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The idea came to me when I finished writing Issues, as you read you'll learn that this in another High School Fic. It is called Mythical Creatures, I'm sure you'll learn why once we get into the story. This is a NaLu fanfiction, and it's all in Lucy's P.O.V. I made Lucy very sarcastic in this story so if you read a line and thinks she's saying it sarcastically, she probably is so go with it.

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Mythical Creatures


Chapter 1

Strawberry Wednesday


Wednesday. I often wondered to myself, just what was it about Wednesday's? I've heard my friends say Monday's were the most hated day of the week, since it was the beginning of the week, and I could actually understand their reason for it, but it actually comes in close second to Wednesday's.

The day Wednesday is in the middle of the week. Half way done and half more to go. This only applies if you have school though, adults… not so much. Maybe they hate Monday's more since it's the beginning of the week to them. I wasn't an adult though so this didn't apply to me.

Me, on the other hand, I love all days… maybe not love, but still it doesn't really matter to me about days. I didn't favor any of them, to me they were all the same except Tuesday! Tuesday was when Sweets Magazine came out and I just could not wait to read the latest gossip in them!

I didn't mind Wednesday's when I was younger but now… now I wish I could kill them. Just brutally murder the hell out of it with a baseball bat with crooked nails nailed into it. Wednesday's were nothing but bad memories for me.

I couldn't remember what day my Mother died, I don't think it was a Wednesday. I remember her funeral was on a Wednesday though, I also remembered a year later my Father killing himself on a Wednesday.

Now that was a day to remember, the day the great Jude Heartfilia committed suicide in his bathroom. You can see why I hate Wednesday's now.

Because of my age I still needed a guardian, so it was at that moment when my Auntie Scarlet, and her husband Uncle Scarlet, decided to take care of me. By take care I mean move me to a new town, enroll me in a new school, and make me live in a new house with my cousin as a roommate.

In my old house I had more than twenty bedrooms, I never had to have a roommate. Apparently though since I'm a minor, my money was frozen until I turned eighteen. I was sixteen at the moment, two more years to go. Hooray. I don't understand why I couldn't continue living in my old home, there was about a hundred or so servants there. It's not like I wasn't under supervision.

Oh well, I'm over it now. I'm over EVERYTHING. I understand the meaning of life now, it sucks. It's unfair. The only thing you can do is try to make it better for yourself, or as I think of it, tolerable.


I was already awake to begin with, just resting my eyes until someone said something about it. I felt movement on the other side of the bed, right beside me. I blinked open my eyes and saw Erza getting up. She yawned, scratched her back a couple of times, then stretched her arms out wide. I heard a few bones cracking while she did this.

"Don't you think we're a little too old to be sharing beds?" I asked rolling around.

"It was either that, floor, or couch." Erza sighed shaking her head awake.

"Right…" I said leaning up.

I wasn't like Erza, I didn't stretch out or yawn or crack bones. I got up very simply, leaning up and rubbing my eyes, before looking around the room. My cousin's room was clean when I first came to live here, now dust and clutter was everywhere. Correction, my dust and clutter was everywhere.

"You should be excited Lucy! It's your first day of school!" Erza cheered.


Erza finally got the point and started walking away.

"I'm taking a shower first, your uniform is in the closet wrapped up," she said walking across her room.

I stayed in the bed for a while longer before I decided to get up. Clothes, papers, bags, and trash laid in my way towards the closet. True as Erza said, my uniform was hung up with a plastic wrap around it. I pulled the plastic off and threw it on the floor, just adding to the trash, before pulling the uniform off of the hanger.

Black. The poorest color to me. My old school uniform was a certain shade of cerulean for girls, cobalt for boys, not at this school though. All uniforms were the same color, black on black… well there were white under shirts.

Another reason why I hate Wednesday's, my first day at my new school was today. I didn't know how long I stared at my uniform, it must have been pretty long though because the door to the bathroom opened up and Erza came out with a towel wrapped around her body.

"It's all your Lucy," she said.

I nodded and grabbed my backpack that was just sitting on the ground before walking in. The first thing I did wasn't stripping, it was opening my backpack and pulling out my keys. I searched through the key chains looking for the small orange container with red heart stickers all around it… no.

I didn't need it today, I wasn't going to use it. I mean, I just woke up! What a joke I would be if I did. I put my keys back in my bag before turning on the shower.

Black skirt. White collared shirt with a black jacket over it. Knee high white socks and black shoes, which I assume will change to white once I get to school. A standard school uniform for girls. Nothing special stood out, except maybe the red bow around my neck. Girls wear bows, boys ties. How unique.

