I was woken up from the sight of the sun, peeking from my window in my dorm room. I remained sprawled comfortably on my bed. not having any urge to move or get up.

"Blaze get your butt up!" Chaii and Sorbet are meeting us here to walk to the cafeteria for breakfast!" I was startled by Lassi's high-pitched, squeaky and extremely loud voice. after dozing off.

"Nope, I actually kinda like it here, it's pretty comfty if I do say so myself." I called back.

"Holy geez, when Sorbet gets here you'll be hearing a whole mouthful from her, for not being ready when she arrives."

I rolled my eye and managed a chuckle, not really caring what would happen, even though Lassi was right.

Lassi and I have been best friends since we were eight. We met in math class at the academy and became great friends since. She moved to Kovomaka from Puffoon, when the pirates first started taking over and she was around four years old when she arrived at Will-o-Wisp.

"You've gotta be kidding me Blaze! Seriously, get up already!" Sorbet yelled in her typical sassy tone of voice, after bursting through the door with Chai. She had this irritated look on her face after attempting to wake me up a multiple number of times, until she finally used her water magic and BAM- in the snap of a finger there was a whole pool of water circling around me and whatever was in it, had fixed my hair and made me look like I spent a decent amount of time getting ready.

."Thanks," I murmured, "I needed that." Afterwards, I slipped on my uniform and we headed to breakfast,

It was an average day at the academy and students wandered the halls in their uniforms, talking, laughing, and doing last-minute homework. Voices of fellow peers boomed in the hallways, and people were rushing to their classes, to avoid being late. I walked to my classroom, and as I walked to my seat, Lassi, Pico, Mokka, Sorbet, and Charmander all ran up to me, making a fuss about how our teacher , is always late to class. Pico made his way toward me, and we locked eyes.

"Hey Blaze! Where's Miss Madeline? Class shoulda started by now...Do you think something happened to her?" Pico had a concerned look on his face until Sorbet answered his question.

"Calm down, this happens all of the time. She's probably just finishing up her lesson plan. Anyway, it's nothing to get so worked up about." Sorbet took a breath and rolled her eyes.

Chai joined in on the conversation and said in an exasperated tone, "Sheesh, what is this, the 30th time this year? When's someone gonna give HER a tardy slip, that's what I wanna know!"

I rolled my eyes and stared at the rest, who were all worked up and said calmly, "You guys, it's fine, you should be used to this by now. I mean she is the teacher and she's only late by a couple of minutes, you don't need to make such a big deal out of it, sheesh." At the corner of my eyes, I could see Lassi, staring through the window on the door.

She called out, "I see her, quick everyone, she's coming! Hurry, get back in your seats!"

Everyone scurried to their seats and finally settled down, we all stared blankly at the front of the classroom, in anticipation of Miss Madeline's arrival. Running through the door, and breathing heavily, with an exhausted look on her face, Miss Madeline entered, with books, and papers flying all over the place, going all over the classroom. She gathered all of the papers and books, leaving them in a messy pile, and placed everything on her desk. Before she spoke she took a big gasp of air.

"Goooood morning apprentices! I'm sure you were all quietly studying your spellbooks while you were waiting for me?" Miss Madeline's eyes scanned the room, when everyone was riled up from her remark, calling out comments.

Mokka cleared his throat, "Miss Madeline, you must be aware that you're late for class..AGAIN!"

"Yeah, what's up with that? You're late all the time. Then who gets the detention? Me, that's who! If I get held back AGAIN this year, I'm holding you personally responsible!" Pico addressed.

"I'm so sorry my little students, I'll never be late again!" Miss Madeline said cheerfully. "Now, after I take attendance, I'm going to teach you a little bit about the planets that represent your starsign" After Miss Madeline took attendance the lessons began.

Miss Madeline cleared her throat."Alright, as you all know, each of you have your own starsign. Each starsign is weak and strong against another starsign, got it?" After Miss Madeline had said this, Mokka's hand shot up.

He asked, "Can you give us an example? I didn't really quite get that."

"Okay Mokka, since you're an Earth mage, you have an Earth starsign, meaning that you wield earth magic. Mages with Earth starsigns are weak against mages who wield the power of the Wind. So, for instance, if you and Lassi were to ever battle, Lassi would more than likely win, or it would be harder to beat Lassi than any other mage with a different starsign. Now say if you were to battle Sorbet, a mage who wields the power of water, you would more than likely win because Earth mages are strong against Water mages. Now, Earth is stronger than Water, and weaker than Wind. Water mages are strong against Fire, and Fire is strong against Forest mages. Last but not least, Forest mages are strong against Wind mages. That my friends, is the cycle of the starsigns."

Slowly, I rose my hand and asked curiously, "Um, Miss Madeline, what about me?"

"Ah, yes. Blaze, your starsign is different than everybody else who attends this school, except for myself. You're a Light mage, just like me. In the day time, we are strong against Dark Mages, in the night time, we are weak against Dark mages. So basically, we are strong against what we are weak of. Ohoho! Now I would like to talk about the planets of where your starsigns originate from. There is Cassia, the Water planet, Erd, the Earth planet, Razen, the Fire planet, Gren, the Forest planet, and Puffoon, the Wund planet. Last but not least, there's a legend that there is a Dark planet, and a Light planet, but many people don't know where either exists…"