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There's some slight 1% hope as the person in charge of the show is supposedly a fan of OP and may have talked to Oda. But I really don't it but I'm an optimistic/the glass is half full person so for this and the post Endgame MCU stuff I hope will be good.

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Chapter LXXXIII.

Last Time.

Amande's fleet of Tartes fires a round of cannonballs at the Sunny but misses as the Kū do Bāsu (Coup de Burst) preparation is completed. However, right before it can be activated, Big Mom grabs the Sunny's stern and tips the ship backward, causing one of the cola barrels to fall out of Sunny's engine. After realizing what has happened, Nami prepares to go restore the engine while Chopper and Brook intercept the next rounds of cannonballs fired by Amande's fleet.

Jimbei goes to help, but Nami tells him to man the helm while she goes below deck, and she gives him a tone dial from Franky to tell him how to activate Coup de Burst. Meanwhile, to Katakuri's horror, Brûlée appears in the mirror behind Luffy to try to help, and Luffy then uses his other arm to grab onto her. As Big Mom starts taking bites out of the Sunny, the Straw Hats see in shock that Perospero is alive with his right arm missing.

Naruto goes below deck, where he reloads the barrel of cola that had been knocked out of place. With one arm grabbing Katakuri and one arm grabbing Brûlée, Luffy tells his crew that he will leave the rest to them and will return to them later. Following Franky's instructions, Jinbe waits for the cola's energy to build up, and upon completion, he pulls the lever.

The blast hits Big Mom from point-blank range, and the Sunny is sent flying over Amande's fleet and far into the distance. As they are in the air, however, the Straw Hats look and see no trace of Luffy or Katakuri.


Luffy pulls himself and Katakuri through Sunny's mirror into the Mirro-World, and Luffy breaks the mirror leading there as he faces Katakuri. "So that's a captain's determination… But you're no match for me. This place will be your graveyard." Katakuri said to Luffy who just glared.

"I'll go back to the Sunny! After I take you down!" Luffy said as the two stared at each other.



(A/N: This fight is canon feel free to skip to the next Italic scene change for each one.)

"I'm going to kick your ass!" Luffy glared as the soldiers taunted him before being silenced by Katakuri who raised an arm.

"You're dangerous Straw Hat Luffy… Even though it was reckless, there aren't that many people who can cause this much damage… On the Big Mom Pirates. If I let you get away, you'll be a bigger threat to Mama. But in terms of ability, you're on a way lower level than me… I've got to take care of you now." Katakuri explained closing his eyes.

"I'm not gonna be defeated!"

"I'll teach you that there's always somebody stronger than you."

Luffy just leaned back at that before dashing towards Katakuri with a Haki-infused punch. "Here I go!"

He jumped up to Katakuri's head who easily dodged the attacks. Luffy dropped down before turning with a kick that Katakuri leaned away from and punched Luffy in the face sending him back. Is that all you got?"

Luffy jumped up in Gia Sekendo (Gear Second) and threw a punch. "Gomu Gomu no Jetto Pistoru! (Gum-Gum Jet Pistol!)"

Luffy's eyes widened as he saw Katakuri block the punch with his stretched-out mochi arm. He then jumped back and threw both fists at the same time. "Gomu Gomu no Jetto Tsuin Pistorus! (Gum-Gum Jet Pistols!)"

Katakuri dodged the attack having Luffy hit two mirrors before dodging another hit having Luffy destroy a third. Katakuri then appeared beside Luffy before whispering. "I can dodge forever."

Luffy jumped away at that, jumped in the air, and threw back his arm, twists it, and had it turn black with Haki. "Gomu Gomu no... Hōku Raifuru! (Gum Gum Hawk Rifle!)" Luffy threw his arm forward only for Katakuri to dodge by jumping high in the air. Luffy followed suit and threw his arms back and covered the in Haki. "Gomu Gomu no Īguru Bazūka! (Gum Gum Eagle Bazooka!)"