"Breakfast girls!"

Taking a deep breath I exited the bathroom.

"Here's your brand new school bag Lucy." Erza said, her voice energetic.

Her positive energy was giving me a headache. I grabbed my 'new school bag,' which was an ugly dark brown color, out of her hands and threw my old backpack onto the bed. I started dumping out all its contents so I could put it in my new bag.

"It's your first day so I think they'll go easy on you." Erza said.

I didn't respond. Once everything was all packed I closed up my bag and walked out our room, down the stairs, and into the kitchen where her family had breakfast waiting for us.

"Morning Lucy." Auntie Scarlet said.

"Morning." I mumbled pulling out my seat.

"First day of school dear! Are you excited?" Auntie Scarlet asked.

I sighed, it's only been 30 minutes and I already felt like I wasn't about to get through the day.

Boy's uniform.

White collared shirt, black jacket, black pants, black shoes, red tie. Oh great, we all match. I wonder what this school is going to be like now? This would be my first time going to a co-ed school. Back when I lived with my parents, I only ever went to private all girl schools.

My eyes scanned the co-ed school and their students, nothing special. Girls laughing obnoxiously on my left, boys skateboarding on my right, girls gossiping behind me while boys flirted with school girls ahead of me.



My eyes trailed towards the owner of the voice. I was guessing it came the from the group of boys all standing near the entrance of school, staring at a girl who was walking, quickly, away with her friend.

Gang. That was the first word that popped into mind looking at the group of boys. Five total. I've never seen a gang in real life before but I've seen them on TV and in magazines.

I guessed the boy, who I suspect called the girl's name, was the leader. His jacket was unbuttoned and wide open, along with the first few buttons on his white collared shirt. He wore a belt for some reason and a scarf instead of a tie. This guy was a slob, totally against dress code.

His gang members weren't any different expect for one of them. Only one of them wore the uniform the right way, but his face was pierced up so I didn't really think it counted. The others, jacket's all open, some pants were sagging, ties undone, one of them was even wearing sunglasses.

From this day onwards this gang shall be called Slobs.

For a second the leader looked my way. Our eyes made contact, I think I could see my reflection in his eyes. If that was true I wasn't happy, my face was blank. Low eyes, no smile, hair tamed. I looked… bored.

I blinked once before looking away and continued to walk inside the school with Erza.

"What was with the gang back there?" I asked her when we got to our shoe lockers.

"Gang? Oh you mean Natsu's group." Erza said.

Natsu? Was he the gang's leader?

"Looked more like a gang to me." I said changing my shoes.

"Well they aren't!" Erza yelled.

I blinked at her sudden outburst, shoe in hand.

"I'm sorry it's just EVERYONE calls their group a gang but they aren't!" Erza said slamming her shoe locker door closed.

I didn't have time to deal with this, actually I didn't really care. Instead I shrugged, putting on my shoe so we could get going. She led me down the hallways and I wasn't impressed with the school. Tagging on the lockers, trash on the floor, barely any posters about school spirit and things like that. I didn't know why I was expecting more.

"Lucy, I really need to pee." Erza told me.

"So?" I asked.

"So I need you to put my books in my locker while I go really quickly." Erza said handing me her books.

"Why don't you do it after you pee?" I asked.

"BECAUSE! We'll be late! Go! My locker number's 247, here's my combination." Erza said placing a small, ripped piece paper over the books.

Before I could complain she took off. I sighed and looked over the paper, number 274. When did she have the time to write me this? Or did she just always have a spare piece of paper with her locker info on it? I looked over at the lockers near me, locker number 82.

And she gave me the combination so we wouldn't be late.

Number 274. Combination 11-23-13.

I entered the combination but the locker wouldn't open. I sighed and tried it again. Another bust.

11-23-13. I entered it, 11-23-13. Access denied.

… These lockers suck. Don't punch the locker Lucy, don't punch it.

"Oye! Blondie need help?!"

One punch won't hurt, who wouldn't it hurt though? Me? Or the locker? Hold on a minute, someone was just calling my hair color. I turned my head over and saw the Slob Gang.

... It fit. I liked the name.

"Don't I know you?" The leader asked coming towards me.

Should I answer? I didn't know this student standing in front of me.

"No." I answered then turned back to Erza's locker.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, looking over I saw his hand was pushing me back.

"Let's make a deal. If I'm able to open this for you, you have to tell me your name," he said.

No possible way. My eyes trailed behind the boy, I saw his gang in the background laughing amongst themselves. What was so funny? Then I remembered, they're a gang. Everything is funny to them.

