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Mythical Creatures


Chapter 3

Among Never Evers, Flat Soda & Gray Clay


"Partner up today students! I don't care if its boy and girl, girl and girl, or boy and boy, just find a partner so we can get started!" Couch Strauss yelled before he blew into his whistle.

I swear man, once you give a person a whistle the power just goes straight to their head. Let's see, in this period I had Erza, Levy, and Wendy to choose from. Well technically I had the whole class to choose from but these were the people I knew and were sort of friends with, excluding the Slobs because I didn't consider them friends. Erza was obviously out so that just left Levy and Wendy.

Levy would be a better person to partner with since we shared the same height, but Wendy seemed like she'd let me slack off. She also seemed like the type who tire easily, but so did Levy... I guess it was down to wit. Who could I have a more intelligent conversation with? Levy or Wendy?

"You're with me today pipsqueak." Gazille said coming out of nowhere.

Literally nowhere (behind Levy) to grab her arm. What was with that and Gazille? Is he a magician or something? Does he have any other tricks than appearing out of thin air (my blind spots)? Before Levy could protest, or even realize what was happening to her, Gazille started pulling her away from Erza's little group. Gazille didn't stop there though, oh no. As he pulled her away he pushed Wendy, the little cutie pie that was two years younger than us, into Erza. I suddenly became the odd one out.


What just happened?

"Looks like you and me are partners this period."

So that's what happened, should of known. I slowly turned around with a child-like smile on my face.

"Fantastic." I told Natsu.

Natsu grinned also but I could tell he was hiding something sinister behind it.

"Alright boys and girls! The first exercise up is the mirror game! You start on my whistle!" Couch Strauss yelled.

I faced Natsu, he faced me back.

"You didn't have anything to do with me having no partner now did you?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"And what if I did?" Natsu asked in my same tone of voice.

"Aw Natsu, if you wanted to be my partner so badly you could have just asked. I'm flattered, really." I said giggling behind a hand.

"I remember asking you for a name once, never got that answer." Natsu responded.

Thank goodness for Couch Strauss's whistle, I started moving my left hand up and down; Natsu mirrored me.

"Soooo... how was nutrition?" I asked now doing the wave with my hands.

Natsu smiled and did the same.

"Alright, I saw the funniest thing," he said.

Though I knew what is was, I decided to humor him. It was the polite thing to do.

"What?" I asked changing my pose.

This time I did the robot. I don't know why I was doing these moves, the exercise was mirror movement not dance movement... dance movement sounded more fun.

"Someone beat my homie Loke to a pick-up line, a girl none the less." Natsu said getting into the robot.

Time to switch poses.

"Heaven forbid a male beats him to the punch, then again when I was with Loke he did seem a little... gayish." I said.

Natsu broke out of his pose as he started cracking up.

"No, wait! Dammit! I'm supposed to be angry with you and get you back!" Natsu told himself.

I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever for?" I asked.

Couch Strauss blew his whistle again.

"Now switch!" He yelled.

Natsu raised his hand and started to scratch his head, I copied.

"Now don't go playing all innocent with me. I know there's a demon behind that sweet act you put up." Natsu said.

"Act? Who says I'm acting?" I asked.

Natsu switched to shaking his hips around. I giggled and repeated.

"Either that or just bipolar. I've been around bipolar people before though and you don't act much like them."

"Aw, it's sweet that you care so much about me Natsu. I always took you as the promiscuous type." I faked innocence.

"Care?" Natsu asked then snorted, raising an eyebrow.

"Baby, I could care less about you and your acts," he said waving at me.

"You have a good way at showing me it then. Trying to figure out my name, sitting next to me in class, always talking to me, making me your PE partn-"

"Enough," he said raising his hands up.

I raised my own too, my fingers just dangling down in the air. Natsu wiggled his nose and brought his hands back down, I copied.

