Sips and Sjin sat precariously on the roof of the Jaffa factory. They were the only two still awake after a hard day of work even though they were arguably the most productive as their job was building the white walls higher and higher. Now that they could unwind and relax, their eyes looked to the deep black void which was littered with stars.

Sjin's eyes sparkled in awe at the majesty of it. He felt so small in comparison but longed to go to space one day. It was a bit unsettling to feel so grounded. "What do you think is up there, Sips?"

"A big exciting ball of nothing." Sips said, yawning. "There's no dirt up there so why care?"

Sjin looks over at him and shakes his head. "You're so boring. I think there has to be something. I bet there is something so amazing that we couldn't believe it even if we saw it." His eyes sparkle again as his mind wanders through the cosmos.

Sips shrugs. "I don't see why. I mean, what makes you think that?"

"Because of Xephos." He answers with a grin. "He's a spaceman. He must of had a home on some distant star or maybe a huge spaceship! The thing is, he never says anything about it so we kind of overlook it but the very fact that he exists means there's something out there."

The pale man hums in consideration. He can't say he's wrong or right. "I can see where you are coming from but I still think there is a whole lot of nothing out there."

Sjin laughs and sighs. "You're no fun." He looks back to the stars to admire them again. "You know, I have a feeling that in another universe, you and I are spacemen. Well, you are. I feel like i'm some kind of alien who hates humans but I wouldn't hate you."

Sips looks at him like he's insane. "What are you going on about?"

The nonsense man then smiles. "And I'm bat shit insane. Like, I go around blowing up space ships and talking about space love."

Sips literally has nothing to say to that except one thing. "Serious nightmare fuel, Sjin. That's all I'll dream about tonight. Thank you for that, you bastard."

"Yep." Sjin says, grinning brightly. "You're welcome, Sipsy."