"Alright, let's see," he said.

He held his hand against the locker, knocking on it twice before slamming his elbow against it. Just like that, the locker opened.


I looked at the open locker then back at him.

"Aren't you going to put your things in?" He asked me.

"What's the point? You can just open it whenever you want to now so where's the privacy?" I asked.

His gang started laughing louder behind him. I shrugged and stuffed the books in the locker anyway, they weren't my books.


I turned my head around and saw Erza walking back to me. Where were you like two minutes ago when I needed you? I closed her locker and started walking towards her.

"Hey! What about your name?!"

His lost, Erza just called out my name… not my fault this guy's an idiot.

"Lucy? What were you doing?" She asked me.

"What you told me to do, I need to use the restroom now." I said passing her up.


I peeked behind my shoulder and saw the leader waving towards Erza. Maybe that's why she was so defensive earlier, because she was actually part of the gang.

Erza a part of a gang… ha. Now where was the restroom?

Not a lot, I don't need a lot to survive today, just a little. I placed the little dipper near my nose and snorted. I pinched my nose together and sniffed before rubbing it. A few seconds later I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

Unicorn. A horse with a horn.

That was the first thing I saw when I opened them. Rainbows spiraled around in the background as the unicorn jumped up and did its unicorn thing. I giggled and reached out to touch its mane.

"Strawberries." I whispered.

"LUCY! What took you so long?!" Erza asked me.

"I'm so sorry Erza! I forgot to put on my make-up before leaving home, are we late?" I asked her.

"Nearly, come on let's go!" She said grabbing my hand.

I tried to keep up with her as she tugged me along.

"What about my schedule?" I asked.

"We already have it remember? My mom came down yesterday to pick it up!" Erza said holding it up.

I giggled to myself as I reached for it.

"Right! Let's hurry to… what class to I have right now?" I asked.

"Sex-Ed, same as me." Erza said.

"Right! To Sex-Ed!… Are we old enough to have that?"

"It's mandatory for students to take it their junior year."

I blinked. Wow, I guess you do learn new things every day.

"Sex-Ed it is then." I said speeding up.

I was the one tugging Erza now, she giggled as she followed behind me.

Boy how I was feeling SO much better now.

"All that running didn't make any difference, we're still late." Erza said knocking at our class door.

"Oh well, at least we got some exercise." I cheered.

"Come in!"

Erza gulped before opening the door, gosh I guess she was really worried about getting in trouble. Was Erza always this worrisome? I couldn't remember how she was when we were little kids.

"Ms. Scarlet, I'm surprised to see you late."

Ms. Sex-Ed Teacher.

Average height, average hair, average bust… I always thought Sex-Ed teacher's had huge racks like in the movies?… Seeing this teacher right now though I guess not.

"Sorry Ms. Atsuki." Erza said bowing down a little, apologetic.

"Take your seat Erza, now who are you?" She asked looking towards me.

I smiled brightly at her.

"I'm new, here's my program." I said handing her the paper Erza gave me moments ago.

"Hmm, oh yes you're Heartfilia. Right, well welcome to Magnolia High School." Ms. Atsuki greeted me.

"Thank you."

"Let's all welcome our new student today!" Ms. Atsuki said clapping her hands to get the class's attention.

I turned to look at my new class and my smile almost fell. Seems like the Slob Gang had my first period… and their leader was smirking right at me.

"WELCOME!" The class said, some later than others.

I giggled and smiled brightly.

"Thanks everyone." I replied.

"As for seating, hmmm… is there any seats available class for Ms. Heartfilia?"

Several hands rose up; one of those hands included the Slob Gang's leader. He sat in the back next to the window surrounded by his gang, except for the empty seat left to him.

This was bad, I didn't want to sit next to him let alone with his gang. I may not know them, and I do know the saying don't judge a book by its cover, but what if they're all like him?

"How about Mr. Dr-… Mr. Dragneel! What are you doing there out of your seat?" Ms. Atsuki asked.

Mr. Dragneel, who I remember Erza calling Natsu earlier, stopped laughing and froze. He knew he was caught so he didn't complain, only sighed and started picking up his things. He nodded towards his friends before crossing the room to the other side. Why was I watching him throughout all of this?

"Hold it, where's your partner?"

"Who Senri? He… left?" Natsu answered.

Left? What kind of excuse was that? Very specific.

"Oh! Well that's perfect then! You can be Mr. Dragneel's new partner, scurry along to your seat now."

Well at least it wasn't him and his gang, thank you God. I walked over to my new desk and sat down, placing my bag on our joined desktop.