Bringing his arms forward, Luffy slammed his hands into the floor as Katakuri dodged before they jumped around with him dodging Luffy's attacks. Katakuri appeared by the others as Luffy, leg raised in the air, Haki infused crashed through a pillar and came down. "Gomu Gomu no… Hōku Akkusu (Gum Gum Hawk Axe!)"

"Useless." Katakuri dodged by jumping to the side of the attack as dust kicked up before Luffy attacked with a fury of fists that Katakuri matched by created mochi arms.

"Hōku Gatoringu! (Hawk Gatling!)"

Straw Hat Crew.

The Sunny landed in blue ocean water as storm clouds formed in front of them. The crew briefly searches for Luffy but deduces that he must have gone to the Mirro-World. Brook and Chopper then wonder where Pedro is, and Nami explains to them about Pedro's sacrifice as it starts to rain. The three of them and Carrot get emotional and weep, but Jinbe tells them to not get upset.

This angers Brook, but Jinbe tells them that Pedro had been preparing to sacrifice himself and that his sacrifice was what allowed them to escape the Big Mom Pirates' onslaught on Whole Cake Island. Since they are still in Totto Land and the Big Mom Pirates would soon pursue them again, they will need to get working and be vigilant to escape and honor Pedro's goal.

This spurs Nami, Chopper, Brook, and Carrot into action, and they quickly get in position to aid in their voyage. However, Carrot soon spots the Big Mom Pirates' fleet coming after them, and it is accompanied by Big Mom herself, who is walking on a candy sea slug created by Perospero who had a prosthetic right arm made out of candy.

Sanji, Pudding, And Chiffon.

Elsewhere, as Sanji, Chiffon, Pudding, and Nitro ride Rabiyan toward Cacao Island, Sanji finds out that Lola is a master chocolatier. Chiffon reveals that Lola was the Minister of Chocolate who governed over Cacao Island before she ran away, and the position has not been filled since then since the best candidate, Pudding, refuses to take Lola's spot.

Pudding currently hiding in the rolled-up front of Rabiyan refuses to come out because she does not want to be seen with Sanji in her wedding dress.

Mirro-World Luffy Vs Katakuri.

Luffy, now having both arms in Gia Sādo (Gear Third) jumped up to bring them forward for an attack. "Gomu Gomu no… Gurizurī Magunamu! (Gum Gum Grizzly Magnum!)" Katakuri created two bigger arms and collided with Luffy's before forming around them. He then started spinning having Luffy collide into the walls before getting his bearings and ran before having the air travel into his leg and raised it before adding Haki. "Gomu Gomu no Giganto Akkusu! (Gum-Gum Giant Axe!)"

Luffy brought the leg down before a shadow came over him. Looking up, he saw an even large Haki-covered leg about to hit him before the hell came down. It hit Luffy into the floor creating a crater. The men cheered before Luffy started to move. He stood up and started fighting Katakuri with Punches before seeing Brûlée holding a mirror with a room on the Sunny inside before grabbing a mirror shard of the one he broke.

Earlier Chocolat Town, Cacao Island; Sanji, Chiffon, And Pudding.

Pudding puts handcuffs on Chiffon to pass her off as a prisoner and manages to tell Sanji to hide in Rabiyan's fold. The group arrives at Cacao Island, and Pudding assures the concerned citizens that Chiffon was not a key member of her husband Capone Bege's plan to assassinate Big Mom.

A Choco Police officer takes her to the Sweets Factory, and they discuss the wedding and Big Mom's rampage. The officer states that Whole Cake Island's 31 finest head chefs have been gathered to help make the cake, as chefs step out, ready to get to work. The WCI 31 introduce themselves to Pudding's group, and she instructs the citizens outside to not peek inside the Sweets Factory at any time.

She then has each of the chefs meet with her alone, and she manipulates their memories to make them think the wedding between her and Sanji was successful and that the cake was ruined by the weather. Meanwhile, Sanji shows Chiffon his blueprints for the cake, and she is taken aback at how he perfectly remembered all the ingredients through smell alone.

Pudding then joins them, and she reveals what she did to the chefs. Sanji then gives orders to them, telling Chiffon to make the chiffon cake and Pudding to make the chocolate, and he will make the secret ingredient that he says will unlock true happiness.

