Since so many people have asked and wanted one I decided to do one final part to this. A Resolution and conclusion of it.

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The sound of a fist hitting a face was heard and cry was heard as a body hit the ground.

The red headed dark skinned girl looked up from the ground as Naruto's fist had collided with her face knocking her down.

"You bastard! You dare strike me!" She shouted when he suddenly spat at her hitting in the face to add insult to injury.

"I'm tired of your bitching, all you've done ever since you got here is bitch and complain and frankly I'm sick of it." Naruto told Karui who glared daggers at him. "You come here spewing your mouth and acting hostile and threatening to us when we haven't done anything. What Sasuke has done doesn't mean we approved or granted him permission to do. We've suffered far more than you have. Our village has been nearly wiped out and our Hokage is in a Coma." He told her as he had gotten sick of The Cloud Kunoichi running her mouth and her attitude blaming him and the Leaf for what Sasuke had apparently done attacking their Jinchuurki.

"You think you can hit me and get away with it!" She shouted and stood up and charged him. Naruto dodged her strike and grabbing her arm twisted it and the sound of bones popping could be heard as she screamed in pain and he then kicked her towards her teammates.

"My arm!" She shouted clutching it as it was hanging limply.

"It'll heal within an hour. Go tell your Raikage that Konoha is not responsible for what has happened and if he wants to bitch about it go do it to someone who's willing to listen." Naruto told them who glared at him but he returned the glare with equal force and none of the three could match his eyes.

"Let me heal you." Sakura said stepping forward.

"No…" Naruto said stopping her from doing so. "She lost all right when she dared to accuse us of hoarding terrorists. Maybe this wound will remind you to think before you open your trap." He said to Karui who snarled at him.

"You bastard, you will pay for this!"

"Do I look like I give a Fuck you inbreeded Whore?" Naruto responded and the Three Cloud nins walked away leaving The Leaf.

Naruto paid them no further mind and instead let out a long anguish filled Sigh letting it all out. The death of Jiraiya, the attack on Konoha, watching people close to him dead or dying in the battle with Pein, Tsunade going into a coma. All that had happened he had coped up inside him and he let it out. Feeling like he had aged a decade in the past month

With all that had happened recently Naruto was not in the mood to listen to that bitch run her mouth and threaten them over stuff that was beyond their control and had no idea had happened. He had shut her up as he was not wanting to put up with that crap, not now and not ever. What had happened ever since his encounter with Orochimaru had been taking a heavy toll on the boy.

Jiraiya was dead…Konoha had nearly been destroyed by Pein and he had witnessed many of his comrades and friends dead thanks to him. He had bested him in battle and they had been resurrected by his last act but Naruto still felt a heavy load on him with all that had been happening now.

"Naruto," Sakura's voice said and he looked at her and the Pink haired girl walked towards him. He half expected her to hit him after what he did, and call him an idiot for nearly instigating a war between their two villages. Instead softness and concern was in her eyes as she looked at him.

"What's wrong? You've been acting weird these past couple months. This isn't like you to behave in such a way." She said to him.

"I'm fine…"

"Your lying." She said frowning at him. "If its about Sasuke don't worry we will get a hold of him and make him come to his-"

"It's not about Sasuke!" He said interrupting her surprising her a bit. "Sasuke hasn't been in my thoughts for weeks! I haven't given him a thought whatsoever!" He said and pain she suddenly noticed was in his eyes. "Its about Orochimaru! That's who's been on my thoughts all this time! Even now that he's dead he still lives on and tortures me!" He said and tears formed in his eyes. "Even in my dreams he's there mocking me!"

"What? What are you talking about?" Sakura said not understanding. How could he possibly be thinking about him of all people. "How could Orochimaru be consuming your every thought. He's dead Naruto, let him be forgotten." She said to him.

"I can't! During the encounter with him a while back he said something that I've come to realize is absolutely true! And now that Jiraiya is dead as well and Tsunade is in a coma and might not come out of it I've got no one to talk too! No one who would understand!"

"What…what do you mean?" Sakura said looking on in shock as this was a rare side she had seen of him. Only when it seemed like Gaara had died had she seen him like this. Broken down and Devastated as if he had lost the will to carry on. As if his unconquerable Spirit had finally been broken.

"Everyone's expecting me to do something for them, everyone takes what I've done for this place for granted! And whenever I ask for something in return I get shot down and rejected, as if I am a leper!" He said pain in his voice. "Hinata wants me to be her knight in shining armor, I know she has that crush on me but I'm not even sure how I feel regarding my feelings towards her, I care for her but not that way. Danzo wants me to be his damn weapon, an unfeeling tool he can use however he likes. Nobody cares what I'm going through!" He said his body shaking. "They don't care about the sacrifices I've made, about what I've done for Konoha. Hell I'm never going to become Hokage!" He said bitterly. "There always will be somebody or something who keeps me from it."

