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"I'll kill you!" Naruto shouted throwing the Rasengan at the man. The taller man dodged it easily and extending his arm several snakes shot out towards him. Naruto dodged the bites and doing hand symbols cast a Wind Jutsu destroying them

Naruto his eyes red lunged at the man who dodged it easily smirking at him as he stood on a branch. He threw a kunai at him who casually caught it.

"Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, ninjas don't let their anger guide them." Orochimaru The Snake Sannin said to the blow throwing it back at him who dodged it. "Did you miss that lesson during the Academy?" Naruto glared at him panting hard full of rage as they had been battling for an hour it felt like to him. Despite his moves and techniques he had used he wasn't able to land a full hit on him as Orochimaru had that smug smile on his face the whole time.

Naruto leapt at him who dodged his punches and kicks effortlessly doing so. Naruto got madder at him as his eyes were red and an aura was forming around him. It was just them as Naruto had gone off after him when he saw him, not wasting the time for Sakura and the others to regroup and go with him. He was finally going to kill him for all he had done!

Orochimaru did not see concerned with what was going on, he actually seemed amused at what was happening. Naruto lashed out at him and he dodged it with Kusanagi and drew him back.

"Is there any reason your so mad at me?" He asked him the two standing ten feet apart from another. "I don't recall doing anything to harm you before. Don't tell me you still blame me for Sasuke leaving? He went on his own, give up this obsession with him. After all that pink haired girl is all yours now that he's not there to get her attention." He said smirking.

"You killed Sarutobi!" Naruto shouted at him lunging at him. Orochimaru dodged it and kicked him in the side knocking him to the ground.

"I find it amazing, kill one man and you are a monster, a pariah who deserves to be struck down. But kill a hundred and people hail you as a hero, the second coming of the Messiah. Tell me Naruto-kun, how many people have you killed?" Orochimaru asked him as he got up.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Naruto yelled at him fury in his eyes.

"Come on, don't tell me you have never stained your hands with blood or thought about tearing someone's heart from their chest boy." Orochimaru said with a grin. "Tell me, you killed people before, how many?"

Naruto was silent as he glared at him as he thought back of people he had fought and had faced and beaten. "I don't know! I've lost count of how many people I've beaten! Why the hell does it matter to you!" He shouted at him his eyes slowly turning back to blue and his aura of chakra slowly faded.

Orochimaru laughed not like one of his cruel inhumane laughs, this one sounded joyful and humorous as if receiving a well timed joke. "You see, you no longer have the innocence deluded fantasy you lived in before. At least you managed to enjoy a few more years of it, I was half you age before I killed somebody." He said and Naruto's eyes widened a bit, half his age, he couldn't have been no older than seven when he first did. "It was either me or a Ninja from Kumo who would've died that day, luckily I slashed his throat killing him having him die in a pool of his blood before he could do the same to me. You killed Raiga Kurosuki didn't you?"

Naruto remembered that name, one of The Hidden Swordsmen of Mist. "That's not true, he killed himself with his own lightning!" He shouted recalling him killing himself.

"So you believe, I've been watching you, he was going to die when you knocked him off that cliff, no chance of his body surviving the impact of the fall once he hit bottom. It was either that or a less painful death by stabbing himself with his own weapon against him. Either way, you were responsible for his death."

"Well he threatened a lot of people and buried anyone who opposed him alive!" Naruto protested.

"KuKuku," Orochimaru laughed. "Only because he lashed out at the world that had beaten and abused him tearing out his heart in front of him and spat on it. You remember Zabuza Momochi, he killed all his classmates and the proctors at Mist when he was just six years old cause of what he had to go through. But here's another question, if you saw a wolf chasing after a rabbit what would you do?"

Naruto looked at him confused. "I'd help the rabbit, what else would I do?" Orochimaru cackled in delight at him making him angry. "Stop laughing at me!" He shouted his eyes turning red.

"I'm sorry but I just expected more from you, I would help the wolf. For you see boy, there are no sides for every action you take. If you save the Rabbit you allow it to live, but you are also denying the Wolf its opportunity to live as well, it could be starving for all you know not having eaten in days and you robbed it of its last chance at a meal ensuring it would starve to death." Orochimaru said to him.

"If a ninja from a rival village tasked with doing something failed his mission thanks to you and was killed as punishment, his family would suffer. Not only would a child lose his father, but his family would also lose their means of income and be disgraced. You didn't really think about that do you? It does not concern you at all because it doesn't affect you. All that matters is achieving your next move." He asked him. "We're not so different you and I."

"I'm nothing like you!" Naruto shouted in rage. "I don't abandon my friends and go off and hurt people like you do! Don't you ever compare me to you, you sick bastard!"

"Struck a nerve eh? People have said that Sasuke is like me but they are wrong, Sasuke is nothing like me. I move forward in my goals, he is stuck with tunnel vision thinking he can achieve his goal of killing his brother. I would've moved on from that a long time ago and onto more important matters.

"That still doesn't mean I'm anything like you!"

"You forget boy, one tiny detail." Orochimaru said and closed his eyes smiling as if he was about to reveal the secret of life. "I too desired to be Hokage as well." He said opening them.

