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There seems to be a kind of order in the universe in the movement of the stars and in the turning of the earth and the changing of the seasons. But human life is almost pure chaos. Everyone takes his stance, asserts his own rights and feelings, mistaking the motives of others, and his own. (Katherine Anne Porter)

Vincent's POV

I felt everything in that kiss; love, happiness, anger, sadness and most of all regret and betrayal. I know I shouldn't have kissed her, but I couldn't help it. I love her and I will fight for her, especially now that I know, she loves me too. When I collided my lips with hers I could feel the internal struggle she was having; what would she listen? Heart or Head? Thank God at that moment, her heart numbed all the thoughts on her mind, however, I knew as soon as our lips pulled away everything would change and I was almost sure it wouldn't be for the best. I enjoy every single second and when we both needed air I pulled away, still with my hand on her neck. I looked at her, both of us with a heavy breath and our hearts beating frenetically in our chests. Catherine closed her eyes and turned to face windshield.

"You shouldn't have done that."

"It wasn't like I planned our first kiss but I couldn't help. I love you Catherine and you love me too. I know what huge mistake I did, I know I hurt you, but please let me show you, prove to you that you are the only one I want." I was weak in front of her, but I didn't care. I couldn't lose her. It was just not an option.

"What do you think speaks out load? What you are saying, all you have been saying or you calling me a handler? Your ex fiancée coming to my apartment to ask my permission to take you to a romantic trip and in the next day you coming to me like I was the wrong one…" she took a deep breath "You chose to stay with Alex even after she pointed a gun on you, she told me Vincent…It's easy to come back to me after she said she didn't want you."

I had tears in my eyes and I didn't care to show how miserable I felt "I'm sorry"

She gave me a sad smile "Yeah, me too. What is done is done, we can't keep thinking about the past." I stared her, hope running through all my body…

"That means…" I was afraid to ask.

"It's time to move on, but to separate ways. If someday Muirfield comes to you, if someday you need help come to me. Other way, I don't want to see you anymore."

I was shocked, all the hope I had vanish from my body, leaving only an enormous hole in my heart. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't see… "You can't be serious. I…I can't live without you."

She gave a sarcastic laugh "You were doing really well when Alex was around."

"Catherine, please. I'm begging you…please, don't do this. What can I do? Tell me what to do and I'll do it. Just don't ask me that."

"There is nothing you can do…And honestly nothing that matters right… You should go, i…I have to talk to Nathan."

I open the door, but before I get out I turned to her and said "I love you and I'll give you time and I'll give you space, but I won't give up on us."

"Good bye, Vincent" she said and turned the engine. And as I watched her leave all I managed to say was 'Good Night, Catherine."

I never felt so lost in my life before, I never felt so weak…defeated. Catherine was the best thing that ever happened to me and I lost her. I was so scared that I would lose her because of what I am, and in the end the beast had nothing to do with it.

I took a deep breath and wiped the tears with my hands, I should go back to the warehouse but I didn't want to leave Catherine alone with Nathan. Things could get bad and…I shook my head, her safety was my priority, and well it's not like she would know I was there. I looked at my watch was almost ten…JT was in a date with Sarah and hopefully he would spend the night with her, my decision was made.

I was in the next building, hearing Heather talk about how Darius broke up with her, she was upset, but not as much as Catherine appeared to be…or maybe I was misreading her. Maybe our break up wasn't bothering her as much as was hurting me. I shook my head we broke up before we even started something.

"He is an idiot, Heather. You can do so much better than him." Nathan said and put an arm on her shoulders.

"I know" she sighed and Catherine laughed.

"Confident much?" Catherine said and they all laughed.

"So, please I want full report about the dinner. You made the whole best friend speech? Is he a good guy? Do you think Catherine and Vincent make a good pair? I know I'm still team Natherine but…"

"Wait a minute!" Nathan said laughing "Team Natherine?"

Heather shrugged "Yeah, like Catherine and Nathan together."

"Heather Chandler for you." Catherine smiled "You know it's been a long night so I'm heading to bed."

"Yeah, I'm going with you." Nathan said and I remember he was going to sleep in the same bed as she…I could feel the beat wanting to come outside and break something, but I took deep breathes and remember that Nathan wasn't a treat. They've done this before and nothing happened.

"Noooooo" Heather complained "I want to know everything."

"We are tired Heather, when Catherine goes to work we can sit and I'll give you full details."

Heather nodded and seemed satisfied with that answer; seconds later she was talking to someone on the phone and screaming to Catherine and Nathan that she was going to some club with some friends, and pointed out that she would be coming home to sleep.

Nathan was sitting on Catherine's bed while she was changing in the bathroom "You put up a good front with Heather. However, I can read you like a book, so how was it with Vincent?"

Catherine came back from the bathroom "Seriously? We have so much to talk about and you want to go there?"

"Sorry, I was just trying to break the ice."

She lifted his face with her hand under his chin examine his face "What my mom did to you?"

Nathan and I were shocked how she…?

"You kept things from me, and I know you, I know you my entire life…Has to be something big. You were so focus to hunt Muirfield but you didn't leave soon, you wait five years…what happened?"

He closed his eyes and we waited "When I was in Afghanistan we have this soldier, her name was Meg…Meg Lafferty, and she got into this state fugue…so your mom and I were trying to stop it and…"

"Vincent told me about that", Catherine interrupted "he talked to my mom and she told him that it was the side effect of those experiments, but I don't see how this…please tell me that my mom didn't use you as guinea pig…"

When Nathan didn't respond Catherine was in shock "She was a monster."

"No, no and no. Catherine your mom thought she was doing the right thing. We didn't know how bad things would get and when she noticed the changes she sent me back before they knew I was one of them too."

