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Chapter XCVIII.

Last Time

Forbidden Storehouse, Inside The Dome.

Yamato put Shinobu and Momo down on the floor. "Here we go! It's safe in here..."

"Where are we?"

"It's a storehouse. I'm afraid we can't get off of this island anymore. We can hide out here for a while since we won't be seen by anyone." Yamato replied

"Shinobu! Are your wounds okay?!" Momo asked Shinobu who started to wake up.

"Momonosuke-sama! I'm sorry I let you down."

"What are you saying?! I am grateful to you! I am still alive thanks to you!"

"No... It's more than I deserve!" Shinobu started to stand, only to fall into Yamato's arms.

"You shouldn't move yet!"

"He is right! You should be resting!"

"Then please allow me to accept your kind offer and get some rest…" Shinobu closed her eyes at that.


"Call me Oden or Father," Yamato replied as the moon's light shined revealing a large dragon statue that was broken in places.

"What is this?"

"A statue of a dragon. It used to be at the entrance of the island, but my friend broke it, so it was abandoned here!"

"Your friend?!" Momo blinked at that.

"Yes… Several years ago, he came to kill my father!"


In the storehouse, Yamato bandages Shinobu's wounds. At this point, Yamato reveals more about her experiences with Ace.

When Ace led his pirate crew, he invaded Onigashima to rescue abducted children. Ace battled against its guardian, Yamato, and it was revealed that Kaido was on an expedition with his top officers. While Ace's subordinates rescued the children and sent them back to the mainland, Ace continued his battle and revealed his past to Yamato.

When Ace was a child, his father, Roger, became despised by the people. Ace began questioning whether or not his life inherently had no worth when his father was so rejected. Yamato also revealed her past; since she dreamed of living free like Oden, Kaido fitted her with handcuffs that would explode if she left the island. Ace encouraged Yamato to do what she desired against Kaido's wishes. In anger, Yamato destroyed Kaido's dragon statue.

Ace and Yamato developed a friendship. As they watched the sunset, Ace told Yamato about the outside world, including his brother who will rise as a powerful pirate. Finishing the story, Yamato tells that Ace died two years ago, but his brother, Luffy, inherits his will. Yamato anticipated Luffy's return so he could take Kaido down. Meanwhile, Tama reveals to Nami, Nojiko, and Olive that she also knew Ace and was training to join his crew before Luffy told her what happened to Ace.

Inside the building, Chopper was busy making the antidote as the others fought. "Listen! Let's defend the room that Raccoon-san is in without sparing our lives!" Hyogoro said to his men.


"Raccoon-san! How much longer will it take?!" One asked Chopper who held a beaker.

"It's almost done! If we can mass-produce this antibody, we can save everyone! Miyagi! Tristan! Get ready!"


"You guys are the last-yoi!" Marco said making more flames.

"You all! Stop Marco! Don't let him run free! Take back the antibody!" Queen said to his men,

"He saved us… But if we don't do anything, Queen- sama will kill us..."

"What should I do?"

"Stop hesitating! Follow my order! Just kill the enemy!"

"Yeah, he's Kaido-sama's enemy!" One yelled as they walked to Marco.

"Just do it already… Or do you want me to kill you?"

"I'm not gonna attack Kaido directly now-yoi," Marco said bringing flames on his arms. "But… I comprehend where you stand. No hard feelings… Nico Robin! Skeleton Man! Do what you gotta do! Run to the castle!"

Marco then takes Zoro Thane and Tate up to the hole in his phoenix form and they see the others panting as they stare at Kaido.

Over with Tama's group, Nami reveals to Tama that Ace is Luffy's brother. Tama reflects on when Luffy told her about Ace's death; although Luffy spoke to her very bluntly, she regrets the way she reacted. Moving on, Tama's group decides to carry out a strategy Tama laid out.

In the storehouse, Momonosuke hears from Yamato that Ace is Luffy's brother and Roger's son. He also hears that Luffy has the infamous initial D in his name.

On the way to the rooftop, the Mink soldiers struggle to defend the stairway from enemy Beasts Pirates. Just then, Luffy appears and defeats them, taking the stairs to the next floor.

