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Mythical Creatures


Chapter 18

Nightshade Funeral


Tuesday I decided to sniff some as if I already knew that my day was going to be a tough one filled with drama. I sniffed a little more than usual this morning, but didn't see a nose bleed so I'm sure I'd be fine. As I stared at myself in the mirror, I noticed my eyes looked very alert for some reason. I softened them and rubbed my nose lightly, to make sure there was no powder lingering under there. Hmm, now what will I see today?

Hydra. A water beast with a snake like head.

I picked up my toothbrush and stared at it. I stared back at the Hydra then swiped my toothbrush across its neck. The Hydra's head fell off then three seconds later two more grew in its place.

Hydra. A water beast with several snake like heads.


The Hydra stuck its tongues out at me and hissed; I glared and cut off its heads again with my tooth-blade. Great, now I had four tongues sticking out at me.

"Lucy Heartfilia! Would you like to explain to the class why you are late?" Ms. Atsuki asked.

... Not really. My Hydra heads started surrounding Ms. Sex-Ed teacher, some of the heads licking her while the others just eyed her hungrily. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to cut off their heads again this morning on the walk to school, now there was more to deal with. I giggled lightly.

"Well you see Ms. Atsuki, every traffic light I passed was always green so I had to wait until it would change to red so I could see the walk man to walk across. Horrible luck, I know, but what can I do? Would you rather prefer me breaking the law and J-walking or risk getting hit by a car?" I asked.

Ms. Atsuki eyes narrowed, her lips pressing tightly together in a line. I had already rehearsed this in my mind on the walk here, knowing full well I was going to be late. I was going to go with helping old ladies across the street or over slept, but that sounded too... common. This one sounded real and believable.

The real reason I was late to school though was because I stopped by at a liquor store to buy the new Sweets Magazine that came out today that I was hiding in my bag.

"Very well then, go to your seat. We were just learning about the woman's uterus," she said.

Why, oh why did I decide to come for Sex-Ed? I could have gone to a nice café, sit near a window with some coffee and a bagel and just relax as I read my Sweets, but instead I had to learn about my uterus.

Natsu was staring at me while I took my seat, when I finally stared back he smiled at me.


... Something different happened. The flower, it wasn't burning or scorching. Yes my bud was still on fire, but this time... a flaming flower petal came out. I smiled back warmly at Natsu.

"Good morning."

"Would anyone like to read Shakespeare's Sonnet 41?" Mr. Michaelis asked our class.

My head was down, along with half of the other class snoozing the period away. I looked up towards the Slob Gang, for some strange reason they were all sitting around me at the moment, completely surrounding me.

"Ms. Heartfilia, go ahead. When you finish a line you can popcorn someone else." Mr. Michaelis said.

I giggled, which was meant to be a sigh, and stood up from my seat with my book in hand.

"When in disgrace with Fortune and men's eyes. Popcorn! Natsu!" I giggled.

"Huh?" Natsu asked as I sat back down.

"Your turn to read." I whispered winking at him.

Natsu groaned loudly as he stood up. He didn't seem to have a book on his desk and suddenly looked at me. I smiled as I passed my book to him.

"Well um... I all alone beweep my outcast state. Popcorn... Gazille." Natsu laughed.

Gazille mumbled a string of profanity before getting up and snatching my book from Natsu's hands.

... What was happening right now?

"And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries. Popcorn Loke."

Gazille passed my book to Loke.

"And look upon myself and curse my fate. Popcorn Gray."

Loke passed my book to Gray.

"Wishing me like to one more rich in hope. Popcorn Jellal."

Gray passed my book to Jellal.

"Featured like him, like him with friends possess'd. Popcorn Lucy."

And Jellal gave my book back to me.

"Um Mr. Michaelis? Do I have to read again?" I asked.

"Yes, go ahead." Mr. Michaelis said.

I was literally screwed in an endless cycle since I didn't know anyone else's name in this classroom... expect for Levy. I'm sure she'd call on Gazille though because of her crush...

My book was turning into a whore.

"Natsu~! What are you doing here?" Lisanna asked.

I looked up and true to her words, Natsu was standing in front of our table with his Slob Gang behind him.

"We're here to join you guys for today, I'm sure you girls don't mind." Natsu grinned.

I giggled, because that seemed like the 'nice' thing to do and stared back at my lunch... but it was nutrition.

"Go ahead, sit." Erza smiled.

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes and cough under my breath, fake. She was only acting like this because she wanted Jellal to sit next to her.