"Alright, I don't care but maaaybe," he stretched out, "I am a little interested in you." Natsu confessed.

I snorted, "a little," I mumbled.

"See! That right there, you just lost your sweet act!" Natsu said pointing his finger at me.

I giggled as I pointed back.

"Whatever do you mean?" I asked.

"And it's back." Natsu sighed shaking his head.

I shook my head with him.

"Alright that's enough! Move on to stretches!" Couch Strauss yelled blowing his whistle.

"Someone needs to steal Coach Strauss's whistle." Natsu mumbled sitting down on the floor.

I wanted to giggle but didn't. Somehow this Slob Gang member was not as stupid as I thought, he was noticing my mood swings. I sat down also and stretched out my legs, my feet touching Natsu's. We both held our hands out and grabbed each other's wrists. I was the first to be pulled forward, my back stretching with me.

"So Natsu, any girlfriends?" I asked deciding to make small talk.

"It depends, are you interested?" Natsu asked.

I pulled him forward, he yelled out a yelp at the sudden switch.

"That depends... actually no, not really." I said.

"You're missing out then sweet cheeks. What about you? Any boy toys?" He asked.

"I'm actually married." I lied.

"WHAT?!" Natsu yelled.

I stuck out my tongue, "just kidding. I'm surprised you believe me so easily, I knew you cared."

Natsu glared and pulled back, oh goody. My turn to stretch again, hate you Couch Strauss. Natsu sighed out a breath of relief... for some strange reason.

"Hey, if we're going to start asking things about each other, doesn't that make us friends?" Natsu asked as I pulled him forward again.

I looked down and stared at him.

"You want to be friends with me?" I asked, honestly a little shocked.

"Baby, I want to be a lot of things with you but friends seems like the only option though." Natsu said.

And there it was. "Well, baby. I'll tell you what, if you really do steal Couch Strauss's whistle by next period tomorrow... I'll consider it." I said.

Natsu had an amused expression on his face.

"Consider? I need an honest answer if I'm going to risk my neck out like that."

"Well honestly, I could care less about you, your friendship, and what you want to be with me, but on the slight chance that Erza might actually start leaving me alone since I'm being her precious gang's friend... I'll consider it." I told Natsu.

Couch Strauss blew his whistle again.

"Alright enough stretches, head down to the track! I want to see some laps!" He yelled.

Natsu and I were so in tuned with our conversation that we only did one stretch for the full 10 minutes. I guess that was a good thing, we didn't really exercise at all actually.

"Who exactly are you?" Natsu asked me while I got up.

"Lucy Heartfilia, cousin to Erza Scarlet and the girl who's never going to have a second thought on her mind about you." I told him before I walked off.

"I forgive you for that comment and for that prank in first because I'M YOUR FRIEND!" Natsu called out after me.

"I'll consider telling you a thank you." I replied.

"What was that about?" Erza asked when I reached her.

Sometimes, my cousin could just be so nosy... wait a second, I mean all the times.

"Just some friendly bonding, as friends." I said.

Erza raised an eyebrow, a small smile gracing her lips. I knew being his friend would make her happy.

"You two are friends?"

I hummed to myself.

"I'm considering it."

What was it that always, ALWAYS, made Economics, no not even Economics; HISTORY IN GENERAL the quietest class...always? Has anyone else ever pondered at this? I know I was at the moment since I've finished all my work early. My eyes wandered towards the windows that showed the outside world, since there wasn't anything good to look at in class. Dragon stood there in his winged glory and started breathing fire it the sky. I smiled.

'Entertain yourself' was what the fire spelled out.

Entertain huh? But how? Hmm... I started humming a song that has been playing on the radio a lot recently, thinking the words in my mind. It was the first thing that popped up so I thought, why not? This could be a good entertainment.

We are never, ever, ever

I paused and looked up at the teacher, no response. Seems I wasn't humming as loud as I believed I was.