"We meet again, what are the chances of us getting this class together? Let alone sitting next to each other?" The boy I now knew his name was Natsu Mr. Dragneel asked.

"Well, by calculating how many classes juniors get, how many students are in this class on average, how many chairs are in this class and all the periods Sex-Ed is taught for juniors, adding the teachers in the equation als-"

"Stop! Enough! Too much math, gee I was just kidding." Natsu said.

I smiled at him before turning my attention back to our Sex-Ed teacher. Ms. Atsuki had her back turned to the class as she was writing something on the chalkboard.

"I never did get that name." Natsu said.

And you never will.

"Shh, I'm trying to take notes." I told him.

"Your notebook isn't even out." Natsu said.

… He had a point. I opened my bag up and took my notebook and a pen out. Now I started taking notes.

"You make a good point, have a pencil I can borrow?" He asked.

I smiled at him as I handed him my pen in hand.

"I asked for a pencil but… thanks." Natsu said.

My eye twitched slightly. I took a deep breath before taking another pen out of my bag and continued taking notes.

"Lu-cy? Lucy, that's your name," he said.

I turned over to Natsu and saw him smiling at me.

"Congratulations, you can read." I giggled turning my head back to my notebook.

I noticed my name on my notebook and sighed. Maybe he wasn't as dumb as I thought.

Erza was the first one out of classroom when the bell rang. Well thanks for waiting Erza, I started packing up my things. If Erza was the first, Natsu had to be the second. He got up before the bell even rang, the only reason Erza left first was because her seat was right next to the door.

When I stood up and started making my way towards the exit, I saw a quick glimpse of my unicorn and blinked.

"Hello, Lu-cy."

My eyes reopened and I saw Natsu standing in front of the doorway. He was leaning against it, blocking the whole door so no one could get out. I could walk to the other door but that would be a waste of time.

"You never did tell me your name," he said.

"You know it now don't you?" I asked.

Natsu leaned up from the wall and stood in front of me. Unicorn appeared beside him and neighed.

"I'd rather you tell me with those gorgeous little lips of yours," he said.

And he even had the nerve to touch my lips with those dirty little hands of his as he said it. Unicorn stared at me and blink.

"Look down."

My eyes obeyed. Why not knock this guy off his high horse? I smirked flirtatiously at Natsu and took a step closer to him. I heard calls from behind us and only assumed it was his gang in the background watching us… perfect.

Natsu chuckled. "I knew you were checking me out," he said.

I smirked as my hands inch towards him… well more like his pants. His face was priceless as I zipped up his pants zipper.

"Your fly was undone." I whispered.

I winked and walked out the room, leaving his friends and Unicorn laughing behind me.

1st Sex-Ed. 2nd English.

English… really? The Slob Gang were also in this one, now not only did I have one class with them but two. Thank God we were seated FAR away from each other.

There are seven rows, from the windows to the exits. Each row has six seats, one after another. I sit in the fourth seat in the first row, from the window going right, while Natsu sat in the sixth row in the sixth seat. Even though it didn't look like a lot, I was as high as clouds right now. It could have been a whole another world to me. Erza wasn't here, I guess that means I could relax and gaze outside the window.

Unicorns couldn't fly, that was a Pegasus right? Wasn't there a unicorn with wings though? Or a Pegasus with a horn? A... ? Well whatever it was called, I didn't see one at the moment. Then again, I couldn't even tell if I was seeing real or not.

1st Sex-Ed. 2nd English. Recess!… no wait, Nutrition. Damn.

"15 minutes." I said gazing at my program.

Natsu and the Slob Gang didn't stop me when I tried to leave class, Natsu didn't even acknowledge me and left. That just made my day a whole lot easier.

"Um, excuse me."

I blinked and turned to my right... then looked down. Blue hair. I wasn't imagining this right? This chick was really here and she really had blue hair… my eyes slightly narrowed.

"You're Lucy, um right?" The blue girl asked.

"Yes." I answered.

The girl brought a hand to her chest and sighed in relief.

"Oh good, I'm Levy, one of Erza's friends? Hi! She told me to bring you to our usual hang out since I had your class," she said.

Her voice was so high, it sounded like a chipmunk. Come on Lucy, that's the drugs talking. No person can really sound like a chipmunk. I squeezed my eyes shut then reopened them.

"Really? How nice of you! Thanks! I'm Lucy, oops! You already knew that didn't you?" I giggled.

Levy smiled and giggled with me.

"It's not that nice but um, are you ready for nutrition Lucy?" She asked.

