Hello Beasties, i have another story for all of you. Since we have sometime until season 2 i thought i could write something to pass the time. I will try to update once a week, but please have some patience, because this will be the most challenging and hardest story i have written so far.

This first chapter is the prologue, all the events already happened, so it will be really confused at first, but i promise it will all make sense in a few chapters. It won't be a long story, i think it will be shorter than Not Alone, although we will have a lot of drama here.

Alex arc will come back to this story too, but i don't have plans to actually bring her into this. All the events until episode 13 happened, Catherine in the next day went to talk to Vincent to invites him for dinner but something happened while she was in the warehouse.

I hope you take this journey with me, and please leave a review and tell me what do you think.

English is not my first language, so any typo or grammar mistakes (I don't use google), please let me know. Hope you like it!

Beauty & the Beast doesn't belong to me, if does Jay Ryan would be shirtless a lot and Season 2 would start tomorrow.

My name is Catherine Chandler, I'm 29 years old a detective of New York police department. I have a partner called Tess Vargas and nine years ago i witnessed my mother's murder. I would have been killed too, if hadn't been for Vincent. He was part of an experiment of Special Forces group. Their goal was to create the perfect super soldier; they made him strong, fast and better. But something went wrong; when his adrenaline kicks in, he becomes…a beast.

They made orders to kill all the ones who were like him; somehow he survived and had been in hiding ever since. Until, a case brought me back to him and also alerts the group who experimented on him. Thanks to that, we were both in danger and our best chance of survival was if we had saved each other. Months ago we learned that my mother was the one that created him…she worked for Muirfield, the company that created Vincent and ordered their death.

Nine years ago I was just a college girl whose car broke and she asked for her mother's help. Nine years ago I intended to be a lawyer. But everything changed. Since that night Vincent has been watching out for me from afar, and since the day we came face to face we knew we were destined. We had every reason to stay apart, I should have pushed him away, but I pulled him closer. He couldn't help himself either. We put each other in danger.

Nine years later I found myself in a same situation, I lost another person that I trusted with my life, someone I love with all my heart. I am at a funeral, no one who is here really knew the deceased. Tess, my sister, my father and my step mother are here to give me some sort of support. That just proves that they don't know me. I made a promise in a death bed, I sworn that I wouldn't close myself again, that I would let others help me, that I would love again. I won't break that promise, because I have a purpose.

I look at the casket coming down, a disturbing silence in the air. No one dares to say a word, all of them just waiting for my reaction. I look to the left and in the distance I see two men in suits. Muirfield. I think to myself. I walked towards the grave and take some sands in my hand, as I throw them on top of the coffin a smile appears on my face. That was the last person they had hurt.

I turn around and walk towards my car, no one said anything. They don't even try to stop me. I stop in front of my car and turn around one last time. I see Tess, Heather, Brooke and my Dad; they are holding their tears. They know as much as I do that maybe this is the last time they will ever see me.

Tess is using all her strength to not follow me, to not get involved in all of this. But she knows I need her here, if things don't go the way I planned she is my last hope. I unlock my car and get inside, without looking back I start the engine and drive to my destiny; until of course, I realized I have been followed. The car I just noticed was behind me accelerates, passes my car and stop in front of mine, forcing me to brake. I took a deep breath and with my gun in my hand I get out of the car.

"I told you to stay away!" I scream knowing who that car belongs.

"And I told you, I won't let you do this, at least not alone." I heard the response.

"It's my decision!" I continued, I don't have much time.

"I know it's all my fault, but I won't let you get yourself killed."

I pointed my gun "I can't think of a better reason to die."

I shot and for the first time in days I start to cry, I came back to my car and turned around. I grabbed my necklace the one Vincent gave to me and say "I know you are not proud of the woman I am now, but this was for you too."

I have a long drive ahead and I know you are really confused right now. Why I'm telling you all of this? I have to let some kind of proof to let the people I love free, so if you are listening this I'm probably dead, I hope you know what you have to do.

I should start from the beginning, but I guess I won't have time for that. So, I will start from the day when I thought everything was going to be ok and in the end, was when everything fell apart.

So, who you think is the dead one, and who do you think was the one Catherine was talking to? I have to say one thing EVERYTHING is possible and can be ANYONE.

Have an amazing Sunday and don't forget to voice your opinion and tell me if i should continue this or not.