Spain slowly got up out of his bed, springs creaking. He placed the blanket neatly back on the bed, turning on the palms of his heels towards the door. He opened the door, shutting it softly, then creeped out to the front room, where they had the television. His overly long pajama pants covered his feet when he sat, his legs crossed, on the rug. He leaned forward, hitting the 'on' button. The T.V. flashed on to a gray, fuzzy screen. Spain pressed his finger against the channel button, passing English soap opera's and many other non native channels. His smiling face was reflected in the screen, as he eagerly awaited finding his channel. He lifted his finger from the channel button when one T.V. show in Spanish came on. Sitting back, Spain watched the only Spanish channel on the whole T.V.: Dora the Explorer. He smiled as he watched it.

"Wouldn't it be great if Romano was as fun as this? We could play all day together!"