He explains they will have a short two hours and 40 minutes to bake the cake and will decorate it after taking it out to sea, with the intention of crossing paths with Big Mom and the Straw Hat Pirates between Cacao and Whole Cake Island and feeding her there. The WCI 31 does not think that they can cook in that short of a period, but Chiffon intimidates them into action as the group begins working.

The Sunny.

Naruto walked into the men's room before seeing fire arrows using a mirror on the wall before shooting it. He then ran outside before yelling. "Big Mom's crew's trying to set the Sunny on fire with any mirrors. Anyone who can start destroying them!"

"What about Luffy?" Nami yelled as Naruto ran to the bathroom.

"We'll get to the next island and steal one big enough for him to get back!" Opening the door, Naruto aimed with his left hand and shot the mirror on the wall before closing the door. "But if they set fire to the Sunny we may not get away in time!"

Jinbe steered the ship to avoid cannonballs as Chopper and Brook intercepting some of the shots. Before the Sunny crew can do anything, however, they are suddenly faced with a massive wave created by Big Mom and Perospero's candy homie. The crew cowers in terror except for Jinbe, who has the crew affix ropes to the sails.

He then grabs the ropes while standing at the helm, allowing him to control the sails singlehandedly. On top of the wave, Perospero looks down at Big Mom. "Matte (Wait) a minute, Mama!" He yelled as the wave started to fall. "If you do that, the cake will sink into the sea, too!" He warned Big Mom. "Mama!"

But it is too late as the waves begin crashing down. Jinbe steers the ship straight toward the wave, and the Straw Hats are sure that they will die as the wave comes down. However, they find themselves inside a pocket space in the wave. "The Green Room," Jinbe stated as everything took a green tint. "It's a brief 'Wave Room' that forms inside a collapsing wave."

"To the children of the Fish-Man Tribe, it was the perfect place to play! We're gonna sail through it, hang on!" Jinbe yelled as he used the ropes to sail the ship out of the wave.

They then went throughout the ship and destroyed every mirror on the ship. Chopper then picked up the shard that had Luffy in it, got his attention, and made plans to reunite at Cacao Island at 1:00 AM.

Cacao Island.

The chefs hurriedly get the ingredients prepared, but find that they are short on butter. Sanji tells them to use prunes to make a puree that will substitute for the butter, impressing them and Pudding. She gets extremely excited every time the chefs remark that they are a good match or state that they are husband and wife, to the point of fainting.

Later, the wedding cake's creation is going steady with no issue, and Sanji believes that they will finish it in time. Pudding works hard to focus on her task without getting distracted by Sanji and is tested when she gets jealous by him complimenting Chiffon. Meanwhile, Charlotte Oven draws closer to Cacao Island, intending to check on the wedding cake's development.


Luffy without his jacket struggled to get away from Katakuri while holding the tiny remnants of the mirror but is smashed into the ground by a giant mochi ax kick, and his crew is greatly concerned. However, Luffy acts like everything is fine and approves the plan to reunite on Cacao Island, causing his crewmates to celebrate.

Meanwhile, Katakuri brought out a trident from inside his body. It's a pink trident, with its three prongs tightly together. The middle prong is a full spear shape, while the two on the sides are half-blades.

Luffy then looked up at Katakuri. "I'm not gonna die here!"

"No one dies because they want to. Most deaths… Come unwillingly. You will… Die here soon!" Katakuri explained to Luffy as Brûlée started taunting him.

Luffy tried to punch the woman, only for Katakuri to grab him by the wrist, and throw him into a wall. He then had his arm turn to mochi and spun his trident before thrusting it at Luffy. "Mochi Tsuki! (Mochi Thrust!)"

Luffy fell to the floor to dodge as Katakuri it the wall and drilled a hole in it. "That was close!" The wall then started to collapse having Luffy run forward and jumped out of the way

"This trident is called Mogura," Katakuri spoke having Luffy look back to see Katakuri standing behind him. "Your hand or your foot? Name the body parts you can most do without. I'll sever them for you!"

