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Mythical Creatures


Chapter 10

Ms. All Smart & Lovely Lucy's Third Slob Kiss


"Catch." I said throwing my bag at Gazille.

He yelled out in complaint, but still caught it. Well, more like fumbled with it before securely holding it in his hands.

"What the hell was that for Lucy?" He asked holding my bag up to me.

"Call me Ms. All Smart and Lovely Lucy." I told him.

"Are you out of your fu-"

"Tutor." I hummed.

Gazille groaned really loudly before holding my bag tightly in his grip. Seems like he was willing to take my foolish demands in order to get a passing grade in our math class...

This was going to be fun.

"What about the code?" Loke sang in his ear.

"Will you shut up?!" Gazille roared.

While the two of them fought Lisanna and I walked outside the classroom after them, giggling to ourselves. Of course the Slob Gang was outside our class, I wonder why they all meet up at Gazille's last period? Or how they all seem to be standing there when the bell rings? Maybe they ditched or left class early? Either way they were standing there and this was where Lisanna and I parted ways.

"I'll see you later Lisanna, got to tutor a monkey for three hours at the moment." I said.

"Sure, Hey Nat-! Darn it! I'm still mad at you!" Lisanna yelled but still walked towards him.

"I'll... be right back." Gazille said walking towards his gang.

"Hurry now or else I'll make you study overtime." I teased.

"Yeah, yeah," he shrugged.

"Yeah, yeah, what?" I asked.

"MS. ALL SMART AND LOVELY LUCY!" He yelled in my face.

I giggled and patted his cheek.

"You may go my student." I smiled at him.

He stuck his pierced tongue out at me before turning away. Aw Gazille, who knew he could be so childish? His friends all gave him a W-T-F look (except for Loke) as Gazille walked over there while I just continued to smile... wait a second. I took out my phone and decided to call my dearest cousin of mine.


Answering on the first ring? Does she not have a life? Better yet, did she just have her phone waiting in her hand for me to call? Was my cousin getting physic on me?

"Hey Erza, got stuck tutoring one of the Slobs so go home without me." I said.


"No worries, it's just Gazille." I told her.

And then I waited for a response. If Erza still yells then that means she likes him, if not then it must be another Slob. Super genius right here everyone! Erza sighed drastically over the phone.

"Alright, check in with me okay?"

"Sure, bye Erza." I said closing my phone.

Damn, so it wasn't Gazille... well duh? Levy already called di-... look at me, acting like the Slobs right now. About to say called dibs, Erza's group wasn't like Natsu's gang. We didn't call dibs, we liked whoever we wanted to like and if a two girls, or three or four, all decided they liked the same guy... and tried to date him... potentially ruining friendships and making enemies... hurting feelings... oh my God, this is why males are such better a being friends! If they call dibs then their friends know to back off instead of trying to go after the same woman, why haven't females realized this yet?! So many broken friendships could have never happened if they just called dibs, stupid Slob Gang for making me realize this. They're a bunch of smart retards.


I broke free of my concentration and looked up when I heard the voice. I saw Natsu, red, yelling in Gazille's face, not red, which was pretty funny since Natsu was a few inches shorter than him.


I laughed, that was the same thing Gray yelled at his face not so long ago. Good times.



Gazille got punched in the face. Again.

I felt bad, his black eye was clearing up nicely and now he was about to have another one.

"Gazille! I'm leaving you." I said turning around.

"Wait a God damn second Lucy!" He yelled.

"Excuse me?!" I yelled back stomping my foot.


"Better." I said to no one in particular.


This was getting us nowhere and I was getting annoyed.

"Natsu!" I called.

He paused and looked at me.

"Shut up!" I yelled.

Natsu shut his trapped and turned around.

"Look who else is whipped." Gazille said before stalking off.

"Careful man, I got shit in my bag you're just lugging around." I said walking away with him.

"Whatever," he said with a mad grin on his face.

I waited until we turned the corner to ask, "is it really that fun messing with him? I fail to see the humor in it."

"It is Blondie, it sure is," he laughed.