Getting back together

I hummed, finishing the chorus... was I getting away with it?

We are never, ever, ever, getting back together

I hummed the chorus all together at once. Nothing, expect for Jellal's head that turned back to peek at me. I just shrugged.

"You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me." I mumbled lightly.

"But we are never ever, ever, ever." I paused to take a breath.

"Getting back together," someone mumbled beating me to the punch.

I resisted the urge to laugh in risk that the teacher would hear.

"Yeah, he'll hear your giggling but not your singing." Dragon said.

I rolled my eyes. One person joined me in singing, I wonder how many others would join? This seemed like it would be very entertaining if I could make everyone sing with me. I guess it all depended on how much of the lyrics I knew. Now how did that the first line go?

"I remember when we broke up, the first time." I sang.

Then waited.


The only thing hearable was pencil scratches, erasers scrubbing, nose sniffling, papers flipping, and toes tapping- wait toes tapping? To the beat? Maybe they just needed another push.

"Saying this is it, I've had enough uh-" I sang.

Uh wasn't the lyric but that's all I knew other than the chorus.

"Cause like, we haven't seen each other in a month, when you, said you, needed space." A female finished.

"What?" I said.

Did someone finish the lyric for me? I wasn't surprised that someone knew the song, but I was when someone actually sang with me.

"Then you come around again and say," a male voice sang.

"Baby," it echoed, maybe three females all together.

I kept my head down, not wanting to risk the teacher looking up and thinking it was me.

"I miss you and I swear I'm going to change, trust me," two males sang this time, things were catching on.

"Remember how that lasted for a day? I say."

"I hate you."

"We break up."

"You call me."

"I love you."

I stated giggling, wait that wasn't the next line.

"Oo-o-o-o-oh," our oohs echoed through the classroom, more people were joining us.

That's when our teacher stopped typing and looked up. Everyone immediately started doing work, I didn't know how he heard us. We were hardly singing, just loud whispers. He stared at us for a while longer before he started typing again. Well there it went, I didn't know the rest of the lyrics to start it up again and I didn't want to start the song all over. I'm pretty sure that no one would sing ag-

"We called it off again last night."

Oh, I was dead wrong it seemed.

"But oo-o-o-oh." I sang alone pounding my hand on the desk.

"This time I'm telling you, I'm telling you," a person sang really getting into it.

"We are never, ever, ever, getting back together!"

Half the class sang while the other half repeated. Look at what we've started Dragon, thanks for the idea.

"We are never, ever, ever, getting back together!"

Students started banging on the desks like me while others stomped their feet. I looked around and noticed Jellal was the only one not participating. The class made it loudly obvious that we weren't trying to hide from the teacher anymore, once that chorus came we couldn't stop. It was like a fixation, a catchy beat we had to finish or else it would be stuck in our head.

"You go talk to your friend, to my friends, talk to me. But we are never ever, ever, ever, getting back together," the whole class sang, excluding Jellal.

"QUIET! GET BACK TO WORK!" Mr. Justine yelled.

Everyone sighed and picked up their pencils again. Silence overtook the class once again.

"Like ever..." I heard Jellal said ahead of me.

And that's when I, and the whole classroom, started busting out in laughs.

Thanks to Jellal's little line, his tiny little two worded line, Mr. Justine made us stay ten minutes in class before going off to lunch. That sent me in a bad mood but it was worth it... maybe I was in a bad mood because I was running low on my buzz. I couldn't imagine my Dragon anymore, not that I could imagine him in the first place.

Things just weren't going the way I wanted them to go. True, I didn't know what to expect out of this high school, but things could have been better than this! Dealing with the Slob Gang, dealing with the dumbasses of teachers, dealing with Erza's nosy self, dealing with the terrible jail food! Now I knew I was really in a bad mood, I kicked an imaginary paper ball as I continued to walk down the school halls.