He then spun it at Luffy who dodged, went into Gia Sādo (Gear Third and attacked with a spinning fist. "Gomu Gomu no Giganto Raifuru! (Gum-Gum Giant Rifle!)" Katakuri dodged it before Luffy attacked with a regular fist that he blocked with his own.

Katakuri prepares to use Mochi Tsuki on Luffy in the air, but Luffy manages to use the wall to propel himself away from Mogura. Luffy attempts to counterattack, but Katakuri throws him into the wall and strikes at him with Mogura again. Luffy very narrowly avoids being impaled, and when Katakuri attempts another strike, he bunches himself up to duck under it.

However, this propels him upward right into the ceiling, and Katakuri kicks him back to a wall. Luffy narrowly falls to the ground right before Katakuri strikes his spot on the wall with Mochi Tsuki, and he is utterly dazed. Luffy manages to dodge more of Katakuri's attacks, but any of his attempts to attack lead to him being harmed.

Luffy attempts to grab a hold of Mogura. Katakuri pulls it back just in time, and when Luffy attempts attacking again, he throws the Straw Hat to the ground before pinning him with his hand. Katakuri prepares to strike Luffy at point-blank range, but Luffy manages to stop Mogura with his legs. This allows him to punch the ground and escape from Katakuri's grasp.

Suddenly, the area turned into mochi capturing Luffy as he remembered his fight with Doflamingo and him turning the buildings into string before biting his arm. Only for mochi to punch his head off before being spun around and slammed onto the floor. Katakuri then had other walls slam down onto Luffy before he pulled out a gold pocket watch and saw it was 3:40 PM.

"Since it took me a lot of time and trouble to defeat you, I'm 40 minutes late for today's merienda. The suffering won't last long. Good-bye, Straw Hat." He turned to walk to see cooks rushing to him with a cart of large doughnuts and tea before creating a small house around him and the sweets to eat in peace.

And had Luffy come out of the mochi walls by eating them and revealing he was also heavily overweight. Luffy ran away and then ran back, revealing he was back to normal before destroying the house with a large fist. And revealed Katakuri lying on his back and singing as he blissfully eats donuts with a rather largemouth.

Katakuri spots Luffy above him and immediately becomes enraged, and his chefs run away in fear. Katakuri approaches them in great fury and impales one of them with Mogura. The other chefs try to plead with Katakuri, promising not to tell anyone, but Katakuri ends up misinterpreting one statement as an insult against his mouth, causing him to make his arms square-shaped and hit the chefs into the wall with devastating power.

He then turns his attention toward Luffy and overwhelms him with his superior Busoshoku Haki as he pummels him into the ground. However, as Luffy gets up, he manages to use his Kenbunshoku Haki to dodge Katakuri's punch and kick him in the jaw, much to his surprise. He then succeeds in dodging further attacks and starts figuring out how Katakuri's power works as he activates Gear Fourth.

The enraged Katakuri creates tendrils of mochi out of the ground and assaults Luffy with them, but Luffy manages to avoid them and Katakuri is unable to keep up with him as he is hit by Luffy's Kong Gun and gets sent flying.

The Sunny.

On the Sunny, the Straw Hats notice that they are not being pursued either, and Jinbe wonders if Aladine and the Sun Pirates made it out safely.

Deep in the ocean, the Sea Slugs have gathered around Charlotte Praline, as she sings to entrance them and prevent them from doing their jobs, and Aladine hopes that this will help Jinbe.

To Be Continued.

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Sorry, this is mostly canon, one of those if I had remembered as I don't watch the anime very much due to reading the manga I would have did most of these eps last Ch. Is anyone excited for the live-action OP on Netflix? I know I'm not after hearing the synopsis for both Avatar The Last Airbender and Cowboy Bebop.

There's some slight 1% hope as the person in charge of the show is supposedly a fan of OP and may have talked to Oda. But I really don't it but I'm an optimistic/the glass is half full person so for this and the post Endgame MCU stuff I hope will be good.

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