"Sure enough to get punched in the eye?" I asked.

"Cheek this time and whatever, it's just a flesh wound."

Spoken like a true fighter.

"Well let's see if I can teach you a few things. Where's the library?" I asked.

Gazille looked down at me, "hell if I know."

I looked back at him.

"Really? How are we supposed to study then?" I asked.

Gazille only shrugged. Idiot. Then again, I was trying to teach the idiot so didn't that make me a bigger idiot for trying?

"Better get asking."

"See this number here?"

"I'm not blind."

"But you are dumb, multiply it by this number here."


"Then you multiply it by here."


"And then-"

"Let me guess, I multiply it again."

"No dumbass, you divide it."

"Fuck you!"

"Alright, I'll leave!"


"Say it."

"Please don't leave me Ms. All Smart And Lovely Lucy."

I smirked and stared at Gazille's paper.

"Alright and that's how you get the answer, now go get our math book. Enough reviewing from the notes, I'm going to make you do some problems in there." I ordered him.

"... What does it look like again?" Gazille asked getting up from his seat.

"Purple, says 'Geometry' on it." I sighed.

"Right," he said walking off.

"Damn." I sighed leaning back in my seat.

It took us ten minutes to find the library, ten. I never knew this school was so big to tell the truth. When we arrived we found a secluded table in the back and took out all our notes. The first twenty minutes of it was nice, we went over some simple equations and basically all the easy stuff. Tutoring Gazille made me feel smart, but now that we were getting into the more difficult parts of Geometry... about several notebooks of notes and half an hour later it-

"It's like teaching a rock huh?"

What the? I turned around in my seat and saw the last guy I ever expected to be in a library, the last guy. I don't think you seriously grasp on how much of a surprise it was to see this dumbass in here, though I didn't show it.

"More or less." I shrugged leaning back into my seat.

"You're not going to question why I'm here?" He asked.

"More like how you found the place seeing as how Gazille didn't even know where it was." I sighed leaning my head back on the chair, Natsu looked upside down to me.

"Studying with Lisanna," he said.

I blinked but said nothing wishing his frown right now was actually a frown and not an upside down happy face. Why was he even smiling in the first place? We're at a library, what's there to smile about?

"Wish it was you though."

"Why are you here Natsu?"

"Finally," he said walking towards me.


I couldn't finish that thought. Natsu had bent down and kissed me, kissed me while my head was upside down. I didn't even think this was possible, an upside down kiss... but it was. Natsu was kissing me and I was just... letting him. Where the hell was Gazille at the moment? Or anyone else for that matter? Was no one seeing this? Was no one going to say anything and save me?

Why didn't I just save myself?


I bit his lip, hard.

"Ouch!" He hissed backing away.

"I hate you again, leave." I said leaning back up.

Natsu laughed and leaned over me, his head now upside down to me.

"Really now?" He taunted.

I avoided his gaze, finding the walls looking very interesting at the moment. Something touch my chin, Natsu pushed my head up so I would be staring at him again. He slowly started to lean down, I could feel his breath hit my cheeks. He was going to kiss me again! I closed my eyes tight and kept still. I shuddered at the warmness of his hand as it moved from my chin to my cheek, as it touched my neck, brushed my strands of hair behind my ear, then back up to my face, stopping at the corner of my lips.

Why was this happening? When I peeked out of my eyelids I saw that his face was a lot closer than before and that he was staring at me with such intensity. He gently stroked a finger against my lips and I released a shaken gasped, which probably sounded more like a moan to him, why else would he chuckled and lean back a little?

"Didn't think so."

I glared and bit at his finger, which he quickly moved away. His spell was broken and I was back in control, I still wondered how he even came in control though.

"Naughty, naughty, Lucy. You were supposed to be tutoring Gazille, now I don't think I want you as a tutor anymore," he teased.

I head butted him.

"Ouch," he hissed a little louder this time as he leaned back up.

"If it wasn't for you kissing Gazille I'd think that was your first kiss."

"Try worse one." I sighed.

"Excuse me?" Natsu asked.