Naruto remembered Jiraiya telling him that during the training trip. Orochimaru had wanted to be Hokage as well but had been passed in favor of The Yondaime. "Maybe so but you only wanted it so you could have power!" Naruto shouted at him.

"Maybe, but even before you were even thought about being conceived I had longed to be Hokage. Thinking that I could create a better world than the one I was forced to live in. I was loyal to Konoha, doing everything I could for it. Defeating those who endangered it, living through not one but three wars where a person is lucky to live past his first battle. I did all that they asked me, Sarutobi telling me that I was destined for it and they repaid me by stabbing me in the back when it should have been mine!" He said and anger showed in his eyes.

"You created the Cursed Seal! You killed nearly sixty babies you experimented on!" Naruto yelled at him.

Again Orochimaru looked at him with an amused look in his eyes. "Oh really? Here's a hint boy, I didn't originally do that just to kill people and my own amusement like you think, you see I was ordered to do it, by two people in fact. The first is a one eyed hawk who I sure is watching you with his good eye very close wondering what he can do to make you his weapon. The second, well I'll give you a hint, his name starts with an S and he was my sensei."

Naruto's eyes widened at that. "No…" He said in disbelief.

"Yes, it was none other than The Sandaime himself, Hiruzen Sarutobi who made me do it." He said with a grin as he saw the shock in the boy's eyes. "You see, Sarutobi despite his grandfatherly figure everyone remembers could be just as cruel as me if he wanted too. I was once a hero loved by Konoha. He made me do what I did, for you see The Cursed Seal was designed to create super soldiers, the next breed of Ninja who would be unstoppable in battle able to take on small armies by themselves, I was ordered to create them for the good of Konoha. It's not my fault if the ones I give it too can't control or withstand it and so die within a week." He said shrugging as if it was not important. "And inplanting the DNA and genes of the Shodaime into infants, that too was their orders. So, who's the real monster?"

"That still doesn't mean what you did is forgivable!" Naruto said to him but doubt was in his voice now at learning that Sarutobi the man he had looked up to for so long had ordered such a thing.

"Of course once everything turned sour a scapegoat was needed," Orochimaru responded "I got all the blame for what happened. It was Sarutobi giving Minato: Jiraiya's treasured student who was the only one of his who actually survived the wars. Anko and my other students actually lived past the wars and the first two died of natural causes. Minato who was unproven, an idealistic fool who was blind to the true nature of the world and ignorant to what would happen the title of Yondaime that was the last straw. My own Sensei who I had loved like a father had turned his back on me, all for the good of Konoha." He said bitterly remembering that day when all his work had been for naught. "If that is how the village repays me for what I've done for them, so I have no use for any of them. Not even Tsunade-hime…"

Naruto was silent letting it all sink in what he was telling him.

"Kakashi and Jiraiya have wasted your potential so busy reading those novels instead of recognizing ability when its right in front of them." He said shaking his head surprising him. "You see, I was curious of you first most and if not for the Kyuubi I was tempted to have you as a body. You truly have the makings of a legend despite hiding it behind a fools' façade. I've watched all your fights and recognized how you were able to win when all odds dictated you would lose, even against Gaara at The Chunin Exams. Most would dictate it as a fluke but I dissected how you won and realized it was your plan all along. You used the new Rasengan, one that Minato had given up on not as close combat but as a projectile, tearing Kakuzu apart. Not even Jiraiya would have thought of that. You also used your pranks as a child to not just get attention but to test yourself. If they didn't work you just tried something else that would work and they wouldn't expect. Rumor reached my ear that a certain Interrogator had to clean himself off in the showers for three hours to get the stench of cow dung off him after what you did. It took that long for people to stop laughing at him as well" He said and Naruto's eyes widened remembering what he did to Ibiki on his eleventh birthday, sending a bucket of it from a slingshot right at him when he unknowingly activated a wire.

"Is that the methods of a clown? No, that is the methods of someone who seeks to improve himself and will do whatever it takes to do so damn the consequences. Your much smarten than you let people in on aren't you? Not even The Hyuga eyes can detect your true methods and reasons for doing things." He said with a chuckle. "If you had a sensei who actually bothered to train you properly, you could have made Jonin by the time you was eight if you wanted too." He said shrugging. "Your ambition and desires are second to none, they might even surpass my own and I assure you I have pretty high goals."

Orochimaru suddenly appeared in front of him leaning close to him. Naruto gritted his teeth but was unable to do anything despite every muscle in his body yelling at him to strike him down.

"You have loyalty and will put up with anything The Leaf gives you, even if ordered to fight naked, your not a Ninja you're a lapdog." He said grinning showing his fangs unnerving Naruto. "You may have your friends and their acceptance for now but they will always have second guesses about you a thought that gnaws at them in the back of the mind that will never leave. Like I said we are similar in so many ways" He said to him.

"So tell me Naruto, what will you do, when the village believes that you are untrustworthy despite having done everything for them, despite sacrificing everything all for the good of Konoha, what will you do when they deny you what you desire?" He said his voice a whisper.

"When they prevent you from becoming The Hokage because of you know what, will you accept it? Or do something else…" Orochimaru said and he suddenly disappeared in a blur out of sight.

Naruto stood there for a long while as Orochimaru was out of view, the boy stood there rooted to the spot

Thinking about what he just said…

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