"Sure! Hmm, I have a strange feeling we're going to become fast friends Levy, don't you?" I asked linking my arms with hers.

We started walking down the hallway side by side.

"Well now I do, our group usually hangs in the cafeteria. Erza told me you guys don't pack lunches," she said.

What was the use? The school PROVIDED food and at my old private school they had the finest cuisines in all of Fiore.

"Yup, school lunches are so yummy." I giggled rubbing my tummy for emphasis.

"Right, I'll help you through it." Levy said.

"You really are nice Levy, thanks."

"No problem, any friend of Erza's is a friend of mine."

I already made a friend and an enemy and it hasn't even been half the day yet.

"Wow! The line is so short!" I said walking up to the back of the line, picking up a tray.

"Yeah it sure is, go ahead Lucy. You just pick up whatever you want and put it on your tray." Levy said.

Let's see, pizza… at school… this was a commoners school Lucy, it doesn't get any better than this. At least the pizza looked good, I shrugged and picked up the plate. What else? Salad, water, an orange, and oooh! Jell-O! Wiggly, wiggly.

"That'll be $5.00."

I froze... what?

"What's wrong Lucy?" Levy asked touching my shoulder.

I turned towards her, "I don't have any money."

"How'd you expect to pay then?" She asked.

"At my old school we just swipe our ID's and they would bill us for the meal later or take it out our bank account automatically. I thought it'd be the same for this school." I told her.

But then again this was my first day at this school, I didn't have a school ID yet... then how did I expect to pay?

"Here, take this."

I looked up and saw a hand with a five dollar bill being handed to the cashier. I looked further up and saw the five dollar bill belonged to… one of the Slobs. It was the Slob who dressed correctly but had the many piercings.

"Next!" The cashier said.

I picked up my tray and started walking away from the line with my new company.

"What was that for?" I asked.

The Slob raised an eyebrow, the piercings on his eyebrow raising with it. I resisted the urge to hiss, finding what he just did totally revolting. I wonder if he felt his piercings dig into his skin when his eyebrow raised.

"Consider it payment for the show you put on first period, that was hilarious! I've never seen Natsu so embarrassed!" The boy said then laughed.

His laughter, it wasn't a pleasant one. It made my ears ring which led me to believe that if I was trapped in a room hearing his laughter all day, my ears would bleed. I brought my attention back to the boy and shrugged. If a man offers to buy you a drink, why refuse?

"That and these," the boy said grabbing the orange and water bottle from my tray.

Maybe boy wasn't the right word to describe this person, he didn't look like a boy though he was one. He didn't look like a man either though. I saw Levy raise up her hands and drop them back to her sides from the corner of my eyes.

"GAZILLE!" Levy yelled next to me stomping a foot towards his direction.

Gazille. Ga-zi-lle. Geh- aah-zzll-… the e is silent.

"You're right pipsqueak, she's going to need the water." Gazille said putting it back on my tray.

I stared down at my lunch then looked back up at him. "Thanks again," he said winking at me.

... That had to be the strangest thing I have ever seen. When he winked, all of his piercings on his eyebrows and nose scrunched up and that smirk... I shivered. Gazille turned the other way around and walked away, tossing his orange up in the air then catching it. Levy huffed before stomping away for whatever reason. I watched Gazille a moment longer, until I saw his destination. The Slob Gang's hangout, a table.

Natsu, Gazille, and three mystery people sat there. Hopefully I wouldn't get to know these mystery people, but I've never really been a hopeful person to begin with. I turned around and started following Levy to my new hangout. Erza and Levy were the only one's sitting down at our table when I got there.

"I thought you had friends Erza." I said.

Oops, I slipped.

"Huh?" She asked.

"I mean, where is everybody?" I asked in a lighter tone.

I sat down on the benches in front of the table beside Levy, placing my tray down in front of me. My eyes scanned over my lunch hungrily, pizza first!

"I'm not sure, they'll come soon enough." Erza said stabbing a fork into her salad.

By the way she was eating it, I assumed it was good. My eyes flickered over to the Slob's table, Gazille was the only one eating.

"What's with the Slob Gang? They don't eat?" I asked nodding my head over to them.

"Slob Gang?" Levy repeated.

"That's just Lucy's nickname for Natsu's group and no they don't eat at nutrition, lunch either." Erza said.

I was surprised she let me slide with the gang part. Lifting the pizza up, I brought it to my mouth to sink my teeth into the first bite.

I coughed. Hacked. Chocked. Almost hurled. I could taste clearly why the Slob Gang didn't eat now. Even though Slobs, they did have common sense.

"What's wrong Lucy?" Levy asked.