Suddenly my chair was being spun around and Natsu's breath was illuminating on my neck.

"I wasn't even serious back there, that was just a friendly hello kiss. Want to see a real kiss though?" He asked staring up at me with his... black eyes.


"Your breath stinks, now spin me back and leave." I told him.

Natsu chuckled again.

"Tough, but that's why I like you. You win today Lucy but remember, I'm relentless." He hummed.

And suddenly I felt a pair of lips on my neck, kissing it. I shivered and jumped up; Natsu only laughed as he walked off.

"I kissed Loke!" I called out behind him.

I had to do it, he just left so happy walking away and I couldn't just let him get away with it. And it worked. Natsu slowly turned around, his face... unreadable.

"Bye, bye." I mouthed blowing a kiss at him.

Gazille came minutes after Natsu disappeared.

"Finally found it, what page?" He growled jumping into his seat.

After the incident with Natsu I couldn't get my mind to wrap around tutoring Gazille anymore. It didn't really make a difference anyway, Gazille wouldn't remember this stuff and he'd end up cheating off me in the end. Why not speed up the process?

"Gazille, do you want to continue studying or would you rather learn to cheat off me and not get lazy?" I asked.

Gazille slammed his book closed so quick it made an echo in the library.

"Cheat," he said.

"Great, I'll buy you a neck pillow so your neck won't hurt when you strain it or just write the answers on a note and toss it to you. As payment for wasting my time though you have to buy me something to eat." I said packing up my things.

"Is a 99 cent burger and fries okay?" He asked doing the same.

"Add a milkshake and we got a deal."

Gazille crackled in laughter, which I assumed was a yes. We both stood up and started walking towards the exit. A full hour wasted on what? Tutoring a monkey that was just going to cheat in the end.

"Lucy?! Hey Lucy! I thought you and Gazille had already left."

I paused and looked behind my shoulder, Lisanna came walking towards us with Natsu behind her holding her bag. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and I raised an eyebrow? Didn't he remember he couldn't make me jealous? I took a step towards Gazille as a warning, his arm dropped like a ton of bricks.

He... he faked went to the library with Lisanna only to watch me and then... waited until Gazille and I left so he could leave with us?

"Your leader is a fucking stalker man." I sighed shaking my head.

Gazille roared in laughter again and started patting my back, rough.

"Hey you guys, what were you two doing?" Lisanna asked as she raised an eyebrow.

"I swear Lisanna I'ma start bringing a lighter to school so I can burn that little notebook of yours." I said as I walked out.

It was safe to assume they followed me out, they couldn't have just let me go. Lisanna ran up and hugged my arm while the boys followed behind us. I didn't mind Lisanna and Gazille so much, but Natsu? He needs to go somewhere away from us, probably find some stalker friend of his to hang out with instead.

"I'm sorry Lucy, it's just I can't resist a good story!" She said.

"Here's a good story. Local girl wastes an hour trying to teach a monkey math." I said waving my hand slowly in the air.

I felt my hair getting ruffled, in a painful kind of way.

"Shut up or else you can pay for yourself!" Gazille yelled.

"Ow, ow, alright!" I hissed fixing my hair when he let go.

"Pay?" Natsu asked.

Oh no.

"Yeah we're going to Rocket's, want to come?" Gazille asked his Slob leader.

"What do you say Lisanna?" Natsu asked.

"Sure! Sounds like fun!" Lisanna jumped up.

I groaned and pulled out my cell phone to call Erza. Fucking Gazille, I'm totally going to throw a book at the back of your head tomorrow, that or a basketball in PE.

"What's up?" She answered.

"Finished eating, going out to eat with a monkey plus 2."

"Who's the plus 2?"

I stared at Lisanna and Natsu.

"A stalker and a girl who can't resist a good story." I told her.

Lisanna giggled while Natsu glared.

"Lisanna and who?"

"Slob leader." I coughed clearing my voice.

"Natsu, alright bring me back a strawberry shake! Bye." She said before hanging up.

"Correction, you're buying me two shakes Gazille." I said.