Hold up, back up, rewind, and play. Was that- a soda vending machine I see? Awesome! They didn't have soda machines back at my old school, sugar rushes and rotting of the teeth and what not. Maybe it was to make up for the lousy food? I practically skipped my way towards the machine, inserting my dollar and pushing the strawberry soda icon.

... Nothing happened though. My mood just plummeted down. I pushed the button again but still no soda came out; I pushed the change button and my dollar came back out. I felt a small relief then moved over to the next soda machine. I probably shouldn't risk it but I did want my strawberry soda.

I inserted the dollar and pushed the button, crossing my fingers. After a few clicks and clanks my soda dropped. I picked it up and jumped in the air! Success.

No. The universe didn't want it to be a success. I opened my can and jumped back when it sprayed open liquid and started drenching my hand. I was tempted to drop the thing but I did pay for it. Regardless of the drips, I took a sip.


Then threw that shit in the trash. It was flat.

"Why can't I just die already?" I groaned.

Then again, I'm pretty sure my Father didn't kill himself because he spilled strawberry soda on himself and I'm DEFINETELY sure my Mother didn't die because of it either. Still I found out that ranting my angers and frustrations really did help me feel a little bit better.

"I hate this poor ass school, I hate what's been happening with Erza on my back and the teachers dumbassness, I can't take it anymore!" I yelled flapping my hand in the air as I tried to get the soda that lingered on it off.

"I just want to disappear." I sighed starting at the ground.

"I'm sure that's not really what you thing, right Lucy?"

I jumped at the sudden second voice, my eyes bulging out before I realized that wasn't a ghost and that someone must be standing behind me. I just didn't know who. Turning around I wish I still didn't know who.

"What do you want Natsu?" I asked not in the mood for his... Natsuness.

"Just checking up on you, I saw the soda explosion and the hand flicking," he said.

"It was flapping." I corrected.

Natsu laughed.

"It's not like someone's ever died over spilt soda." I mumbled.

"Nuh uh! Sooo untrue! I knew a guy, who had a cousin, who had another cousin, who had a friend, who's sister's grandparent died because he spilled soda. The shock gave him a heart attack then blah." Natsu said closing his eyes and hanging his head at the end.

I giggled.

"Glad to see I've brightened your depressing thoughts." Natsu mumbled.

I shook my head and started walking away from him. Natsu caught up and started walking with me.

"What is it Natsu? I know you didn't just stop out of your 'busy' schedule just to check on me over spilled soda." I asked.

"You my friend are completely right, the reason for my stop was to give you this!" Natsu said holding up his hand.

Dangling by a string beneath it was none other than Couch Strauss's whistle. I took it from his hands and examined it.

"How do I know it's his?" I asked.

"You can walk past his next class, he'll be yelling GO! At his students instead of whistling." Natsu joked.

It was funny, but I wanted to keep up my innocent act now that more people were around us.

"Alright then Natsu, I'll consider your friendship and get back to you on that tomorrow."

"What?! I risk my life! And my grade! To get this for you, hand delivered, and you don't say yes?!" He asked.

"Yup." I giggled.


This stopped my giggles. Natsu looked over at me and smirked.

"Because I know you'll say yes tomorrow, you're dying to have me as a friend," he told me.

"I a-"

"And now I'm cutting you off and running away so you'll think about how a jerk I am, hence forth having a second thought about me. You just got outsmarted, see yeah." Natsu said throwing a salute at me.

And true to his word, Natsu ran away from me towards his Slobs table where he jumped on Loke's back causing him to tumble over. I sighed and shook my head, idiot. Well, might as well go see what Erza and her slightly bigger friend group are up too.

"LUCY! HEY OVER HERE!" Lisanna yelled waving her hand.

If this was how she acted normally, I wonder how she'd act all hyped up... actually I don't wonder, I already know it would be bad. I walked over to Erza's table and sat down next to Wendy.

"Why are you late?" Erza asked.