"Garbage!" I yelled throwing the pizza back on my tray.

I moved to the salad to try and get the taste of stale cardboard out my mouth, same result. What about the Jell-O? They couldn't have messed up on the Jell-O? It's wiggly?

I was really grateful Gazille had left me the water and a little mad that he took the only eatable thing he bought me. I finished the whole water bottle in a minute flat. Looking over my plate again, I glared at the Jell-O.

You're nothing but a lie to me now.

"I'm tossing this, you guys want anything from it?" I asked.

"LUCY! Such a waste." Erza said pulling my tray towards her.

"No thanks, I pack my own lunch for school." Levy said.

Smart move. If only unicorns were eatable… then again why are they extinct in the first place?

1st Sex-Ed. 2nd English. Nutrition (FAIL!). 3rd PE… PHYSICAL Education.

"So you're the new student?" My new PE couch, Elfman Strauss, asked looking over his clipboard.

So you're the child of two really big Santa Claus fans. I shook my head and pulled down my shirt, which felt like a size too small for me. Elfman Strauss, he preferred to be called Couch Strauss, was a heavy set man, exactly how I pictured a PE teacher would be.

"Today we're running laps! Glad to see you have our school's PE, Physical Education, uniform on." Couch Strauss said.

Because what else would PE stand for other than Physical Education? Please Evacuate? Peas Eatable? Pac Eagle? Pink Ear- Pac Eagle… is that a game? What was the other, Pink Earphones? Those sound cute!

"Alright class! Ten laps for girls, thirteen for boys! Get going!" Couch Strauss yelled blowing into his whistle.

I turned around and started jogging with my classmates, Erza found me and started keeping my pace a few seconds later.

"What is with this?" I asked her.

"PE is mandatory for all FOUR years," she said.

I clicked my tongue; we jogged in silence.

"Guys! Wait up!"

A bright and bubbly voice, full of innocence. I looked behind me and saw this really short kid running after us. If the uniform was too small for me then it was too big for this girl, she looked like a slob. Not like the Slobs though, I'm sure she wasn't dressing like that on purpose.

"Sorry Wens." Erza said slowing down.

I slowed down with her to let the shortcake catch up with us.

"Wendy, meet my cousin Lucy." Erza introduced.

I waved, "hi."

"Hello." Wendy squeaked.

"Wendy's a genius and two years younger than us. She skipped some grades." Erza explained.

That would explain her shortness… and her youngness.


My head turned back as I saw Natsu running towards me. He caught up with me in a matter of seconds and kept pace.

"Is that the only pick-up line you have?" I asked him.

"Ouch, that was a cruel thing you did to me first," he said.

I rolled my eyes. Not cruel enough it you're still talking to me.

"I was only helping you, didn't want you to walk around with your fly WIDE open." I said.

I heard light giggles beside me and assumed it was Wendy; she had a cute laugh. Natsu looked behind me and smiled before looking back at me.

"How many laps you run?" He asked.

"Seeing as how I just started? … One?" I answered.


"Really? I'm on my second." Natsu bragged.

I was going to say something smart, but Erza was right next to me.

"That sure is cool Natsu! You must be a great athlete." I praised.

Natsu puffed his chest out, "I am aren't I?" He bragged.

"COME ON NATSU! YOU'RE LAGGING BEHIND!" Gazille called coming out of nowhere (behind us) then ran past us.

"FOR NOW! Well I'll see you ladies at the finish line." Natsu said.

"More like I'll see you." I mumbled.

Natsu paused.

"Is that a challenge I hear from the new girl?" He asked.

"Oh whatever do you mean Natsu? Something was just caught in my throat." I said coughing for emphasis.

"Nuh uh, we're racing," he said.

Unicorn came running up beside Natsu and nodded towards me; Unicorn said lightly.

"You know what to do."

I shrugged, "whatever you say Natsu."

He flashed me a smirk before taking off.

"You mind if I leave you guys?" I asked.

"No, go ahead." Wendy said.

I didn't wait for Erza's answer as I picked up the pace.

Thanks to the boys having to run three extra laps I caught up with Natsu. I was on my tenth, him on his thirteenth, both on our last. Natsu, being the boy he was, decided to brag and pace with me at the last stretch. I had already planned that he was going to brag before taking off for the big finish.

"Looks like you lose this race Lucy," he said laughing.

"We're still running." I told him.

"For now, but since you still believe you might win let's make a bet! If I win you have to kiss me." Natsu said.

Of course, I smirked.

"And if I win, you have to kiss Couch Strauss." I said.