I was just about to put my phone away when it started ringing, wow this was a long hallway. We've been walking down it for a while now I realized when I answered my phone.

"Hey Goldie Locks!"

"Hey Momma Bear, how's Baby Bear?" I asked.

"Bacchus? I thought he was Papa Bear?"

"And I thought you were pregnant." I joked.

"FUCK YOU!" Cana screamed, I laughed my ass off holding the phone away from my ear.

"I do not sleep with Bacchus."

"I know you want to sleep in Papa's Bear's bed but it's just too hard... and big... and long... a-"

"Are we talking about Bacchus because you're started to describe his-"

"Ah, so you have seen it."


"Kidding, just wanted to know if you have... it seems so."

Cana sighed over the phone as Lisanna tugged me to make a left turn. Our school was pretty deserted at the moment, I barely saw anyone in the halls.

"Drunk night, happened once."

"That's what they all say."

"Whatever! What I wanted to tell you that Papa's Bear's throwing a party."

"... In your tiny ass apartment?"

"I'm starting to really hate you Goldie Locks."

"I would express my love for you too Momma Bear in the most perverted adult ways, but I am with company and a monkey right now so I can't."

"I'M NOT A MONKEY!" Gazille yelled.

"Sorry about that, go on." I said.

"That's cool, just nod your head if you want to go."

... I just let that one sit there.

"Fuck, whatever. I'll text you the place, go if you want to go and if the monkey is Gazille then tell him Bacchus lost his number and that he's invited as well."

"Will do Momma Bear, now don't go making any Baby Bear's while I'm sleeping in the bed." I laughed.

The phone went dead, I dropped my hand and held onto my stomach. I don't know why it was fun messing with Cana, but it just was.

"Who was that Lucy?" Lisanna asked.

"Momma Bear, Gazille do you have a phone?" I asked.

"Yeah, why?"

I set up a new contacts.

"How do you spell Gazille or do you prefer Monkey? Better yet Levy?" I asked.

"G-a-z-i-l-l-e," he spelled.

"I'm glad to hear you aren't failing English." I said typing in his name.

Natsu laughed.

"Now what's your number?"

His laugher stopped.

"Give it here," he said.

I passed the phone back, Gazille smashed on the buttons before passing it back to me.

"Put me under Ms. All Smart and Lovely Lucy." I told him sending him a quick text so he could get my number before closing my phone. I'll just text him the details later.

"Ha ha, can we pick up the pace?" He asked.

"I don't know where this place is; I don't know why you're letting us lead." I told them.

Gazille groaned loudly before shoving between Lisanna and I. Natsu walked up ahead too shaking his head, he peeked back at me and smiled though.

"Hey Lisanna, do you still have that picture of me kissing Loke?"

I don't know why I liked to torment Natsu. Sometimes in life, you don't ask questions you don't want to know the answers to.

"How long have you and Natsu been seeing each other?" I asked Lisanna taking a bite of my burger.

"More along the lines of hanging out, and for several years. Natsu and I knew each other since childhood."

I chewed my food and stared at Natsu.

"Wow." I said with my mouth open. And I meant that in the most sarcastic and fucked up way you could think of. I think Natsu caught on to it because he glared slightly. I should have clapped too, to add more effect.

"It seems that you can have female friends with no romantic interest or ill intent after all." I said after I swallowed.

Lisanna flinched across the table but I pretended to ignore it. Natsu just raised an eyebrow, which I also ignored.

"So Lucy, what made you move here?" Lisanna asked.

My burger slipped through my fingers right when I was about to take another bite; it fell off the counter and onto the floor. Damn, and I wasn't finished eating that too.

"Butterfingers." I told them but didn't make an attempt to pick it up.

Three pair of eyes were cast onto me but I didn't know how to answer that question. I sipped on my milkshake and started snapping my fingers thinking of the words to say. How did you phrase it again?

"Personal reasons?" Lisanna asked.

I gulped and pointed at her. I was thinking 'none of your fucking business' but that sounded much more politely.

"Well this was good, but I need to go now so..." I said getting up.

Lisanna frowned.

"But we all just got here," she sighed.

