliness and told her to grow bangs over it. Pudding is unable to contain this sudden rush of emotion and collapses to her knees, shocking and angering her family and crew.

Big Mom then signals for the priest to shoot Sanji, but Katakuri foresees the priest's shot missing and so attempts to shoot Sanji himself. However, Sanji ends up dodging Katakuri's flicked jellybean and it hits the priest instead, whose gun goes off as he falls backward.

In the Mirro-World, the Sanji Retrieval Team, being pulled by Diesel, hears the gunshot and Luffy gets excited to make his entrance.

Outside, the wedding venue instantly becomes extremely volatile and uneasy after Katakuri's actions and Katakuri stands in front of Big Mom as he anticipates something happening that he cannot stop. A confused and angry Big Mom questions his actions, but then multiple duplicates of Luffy burst out of the wedding cake, utterly destroying it and causing the wedding guests to run away in a panic. The Big Mom Pirates stand utterly shocked, and Big Mom quickly becomes enraged to see Luffy.


Naruto jumped out of a mirror that was inside holding his guns before quickly shooting twelve chess soldiers in the head before putting them in his holsters then he pulled his knives out as the Luffy's ate everything in sight and made animal noises.

He looked over to see Morgans taking pictures with a red Den-Den Mushi.

Brook wearing a mask with Luffy's face then jumped out as well just as Naruto stabbed another soldier in the neck As Sanji jumped in the air with Pudding. Nearby, Big Mom walks toward her collapsing cake furious and on the verge of a breakdown. Streusen attempts to stop her, but her eyes change to gold as she orders three cooks to bring her a new wedding cake.

With them being unable to do so, Morgans notes that Big Mom will perform "Soul Pocus". The atmosphere around Big Mom and the cooks changes dramatically as she gives them the choice to bring another wedding cake or surrender their lives. The cooks fear for their lives, which causes wisps of their lifespan to leave their bodies, and as they run away, Big Mom pulls out their lifespans.

The others then jumped out of the cake to help Naruto and Luffy. Naruto was grabbed from behind before he flipped the soldier over and stabbed him several times. He then got up and spun to hit another guard with a heel kick.


Naruto sighed as Luffy jumped out of a skull and yelled at Big Mom who was yelling for him. "(Sigh) He's such a baka. (Idiot.)" He then jumped out of the way as a leg came down on him before looking up at Smoothie. "Whoa, despite what you might have heard… I'm not much of a leg man." Naruto joked before seeing Brook break the picture of Mother Caramel as Jinbe resigned from the Big Mom Pirates to join the Straw Hats.

"Yohohohoho!" Brook laughed as everyone stopped with the Straw Hats putting in their earplugs as Big Mom saw the destroyed picture.

Big Mom starts to walk around in a daze having everyone dodge attacks from members of the Charlotte family while the Vinsmokes are still seated due to Perospero explaining he'll protect them.

With Sanji, he ran through the tables before dodging a shot from Pudding who shot at him several times once he dropped her before emptying her gun. "You've been fooling yourself, haven't you, Pudding-chan?" He asked having Pudding remember her childhood again.

Suddenly, he grabbed her and jumped back out of the way from an attack by Daifuku's genie. He started to rub his belly having the genie fly to Sanji as Pudding ran to him. And was hit away. The genie attacked Sanji with a halberd as Sanji locked it with his leg glowing red.

"Maji Karu! (Fiend Hunt!)"

"Collier Strike! (Neck Strike!)"

Sanji then attacked with another kick having the genie turn to smoke before reforming in front of the cook before hitting him away.

Up ahead, Luffy in Gia Sekendo hit several people way as Jinbe stood behind him. "Gomu Gomu no…, Jetto Gatoringu! (Gum-Gum Jet Gatling!)"

"Gyojin Karate…" Jinbe got in his stance before thrusting his right hand out. "Samehada Shōtei! (Sharkskin Palm Thrust!)"

"Jetto Stampu! (Jet Stamp!)" Luffy hits a man away with his foot before Bege pulled him away.

"Quiet! I'm the head of security, they'll suspect something if I don't act like I'm attacking you." Bege explained holding a pistol. "I got the captain!"

"Alright! Kill him!"

Naruto ran over to help Jinbe as Pedro jumped down as well when Oven ran over. "Don't let him touch you!" Jinbe explained just as Oven hit Pedro's sword and heated it.

"Pedro!" Naruto yelled ripping his sleeve ff and balled it up to toss at the mink.

Pedro caught the cloth and wrapped it around his sword handle and looked up at Oven just as Brook's head fell by Luffy. "Brook!"

Naruto dodged an attack by Smoothie as he opened his gates and ran around as Big Mom just looked up at the sky from her knees. He glanced over to see Perospero trapping the Vinsmokes at their table with candy with only Judge trying to escape not wanting to die while his sons just laughed while guns were aimed at them. Reiju just stared at her father thinking that he got what he wanted by experimenting on them to not have any emotions.

Bege got off of Luffy once he sensed Katakuri's coming before he let Luffy go. Bege then pulled a rifle out and walked in the middle of the area as Katakuri walked to him. Luffy ran to pick up the broken picture then ran to Big Mom just as Sanji hit the genie into a building and ran to his 'family'. Luffy runs toward Big Mom to show her the broken portrait having Katakuri chase after him.

Bege, Jinbe, and Pedro stand in Katakuri's way, and Bege shoots rapidly at the Sweet Commander. Katakuri uses his Devil Fruit power to turn his body into mochi and let the bullets pass through him, and the other Big Mom Pirates are taken aback by Bege's display of betrayal. They shoot at Luffy, but his rubber body deflects the bullets.

Just as Luffy prepares to put the portrait shards in front of Big Mom, his arms are grabbed by Oven, who heats them with his Devil Fruit. Luffy drops the portrait pieces and Oven picks them up before looking up to see Naruto spinning at him before being kicked on the head with a Haki-infused leg.

"Tatsumaki Kyaku! (Tornado Kick!)"

Oven was kicked back before Brook ran over, sword in hand. "Let me handle this man, Naruto-san."

"You got it, yell if you need help."

Naruto ran away as Brook stabbed the ground ad had a line of ice form over at Oven Brook then took several steps before getting in his stance. "Come and fight me!"

"I'll burn you up!" Oven started punching his fists together and started to glow.

"That's awful. I have no flesh to burn off. Yohohoho!"

"Along with that chattering, I'll burn the marrow off your bones!"

Brook smiled at that. "You have a good sense of humor."

Naruto ran around taking out the soldiers and dodged attacks from Smoothie. "Oi! (Hey!) I said I wasn't a leg man!" Naruto yelled before looking over at the Vinsmokes then used Haki to knock out all but Perospero while dodging another strike.

He then saw Luffy stretch his arms up after getting stuck in mochi showing Big Mom the broken picture. She grabbed it and tried to piece it together as tears welled up. "Mother!"

Big Mom then let out a devastating scream that overwhelms everyone in the venue, and only the enemy alliance members can move around thanks to their earplugs. As Daifuku recoils and his genie disappears, Sanji runs toward his family, activating Diable Jambe and performing a spinning kick into the top of the table. This causes Perospero's candy to shatter, freeing the Vinsmokes as Chopper gives them earplugs while Carrot and Nami give them their Raid Suits.

Elsewhere, Vito and Gotti come out of Bege's body with their KX Launchers at the ready, and Smoothie cries out in shock in anger as she sees what they intend to do. "Oi! (Hey!) Someone stop Bege and the others! Bege! How dare you betray us!"

"Goodbye, Big Mom!" Bege yelled holding a launcher and aimed it at Big Mom.

To Be Continued.

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