"She had this necklace that she used to wear…she used to say that was a reminder to always respect the power of nature, and all that time she was playing God. I can't believe she did that to you…you from all people."

"I was the only one she could trust."

"She couldn't have done that to you, she knew how much you meant to me, she knew you were my best friend, the only person besides her that I trusted with my life. She was supposed to be this doctor that helped people…she ruined so many lives…"

"Let me explain everything. It was a different kind of experiment, her new project."

When Catherine nodded he continued "When I come back, I was ok, no black outs, I was always making some test in myself and so far nothing had changed."

"What happened then?" Catherine asked confused.

"When your mother came back we started to look after a cure, honestly I didn't understand why, since my DNA was ok and for all we knew all soldiers were dead, but she kept going, she wouldn't stop…I was in love."

"You were in love with my mother?"

"No! Lafferty."

I was shocked, what the hell was that? Nathan and Lafferty…I shook my head and continued to listen. "That's why I said yes for those experiments…that's why I volunteer to test the new serum. Lafferty was locked down in some kind of cage and I needed to help her. But then they killed her and your mom sent me back."

"Oh my god!" Catherine held his hand, "that's why you were so weird when you came back, you told me about this girl you met and…"

Nathan gave a sad smiled "After your mom died I knew I had to do something so I continued her research and I tested the serum on myself…everything was fine until I started to black out. I found myself in so different places with no clue about what I was doing and…"

Catherine was crying at that point "This guys you've been work with, how they find you?"

"Honestly somehow I end up on Muirfield radar and in one of my black outs they found me and well they told me that I was becoming something like The Hulk, you know."

"You should have talk to me" Catherine said "I had your back, I always have."

"That's why I had to go away, Catherine. I didn't want that kind of life for you too. Never trust anyone, always looking over your shoulder…I'm sorry I wasn't here…I'm sorry for let you down and…"Nathan was crying and Catherine hugged him.

"You have nothing to be sorry about, I love you. You are my best friend, my brother. I'm just mad that took you so long for you to tell me everything. We should have face Muirfield and everything together."

"I know what are you thinking how I manage to stay in control, well we create some pills that control me, you know for a few hours. That's how I manage once in a year come and see you."

"Even if you didn't have those pills, nothing and I mean nothing would change the way I feel for you. You are not any less the Nathan Scott I've known for most part of my life."

They pulled apart and she caressed his cheeks I could feel the rush in my veins, which was something she used to do with me.

"One of the reasons I never told you is that I knew you would be supportive and you wouldn't look at me differently."

My heart was pounding in my chest as I saw them laying down in bed, face to face still talking about Muirfield, her mother and me. I could feel a knife in my chest when I heard Catherine saying "That's nothing he can do, Nathan. You were done even before we start. I'm not a saint, but one thing I know I won't be his second choice, I just can't."

I had tears in my eyes; I looked at the apartment once more and then went back to the warehouse. I hurt her so bad that I don't know if someday Catherine will forgive me.

Catherine's POV

"I'm not saying that I won't help Vincent if he needs me, but right now, I want you to tell me everything. You didn't come here and you didn't tell me everything so easily just because of Clair and Alex. What's going on?" Nathan closed his eyes and I could feel something was really wrong.

"You know, I tell Vincent we shouldn't tell you yet about what your mom and I was doing, but I received a call. We have an opportunity, to find Muirfield files and take them down for good. But we will need help."

"I'm here; just tell me what you need."

He took a deep breath "Your father."

Vincent's POV

I lay on bed and repeat the day in my mind, yesterday I thought finally Catherine and I would move forward, then when she was asking to show up for dinner, inside I was so excited…then Nathan come back and everything fell apart. I laughed angry everything felt apart the day I went to that stupid cabin with Alex, the day I called Catherine my handler. I remember the first time she saw me…full transformed. It was that case with that girls and it felt so good to be able to help…she wasn't scared instead she came closer to me calmed me down.

How I could be so stupid? At this point if I hadn't been so careless I would be with her right now, she wouldn't be sharing her bed with him…

Earlier I decided to check up them up, you know, just make sure Catherine was ok and then when they arrived at her apartment I couldn't breathe. First because I recognized that guy, he was in Afghanistan, he worked for Muirfield. My first instinct was to go there and tell Catherine but with our relationship in balance I didn't think she would believe in me. Then my jealousy reaches the roof, as how strong they were hugging each other…how he looked at her. Later his phone rang he excused himself and went to the balcony, I listened clear some guy asking if Catherine was ok, and then the guy on the phone promised Nathan that Muirfield would never find about her, that they would protect her.

I sighed in relief and then curiousity was eating me alive, if he wasn't from Muirfield who was he? I had just one option; I had to be in that dinner.

So many things happened tonight, I knew after the episode with Lafferty Nathan become one of us. It was an accident, though. I wasn't supposed to know anything, however, I got in the lab right in the moment Vanessa was injecting him and well she begged me to not tell anyone. So, I never did.

Poor Nathan he lost Lafferty, Vanessa and Catherine…then lost himself. I made a mental note to ask Catherine about his family, but then I remember she doesn't want to see me anymore. And just thought about the possibility of never see her again I couldn't breathe. How I was planning to go to the other side of the world with Alex, if just the thought of lose Catherine killed me inside?

You're an ass Vincent Keller, that's how. It was almost three in the morning when JT arrived. He threw himself in his bed and I sighed, tomorrow we will have a long talk and he is not going to like it.

I put my hand on my lips, despite all the things I kissed Catherine; I told her I love her and she returns my feelings. I know it's going to be hard, but I will fight for her, prove to her that she is the one and only one for me.

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