Author's Note: This is a re-write of the scene between River and the Doctor at the end of The Angels Take Manhattan.

River bustled around the TARDIS console, flipping switches and pressing buttons, setting the all too familiar coordinates for the Stormcage facility in which she had been imprisoned in.

"River... they were your parents, I'm sorry." the Doctor apologized. "I didn't think." he added moreover.

"It doesn't matter." River said, brushing past the topic.

"Of course it matters." the Doctor argued.

"What matters is this. Doctor, please don't ever travel alone." River asked of him.

"Travel with me then." the Doctor requested in turn.

"Whenever and wherever you want", River smiled, "but not all the time. Certainly not now, given the set of circumstances." she said. "So this book I have to write. I presume I send it to Amy to get it published?" River questioned, changing the subject. "I'll tell her to write an afterward. For you." she told him. The Doctor smiled weakly.

"If you aren't coming with me, then where are you going?" the Doctor asked, changing the subject back.

"Where do you think?" River replied with a sarcastic tone of voice.

"River..." the Doctor's voice trailed off, "River listen. I'm sorry for -"

"Don't be." she said sternly, cutting him off in mid-sentence. The Doctor could tell she was avoiding the topic. River was clearly upset with him, but he knew she would rather die than show what she was feeling.

The Doctor left his spot on the stairs and walked over to River. She looked away refusing to look him in the eyes.

"Just tell me you're okay." the Doctor asked of her.

"I'm fine." River said, her voice shaking.

The Doctor reached out his hand to touch her face, but she just slapped his hand away, finally looking him in the eyes, shouting "I'm fine!" rather loudly out of frustration and anger. The Doctor could tell she was trying her best to hold back the tears in her eyes.

"I'm fine." River said lowering her voice, wiping the tears from her eyes. The Doctor grabbed her around the waist, pulling her in closer to him. River rested her head on his shoulder.

"I hate you." River said softly.

"No you don't." the Doctor whispered back in her ear.