"I'm sick of it!" He shouted angrily breathing hard. "I'm tired of doing everything and never getting what I want in return! What can't I get what I want for a change? Why do I always have to be the one who has to do everything and damn near kill myself and not even get a word of thanks in return! I've nearly died I don't know how many times these past three years for Konoha and if I did nobody would care!"

"Naruto you know that's not true." Sakura said to him sternly. "What in the world did Orochimaru say to you that has caused you to act this way?" She said not believing that he would ever believe anything that The deceased Snake Sannin Orochimaru would say.

Naruto closed his eyes wincing in pain remembering his words which still echoed in his mind. The words which had struck more powerfully than any Jutsu or Weapon "He said we're not so different him and me! He says I'm just like him, that I'm no different than what he was before. And he's right! I looked it up and I've realized that we're similar. He too wanted to be Hokage! He too was just like me, hated and feared cause of what we had, people looking at him and me with mistrust in their eyes, as if expecting me to turn into a monster and kill them at any moment!"

Sakura looked at him her eyes wide she had not expected this outburst from him. She knew how much he hated Orochimaru for what he had done, hating him more than she did and before he never let his words or methods get to him but now it was. Orochimaru had been slain by Sasuke it was said who had gone rogue. And yet even dead he was still affecting them all.

"I've looked and saw what he said was true, he…he wasn't always the monster he was today. Once, he was just like me. He, Orochimaru wanted to create a better place just like I do. He had a dream of being Hokage ever since he was a child, even before he was put in his team with Tsunade and Jiraiya." He said with a deep breath the Toad's passing still painful to feel or think about. "He wanted to be Hokage so much he would do anything for it, commit any deed, sacrifice anything in his path so he could be…and I would do the same thing." He said closing his eyes and tears fell from them.

"And look what happened, Konoha ordered him to create that damn seal and do his experiments! The old man himself ordered him to do so!" Naruto said as he breathed hard. "Look what he did to Anko! She was his student and the one who trusted him the most and she wears on her neck that seal, he used her and tossed her aside as if she was trash!" He said. "And what if I decide to do that huh?" He said and his eyes watered as pain was in them. "What if they order me to go somewhere and unleash the Kyuubi and kill and massacre hundreds of people? What if I start to gain pleasure and fun in doing so and do it at any given opportunity? What if I decide to hurt the people who trust and care about me and take pleasure in doing so. That's what I'll do, it's only a matter of time with Kyuubi inside me. Because of him they will always continue to cast doubting looks on me and resent and fear me! That will keep me from ever achieving my dream!" He said

Sakura watched on as she saw him breathing and hyperventilating as she had never seen him before like this. She had seen him go through battles against enemies and foes who were intent on killing him with a smile on his face no matter the odds and proving people's beliefs wrong time and time again but it looked like as if he had cracked.

"Sakura just go away, just leave me and never bother with me again. It'll only be a matter of time before I use and hurt you like-"

Sakura seeing how much pain he was in suddenly wrapped her arms around him embracing him in a hug cutting him off and he hugged her back needing it. Latching onto her as She listened to him as she heard him crying as tears poured down his face. "You…are not Orochimaru. You are not Hatake Kakashi. You are not Sasuke Uchiha. You are not Danzo." She said to him softly. "You are Naruto Uzumaki, that is who you are." She said to him consoling him.

"It matters not what others say, not what they think or what they claim you to be. You are the only person who has the right to decide what you will do or what you will become." Sakura continued on. "And despite what you think; me, Kakashi, Iruka, Tsunade, Hinata, and the others will always be with you and stand beside you Naruto. We will never abandon you and let you go down a dark path and turn into what Orochimaru had become." She said to him as she continued to hold him in an embrace.

"Sakura…" Naruto said as he wrapped his arms tightly around the pink haired kunoichi as he held onto her.

"It's alright, I promise what Orochimaru said to you will never happen." She said to him. "Unlike him, you will never succumb like he did and take pleasure in doing stuff the way he did. No matter what happens, no matter the trials you face, your friends will be there to help you. …I'll be there to help you and be by your side always." Sakura assured him.

Naruto nodded his head softly as he continued to hug her tightly.

"Your going to break my ribs if you continue hugging me like this." She said with a laugh trying to lighten the mood and he loosened his grip on her but still had his arms around her.

Naruto for the first time ever since he had his encounter with Orochimaru and The battle with Pein allowed a smile to grace his face as her words she had said to him echoed in his head.