"And I dropped my burger, ending my meal."

I reached for my milkshake then bag before turning to leave, rather not wanting to stick around for their idle chitchats.

"Bye." I waved walking out the store.

It was sunset at the moment, a lovely shade or orange and red as the sky instead of blue. I didn't really like sunsets, it made the sky turn red and red reminded me of blood which reminded me of my Father killing himself which just left me at a very depressing mood. Good thing there was a blue sky in my room that I should hurry back to. I was a good block away from the burger joint before someone appeared beside me.

"Hey," he said.

I nodded at him.

"Not walking Lisanna home?" I asked.

"Gazille's doing it, he owes me one." Natsu answered.

"Good." I nodded.

Because if no one was walking Lisanna home at this time of night I was about to go back and walk her myself.

"Natsu... could you do me a favor?" I asked.

Natsu blinked then smiled, "anything."

"Can you tell Lisanna straight up you don't like her in a romantic, sucking face way?" I asked him.

His eyes widened, I guess he really wasn't expecting me to ask that.

"But that, she'd cry," he said.

"You're hurting her feelings Natsu and I don't like people who hurt and insult my friends." I told him.

"I've noticed that."

The walked between us got quiet.

"You know she likes you right?"

"I do."

"And yet you do nothing about it?"

"I don't."

"You're a-"

"Pig, I've heard that. Now if only I had a girlfriend, then Lisanna would get the picture that I don't like her at all." Natsu sighed.

I saw the game he was playing, I decided to play a different game though.

"Yeah, she'd probably still liked you though. I mean you've been together for years and haven't kiss once, if she doesn't get the picture by now then she won't be getting it anytime soon."

I giggled lightly when I heard Natsu's dramatic sigh, we both turned to look at each other.

"Can't you ever act the way I imagine you do?"

"Now where's the fun in that?"

Natsu hummed, "I see your point, if I was a genius I wouldn't do anything you'd expect me to do either."

I laughed and shook my head.

"That's the difference between you and me Natsu, I don't expect anything from you." I told him.

"Ouch, such a heartbreaker," he said.

We continued walking...

"Hey Lucy, what do think about me?" Natsu suddenly asked me.

Hmm, what do I think about him?

"If I had to use once word? Or can I use multiple?"

"Multiple is fine."

If it was one though, that'd be easy. S-L-O-B! SLOB!

"You're... different, from any other man I've met and that's really saying something." I told him.

"Ah, I take that as a compliment," he said proudly.

"It would appear so."

"What about you ex-boyfriends? What am I compared to them?"

"Poor." I answered seconds after he asked.

Natsu laughed and I couldn't help but laugh with him.

"I suspected that much rich girl," he said.

"And a bad kisser compared to them."

"Hey! I told you I wasn't ser-"

"But definitely more interesting." I finished.

Natsu paused, I looked back and actually saw him... blush.

"Remember this Natsu, not all girls like a bad boy." I told him.

"Well that's too bad, because I'm all bad boy."

"Well that's even worse because I dislike bad boys."

Natsu and I had a stare off before I sighed and walked over to him.

"I'm not going to fall for you Natsu, we're just too... I have too much baggage and you... you're an idiot." I confessed.

"But that's what makes this so much fun! It's wrong, a bad mix-up, something that shouldn't go together and yet... we're perfect," he said rubbing my cheek.

"I'm a one girl one guy type of lady."

"That's what they all say in the beginning."

Natsu sighed and started to lean towards me, I stared at his lips as they slowly parted and reach towards my own.

"I feel like I'm playing with fire." I told him.

"I promise not to burn you," he sighed.

"I'm not afraid of getting burned." I responded.

But still pulled away right when he was about to kiss me.

"My mother told me not to play with fire, and I'm a good girl." I said walking across the street.

Natsu stood where he was, overcome with shock.

"My house is a block away, thanks for the walk." I told him walking away.

"What happened to your Mother?! Maybe she's changed her mind by now!" He yelled after me.

I peeked behind my shoulder, "my Mother's gone."

Natsu blinked and I walked home.