Natsu grimaced before laughing it off.

"Deal!" He yelled.

He was playing right into my hands. Before Natsu had the chance to take off I reached out and tugged on his shirt to catch his attention.

"Oh and Natsu?" I called him.

Natsu looked back at me.

"Good luck." I smiled.

Natsu smiled back at me.

And then I tripped him.

THE WINNER! ME! BWAH HA HA HA HA! Unicorn would be proud.

"YOU CHEATED!" Natsu yelled running across the finish line in 2ND!

"There were no rules." I told him shaking my head.

Natsu stared at me like he was a mad man, mad as in crazy mad, mad hatter mad. I used the backside of my hand to wipe the sweat off my forehead.

"Technically, I won." Natsu said walking towards me.

"Technically you didn't, but I'll be nice and let you out on our deal." I said walking away.

"I underestimated you! I won't let it happen again!" He yelled behind me.

"And I overestimated you." I mumbled.

Now that I was done, what was I going to do now?

1st Sex-Ed. 2nd English. Nutrition (FAIL!). 3rd PE… PHYSICAL Education (FUNNY!). 4th History (LONER! UNMENTIONABLE… alright).

"Heartfilia, Heartfilia, go sit behind Fernandes. He's the gentlemen with the, um... tattoo." My newest teacher, Mr. Justine, said.

Yeah, just great because H is DEFINENTLY after F. A, B, C, D, E, F, H! I walked my sad, drugged up self to the seat behind… Fernandes… or Fernandez… was it with an s or a z? Maybe even a c? Oh no… another Slob Gang member… he doesn't look Hispanic and yet… his name is Fernandes… so maybe problems at this school.

I stopped in front Fernandes's desk and stared down at him. His coat was unbuttoned, like the other Slobs, but his shirt remained buttoned up; he was wearing a tie also but it wasn't tied, it just hanged loosely around his neck. I couldn't tell if he was one of the ones who sagged because he was sitting down at the moment.

"Are you like your other… friends?" I asked choosing my wording carefully.

Fernandes looked up at me and nodded.

"Are you going to bother the shit out of me like Natsu then?" I asked.

He shook his head; I smiled brightly and giggled.

"Good! I think we'll get along great then Fernandes." I said.

That was the only time I saw emotion on his face, when I used my happy voice. His bored expression slipped up into a shocked one as I walked to my seat behind him.

Fernandes only said one thing to me that whole period.


I thought he was talking about someone in the history book, or someone near me but I realized shortly after that it was his name.

Now if only 'Jah-er-all' could teach Natsu how to do that.

1st Sex-Ed. 2nd English. Nutrition (FAIL!). 3rd PE… PHYSICAL Education (FUNNY!). 4th History (BEST). Lunch (RETAKE!).

It was lunch and you know what that means?! More disgusting food! And new guests!

Joining our table this evening is the lovely Wendy Marvell and… that's it… wow, what a letdown. I swallowed the urge to ask Erza if she had friends or not. Erza, Wendy, Levy, and me. If alphabetical, the order would be Erza, Levy, Lucy, and Wendy. Two L's. Llll, la. God I'm bored, I think I'm running low on juice.

"You're not going to get anything Lucy?" Wendy asked me.

I smiled and shook my head.

"Oh no, I can't stomach the food here." I said all bubbly.

"Oh… do you want some of my lunch? My Mother made if for me." Wendy asked.

Stab. Right there, direct hit. It never misses.

"Don't spoil her Wendy, I'm sure Lucy's f-"

"You know what Erza?!" I asked raising my voice.

My new friends stared at me.

"I'm not feeling so well right now, I'm going to go visit the nurse." I smiled before grabbing my things and leaving.

I didn't give them time to stop me or even question my decision. I only made it out of the cafeteria before realizing... I almost lost my cool back there. That wasn't the thing that was bothering me though, it was the fact that I had no idea where the nurse was?


And just great, the idiot was back.

"What do you want Natsu?" I asked.

"Natsu? Where do you think he got that line from? Muah."

That didn't sound like his voice, it didn't sound like his attitude either. I turned and saw another person from the Slob Gang, this was the sunglasses dude. He was dressed like Natsu, coat unbuttoned along with a few from his collared shirt showing some chest, but instead of a tie or scarf he wore the girl's bow.

"Sucks either way." I mumbled.

"Excuse muah?" Mr. Sunglasses asked.

"Oh nothing! Do you think you could help me?" I asked sweetly.

"Wow, Natsu was right," he said.

"Right? About what?" I asked.

Sunglasses got suspicious looking.

"Oh um… your mumbling! That's right!" He covered.