"Teacher gave the whole class detention because Jellal was singing in class." I said.

Erza dropped the chop sticks in her hand.

"Stop lying," she said.

"I'm not! Jellal was singing this one song and the teacher yelled at the whole class because he didn't know who sang it. No one wanted to rat him out so we all got held back." I said.

Now, I was lying. Erza just blinked at me, I think I saw a vein starting to form on her forehead. I sighed and leaned back, looking towards the Slobs table.

Natsu was still on the ground wrestling Loke while Gazille was videotaping the thing on his phone. Jellal and the other blue haired boy in their group, who I didn't know and again hoped I never will, were just sitting down at the table talking to each other. Chances are though, since I've learned more than half of the Slobs, I probably will end up knowing that man.


"Lucy!" Erza said.

Too late, she didn't believe me so now I had to prove it to her. Jellal looked up at the sound of his name, I raised my hand up so he would see me.


Jellal stared at me. He blinked once, twice, then covered his face with his hands. I leaned back up and smirked at Erza.

"Told you, he's too embarrassed to admit he got down and funky." I said.

Erza... I wanted to describe it as a glare but it was something more than that; there was a certain glow in her eyes and she was... blushing.

"Lucy! Here, look!" Lisanna said shoving some paper in my face.

"What is it?" I asked taking it from her.

"Magnolia's newspaper, my article's in there and I thought you might want to read it! I mean, can you believe it?! My article actually in the paper!" Lisanna said then did something between a squeal and a giggle.

I couldn't believe it, seeing as I met her today and didn't know her yet, but I probably would in a second. I unfolded the thing and looked at the heading. 'Magnolia's New Fountain!' Wow, that was the top head news, that story totally deserved to be on the first page... I am so interested it that right now, so badly that I'm not going to read it and turn the page.

Boring, advertisement, boring news, lady missing cat, more advertisement, mansion on fire, bor-...

I turned back the page, 'Magnolia's Mansion Caught Alight?'

"My story is on th- oh, you're already reading it!" Lisanna said.

"What is this about?" I asked not really in the mood for reading.

"Someone tried to burn down Magnolia's old mansion on top of the hill near Main Street. Luckily someone spotted the flames and were able to call the fire department for them to put it out. Police investigated and found beer bottles and cigarettes at the scene of the crime." Lisanna explained.

"So basically some kids got drunk and decided to play with fire?" I asked.

"Pretty much." Lisanna shrugged.

"And here I was thinking that there's nothing to do in a boring town like this." I mumbled folding the newspaper back up.

I'll have to remember that next time I'm really bored one night with nothing to entertain me.

To continue my schedule that I left incomplete since I ditched last time, now with new commentary and more specifics.

1st Sex-Ed: Slob Gang + Erza. SHOOT ME!

2nd English: Slob Gang + Levy. How'd I get so lucky?

(No need for Nutrition or Lunch)

3rd PE: Natsu, Gazille, Erza, Wendy, Levy. No Comment.

4th Economics: Jellal. Like Ever...

(*Note- I know I thought History last time but I'm trying to be more precise because I barely cared yesterday, it's basically the same.)

5th Slept last time. Now discovering.

"Welcome to Ceramics B for beginners Ms. Heartfilia."

This teacher was old, skinny and pale. She reminded me of a hippy, well not reminded. What I meant was that you could see her as a hippy, doing her hippy thing when she was younger. I could probably tell Lisanna that this broad was the one smoking in the parking lot... hippies did drugs right? Yeah I'm sure.

"Lucy! Hey Lucy baby!"

My head leaned, looking behind Ms. Hippy and seeing Natsu waving towards me with gray hands. Ceramics was clay making right? Or sculpting, whatever. I sighed, great. A class where I have to get my hands dirty.

"You know that young man over there?" Ms. Hippy said.

I was about to deny it but the whistle in my bag said otherwise.

"Yes, he's my... friend" I spoke.