On the rooftop, Big Mom meets with Kaido and finds the samurai defeated on the ground. They discuss the New Onigashima Project; although the people are enjoying the Fire Festival in the Flower Capital, Kaido will move Onigashima there, even if many die. However, they start to bicker over the Road Poneglyph, where they both agree to negotiate further once the One Piece is acquired.

Back in the room, Yamato takes out Oden's journal, she reveals more about her times with Ace. As Ace and Yamato sat around a campfire, they discussed each other's dreams. Ace discussed Luffy's dreams; since his childhood, Luffy had a dream of finding the One Piece in memory of Roger. Using Ace's fingernail, Yamato creates a Vivre Card of him. Ace eventually departed from the island and Yamato kept a Vivre Card of him.

However, during the Summit War, Ace was killed in battle. As he died in Marineford, Yamato's Vivre Card disintegrated before her eyes. Yamato remembered when Ace told him that his brother, Luffy, would rise as a powerful pirate. Yamato resolved to wait for Luffy to come to save the country from Kaido.

Finishing her story, Yamato entrusts Oden's journal to Momonosuke. She suggests that Luffy was the person mentioned in the prophecy, who would arrive in the country to take down Kaido.

Outside, Kaido saw Kid and Killer walking up. "The One Piece… You guys can't even dream of being able to contend for it… Do you wanna continue playing pirates?"


Lightning cracked as Big

"You're not good at educating people, Kaido… Let me do it!" She said getting the two to laugh.

"Yeah, I know, Killer… I know how you feel… I've gathered all these things!" Kid said bringing up metal junk. "Take them, you damn Emperors!" He yelled as Law appeared with Zoro, Thane, and Tate. "One after another!"

"So loose...You Straw Hats are all like that?"

"This isn't my fault!" Zoro yelled as he stood.

"I don't see the loosest one… Where's Straw Hat-ya?" Law asked as the two Emperors looked at each other

"Now more of them are here. They're the Worst Generation, aren't they?"

"They'll scatter like dust in the wind… You guys aren't strong enough to reopen this old scar! Withdraw gracefully, damn rookies! Like the Akazaya members did…"

Suddenly. Naruto landed as Luffy punched the door behind them open and stood with the group.

More than years into the future, young, strong pirates who will lead the next era will come surging into the New World! If I die… they're the ones… Who'll bring Kaido down?

"Another one came...Why don't you guys watch how it's done?!" Kid grinned raising his arm.

"Linlin! What do you think that brat said he was gonna be right in front of me?!" Kaido said to Big Mom as Luffy walked up to them.

"He's impertinent… You gave me some mouth, too! And how could you destroy my castle?! Apologize to me first, Straw Hat!" She said as Luffy walked past them.

"Hey, you punk… Say again what you're gonna be… Right in front of our faces!" Kaido said as Luffy stopped at the samurai.

"Are you okay, Kin'emon? I'm sorry… For being late."

"I... I feel chagrined… I-I am… Too ashamed to face Oden-sama in the afterlife! Can you carry… The Land of Wano on your back?!"

"You fool! Of course, I will! It's my friend's country! Tra-guy! Move all of them downstairs!"

Law raised his hand and switched them with rocks as Luffy attacked Kaido with his upgraded Haki

You call it Haki, but we call it Ryuo in the Land of Wano. It has the meaning of flow.

And knocked Kaido back into the ground and burnt him. "Gomu Gomu no… Reddo Rokku! (Gum Gum Inferno Pistol!)"

"Hey, Kaido... What are you doing?! I can't believe you got knocked down!" Big Mom said as Luffy landed.

"I'm Monkey D. Luffy. I'm the man who'll best you guys… And become the King of the Pirates!"

"Hey, Kaido! What are you doing? I can't believe you got knocked down!" Big Mom yelled as Kaido got up on his hands and knees to look at Luffy in surprise.

'His attack worked against me?!' He thought as some blood dripped from his lip.

"You still say that?! You shitty brat!" Big Mom yelled as Hera cracked with lightning. "The King of the Pirates?! Hey, stop resting!" She said flying to Kaido. "Are you messing with me? That was just some squirt's weak punch!"

"So that's the Haki that the old man from the Land of Wano taught him…" Zoro mused as he looked at Luffy.