I shrugged, "can you help me or not?"

"Sure, what you need?"

"The nurse." I told him.

"Who? Mira? What, you're not feeling well?"

I shook my head ditzy like.

"Well have no fear, Loke is here."


I walked away. I refuse to get help from a man who just introduced himself the way he just did. Screw help, I'll search until I find it on my own.

1st Sex-Ed. 2nd English. Nutrition (FAIL!). 3rd PE… PHYSICAL Education (FUNNY!). 4th History (BEST). Lunch (WORST SINCE HAVE NO FEAR DIDN'T LEAVE UNTIL WE REACHED THE NURSE!). 5th Slept. 6th Slept half but refused to go to class so fake slept. Home.

"Are you feeling all better Lucy?" Nurse Strauss asked me.

Turns out she was Couch Strauss's older sister, Mira or something Loke called her. Well... they both had the same hair color so I guess that could be true.

"Tons, thanks a lot." I said.

"I don't make a habit of students ditching class, but since you're new I can understand how difficult this can be for you," she said.

Difficult? I refused the urge to snort. This 'school work' they were teaching was child's play to me. These classmates they were setting up with me were easy to manipulate. Nothing here was 'difficult' to me... other than the Slob Gang.

"I understand, thanks again Nurse Strauss." I said.

"No problem, have a good week Lucy! Magnolia's a great place, I'm sure it'll get better." Nurse Strauss said.

I waited until I left the Nurse's Office to snort and laugh. I'm sure it'll get better, what am I? Gay?

"Oh phooey!"

"What is it Auntie?" I asked looking up from my homework.

I was working on the kitchen counter while my Auntie was doing her own thing and cooking dinner for tonight. Erza locked me out of her room for some strange reason so I was forced to do my homework in here. I didn't mind my Auntie's company though, she pretty much ignored my existence and hummed to herself.

"I forgot to buy milk! Without it I can't finish our dinner. I'll just have to go out and get some, can you watch the food Lucy sweetie?" Auntie Scarlet asked me untying her apron.

"I needed a break from Economics anyway, I'll go out for you." I said throwing my pen down on the table.

"Oh really? You're an angel Lucy. Money's on the counter, a carton will do," she said.

"2% or regular?" I asked.

"2%! It's better for you, you know."

I picked up my house keys, the money, and placed my shoes on.

"I'm off!" I yelled closing the door after me.

Now where was the nearest store?

Sweets Magazine. Right in front of me. I grabbed it and walked to the checkout, I'm sure Auntie Scarlet wouldn't mind me spending five dollars on myself. But then I wouldn't have enough for a carton… I put the carton back and picked up the milk bottle. At least I'm buying the 2% milk I figured.

Walking out the store with milk and magazine in bag, I sighed out and stared down the street ahead of me.

"HEY LUCY!" I heard.

"I know, talk to me baby." I mumbled ignoring them.

How could I forget? Gangs like to hang out in parking lots doing nothing… idiot.

"Hey Lucy! Wait up! I finally remembered you!" Natsu yelled.

Just keep walking, ignore. I forgot idiots were stubborn though, Natsu cut me off and stood in front of me with his gang following his back.

"Remember how I asked if I knew you?" He asked.

"If I say yes will you leave?"

I took a deep breath and exhaled through my nose.

"Ouch, aren't you the least bit curious?"

"Curiosity killed the cat."

"But it also found Magnolia… right?… Right?" He asked turning to his gang.

Only one of them nodded while the rest shrugged. I didn't have time for this. Just say you're stupid comments so I can go now.

"I know you, you're that Heartfilia daughter right?" Natsu called out.

I paused.

"I knew I remember your name somewhere, your Father was all over the news a while ago. I bet you're a millionaire now that your Father's dead right? How about lending us some money? I'm sure you have plenty to spare," he said.

I moved so quickly he didn't have time to react or move against it. I turned around to face Natsu and pulled out the milk bottle from my plastic bag hanging on my wrist. Very carefully I opened it and poured its contents over Natsu's head. Milk ran down his face, soaking his uniform.

Once I was sure all of it was out I dropped the milk bottle; it bounced off Natsu's head then rolled on the ground.

"That'll be $3.75." I said holding out my hand.

It went quiet. No one said anything. Finally Jellal walked up to me and placed a five dollar bill in my hand. I squeezed my hand shut, crumbling the bill.

"Thank you, it's not good to liter." I said turning around and walking back into the store.

When I came out, the Slob Gang was long gone. I was surprised to see the milk bottle I dropped was not on the ground though… so they do listen.