"Don't mind if we do, mind scooting over Lucy?" Natsu asked walking towards me.

I did mind actually, but I smiled at him and shook my head.

"Go right on ahead Natsu and make yourself comfortable." I said scooting over to my left.

I was sitting on the edge of the table next to Lisanna. Now I was still on the edge but next to Natsu, who was next to Lisanna, who was next to Levy but I didn't really care about where the others sat that much. I looked around our table, the Slobs had nothing, Lisanna had papers, Levy had a book, Juvia water, and Erza an apple. I was the only one who had a lunchbox on the table, meaning that Natsu was just staring down at it.

"You made that?" He asked looking up at me.

I nodded.

"Lunch here is so icky so I made this for myself, turns out this is icky as well." I pouted.

"I'm sure it isn't... icky." Natsu said then hid a laugh under a cough.

I pouted more, so I could hide my glare, and pushed my lunchbox to him.

"I can have some?" He asked.

"Go right on ahead, don't say I didn't warn you."

Natsu didn't wait to hear what I said after, he just picked up my tossed chopsticks and ate... I wanted to say rice but it was pink... how'd that happen?

"Wow," was all Natsu said.

"Natsu, let me try a bite." Gazille said reaching a hand over.

Natsu glared at him and lifted up my lunchbox, "no! Get your girl to make you something."

I shook my head and flicked Natsu's forehead with my middle finger.

"Natsu, now that's not fair. Why should you be the only one who gets food poisoning?" I asked sweetly.

Natsu grinned while Gazille, Gray and Loke laughed; Jellal kept up his silence act.

"I'm serious. My cooking is evil." I tried to explain.

But just like Natsu, they all ignored me and reached for my lunchbox. Oh well, at least they all owe me now. I can have them take me out to a burger joint or something afterschool one day.

"Natsu, if you wanted a lunchbox then all you had to do was ask me! I would have made you one." Lisanna pouted.

I felt a... I couldn't describe it. How about if I describe it something like, I saw Hydra's heads all eyeing Lisanna. They were about to eat her and chew her to little bits and I wasn't about to stop them. Is that a feeling? Letting my mythical creature eat my friend?

"Um, that's alright Lisanna. I don't eat at school, you know that." Natsu said.

Then how come my lunchbox was wiped clean then? There wasn't even a grain of rice left in the thing. I didn't really care about that though because the feeling disappeared, but Hydra was still eyeing Lisanna. No! Bad Hydra. Hydra flinched then started moving away, sticking its tongue out at me.

"Oh, well if you say so."

'Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, The Rock City Boy! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, The Rock City Boy!'

I took out my phone from my bag and looked at the caller ID... Cana. Why was she calling me right now? I pushed the silent button and placed it back in my bag.

"That was good, nice cooking there Blondie." Gazille sighed out.

I opened my mouth to retaliate for that Blondie remark when-

'Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, The Rock City Boy!'

I pulled out my phone again, glaring at the thing, and pushed the ignore button.


'Yeah, Yeah, Yeah-'

I growled and took out the battery, there. Now she can't call me anymo-

'Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, The Rock City Boy!

I stared at my phone in disbelief! How was it still ringing without the bat- it wasn't. I looked up and saw Gazille pulling his cell phone out.

"What? You think you're the only one who likes that song?" He asked me.

I smiled and giggled.

"Um... Lucy it's for you. It says, 'answer your phone!' then has evil faces repeated for about... three pages." Gazille said.

I sighed and put the battery back in.

"Lucy? Who is calling you?" Erza asked staring at me.

"No need to worry, just go on and continue talking. Why doesn't Jellal tell you the story where we all sang in Economics, it's a good one." I giggled.

While everyone's attention was away from me at the moment, I dialed Cana's number.

"Hello Goldie Locks."

"Hello Momma Bear."

"I called you... several times. Why didn't you pick up?"

"I'm at school right now!"

"Are you in class?"


"Thought so."

"Still, I can't use my phone during school hours! It's the policy."

"Translation, I'm surrounded by people so we can't use our dirty words."

I snorted out loud. Natsu suddenly looked at me with an amused expression, dammit. Now they were looking back at me, need to end this call quickly.

"What is it that you need Momma Bear?"

"Dan called, asked for your number so I wanted to ask if I should give it to him or not."


"Dan?" I asked.

My sweetness was gone from my voice.

"Yeah, the one and only."

I sighed and pinched the bridge between my eyes.