"Well then go ahead and sit next to him. Mr. Dragneel, please show Ms. Heartfilia what we're are doing in class." Ms. Hippy said.

"Yes Ms. Venti!" Natsu cheered.

This boy was far too bright and cheerful for his own good. I walked over to Natsu's table and sat at the seat across from him. The room was set up with two desks facing each other, two seats to a desk. The desk across from Natsu's had two empty seats... I wonder if the people sitting there couldn't handle his stupidity and just moved.

As I sat down and threw my bag on the chair next to me I noticed another Slob member sitting next to Natsu. It was the blue haired guy, the only member I didn't know.

"Hey friend Lucy." Natsu said.

He was really milking this friendship thing for all it was worth. Better get my act together, I held my hand over my mouth and giggled.

"Hey friend Natsu." I smiled.

Natsu stared back at me, I found his gaze sickening so I turned and looked at his friend.

"Aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?" I asked.

Not that I could care less about him.

"No, he's a nobody. Ignore him." Natsu said pounding on the desk.

"Thanks," the nobody said dryly.

And there it was, the whole conversation. Natsu continued to pound, hit, and throw his... clay on the table while the nobody had a paint brush in hand and was painting a cup.

... Ceramics... yay.

"Yo dumbass! The teacher told you to show her what to do!" The nobody sudden yelled out of nowhere.

It surprised me a little.

"Oh... SHUT UP FULLBUSTER! I KNEW THAT!" Natsu said dropping his clay and getting up.

"Right, because you were SO about to do it before I said anything." Fullbuster mumbled under his breath.

So do I talk to this Fullbuster or just wait for Natsu to come back? I didn't like Natsu and somehow I agreed to be his friend... I stood up from my seat and moved towards Natsu's, sitting next to this 'Fullbuster'.

"Hello." I smiled.

The boy looked at me.

"Gray," he said.

"Yeah, I know what color the clay is." I said looking at Natsu's clay piece.

What was this thing he was making anyway?

"No, my name," he said.

My eyebrows scrunched together.

"Your name is clay?" I asked.

Clay sighed dramatically before chuckling to himself.

"My name is Gray, Gray Fullbuster," he said.

My eyes widened.

"Oooh, sorry about that Gray."

Gray shook his head, "don't worry about it."

"Oh Lucy! I-... why are you sitting next to him?" Natsu asked pausing in front of my desk.

"Clay?" I asked.

Natsu looked at the clay in his hands.

"Yeah, what about it?" he asked.

I shook my head.

"No, I mean Clay." I said.

Gray started laughing beside me.

"I know what clay is Lucy, and what you laughing at Fullbuster?!" Natsu yelled.

"I'm sitting next to Clay because I want to, you don't mind do you? I mean, friends let other friends sit in their seats all the time." I said sweetly.

Natsu slowly narrowed his eyes at me before sitting in my old spot. It seems he agreed with me.

"So Clay, what am I making here?" I asked holding up Natsu's ceramic piece.

"I'm not sure, somewhere between a ball and a square." Gray said.

"What?! That's obviously a boxing glove!" Natsu yelled.

I swore I could hear, or imagine hearing, crickets in the background.

"I'm so sorry Clay." I said placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Every day I deal with this," he told me shaking his head.

"Why do you keep calling him Clay?" Natsu asked.

"Huh?" I asked.

"Him, Fullbuster, why you call him Clay?" Natsu repeated.

"I don't call him clay."

"Yes you do."

"No I don't, the thing in your hands is clay." I said pointing at it.

"I know what clay is."

"And this person right here is Gray." I said pointing at him.

"I know who Gray is."

"Then what was your the question?" I asked.

"Why ar-... uh? I'm not sure?" Natsu um-ed.

Gray started laughing beside me again. Even though I didn't like Natsu so much, the rest of his Slob Gang was alright. Except Loke, talk about a talk to me baby idiot.