"What was that Haki? Punches can hurt Kaido?!" Kid asked as Naruto took a step forward.



"The Haki that he wears destroys his opponents from the inside…" Naruto said as he dropped his sword and crossed his arms to start opening his gates.

"From inside, huh? I like that."

"There is a chance of winning!" Killer said after laughing.

"More importantly, there's something I have to say to Straw Hat-ya," Law spoke from his spot hat shadowing his eyes.

"Hey, you brat! Do you have any idea how influential the King of the Pirates is?!" Big Mom asked Luffy who stared as Kaido stood.

'What happened to him after he took a pounding from me in Kuri?' Kaido thought remembering his one hit on Luffy and Naruto. 'This little punk didn't even catch my attention… At that time! I only know a few people… Who is capable of fighting me? Are you suggesting you're as good as those guys? Straw Hat!'

"Are you suggesting you're capable of fighting a deadly battle against me?" Kaido asked as he looked down. "You're still a fledgling punk! You think you're that great?! Straw Hat!

"Look at that relaxed smile…" Zoro sighed as Naruto opened all seven gates.

"Let's go to hell together!" Killer yelled as lightning cracked before Luffy and Kaido clashed their Haki.

"I feel a tingling sensation on my skin!"

"Kill them all! Everyone and everything will be destroyed!" Big Mom laughed as Kaido pulled his weapon back and laughed before swinging.

"Raimei Hakke! (Thunder Bagua!)"

Luffy barely dodged the attack and landed in a roll behind the Yonko. "(Pant!) Damn! I predicted the attack, but it was… Too fast!"

"Well done! You didn't take it directly this time! You suck, Kaido! Trash should be burned! Prometheus!" Big Mom asked as the sun flew to her.

"Yes, Mama!"

"Get burned to dust! Hebunrī Foia! (Heavenly Fire!)"

"Kitsunebi-Ryū: Homura Sak! (Foxfire Style: Flame-Rend!)"

Prometheus was cut in half as Zoro sliced him and landed behind Luffy. "Prometheus!"

"Kin'emon's technique! That's amazing, Zoro!" Luffy exclaimed as Zoro smiled.

"I stole it!"

"Ow, ow, ow, ow! You hurt me!" The sun said as Zoro looked back to see Naruto kick Kaido's club to the floor before it hit Luffy.

In the banquet hall, Sanji is kept bound by Black Maria but is too charmed by the women to attempt to escape. Eventually, he decides to free himself by burning the webs with Diable Jambe flames, then uses the webs to fight off the ladies. However, he could not find himself to attack Black Maria, and Maria started interrogating him about his crew's whereabouts, especially Robin.

Back with the fight, Naruto skids to a stop to see the three captains bicker before three fireballs hit them as they tried a contest on last to be hit would win. "Dumbasses."

"Now who's gonna become the King of the Pirates?!" Big Mom laughed as they looked at the three. "Let's see… How am I gonna kill you?"

"Linlin, get back! I wanna see how strong they are." Kaido said raising his hand and getting the Yonko to look at him.

"Why would you wanna see that?"

"Damn! You guys moved, didn't you?!" Luffy yelled sitting up to stare at the other two who sat up as well.

"I didn't move!" Kid bit back with a glare as Luffy followed.

"No, I saw both of you moving!" Law said looking over at the other two with a glare of his own.

"Don't get in my way, Hitokiri Kamazo!" Zoro said as he put his bandanna on Thane twirled his scythe and then rested it on his shoulder.

"If I had these Punishers on at that time, you would've died! Zorojuro..."

"I don't think so."

The three then attacked Kaido with their blades at the same time. "The cut is too shallow!" Thane tisked as he saw their attacks barely cut the Yonko.

"I'm impressed with you!" Kaido grinned at them.

"I gotta unleash Enma's power a little more!"

"Kaido! We'll finish you off in one go!" Luffy said getting his attention.

"What did you say? Say that again."

"Gia Fōsu! (Gear Four!)" Luffy went into his form

"Panku Rotton! (Punk Rotten!)" Kid pulled metal to him.

"Rūmu! (Room!)" And Law created his dome.

Kaido laughed at that. "They're… Like monsters!" He grinned as Luffy threw a punch at him.

To Be Continued.

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