"Dan is trash. Matter of fact, he's not even trash. Calling him trash would be an insult to all the trash in the world. He's the bacteria that live off of rats, that eat the trash, not even bacteria. He is the tiny single-cell microorganism in bacteria on rats which eat the trash. Now why would you give a microorganism like that my number?" I asked politely.

"... alright then, I take that as a no for the number. Next problem, beach tomorrow, you coming?"

I sighed, stupid, stupid, Cana.

"Do I even have a choice?" I asked.

"No, I'll pick you up. Feel free to invite your friends or whatever."

"What friends?" I mumbled underneath my breath.

"Aw Lucy," Cana sighed apparently hearing me.

"I don't have a bathing suit."

"You're not getting out that easily, you're rich. Buy one or else I'll loan you mine."

"What will you swim in then?"

"I have another suit Lucy."

"Yeah, your birthday suit."

"Hahaha, shut up!"

"Fine, I'll go. Can I hang up now?"

"I get no 'I love you Cana' or 'Good bye Cana'?"

"I love you Cana, good bye Cana." I told her.

"Cool, I'll have Bacchus text Ga-... did you ever make up with Na-"

I hung up the phone.

Why didn't I do that in the first place?

"Lucy, who's Cana and how'd you meet her?" Erza asked suddenly.

I stared up at her and giggled, "no one of importance Erz."

"If you're calling her friends single celled... whatevers, I think she's important." Natsu interrupted.

WELL WHO FUCKING ASKED YOU!? My eyebrow twitched.

"Cana's an old friend, my best friend in fact."

Lie. She's just my dealer, are we even friends? She could be using me for my money the same way I was using her for her drugs... but then again we did have fun times together... I could always blame that on the coke though.

"How'd you meet her? I don't remember her." Erza said.

"Because she's MY friend, of course you wouldn't remember."

"Lucy," she warned.

"I don't see how it's any of your business Erza, I don't ask you how you met these friends." I said sweetly waving to the people around us.

"She says it nicely but there's a certain sting behind it." Loke whispered to Natsu.

I saw Natsu nod in agreement then shoved at his shoulder.

"What?" He asked throwing his arm around me.

"I heard that." I mumbled towards him.

He laughed and squeezed my shoulder, I shrugged it off still a bit sour from his comment. Erza was still glaring at me, Levy went back to her book, Gazille and Gray went to playing... rock paper scissors, Natsu was starting to bug Lisanna and Loke was whispering to Jellal. That seemed the most interesting, I stared at the two of them. Suddenly they both turned to me.

"So Lucy, how did you meet Cana?" Jellal asked.

I sighed, wanting to glare at him. He knew we tell each other the truth, but it wasn't 4th period though. Still...

"It's a sad story." I told him.

Jellal looked around us.

"Everyone seems happy at the moment, it seems to me that they can use a sad story." Jellal said.

I giggled at his logic, "don't say I didn't warn you." I teased.

Jellal nodded and Loke started leaning on his hand, staring at me intently.

"Well it was during my Father's funeral, a few months ago I think." I started.

... I felt everyone's eyes on me. I sighed and started twiddling my thumbs together.

"Well, turns out Cana was at a funeral too for one of her friends or something a few tombs from my own. Our eyes met and... and she was the one who made the first step towards me-"

"That was you!" Gazille suddenly yelled out loud.

I looked up, Gazille had his eyes wide opened and was pointing at me. He didn't add anything else so I just shrugged.

"We've met before?" I asked.

"You. You were that sad, pathetic, blonde chick Cana picked up that day? What? How do you go from that, to this?" Gazille asked.

All eyes were directed at Gazille now, he still had a confused look on his face.

"You went there?" I asked.

He nodded, "yeah. He was a friend of mine too... wow. How are you even smiling right now?" He asked.

Erza then stood up abruptly and started walking off.

"Shit." I mumbled under my breath getting up.

"Still think we need a little sadness Jellal?" I asked walking passed him.

"Not at all." I heard him say before chasing after Erza.

It wasn't hard to find Erza, she stood out like a red dot on a blank canvas. It was hard dealing with her though, I didn't know how to respond to the state I found her in.

"I'm-, I'm sorry Lucy." Erza cried wiping her tears away.

I didn't respond. All I did was walk up to her and pull her into my arms, letting her cry into my shoulder. Funny. I should be the one crying right now. It was my Father who died, I was the one who was all alone parentless. She had no reason to cry, none at all.

"Shut up Erza." I sighed hugging her tightly.

"But you're all alone."

I gasped softly... alone.

Words never stung so much.