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I cried for a long time in front of that mirror and they all left me there as long as I didn't try to hurt myself they wouldn't stop me.

When night came I had cried myself out of tears. I stood on shaky legs and jumped to the window sill above me. I was on the base floor right beside the ground. With my mind made up I bent and nudged the window open and then shimmied out underneath it.

Once on the grass I noticed a small fruit tree beside the window and decided that would be a good place to sleep. I managed to climb the tree and got comfortable on a low branch. I yawned, curled around myself and drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

I awoke to movement and lifted my head opening my eyes to see Pikachu on my branch.

'What are you doing here Pikachu? Shouldn't you be with ash?'

He smiled. 'I went to check on you and you were gone so I thought you were taken. I look out here to find you asleep alone, Tisk Tisk misty'

I smiled at him. 'I'm more comfortable sleeping outside.'

He nodded. 'Then I'll stay here with you'


'I heard ash say something about leaving you in nurse joys care and me being here makes sure he won't leave'

I was starting to nod off. 'Thanks Pikachu'

He curled up beside me. 'You're welcome, good night misty'

Then I fell asleep.


Apparently I was a light sleeper, morning already and I heard ash calling Pikachu who was still asleep beside me. I nudged him with my nose.

'Pikachu wake up'

He stretched and sat up with a yawn. 'What is it Misty?'


He did as I asked and his ears perked up. 'Ash'

'Go Pikachu your masters calling, you don't want him to think you're kidnapped or something'

I laid my head back down and then I felt a pain in my right ear. I looked up to see Pikachu pulling on it.

I pulled away from him and rubbed it. 'What?'

'Come on misty'


'To ash'

I raised an eyebrow at him. 'But you said he was going to leave me here anyway?'

'Exactly so come on and well make him bring you.'


He didn't answer just jumped out of the tree. 'Come on misty!'

I jumped down and followed him around to the front of the center where he stopped in front of ash.

'Hey buddy!'

He went to pick him up but Pikachu backed up.

'Pikachu what's wrong?'

Pikachu gestured towards me and ash looked up. 'What about her buddy?'

Pikachu ran back to me and rubbed his head into my shoulder.

'yea I get it you like her but we have to go.'

Pikachu glared at him and I giggled. 'He's still so dense'

He sighed. 'As always'

'I have an idea, how many empty poke balls does he have?'

'Just the one on the end on the right side why?'

I smiled at him. 'Watch'

He gave me a confused look but I ignored him. I walked over to ash and sat in front of him, I'm a lot bigger than I was before but still way small compared to him.

I tilted my head to the side and pouted again and he started to pet me with a grin. 'Hey girl'

I made a sound in animal talk and I still sounded like before. 'Eevee'

'What are you doing outside you need to be with nurse joy'

I paused, glanced back at Pikachu, smiled at ash and then reached my nose down to touch the button on the empty poke ball.

It opened and after a flash of red all I saw was this little circle of area, I was in a poke ball.

The walls were blinking and I assumed I was still fighting the ball so I relaxed and laid down for a small nap. Something about this small room made me sleepy so I slept.

When I opened my eyes again I was blinded by a white light and then I was suddenly on the ground standing in front of Pikachu.

Startled I gave him a confused expression. 'What just happened?'

He chuckled at me. 'That's what it feels like coming out of poke ball'

I shivered trying to get the strange feeling to go away. 'It felt weird'

'Yea I know I don't like it either but all the other Pokémon seem to get used to it.'

That's when I noticed how dark it was. 'Wow how long was I in there?'

'All day, you lose track of time in there.'

'I'll say I feel like I just laid down'

I looked up at the stars then and smiled. 'I always loved camping'

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